Are There 2 a/C Condensers on a 1996 Town and Country?

Do not know about town and country-------I have a 96 Windstar with Two Evaporaters,one in front dash and one at the left side of second seat,it also has two Heater Cores;and also a Fan in fwd dash area and a seperate fan; that blows across Evaporator left side of second passenger area;There are two seperate Fan Control Dials; Note the Condenser is Comman and is Located fwd of Engine Radiator,That is where the Heat from inside car is going as Low Press,and as it moves downward ambeint air flowing through and being pulled through or in case of driving Air takes the heat away;then to Compressor to be changed to High Pressure 134, in the case of vans -Station -Wagons there is a lot of space to Cool; I have not looked at the Book;I beleive Your car would have Two Evaporates;

1. How much should I expect to pay for a Payne evaporator coil for model #PH3ZNA A/C?

Call 3 HVAC contractors in your area for quotes. In general, air handlers (not furnaces or A-Coils) sell around $1k-$3k depending on what make and model you buy. Contractor will prob mark the price up slightly to cover costs and to make some profit. Contractor will also add in labor and misc material to complete the job. FYI: Payne is a low quality brand of Carrier.

2. How do I get to the evaporator core behind the dashboard of a 2002 grandprix?

Yep! You have to pull out the entire dashboard or at least the ductwork underneath the dashboard. I have to ask, why you want to get to the evaporator. It is just a core like a radiator and it's on the low pressure side of the AC and I've not seen a leak in the evaporator. I see why now. You want to unstop the condensate pan and stop the leak. Look under the car, at the firewall, right in front of the passenger side you will find a hose hanging there. That is what you have to stick a coat hanger up and unclog it so the pan can drain. It's like the drain pan on a window AC.

3. Is it normal for an AC evaporator to drip?

if it were not common, there would not be systems made to deal with it. they do not spend money on useless parts. a drip pan and overflow line are there for when a lot of condensation occurs, because it WILL occur when the unit operates a lot and the ambient air is humid.

4. Where do I find my AC's evaporator in my house?

if it central air it is in the attic

5. Evaporator Coil leaking on a 6 yr. old Carrier AC, is it best to change evaporator coil or buy a new unit?

If your unit is 6 years old, it's best to change the eva coil IF, it's certain the leak is from there, or it's beyond warranty from manufacturer or the builder (improper installation). Check with manufacturer, neighbors or HOA. Make sure the guarantee of the work whoever performs the work. Some small leaks can be fixed with a small container named "ac quick seal." This sealant can be added inside the ac piping system very easily. Not 100% guaranty, but worth to try. Your unit being only 6 years old, do not change both indoor and outdoor unit unless the company has no access to find the right size inside unit to match with outside unit. It's critical both units must match in order to operate efficiently. Just like doctors and lawyers, it's always recommended to hire someone who is trustful and caring. Best Luck!

6. GE GTS22WCPBRCC Evaporator fan slow.?

B_rad it does not make sense what you are saying. A solenoid is for water so I am going to assume you mean the PTC (start relay) on the compressor. There should be a white wire from the capacitor to relay on the compressor and the other side is orange(nuetral). These have nothing to do with the evaporator fan motor. If you remove the back panel, becareful there is power there, you should have a black and orange wire to the fan motor, check the voltage across that, if you have 120 volts then you have proper power and the bearings in the fan are worn out, time to replace the motor. the part number is wr60x10129. It is a single speed fan motor and not varible speed. I hope I have helped you Good luck.

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What Is the Proper Way to Clean a Evaporator Coil?
If you are cleaning the outside of the coil, the condensate pan, etc., I would use degreaser and water. Cleaning the inside of the coil should be left to a pro.1. 98 Buick Lesabre evaporator coil?Unless you are taking it out and replacing it, there is no reason to access it. There is nothing serviceable. But anyways, it under your dashboard, in the same ductwork as your heater core. Get to it through the glove box, or underneath, taking off the lower ductwork.2. Help with central AC and copper tubing from evaporator coils?Regarding your condensate drain tube - is your home on a slab or pier and beam ? If you are on a slab you should be able to walk around and look until you see a stream of water exiting the house. If you are on pier and beam you would have water pooling under the house, and that might be a very bad thing, so you want to get under the house and look for the tube. Some people have the water drain into their sewer system, which can be done with a floor drain or into the water drain pipe for the washing machine. As for the people who service the AC unit, I suggest you take several photographs of your problems and then personally visit a business that services AC units and discuss with a manager your frequent problems, then visit another service business with that information and see what they tell you. Once you decide on a service company it helps them to have everything known, on a checklist, before the service tech arrives on the premises; the checklist is to ensure all of your questions are answered.3. What's the Difference Between the Condenser and Evaporator Coils?The evaporator and condenser coils in an air conditioner are heat movers. One extracts heat from inside your house and the other dumps that heat outdoors. The end result of this process is a cooler, more comfortable indoor environment. In addition to getting the heat out of the house, the evaporator coil performs the function of reducing humidity. Because moist air holds heat energy, lowering the humidity promotes more effective cooling. Central air conditioning is a closed-loop system. What flows through that loop is refrigerant - a substance that readily absorbs heat energy, shifting from a vapor to liquid state and back again. Through an insulated conduit connecting the coils, refrigerant flows from the indoor evaporator coil through the system compressor to the outdoor condenser coil, then loops back to the evaporator. Here's how the evaporator and condenser coils perform the heavy lifting of keeping your house comfortable: Cold refrigerant vapor passes through the evaporator coil tubing as warm indoor air is drawn through coil air passages by the air handler blower. Heat energy in the air conducts through the copper surfaces of the coil and is absorbed by the frigid refrigerant. The refrigerant flows through the conduit to the A/C outdoor component. A compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, concentrating heat energy and converting it to a hot liquid as it enters the condenser coil. Rapid condensation inside the condenser coil tubing causes the hot refrigerant to convert to a liquid state and rapidly release the stored heat energy. As the condenser fan pulls air through the coil passageways, this heat is dispersed by aluminum coil fins into outside air. Liquid refrigerant now completes the return trip to the evaporator and the process repeats. We are your source for residential and commercial services in the Norfolk County area.4. why does an ac unit being low on refrigerant cause the evaporator to freeze up?The freon enters the evaporator through a thermal control valve. The pressure drop causes the freon to change from a liquid to a gas and in doing so cools the evaporator. If the freon is low the pressure at the output of the evaporator falls below its normal level and with freon, pressure is equivalent to its temperature. Normal output pressure for R-134a should be above 30 psig ( 34.5 degrees F), if it drops below 28 psig (32.2 degree F) there is a chance the evaporator can freeze.5. What kind/size of Evaporator Coil do I need for a 2.5 Ton Trane A/C Condensor (XB12)?You sure thats not a HEAT PUMP? XB12's were heat pumps. If memory serves me that was on a 12 seer rated. So in this case you going to want to get a R410A 13 Seer 2.5 Ton cased coil. It will match the system as closely as it was originally designed. The system is R22. You will not find the proper matched "12 seer coil" A R410A Evaporator Cased coil will work fine. Which will be rated for R410A / R22. You also going to need a Bi-flow liquid line drier. You going to need to consult with an HVAC company to complete this installation as this will be WAY over your head. And if Im correct if this is a heat pump, your going to have to change out the thermostat or you can just wire it up for cooling only if you have a gas furnace.
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