3 BB Cushion Hacks for Clearer Skin

There was a time when a compact was just a compact. Click, lift the lid, and you'd see the firmly-packed powder foundation, which you'd swipe and apply with a flat sponge.But in 2008, the first cushion compact, the IOPE Air Cushion, created by South Korean conglomerate Amorepacific Group (which owns beauty brands Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo and Mamonde), was launched.

This beauty innovation has made a huge impression - in 2016, 100 million cushion compacts, across the Amorepacific brands, were sold in Asean countries alone. Even Western beauty brands took notice of the trend, and have now come up with their own iterations.A staple in most women's beauty regimes, cushion compacts have cushions that are pre-soaked with liquid foundation.

Allowing for easy and mess-free touch ups on the go, it's easy to see why they've become so well-loved.Besides providing lightweight coverage, cushion compacts are now formulated with anti-ageing, whitening and UV protection properties to help women achieve that healthy, natural radiant glow. Brands like Innisfree also offer case customisation, so you can pick a compact to suit your skin's needs, and also choose a cover to match your style or personality.

You probably already own at least one cushion compact. But did you know there are ways to create different looks and finishes with it?The Weekly asked Vivi Ahn, Amorepacific's makeup expert and trend leader, to show us how.Dabbing or tappingInsert your index, middle and ring finger under the ribbon of the puff applicator.

Gently soak the middle part of the cushion with foundation and dab the formula onto your skin, blending as you go along.This technique helps you achieve a softer, more dewy look. For a slightly matte finish, dab more foundation on the oilier parts of your face.

SweepingInsert all three fingers under the ribbon of the puff applicator, and gently sweep and swipe the formula around your face. Always start from the inner parts of your face and work your way out.This technique results in a dewy finish, with lightweight coverage.

For an extra dewy look, spray facial mist onto your puff applicator or use a hydrating serum before applying foundation.FoldingFolding helps provide even coverage in hard-to-reach places, like around the nostril and along the nose bridge. Fold the puff applicator in half, and apply the formulation onto these parts.

Dab and blend further for a matte finish.So go on, try these hacks and see what they can do for your skin!Text: Atika Lim/The Singapore Women's Weekly


What is proffesional led stage lighting?

When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.

Focus, position and hanging:

Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.

Types of stage lighting :

Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.

Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.

Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.

Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.

Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:

LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lighting

are useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.

Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.

Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.

Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:

Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.

Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.

