Aussies Miss Top Prize in Aviation Comp

A TEAM of Australian aerospace engineering students has just missed out on the top prize in a sustainable aviation competition being held in France.Students from RMIT picked up second prize worth $A20,000 when Airbus announced the winners at the company's headquarters in Toulouse on Friday.The Melbourne team of five proposed fuelling jets with a blend of LNG and sustainably-produced biomethane to reduce carbon emissions by up to 97 per cent.But they lost out to students from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil who invented a luggage-loading system which uses an air cushion to help baggage handlers "float" heavy loads into aircraft.The idea was inspired by air hockey tables and netted the Brazilians $A40,000.The other finalists in Airbus' biennial Fly Your Ideas competition were from universities in India, Italy and Malaysia.An Australian team from Queensland won the first competition in 2009 with a proposal to use a fibre composite made from castor plants for cabin fit-outs.Originally published asAussies miss top prize in aviation comp

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How to Teach Image Processing and Computer Graphics to a Blind Student?
How to Teach Image Processing and Computer Graphics to a Blind Student?
How to teach image processing and computer graphics to a blind student?I think you can teach 2D graphics using a tactile approach on a phone or tablet. Students are very likely to be used to tracing their fingers over a mobile device (I have watched awesome videos of blind iPhone users in action).So position and shape change of an object could be detected by them dragging their fingers over to get auditory feedback at the edges. Ideally you want a truly tactile surface but I do not know of any such devices. I have my own reasons for wanting a computer-controlled version of one of these For actual image processing maybe map colours to tone, so as they move their finger over an image they hear a tone vary depending on the average pixels underneath. Then, as transforms are applied, the tones would change. You could possibly teach colour theory by varying the mapping to only one channel of RGB.Update in one of those great examples of synchronicity, a few days after writing the above I was listening to Matthias Tretter of MindNode on a podcast mention how he had been convinced to add accessibility to MindNode, a visual mindmapping product by a blind user. His blog posting has videos showing VoiceOver in action. This is a bit tangential to the original answer but a nice anecdote about how preconceptions about the intended purpose of a tool as being visual does not rule it out for blind users— — — — — —Image processingUS 6137498 also granted as EP 0852363 - (Main article: Photographic mosaic)Robert Silver's patent on his photographic mosaicing technique. The UK part of the European patent is currently undergoing revocation proceedings, the results of which may be important in comparing the practice of the UK Patent Office with that of the European Patent Office.US 6384822 (Main article: Shadow volume)A patent covering the technique commonly known as Carmack's Reverse.— — — — — —Quantum image processingQuantum image processing (QIMP) is primarily devoted to using quantum computing and quantum information processing to create and work with quantum images . Due to some of the astounding properties inherent to quantum computation, notably entanglement and parallelism, it is anticipated that QIP technologies will offer capabilities and performances that are, as yet, unrivaled by their traditional equivalents. These improvements could be in terms of computing speed, guaranteed security, and minimal storage requirements, etc. .— — — — — —What are True Positive and False Positive with reference to image processingA ,,true'' positive would be an image that has a property (in the context of face detection maybe: ,,contains a face'') and that is recognized by a program as such. A ,,false'' positive then is one that does not have the property but is recognized anyway— — — — — —How is the digital image processing of photographs related to bitmapped painting ?I love this LC! One of my faves by you. The idea of pictures and photography of humans remains selfish in a way. A photo never captures the moment. People always stand together, arms on one another, making their perfect camera smile, but you still do not understand the truth of what was happening at that moment. So on the opposite end, I propose this: we should take pictures of all memories. If you are at a party and someone is angry and crying, take a pic! That is the truth we should try to remember--not just the happy times but rather all of the moments of our lives— — — — — —If I were to test my concepts and knowledge of the image processing domain, what questions should I ask to myself?Try to think in terms of problems at low level, mid level and high level vision. How to denoise? How to detect edges? Basics of JPEG. How does the hough transform work? Internals of image descriptors like SIFT. Basics of camera model. Someways to achieve image segmentation. How is image/scene recognition being addressed?Also, pose yourself real-world/toy problems and see how you will go about solving them. How will you find the salient segment of a video, for example— — — — — —where can i download text book "Digital Image Processing" by Gonzalez R. C & Woods R.E.,?There is no free and legal place to download this textbook. I suggest you check used textbook stores and purchase a legal copy. Unless the author AGREES to work for free, it is not LEGAL. Few authors can afford to give their work away for free.
