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1. i want to change my bedroom slightly.......?

Wallpaper is pretty easy to put up. Just put on one wall, the bed head wall, leaving your fuchsia as they are. Look through second hand shops for bedroom furniture-you will be surprised at how nice some of them are! Or even look in the classified in your local paper

2. 9 Simple Tips for Creating A New Ambiance of The Bedroom - SimDreamHomes - Apart from being a place to rest and relax, the bedroom is also often used as a room for various activities. It would be very fun to spend holiday time enjoying time in the bedroom such as watching Korean dramas, eating, snacking, beautifying, and so on. Because it is the room that is most often used, sometimes boredom appears and makes us uncomfortable when in the bedroom. If you have experienced this, bringing a new atmosphere to the bedroom is a must. And here, we have provided 9 Simple Tips for Creating A New Ambiance of The Bedroom you can follow. So, let's check it out! Walls have a very strong effect on the appearance of the room. Paint that has started to fade and fade will certainly make the bedroom unattractive. Besides that, some paint that starts to peel will also be very annoying. So, the first tip that you can apply to your bedroom is to paint your bedroom walls again. To give a new atmosphere to the bedroom, choose a different wall paint from the previous paint. However, you still have to be careful in choosing paint for the bedroom. To make the bedroom look bright, feel comfortable, calm, and still cheerful, choose paint with bright and neutral colors. White paint can be used as an alternative to making the bedroom look naturally bright. Besides that, white will also make it easier for you to decorate your bedroom because white will match any color you will use in the bedroom. Make white as a base color of the room also will make the bedroom feel alive. For a softer and calmer atmosphere, a beige is an option that you can choose. Painting the bedroom walls in beige will not make the bedroom feel cramped, cramped, and stuffy. So, beige can be used as an option for painting a small bedroom. Want a bedroom with a slightly more masculine and mature look? You can choose gray paint for your bedroom. Even though it looks a little darker, the gray bedroom will provide a cool and calming atmosphere. The decorations that you use in the bedroom also greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the bedroom. So, if you want a bedroom with a new atmosphere and that feels more comfortable, choose a new wall display that fits and matches the paint you choose. There are various wall displays that you can use to make your bedroom appear more attractive and beautiful: Who here loves the art of photography? It is best to take advantage of hobbies and talents. You can print the photos that you take through your camera and then frame them to make them look more beautiful when displayed on the wall. Great photos will certainly make the bedroom look so aesthetic. It is okay to add a touch of art to the bedroom. Good paintings can be chosen to beautify the bedroom walls. The colors in the painting will certainly make the bedroom feel more alive. In the bedroom, the main item is the bed. As the main focal point in the bedroom, the bed greatly affects the appearance of the bedroom itself. Using the same bed sheet will certainly create a boring atmosphere. So, for those of you who want to bring a new atmosphere to your bedroom, you can replace the bedsheet and pillowcases with new ones. This tip is arguably the easiest and simplest tip you can do. Choose a bedsheet that fits the bedroom design and appearance you want. Choosing a white bedsheet can be used as an alternative. As we know, using white is the safest way to decorate a room. And for pillowcases or blankets, you can use similar colors. For a more attractive and cheerful look, you can use pillowcases or blankets with beautiful motifs. Checkered motifs can be chosen as an option in giving a simple but attractive appearance and not too plain. It may feel so easy and simple that it is often overlooked by some. Even though adding the plant to the bedroom is very important. With the fresh plant in the bedroom, the bedroom can feel more alive and look more attractive. There are two types of plants that you can use in the bedroom: Artificial plant. Made from synthetic so that the maintenance is not too difficult, such as no need to be watered regularly, exposed to the sun, given soil and fertilizer, and so on. When synthetic plants are full of dust, you can soak them in clean water and after that dry them. Real plant. The care of this native plant is quite difficult. However, native plants are great for bedroom air. Some plants, such as aloe vera, can absorb harmful substances in the bedroom so that the bedroom air will always be clean and healthy. Not only that, some plants like lavender will also make the bedroom smell good and relax. In decorating a bedroom with plants, you do not need to use large amounts of plants. Use enough plants to decorate the bedroom. Changing