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Tyres - All You Need to Know
The main materials of modern tyres are synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other compound chemicals.The tyre consists of a body and the tread. While the body provides and e... The main materials of modern tyres are synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other compound chemicals. The tyre consists of a body and the tread. While the body provides and ensures that there is support, the tread provides the traction. In the days before the rubber tyre was invented the tyres were then made up of simply a band of metal fixed and fitted around the wooden wheel so as wear and tear was reduced. Nowadays, most tyres used are that of Pneumatic, which is a body of chords and wires in a doughnut shape in cased in rubber and then filled with compressed air to form the inflatable cushion, these tyres can be found on almost all types of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and even aircrafts. Research shows that the first Pneumatic tyre was made in 1887 by John Boyd Dunlop from Scotland, he made it to try and help prevent the headaches that his son was getting from riding his bike on bumpy surfaces. Today over 1 billion tyres are produced annually, globally there are over 400 tyre factories, and the 3 main top makers take up 60% of the global share! So, why are keeping your tyres in good condition so important? Your tyres work hard - cushioning you from bumps, maintaining responsive steering and most importantly allowing you to stop quickly if needed. As one of your vehicles most important features, manufacturers will have carefully selected your tyres from the top makers in the market. They will be chosen for their reliability, performance, and safety, and will be wisely selected to suit your new or used car . However, constant
How to Wash Olefin/Polyester/Cotton Cushion Covers?
i have the same thing on my couch just remove the cover wash it in cold water and tumble dry just use tied i find it works the best1. Small tear on sofa cushion?If its on a cushion you should be able to remove the cover and either just hand stich it or try the sticky patches. Any fabric store should have them. Prob with stiching is you will likely see it and if you do not sew far enough back, the edge may fray and cause bigger problems. Another solution is to have someone make you a new cover. It it is a recent fabric, it should be easy to find the fabric to match. patching is always a temp fix.2. Feng Shui For Your Living Room: The Top Do's & Don'tsAdd candles (make sure they are all natural!) dim lighting, books, paintings, essential oils, and photos of people and animals. You can also add some triangular shapes in your dcor. If you have a working fireplace, start using it more! Inspiring books can also feed the fire within. The books in your living room should not be a collection of untouchable antiques or the classics you will never read again. Remember that your house is meant to be lived in, not just admired. (Plus, always having a new book handy means you wo not be tempted to hop on your phone to pass the time.) You can also add more soft surfaces like blankets that invite you to cuddle alone, with pets, or with your loved ones; a comfy couch you love lounging on; and a soft rug for bare feet. These can also inspire you to get cozy with loved ones. After all, feng shui can really help rev up your relationships for the better. Last but not least, I tell all my clients to end their day on a meditation chair or cushion. This can promote relaxation before bed and help us process the day that has passed. Once you carve out space to meditate, it becomes much more second nature, so why not devote a corner of your cozy living room to finding some Zen?3. Is a 'cotton lawn' fabric suitable to make cushion covers with?Cotton lawn is very fine- I think it would work great for the noticeboard, but I would be a little worried about cushions because it might split if someone flopped down on them in just the right way- if you are just doing accent pillows it should be okay, but anything that takes any serious weight might be a problem in terms of wear and tear4. How to remove a chair cushion that has no screws?You should call a company to do that5. Is HEMOREST CUSHION or the like really works to help people with hemorrhoid?what hemorrhoid cushion can do is to give you some momentary ease. But they cannot cure your hemorrhoids6. Which sock style do you prefer? NIke's no show, half cushion, or crew?I wear both crew/long socks & ankle socks; they are both comfortable and good looking socks. I personally prefer wearing crew socks for everyday casual wear and ankle socks when I do sports/run. But I sometimes would wear Nike Elite crew socks for sports also.7. Ways to cushion an un-augmented human against high, prolonged g-forces?I believe that a very similar question has already been asked here which you might find of interest.Reportedly 1.5g has been survived for 7 days, but I doubt the sort of acceleration you are talking about would be endurable for that long. The brief periods which have been endured might be extended to a few hours perhaps using the special pressure suits that jet fighter pilots use, but I doubt much more than that. Normal human bodily functions like eating and drinking would present major issues; people could easily choke to death8. i want to cover a painted chair with bandana fabric. seal it? want to look painted. no cushion.?I do not think it will work. The fabric will be too porous to be sealed. You could print out pictures of bandanna fabric and modge podge them onto a chair then seal it9. Why does air help cushion objects from force when they hit the ground?If you drop an egg on hard surface, it gets the impact in a very short period of time, so momentarily the force is very high. However, if it hits an air cushion, it slows down over a bit of time as it sinks into the cushion. So it does not get the whole impact at once.
Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?
When choosing your over-the-counter insoles, there are some specific features to look for to make sure you are getting the support you need. • Multiple Arch Heights - Arches are not one size fits all, so it makes sense that your insole should not be either. The arch of your insole should match the contours of your foot and provide full contact from one end of your arch to the other whether you are a low arch or an extra high. • Medical-Grade Support - High-quality, durable arch support comes from strong, firm support that holds up against the pressure you put on it. Cushy foam and gel do not provide the support your arch needs to address the foot fatigue or pain you are experiencing. • Deep Heel Cups - Your foot has a fatty pad under the heel bone that helps cushion each step you take. Look for an insole that has a deep heel cup that will help enhance your foot's natural shock absorption. You will get greater comfort and stability from it.How do I sew a cushion cover for a bench?Make a template of the seat with Kraft paper, cut a piece of foam with an electric knife to match the pattern. Make a simple boxed casing, with or without welting, if the branch has a back, add fabric ties or Velcro ties to hold the cushion on. When you make the back boxing of the cushion, sew in a zipper, or if you canu2019t find a zipper long enough, lap two zippers. When the casing is complete, wrap the foam core with Dacron quilt batting, and carefully slide the core into the casing. Use a yard stick if you need to smooth out the corners of the foam once itu2019s in the casing. All simple stitches, the hardest part is increasing the template for the seam allowances, and putting in the zipper. Unless you sew extremely well, i do not recommend an invisible zipper.How do I sew a cushion cover for a bench?What are the best affordable bluetooth noise cancelling headphones?BEST CHEAPEST BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE IN 2019- BUY NOW AT Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & moreboAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesNow you can enjoy your favorite tracks all day thanks to the boAt Rockerz 510 is with 400mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery that delivers up to 10 hours of audio excellence. you can play games, enjoy music, movies and many more with the boAt rockerz 510. Also you can get a full charge in just 3 hours with the included USB cable and 15 minutes of charging will give you 1-2 hours of run time, giving you endless enjoymentPair with any Bluetooth device, connect and play. Itu2019s lightweight, portable and a true fashion statement with its gleaming orange colour and gorgeous leather ear cups cushion and headband.The rockerz 510 wireless headphones comes with a cable included so simply plug in the included AUX wire to the 3.5mm audio jack and carry on with your experience. The boat rockerz 510 will make your listening experience exceptionally profound. Designed and crafted for all your entertainment purposes, be it gaming, DJing, music u2026.(more)What are the best affordable bluetooth noise cancelling headphones?.Why aren't public toilet seats cushioned?Maybe they are afraid you would get too comfortable and hold up the line. EMTwhich part of the human body would produce the least disabling effects when shot by a single bullet from a gun seems like there would be a lot of fat to cushion/keep it from doign serious damagehas anyone ever pondered how much flatus is embedded in the foam rubber of the cushion of an office chair.?Yes. That is why I have my cushions "de-farted" regularlyIs the Cushion-Cut Blue Topaz Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Diamond Accents a good gift for a male?I do think so. As long as you put thought into the gift I am sure that he will love it! The only suggestion I have is to get White Gold instead of Sterling Silver as it will tarnish very easily. Good Luck!How Close do you put the shaving razor to your face?go slow and if you are really worried, practice with the plastic head on the razor first. Shaving gel will give you a little bit of cushion, but I use old school foam. It seems to work best for my face
How Do I Get My Sofa Seat Cushions Plump Again?
You can either take them to a Furniture repair center and have the foam replaced ( is not to expensive to do) because if you have an older sofa, the foam has probably broken down and become crumbly inside. The only other option would be to go to a craft store, buy a few bags of craft stuffing, and stuff it inside the cushions. This could end up being more costly than foam replacement.1. How can I repair a sofa that is sagging in the middle a little?put a 5/8 inch plywood under the cushion2. I have a 7 month old labrador who has totally recked my sofa, what can I do to stop this?I've had a number of labs. over the years. They are quite energetic. They need more of an outlet for their energy than walks. Teach your dog to play fetch and run him several times a day. Get him to fetch a ball and bring it back to you consistently. Once trained it is a great way to let them run and burn off energy. I use a launcher and and throw the ball a long way for around 30 minutes until my dog is tired. Another thought is to bike him if he is good on a leash. When you are not able to watch him, put him in a crate. It is safer for him and both of you will be happier. Dogs like crates, they become their safe place.3. I found some flies when i moved my sofa - Help please?Spraying the flies will kill them. Or putting some sticky strips in the windows will trap the flies when they fly to the windows.4. how do i get rid of my dogs wet dog smell if it on him not the sofa or carpet?This is gonna sound really crazy but on a rainy day when I bring my dogs inside I dry them off then take a Bounce dryer sheet and rub it all over them, and when they are completly dry they