Global Air Cushion Packaging Market 2019 Insights, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin, Forecast 2024
Global Air Cushion Packaging Market Insights, current and forecasted revenue, sales trends, and demand during the study period from 2014-2024.The Global Air Cushion Packaging Market research report intends to study the historical and present status of the global Air Cushion Packaging industry along with side market scope and potential that are attracting a bulky number of organizations. The report illuminates current market performance and potential developments in the market and helps clients to pave the way for their futuristic operations in the global Air Cushion Packaging market. The report covers past and present market occurrences and offers valuable predictions of up to 2024.The global Air Cushion Packaging market report is an extensive study of the market that involves evaluation of crucial aspects such as changing market dynamics, driving forces, restraints, and limitations in the market which have been considered some of the most influential and could affect the market growth momentum in a positive or negative way. The report also hints at forthcoming investment opportunities and challenges in the market and assists market players in converting that into lucrative business gains.Brief overview of the global Air Cushion Packaging market performance:According to the studied statistic, the global Air Cushion Packaging market has been performing vigorously for the last few years and is reporting substantial growth rates. It is anticipated to register a higher CAGR during the forecast period with considerable growth momentum. Presently growing demand for the Air Cushion Packaging , increasing disposable incomes, industrialization, raw material affluence, stable economic structure, and favorable market conditions are boosting the growth of the market.Competitive landscape by prominent companies in the global Air Cushion Packaging market:DynaCorp, Pregis, Sealed Air, Smurfit Kappa, Storopack, Automated Packaging SystemsProminent Air Cushion Packaging manufacturers and companies are heavily fueling the competitive intensity of the market by adopting various research activities, innovations, technologies, and product developments. These activities of companies also help them to upgrade their offerings and captivate a sizable portion of potential market size. They are continuously striving to fulfill the overall demand for the Air Cushion Packaging and comprehend the latest requirements of their customer base.The report includes vital financial assessments of companies based on their sales volume, gross margin, profitability, production cost, pricing structure, revenue, and growth rate. Additionally, their manufacturing processes, production volume, serving segments, raw material sourcing, value chain, technology adoptions as well as strategic mergers, brand developments, and promotional activities are also emphasized in the report.Crucial evaluation of major segments in the global Air Cushion Packaging market:The report enables clients to study various crucial segments in the market such as types, applications, technologies, regions, and end-users. It explores each market segment considering market acceptance, profitability, revenue, and growth prospects. The proposed analysis drives clients to make a wise selection of lucrative market segments that will be profitable for their Air Cushion Packaging businesses. Additionally, the report helps clients to precisely determine the actual market size to target.The Global Air Cushion Packaging Report Enables You to:• Deeply comprehend the historical, current, and futuristic sitch of the market.• Determine robust competitors in the global Air Cushion Packaging industry.• Form effective strategies to compete against rivals.• Make informed business decisions to stay ahead of the curve.• Identify leading segments and create marketing mixes accordingly.• Gain intact market comprehension to maximize Air Cushion Packaging business profitability.We ( understand the needs of the rapidly changing market and is helping the client by providing the most up to date Report. It usually takes 4-5 days to deliver this kind of Report. The report coverage will depend on the availability of the data.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some sounds adults can't hear?The top octave (above 10kHz) tends to pretty much disappear in most older adults, so is a good place to look for these sounds.In the CRT television days, the flyback transformer would squeal at around 15kHz, some louder than others, but it'd drive me nuts if I had to sit near the TV. No longer a problem with LCD TVs, thankfully.Early TV remotes used metal rods being struck by a tiny mallet in this same frequency range (before infrared remotes arrived) - push a button and you'd get a "ting" noise that was picked up by an ultrasonic sensor on the TV.Metal hangers scraping on metal clothes rods in department stores were really annoying, especially when lots of shoppers were doing it at once.And, of course, dog whistles, which could often be tuned to just above audible hearing range (which of course, would be lower in adults)
MUN Engineering Students 'pretty Excited' After Making Hyperloop History
