Accurate Positioning Device Offered for Standard and Sliding Table Saws.

TigerStop is proud to announce an innovative new CNC solution for automating existing standard and sliding table saws.

Throw away your tape measure and always rip or crosscut the same size, every time. Make every employee your best sawyer. The new system provides a solution both for the rip fence and the crosscut fence of sliding table saws, available as a package or individually. Now every saw can be a CNC powerhouse. According to Spencer Dick, TigerStop's CEO, these new fourth generation products provide positioning accuracy of [ or -] 0.003 inch for both ripping and crosscutting operations.

TIGERFENCE TigerFence totally replaces the OEM rip fence and suspension which, along with operator error, can cause accuracy problems. The controller for TigerFence can be mounted close to the operator, cutting out the many steps needed to manually position a fence; now there is no need to walk around the saw to set the fence. Retrofitting a saw with TigerFence provides owners with the benefits of reduced labor costs through a significant reduction in setup time, lower training costs and higher accuracy. All this means a quicker return-on-investment (ROI). TigerStop also receives high marks for apparent ease of installation and the ability to rotate the TigerFence out of the way when necessary.

TIGERCROSSCUT TigerCrossCut is the industry's first field-installable CNC upgrade for a sliding table saw. Designed to replace OEM crosscut fences, TigerCrossCut can handle lengths in excess of 120 inches. The controller for TigerCrossCut can be mounted right in front of the operator, allowing the sawyer to stay with the material while quickly keying in fractional or decimal dimensions accurate to [ or -] 0.003 inch. Your operator can spend less time handling material and more time getting the job done.

The dynamite combination of the durable TigerCrossCut and TigerFence turns almost any saw operator into the shop's best sawyer by providing high productivity and accuracy.

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