smell wonderful! You can also do this after a bath, but make sure you towel them off as good as you possibly can first! Good Luck!5. I purchased a livingroom set and the sofa has broken under the bottom 2 times what should I do?Go online to your towns/city's - BBB - better business bureau - and make a complaint. Call the furniture store and tell them that you will be having the local TV station come over to see your furniture!6. What is an Outercover of a Sofa/Couch?the outercover is the cover on the outer part.... lol7. What machine do I rent to clean a cloth sofa?carpet cleaning machine.. you have to get extra attachments8. How can I gently tell my bro-in-law (the couch scab) that I wasn't calling him the king of the sofa?I once saw a sofa get fed into a wood-chipper. Just a thought9. I'm thinking about selling my sofa, how much $$ should I ask?2nd hand furniture does not sell for much in my experience. Defending on the fabric the sofa is made from, I would not expect much more than maybe $50. Try looking up similar items prices10. How to remove dog urine stains from white sofa?The couches need to be professinaly cleaned in my opinion. I would call around and price check. Tell them about the stains and urine on the couch11. Do senior citizens find they have ended their life having the first furniture they bought, like a sofa?Not any upholstered pieces. I do have some of the wood furniture we bought as newly weds, and I have my bedroom furniture from my teen years12. can i get all cat dander out of sofa?You get a new sofa13. What would you do if you came home and your sofa was replaced with this?i would call my pet snail to the rescue.......... DUN DUNDUNDUNDUUUN DUDUDUNUNUNANUN ITS SUPER SNAIL14. Ikea Ektorp Sofa cover in Svanby Brown - What if you Wash It instead of Dry Cleaning?It might be okay, and it might not. Rayon is tricky. Some of it washes okay, some does not and shrinks like crazy. I washed a rayon dress once by mistake and turned it into something more the length of a T-shirt. You can not tell which kind you have by the label or by looking. Have you tried calling Ikea and seeing if anyone knows exactly why they do not recommend washing that colour? Myself, I think I would just buy the black instead, or maybe the light brown
Is It Ok to Wash the Cushion Covers on a Micro Suede Couch, in the Washing Machine My Son Spilled St
Suede Cushion Covers1. What does calling somebody a "pin cushion" mean??Junkie - drug addict. Shooting up with heroin and sticking needles in their arm2. how can i treat my abused chair cushion?Unless it says dry clean only this is what I would try. Take the entire cushion and depending on how big it is either put it in the kitchen sink or the bathtub. Take regular tide or Tide with Downy powder, not the liquid kind. Put 1 cup if in the kitchen sink probably 3 cups in the bath tub. Stir it around in warm water or cold depending on the color of the cushion. Probably cold water if it is a bright or dark color. Let it sit and soak for about an hour or so. Then rinse with cold water. It works for me every time. Good luck.3. How do I write a letter asking permission from my principal to allow me to take a cushion inside a public exam hall?Fromxxx (your name)yyy ( residential address)ToThe Principalyyy ( your school address)Date; February 13, 2020Subject : a request to let me take a cushion inside the public exam hallSir /Madam,I am in class twelve of ( school name here) and studious. I have been suffering from a severe posterior and back pain for the past two months. In spite of taking treatment for the same, the pain has not subsided. As a matter of fact, I find to difficult to sit on a hard surface. Furthermore, doing so adds to the existing pain. Therefore, I request you to allow me to take a cushion to the public exam hall so that I may put in on the bench which I will sit on and take my examinations without worsening my physical problem. Thanking you,Yours obedientlyxxx (your signature here)How do I write a letter asking permission from my principal to allow me to take a cushion inside a public exam hall?4. How do I remove a dried blood stain from a cloth seat cushion?Hydrogen peroxide may cause damage to the fabric, may not remove the blood completely, and could "set" the stain by oxidation, making removal more difficult. A digester is called for here, and there are several over the counter versions of enzyme protein stain removers available with a google search. Professionals use products like Devour- a liquid enzymatic digester for the removal of aged protein stains. Most products are a powder that you mix with warm water, put on the stain, keep it moist by putting a wet washcloth or towel on it, allow the appropriate amount of time, reapply if required, rinse, allow to air dry. The enzymes eat the protein stain, but not the fabric. Complete removal of the stain with no chance of setting it or damaging the fabric with this method. Do not breathe the dust from the product, it will irritate the lungs5. comfy bike seat ? cushion ?What you need in a bike seat is support and to have it properly fitted according to body size. Gels can be worst than "normal" saddles if they are not the right size. You can move much more and the soft gel will not give support but rub your inner legs, etc. Your best option is to go to a good bike shop and get advice according to your size and kind of riding, and the get in fitted to the right height. Specialized just launch a new system of saddles and the way they are fitted, it might be worth while to take a look at them. And yes, leather saddles are very good too. Shop around, get advice or you could end up with 8 different saddles, frustrated, in pain, and looking for choice number 9. Not worth while. One you have your saddle, enjoy the ride!6. How to clean a non-washable cushion cover?Depending on your location and the time of year, you can put the cushion in the snow and shove it around a bit. After leaving it for 15 minutes or so, take it inside to dry. The snow should have absorbed any stains and fumes. This also works for carpets.Good luck.7. How can I help cushion financial crisis impact on my family?Stop spending money on anything except essentials ( food rent insurance). Go over everything you spend money on and see where you can reduce. Cancel nonessential services to save money. Sell anything you have that you do not need, have yard sale etc. and really clean your house out of stuff you do not need or use and turn it into extra cash - even sell on ebay if the stuff is in really good shape. Try to find an extra part time job if possible. Do things like cook at home and brown bag lunch instead of eating out and buying lunch, same with coffee, drinks etc. this will save money as well. Reduce, recycle, reuse