A group of engineering students from Newfoundland and Labrador made history on Sunday, and may have made a breakthrough in new technology that could change the way we travel. The Paradigm Hyperloop team launched the world's first successful run of a hyperloop pod using air-bearing technology. In the process, they placed second in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition, competing against teams from all over the world.As the sun sets, we take home the 2nd place prize for speed, however, history has been made this day by proving the air bearing concept"Three years ago, I don't think I ever thought we would actually build a pod that was going to be internationally recognized, weigh 2,000 pounds, be 18 feet long and float on an air cushion down a vacuum tube," said Adam Keating, team lead for Paradigm Hyperloop."I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone in the car is pretty excited about this," he told the St. John's Morning Show as he and a number of his teammates drove to San Francisco from the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif.A hyper-what?A hyperloop travel system consists of a pod travelling through a steel vaccum tube. The pod travels through the tube on a thin bed of air, much like a puck on an air hockey table. Because there's little friction, the pod would be able to travel at speeds impossible for a car or even a train to reach.A fully realized hyperloop transportation system would take someone from St. John's to Corner Brook in 30 minutes.The idea was dreamed up by tech billionaire Elon Musk, whose company SpaceX organized an annual competition for university students to advance the technology and help make the dream a reality.Some of the Paradigm team - 15 students from Memorial University, one student from College of the North Atlantic and 14 students from Northeastern University in Boston - were part of the first competition in 2016, and ran a pod called Open Loop.They finished in the top 10, but they were determined to do better. They went home, they reorganized, and they spent the last eight months building the revolutionary Paradigm Hyperloop pod.And yes, they met Elon Musk.Only North American team in Top 3The Paradigm pod uses air bearings rather than magnets to shoot down the SpaceX Hyperloop test track. It's the first hyperloop pod in the world to use the technology."A lot of the other teams and a lot of other people basically ruled it out as an option because there just isn't proof of the technology at these speeds," said Keating.Their design was good enough to secure them a trip to California to test their pod in a competition against 25 other teams.After the initial test runs, they were one of just three teams chosen to compete in the finals, the only team in the top three from North America.Hyperloop pod run by team WARR said the winning team, Germany's WARR Hyperloop, was designed for speed - it sailed down the test track at 324 kilometres an hour."Their pod was much smaller, much lighter, designed to clamp to the rail and go as fast as possible," he said.Could see hyperloop travel in 5 yearsBut as far as realizing a hyperloop system some day, it could be argued that the Paradigm Hyperloop team are the big winners: Keating says the air-bearing technology would make a fully fledged Hyperloop system much cheaper.Regardless of what system ultimately becomes the standard, Keating says it won't be long until we're all flying through vacuum tubes in the blink of an eye."I think in the next five years you're going to see a hyperloop working in the world," he said.And that's just fine with him. After driving from Hawthorne to San Francisco and sitting in traffic for hours, he and the rest of the Paradigm crew in his car were eager for new transportation options."We were all joking about how we wished the hyperloop was built already," he said.
Technology: Flat Screen Future for Hdtv
By BARRY FOX in TOKYO The Japanese electronics manufacturers currently striving to make liquid crystal displays large enough to serve as wall-mounted TVs, may be beaten to it by a different technology. Canon is hoping to leapfrog the competition and produce flat TVs with wide, high-definition screens using a technology called ferroelectric LCD.Last week, Canon demonstrated a 38-centimetre prototype screen to New Scientist. The screen displays colour still pictures of a quality close to that of high-definition television (HDTV). The largest conventional LCD prototypes are around 42 centimetres across, and manufacturers are having a hard time making them bigger (Technology, 16 May). 