bedroom curtains is often overlooked because it is considered unimportant. Just like the walls, the curtains used in the bedroom greatly affect the appearance of the bedroom itself. So, if you want a new atmosphere in your bedroom, replace the bedroom curtains with new ones. Not only to make the bedroom feel newer but changing the curtains is also very important for the air in the bedroom. Because curtains are often a place to perch on dust which can make the bedroom air become unhealthy. Therefore, changing curtains regularly is very important. For an attractive and beautiful bedroom look, use curtains with the colors you have chosen for your bedroom. To paint white walls, you can choose white curtains. And for beige wall paint, using brown curtains will make it look softer. Net curtains can also be used as an option for those of you who use natural light to illuminate the bedroom during the day. 6. Change The Layout of The Bedroom Furniture If you already feel very bored in the bedroom, maybe rearranging bedroom furniture can be a cure for your boredom. In channeling the layout of the bedroom furniture you also need to pay attention to the comfort and safety of your bedroom. Like keeping things made of wood or fabric from the fireplace. In making the bedroom feel so comfortable and not boring, try to place the bed next to the window. So that when morning comes, the sun can come right in and hit you. It is so good to boost your mood. Besides that, when you feel tired and bored, you can open the window and enjoy the fresh air. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery at night. Bringing lighting into the bedroom is very important. Be it natural lighting or light from lamps. With the light, we can still do activities smoothly and comfortably. Even though there is a main light that can make the bedroom look bright, it iss fine if you want to add additional light to the bedroom. Currently, there are many types of lamps that make the lamp function not only for lighting the room but also for interior decoration. Some light from the lamp can also make the room feel livelier and more comfortable. There are two types of additional lights that you can use to add a new atmosphere to your bedroom: The first is a pendant lamp. There are many types of pendant lamps so that the pendant lamps can be used as additional lighting to make the bedroom feel more comfortable. Using two pendant lamps and hanging them on the side of the bed is the best way to make the bed feel comfortable and look more attractive. Next up is the string light. This one lamp is indeed very popular and is widely used by people to decorate their bedrooms. Choosing a string light with warm lighting will also make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel warm and soothing. So, using the string light as a bedroom decoration not only make the bedroom look beautiful but also make the bedroom feel cozy. Want to have a bedroom that looks different at night? Use the LED light as additional light for the bedroom. Currently, LED lights are a trend and are widely applied in bedrooms, especially teenager bedrooms. With the LED light, the bedroom looks so aesthetic. Next move on to the floor. In bringing a new atmosphere into the bedroom, the floor appearance must also be considered. If the bedroom floor has cracks or other problems, then replace the floor. However, replacing floors is very inconvenient and costly. To work around this, you can choose vinly to renew the appearance of the bedroom floor. The wooden vinly is perfect for a bedroom of any design. The atmosphere of the bedroom with a wooden floor will feel warmer so that the bedroom will feel so comfortable. To find out the kind of wooden floor and its advantages and disadvantages, you can click here. Using a rug does seem so simple and looks trivial. However, the presence of a rug in the bedroom greatly affects the appearance and comfort of this room. The use of a rug can give a warm feel to the bedroom. Not only that, the leather rug will also make you feel comfortable when you step on it or sit on it. If your bedroom is small, using a rug is the most appropriate choice. Rug can give the illusion of space in a room so that a narrow bedroom will feel more spacious. That way, the bedroom will feel more comfortable. Rug is also a decoration that can make the bedroom look prettier and more attractive. It is very natural for us to feel bored in our bedroom that looks so-so. And to treat this boredom, the bedroom needs to be presented with a new atmosphere that feels more comfortable and looks more attractive. Redecorating a bedroom can be said to be easy if you already know the tips for decorating a bedroom. And this is the reason why we wrote 9 Simple Tips for Creating A New Ambiance of The Bedroom. Hopefully this article can help you in treating your boredom in the bedroom. So, goodluck and happy trying all!

3. Where can I find bedroom furniture sets?

Ethan Allen on Google, The price is a little higher but really worth it. I have had great wear on every piece I ever got from them

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