Global Air Cushion Packaging Market 2019 Insights, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin, Forecast 2024
Global Air Cushion Packaging Market Insights, current and forecasted revenue, sales trends, and demand during the study period from 2014-2024.The Global Air Cushion Packaging Market research report intends to study the historical and present status of the global Air Cushion Packaging industry along with side market scope and potential that are attracting a bulky number of organizations. The report illuminates current market performance and potential developments in the market and helps clients to pave the way for their futuristic operations in the global Air Cushion Packaging market. The report covers past and present market occurrences and offers valuable predictions of up to 2024.The global Air Cushion Packaging market report is an extensive study of the market that involves evaluation of crucial aspects such as changing market dynamics, driving forces, restraints, and limitations in the market which have been considered some of the most influential and could affect the market growth momentum in a positive or negative way. The report also hints at forthcoming investment opportunities and challenges in the market and assists market players in converting that into lucrative business gains.Brief overview of the global Air Cushion Packaging market performance:According to the studied statistic, the global Air Cushion Packaging market has been performing vigorously for the last few years and is reporting substantial growth rates. It is anticipated to register a higher CAGR during the forecast period with considerable growth momentum. Presently growing demand for the Air Cushion Packaging , increasing disposable incomes, industrialization, raw material affluence, stable economic structure, and favorable market conditions are boosting the growth of the market.Competitive landscape by prominent companies in the global Air Cushion Packaging market:DynaCorp, Pregis, Sealed Air, Smurfit Kappa, Storopack, Automated Packaging SystemsProminent Air Cushion Packaging manufacturers and companies are heavily fueling the competitive intensity of the market by adopting various research activities, innovations, technologies, and product developments. These activities of companies also help them to upgrade their offerings and captivate a sizable portion of potential market size. They are continuously striving to fulfill the overall demand for the Air Cushion Packaging and comprehend the latest requirements of their customer base.The report includes vital financial assessments of companies based on their sales volume, gross margin, profitability, production cost, pricing structure, revenue, and growth rate. Additionally, their manufacturing processes, production volume, serving segments, raw material sourcing, value chain, technology adoptions as well as strategic mergers, brand developments, and promotional activities are also emphasized in the report.Crucial evaluation of major segments in the global Air Cushion Packaging market:The report enables clients to study various crucial segments in the market such as types, applications, technologies, regions, and end-users. It explores each market segment considering market acceptance, profitability, revenue, and growth prospects. The proposed analysis drives clients to make a wise selection of lucrative market segments that will be profitable for their Air Cushion Packaging businesses. Additionally, the report helps clients to precisely determine the actual market size to target.The Global Air Cushion Packaging Report Enables You to:• Deeply comprehend the historical, current, and futuristic sitch of the market.• Determine robust competitors in the global Air Cushion Packaging industry.• Form effective strategies to compete against rivals.• Make informed business decisions to stay ahead of the curve.• Identify leading segments and create marketing mixes accordingly.• Gain intact market comprehension to maximize Air Cushion Packaging business profitability.We (sales@marketresearchexplore.com) understand the needs of the rapidly changing market and is helping the client by providing the most up to date Report. It usually takes 4-5 days to deliver this kind of Report. The report coverage will depend on the availability of the data.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some sounds adults can't hear?The top octave (above 10kHz) tends to pretty much disappear in most older adults, so is a good place to look for these sounds.In the CRT television days, the flyback transformer would squeal at around 15kHz, some louder than others, but it'd drive me nuts if I had to sit near the TV. No longer a problem with LCD TVs, thankfully.Early TV remotes used metal rods being struck by a tiny mallet in this same frequency range (before infrared remotes arrived) - push a button and you'd get a "ting" noise that was picked up by an ultrasonic sensor on the TV.Metal hangers scraping on metal clothes rods in department stores were really annoying, especially when lots of shoppers were doing it at once.And, of course, dog whistles, which could often be tuned to just above audible hearing range (which of course, would be lower in adults)