'Once we have solved production problems for medium-sized screens,' says Hirokuni Kawashima, head of Canon's FLCD team, 'there is no theoretical limit on the size of panels we can make.' The company has just committed 100 billion yen (nearly £500 million) over the next ten years to building factories that will mass-produce large FLCD panels. At the end of this year, the company will launch a desktop wordprocessor with a 38-centimetre monochrome FLCD screen. A factory for producing tens of thousands of 1-metre or larger colour screens each month will be operating 'a little bit before the end of the decade', says Kawashima.Last October, Canon demonstrated the first prototypes of 38-centimetre computer screens using FLCD (Technology, 26 October 1991). When Canon suggested that FLCDs could also be used for HDTV screens, the idea was not taken seriously by the television industry. TV requires wide ranging scales of greys and colours, but ferroelectric material can only be switched between two states:on and off.Both conventional and ferroelectric LCDs work by shifting the polarisation of light. The liquid crystal is sandwiched between two glass plates, each of which carries a polarising filter. The filters are aligned at right angles to each other, so no light can get through under normal conditions. In a conventional LCD, applying an electric field to the liquid crystal makes the molecules line up in such a way that they shift the polarisation of light through 90 degrees. The light can then pass through both filters.The electric field is applied through transparent electrodes made of indium tin oxide printed on the inside of the glass. These also define the picture elements, or pixels, that make up the screen. When the field is removed, the molecules fall back into a random arrangement.In an FLCD, the molecules can be moved by a pulse of electric field between two stable positions: one in which the molecules shift the polarisation of light to let it through, and one in which they do not. So the FLCD has a memory: once the molecules have been switched, they remain that way until a fresh field is applied. This saves on electric power, because only those parts of the picture which move need to be switched.Canon's ferroelectric material is a mixture of 20 different low-viscosity liquid crystals containing fluorine, but the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret. The glass plates of an FLCD screen must be spaced just 1.5 micrometres apart. The spacing must be accurate to the nearest 0.05 micrometres - one-thousandth the width of a hair. Canon achieves this accuracy by coating the glass plates with a layer of insulating material one molecule thick, and peppering the gap with transparent spheres of insulating material which act as spacers.The plates are held in position against shocks by an air cushion mount.Canon's latest prototype has pixels as small as 0.2 millimetres; a 38-centimetre screen is therefore 1280 pixels wide and 1024 pixels tall. This resolution comes close to that of HDTV. Canon's future HDTV screen will use a stretched screen format with 1920 pixels in each of 1152 horizontal scanning lines.Each pixel is made up of four smaller cells, which are combined in monochrome displays to create four shades of grey and in colour displays to create 16 colours. But TV images require subtle gradations of light and shade.The company has developed digital circuits which analyse the colour required and compare it with the colours available; the circuits then switches on a jumble of pixels to create a mix of colours which fools the eye into seeing colours which are not in theory available from the screen.
How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Hair - Times of India
Normal plastic combs are not very gentle to hair because of its sharp edges, which acts like "knives". Split hair is often associated with low quality plastic combs. Wooden combs are anti-static and therefore one can easily comb their hair without entangling it. Too much static can hurt the hair profile and make it rougher and brittle. Moreover, the main idea of using a comb/brush is to distribute the natural oils evenly across the scalp from root to the end. Thus the right kind of brush for your hair is the one that reaches your scalp smoothly detangling one's hair from root to the tip and provide a natural shine. TYPES OF HAIR BRUSHES 1. Round Brush: The big round brushes offer smoothing and volumizing benefits for thick, moderately straight and long hair. These brushes are generally used to create soft waves on most hair types 2. Paddle Brush: Large, flat and wide, paddle brushes are versatile and a must have. This brush is great for detangling hair strands and keeping hair frizz-free. This is a useful brush & can be used to smoothen the natural waves. This saves a lot of styling time by managing the hair from root to trip. 3. Vented Brush: A vent brush lets air pass through it. These are best for short hairstyles, as they speed up drying time and ensure that you don't over-dry short locks. 4. Cushion Brush: This category of brushes include the oval/round -shaped cushioned brush for simply brushing out hair. This is specifically for dry / slightly damaged hair which has a tendency of breakage. The cushion induced base provides an air cushion that's used exclusively for long hair. The bristles are aligned in a cushion base which contracts anytime they meet resistance; hence, they prevent long hair from being stretched, split, or broken. 5. Wide Tooth Comb: Wide-Tooth Comb is a comb with the teeth far apart that detangles your hair, can also be used when washing your hair to distribute conditioner and shampoo. Best used to untangle knots within your hair. Works with all hair types. 6. Normal Comb: Normal Comb; just your normal every-day comb that you can get in varying sizes. Good for smoothing your hair out and making it look sleeker. Inputs by: Dr. Apoorva Shah, Trichologist and the founder of Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd.