If Serous Fluid Is Thin, Clear & Watery, How Can It Cushion Our Internal Organs?
i think of your water broke. you could desire to get a journey in and be checked. that's an common examine to work out if this is amniotic fluid or no longer. whether that's and you are no longer feeling contractions they will initiate you on some pitocin that can assist you alongside. if your waters did destroy then you rather could supply interior of 24 hours or you danger an infection to your self and the toddler. that's obligatory which you bypass get checked in case you are having gushes of fluid and bloody tutor at forty weeks. grab your scientific institution bag and have somebody take you. Congrats sounds like toddler very quickly:)1. Safe to wash & dry couch cushion covers?If you are worried about shrinkage, then just hang them to try. It's not the washing that causes shrinking, it's over-drying. If you are worried about destroying the material, hand washing is cheap but labor intensive and dry cleaning can be expensive. I think it would be safe to say that unless you have a silk couch, you should be perfectly safe with a washer and some clothespins. :)2. How do I dry clean my rocking chair/glider cushion at home without chemicals?dry cleaning, by definition, is a chemical solvent cleaning. BTW, water is also a "chemical"3. Please Help!! How do I get whiteout out of my couch cushion?Read the bottle to see what dissolves it, or Google the manufacturer and ask them. Failing that try mineral spirits (paint thinner), denatured alcohol, lacquer thinner, acetone (nail polish remover), and finally xylene. One of those will certainly work but be careful, try each on a hidden part of the fabric to make sure it does not dye it or dissolve the fabric.4. Looking for some kind of cushion strip to prevent our doors in our hourse from making noise when then close?do you have a walmart over there try walmart your best bet.or home depot if you have that store over there.something like that would not be hard to find i am sure you have hardware stores if you do not have a walmart go to the hardware store.5. What are some good skateboarding shoes with a lot of cushion?I think lakai's are perfect6. Can I put cushion covers from my microsuede sofa in the washing machine?I have microsuede furniture and was told the only way to clean them is with distilled water. Although - if they are stained you probably cannot damage them too much more by washing them. I would soak in distilled water first and see what happens. Good luck!7. I have an ultra suede couch. Can I take the cushion covers off and wash them without doing damage?Is there a "care tag" on the cushions? Follow those instructions. Take the cushions off the frame and see... If the cushions have zippers you may be able to remove them/turn them inside out and wash them gentle cycle cold water/cold rinse in Woolite and hang to dry. OR call a furniture store and see what they suggest.. Also call a dry cleaner.... I have a chenille sofa and I wash my cushions every 6-8 months.... Turn them inside out and hang to dry... Good luck8. What does calling somebody a "pin cushion" mean??A loose woman - ie She has had more p****s than a pin cushion9. What is the best way to deal with repressed anger and deep hurt, if you are a usually calm person who doesnu2019t anger easily and things like punching a cushion just feel silly?I am going to be honest here and tell you what has worked for me. I have found being physical until I sweat helps me move through the negative energy a lot faster and regain back control of my emotions. So what I do is put together a playlist of songs that are very upbeat, empowering and jammed packed with songs that remind me of who I am. I then put on my favorite workout out fit, pin my hair up so I am super cute. I then stand in front of my double sliding mirror closet doors, hit play and sing and dance my heart out! My all time feel good is, Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself"!I dance, and I dance, and I dance! This can go on for hours, sometimes I do not want to stop because it feels so good and freeing. Then I take a hot shower still dancing, after that I am like yeah I am good!.
Poll: Did You Ever Put a Fake Snake Or Whoopee Cushion on Your Teachers Chair?
no thats just mean smh1. Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Your Butt & Back!We thoroughly tested the Butt Buffer motorcycle seat cushion during a 9 day, 3200-mile motorcycle trip to Sturgis 2020 on multiple bikes, including touring and non-touring models. I also tested the Butt Buffer on my Kawasaki KLR 650 while adventuring and off-road riding. You may think that you have the best seat on your motorcycle but I can tell you from experience that your butt will still get sore and achy if you are riding long distances and for multiple days. Additionally, many of us suffer from varying degrees of lower back pain, which can get worse during these long motorcycle road trips. Our findings were that the Butt Buffer definitely helps with both these issues. The Butt Buffer is a super-thin hospital-grade seat cushion made of solid and elastic materials and made in the USA. The materials used were originally developed for hospital use to prevent bedsores. And that's why the Butt Buffer can alleviate pressure points while promoting circulation, which is super important when riding long distances. The Butt Buffer significantly reduces shock and road vibrations, helping with those back issues. The Butt Buffer motorcycle seat cushion is unlike those other air and gel seat pads. It wo not leak if punctured and wo not freeze as gel pads will. It fits all motorcycle seats, installs in seconds, and you can easily clean the cover after removing the pad through a velcro closure. Further, the Butt Buffer is water and oil resistant and the materials used are hypo-allergenic. There are a couple of Butt Buffer motorcycle seat cushions to choose from: (**links to the Law Abiding Biker Store below. Support us if you appreciate all the free content we put out to help the biker community!) Pebble Polymer Butt Buffer Offers all of the benefits of the Classic, however, it also comes with a premium air-flow cover to offer enhanced air circulation to your seat cushion. The Butt Buffer motorcycle seat cushion comes in three sizes. Small, medium, and large. Simply measure your seat and then head over to the Law Abiding Biker Store where we have the measurements, making it easy for you to choose the correct size. If you need a passenger cushion, most riders choose the small version but measure your passenger seat area for proper fitment. Installation of the Butt Buffer is a breeze and there are several options. Please see the video on this page for installation details.2. Window Seat Cushion Width?To make it easier to work with, I would make three cushion, two 35 inches long and one 30 inches long. As for the zipper, I would put it along the middle of the "edge" that will be hidden, and run it just around BOTH adjacent corners so that you can get the foam in easily. Also, be sure to choose a fabric you like that is durable, so that it will stand up to being sat on for a good long time. Good Luck.3. How to Choose a Wheelchair Cushion | AliMedHow to Choose the Right Wheelchair Cushion An estimated 2.7 million Americans rely on wheelchairs for mobility and independence.1 However, long periods of sitting can cause discomfort, pain, and poor blood circulation. Without appropriate support, pressure, friction, and shear from sitting can lead to dangerous and costly skin breakdown and pressure injuries. The Society of Actuaries reports that pressure injuries alone cost an average of $10,700 per case, or between $9.1 billion and $11.6 billion in total each year.2 Choosing the proper wheelchair cushion for your resident is vital in preserving skin integrity and redistributing pressure while encouraging proper pelvic positioning and postural alignment. With a variety of materials and styles designed to combat different issues, choosing the right wheelchair cushion based on the unique needs of your residents can reduce injuries and enhance comfort, sitting tolerance, mobility, and independence. There is no perfect cushion, only the right cushion for your resident. When evaluating your resident's profile, consider the following needs: Postural Support: Determine the level of support your resident requires for proper positioning and alignment and if there is muscle atrophy. Skin Condition: Determine if your resident is prone to developing pressure injuries or has fragile or thin skin that tears easily. Mobility: Determine if your resident will be sitting for prolonged periods, if they are self-propelling, and how often they will be moving in or out of their wheelchair. Height: Factor in your resident's height to ensure the thickness of the cushion will not prevent their feet from touching the footrests or ground and from moving in and out of their wheelchair safely. Weight: Determine if the cushion is rated to the correct weight capacity for the resident to ensure the cushion provides optimal stability, retains its shape, and wo not bottom out while extending the life of the cushion. This is especially important for bariatric residents that are at higher risk of developing pressure injuries.3 Wheelchair cushions come in a variety of materials, including foams, gels, air cells, and hybrid combinations. Soft, spongy, and lightweight, foam cushions provide excellent comfort, durability, and mild pressure relief for improved sitting tolerance, making them suitable for self-propelling residents or those who do not have skin integrity issues. Ideal for minimal to moderate positioning needs, foam cushions come in a variety of thicknesses and densities, making them a reliable and popular everyday choice. Latex foam cushions have elastic-yet-firm, high-resiliency qualities, enabling the cushion to contour to the body and retain its shape over time to provide all-day sitting comfort. Latex does not absorb moisture and naturally resists microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew, making it an ideal option for residents with mild incontinence issues. Residents who sit for extended periods of time or are at higher risk of developing pressure injuries may require a premium memory foam cushion such as T-Foam. T-Foam molds to body contours for optimal pressure redistribution and features "slow recovery" capabilities, allowing it to retain its compressed shape longer for greater relief of painful weight-bearing pressure points. Lightweight with an open-cell structure, T-Foam permits air to circulate freely through the material, preventing heat buildup and perspiration for cooler, long-term comfort. Economical gel-foam cushions combine stability, pressure management, and shear relief for overall comfort and skin protection, making them ideal for residents with moderate skin issues and positioning needs. They may also be used to stabilize residents with atrophied muscles. Premium gel cushions are a higher-end option that provides optimal shear and pressure relief using an advanced polymer material. T-Gel cushions are made of a soft, rubber-like elastomer gel that mimics skin-protecting fatty tissue, moving with the skin to minimize the effects of friction and shear while reducing the formation of pressure injuries. Ideal for residents with a higher risk of skin breakdown and pressure injuries, T-Gel cushions are available with a smooth surface for basic relief or a checkerboard surface that contains independent cells that offer better reaction to patient movement and greater air circulation for maximum relief. Additionally, styles with added T-Foam, coccyx cutouts, or stabilizing bases offer exceptional comfort, sacral relief, and high-level postural support. Air cell cushions offer exceptional pressure redistribution and protection against pressure injuries, making them ideal for residents at high risk for skin injury. Typically, a bulb inflator is used to pump the cells with air to the desired comfort level. Individual air cells act as springs and adjust to the anatomical contours of the user. By shifting independently with the resident's movements, the cells help to reduce friction against fragile skin. For bariatric residents, it is important to choose a cushion that wo not bottom out or lose its shape while distributing weight evenly to minimize pressure injuries. The Tri-Foam Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions offer both weight distribution and reduction of pressure while helping to prevent bottoming out. For extra support, Elite Gel Wheelchair Cushions combine foam with a viscoelastic gel topper to provide relief at critical pressure points and support optimal posture. Finally, the WAFFLE Bariatric Seat Cushions evenly distribute weight, minimize material stress, and aid in pain management. Read our blog on bariatric cushions to learn more. Cushion covers are essential to help extend the life of wheelchair cushions, providing both therapeutic and aesthetic value. Covers with two-way stretch are breathable to avoid causing hot spots and skin breakdown. Fabrics that are water-resistant or fluid-proof aid with residents who have incontinence issues while those with ripstop properties stop punctures from becoming tears. Nonslip bottoms help keep cushions in place and removable options are ideal for quick and easy laundering or cleaning. You may also be interested in:
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None This Cushion Cover has personalized applique letters attached to it. According to One's choice, the letters could be appliqued. Back of the cushion has firm zip. This Cushion Cover has personalized applique letters attached to it. According to One's choice, the letters could be appliqued. Back of the cushion has firm zip. read more... None Supported with well-equipped infrastructure, we are intricate in offering a best collection of Personalized Cushion Covers. Offered cushion covers are much applauded for its fine finish and skin-friendly nature. For fabrication of these cushion covers, our adroit employees use best quality fabric and other advance machinery in read more... None Add personal touch to your bedroom or sitting area with our beautiful personalized cushions. These cushions are real show offs. With a wide range of elegant and thoughtful design options, as well as facility to add your Add personal touch to your bedroom or sitting area with our beautiful personalized cushions. These cushions are real show offs. With a wide range of elegant and thoughtful design options, as well as facility to add your read more... None Appealing in look, these Personalized Cushion Cover are finely prepared with the use of best thread and other material. These cushions are best in quality and optimal in finishing. Made under the guidance of experts, these cushions are reliable in nature and can be availed from the market in different eye catchy read more... Pitampura, New Delhi K-12, 1st Floor, Udyog Nagar, Industrial Area Near Peeragarhi Chowk, Pitampura, New Delhi - 110041, Delhi None If you want to surprise a new couple, then gift this lovely cushion cover and create a memorable experience for the loved ones. Surprise Gifts offers a wide collection of cushion covers at affordable rates. The users can design the cushion with a beautiful photo and text. The cushion cover is manufactured using high grade read more...1. What should I do with my urge of cuddling when I have no one to do so?Like previous answers, dogs or cats can feel great to cuddle. Warm, soft and affectionate.But for some reason if animals are not your thing then the next best thing is a big pillow, cushion or fluffy comforter or a big toy teddy bear. I know they sell real huge teddies, you could comfortably sleep on its lap. What should I do with my urge of cuddling when I have no one to do so?2. How much money should I save from working before working full time as a realtor?I would suggest enough to cover your life expenses for at least 6 months and endough to invest the needed amount to kick off your new business. Different offices will offer different perks to assist with kickstarting your career but you will still need capital to start your business. Do not forget to increase your insurance for your vehicle since you will be using it for work. Sit down and write out all your life expenses eg. rent/mortgage, utilities, insurances, food, entertainment, clothing, transportation, mobile phone, internet, health care, family or other obligations, vehicle maintenance etc. Add about 25% as a cushion, have this as liquid funds, easily available to you to cover these bills. If you have a spouse/partner it helps cushion, if this is a 2nd income but going it alone is done all the time too. Work on a realistic business plan. Add in every business you patronize. This is your sphere of influence. This will give you a basis to start budgeting for your marketing and advertising. Good luckHow much money should I save from working before working full time as a realtor?3. How much bubble wrap is needed to cushion a fall from skydiving without a parachute?More than would fit out the door of the plane.Mythbusters did a segment on this a few years back, and the amount required to be survivable just from 15 feet would no longer fit out the door of most skydiving aircraft.You could, alternately, jump onto a mountain of bubble wrap. I once worked this out using some equations and calculators I found online, and I think the figure was something like a 150 ft. mountain of the stuff. I'm just working by memory on that one-I spent way too long trying to figure it out the first time.How much bubble wrap is needed to cushion a fall from skydiving without a parachute?.
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