Coast Guard Receives Its Second Air Cushion Vehicle for Karnataka | India News - Times of India
MANGALORE: When Indian Coast Guard's Air Cushion Vessel (ACV) H-198 glided up the pristine sandy shore at Panambur beach around noon on Monday, its arrival marked a major milestone in augmenting security off Karnataka's coast. Skippered by Commandant Amitabh Banerjee, H-198 became the second ACV to join Coast Guard's surveillance machinery in its district headquarters three after ACV H-196 that arrived here on September 22. Rajmani Sharma, Deputy Inspector-General, and Commander, Coast Guard Karnataka commandant Gulwinder Singh, skipper of ACV H-196, Commandant Rajender Singh Sapal, district plans and operations officer and personnel of district headquarters three were on hand to receive the ACV. Slippery slope at the beach meant Amitabh had to take H-198 for one more run on the Sea before he brought it ashore authoritatively and with aplomb. The two ACVs - will complement the four inshore patrol vessels that Coast Guard already has here, Rajmani Sharma said. With the fifth inshore patrol vessel Amartya, and a fast attack craft expected to join the fleet here next month, Coast Guard will be in a far greater position to thwart any sea borne incursion off Karnataka and Goa coasts, Rajmani said, adding these ACVs and patrol vessels can be deployed anywhere anytime based on need. Coast Guard, as reported in these columns earlier, will also have an advanced offshore patrol vessel ICGS Samarth based here once the dedicated jetty sought by it at New Mangalore Port becomes operational, he said, adding an India Coast Guard air enclave could also materialise at old airport at Bajpe near here where Chetaks and Dorniers will be based for aerial reconnaissance and search and rescue operations and other operational roles. Rajmani said the two ACVs that have reached here and that will be based here permanently will be commissioned in a gala commissioning ceremony to be held here soon. "We are in touch with our top brass and other dignitaries for this event," he said. On the other hand, ICGS Amartya will be inducted in to the Coast Guard here and sail back to Goa for its formal commissioning ceremony along with another vessel of the Coast Guard, he added.
Why Does My Dog Pee on Other Dogs?
Why Does My Dog Pee on Other Dogs?
Why does my dog pee on other dogs?Your dog pees on other dogs that are behind fences that bark at him.You have a smart dog. Be proud of that— — — — — —Why are Rotts and Pitbulls so hated?You would not like my answer to this, as our own "sweetest dog in the world" pit bull nearly killed my 3 year old daughter (unprovoked) He had never been treated harshly...and was a family pet.. its just that too many of them'snap' and harm people and other dogs..the good ones are the best dogs in the world..but there are too many that are way to weed the good from the you never know until it happens..— — — — — —German Shepherd Problems I need help with PLEASE?1. try getting a head collar it's kinda like a halter for dogs. when the dog pulls it pulls their head towards u so she wo not be so able to pull. 2.interacting with others dogs should calm her down a little bit i would find a friend who has another dog and make a few meet ups so you dog can get use to seeing a dog another dog. if she see's other dogs close every day she wont be as curious 3. as for barking have u tried spray collars it not a shock collar so it wont hurt her but it will spray a bad smell to her so she will assciate i bark with that bad smell?— — — — — —why do people "categorize" pit bull as bad dogs? Agree or disagree?Pit Bulls are not bad, the owners who taught them to be aggressive are. I have a rescued red nose pit female. She is not aggressive, in fact she is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. She was used as a bait dog, and still is not aggressive to other dogs. She has protected my kids from harm and been a loyal friend to my entire family. My babies have pulled, pinched, poked, bitten and everything a baby does to anything they touch, and she has never so much a lifted a lip or growl. These are called "nanny dogs" in Britain, where the breed originated because of their loyalty, loving nature, and protective nature. They have always been a good breed until idiots decided that they would make good fighters. Even now, dogs bred to be aggressive are not until trained to be that way. I also plan to rescue more pit bulls when I get a larger property. I have great love of the breed and respect what they were intended to be. Thank you for supporting the efforts of those of us who fight for the right of large-breed, supposedly dangerous dogs. If you want to help in the meantime you can find sites dedicated to Breed-specific legislation being stopped before entire breeds are wiped out entirely and help them fight or donate to breed rescues who rely on donations to support the animals who come to them. If we stick together and fight for what is right, we will succeed in saving pit bulls and other poorly treated animals.— — — — — —Need help potty training my 3 year old boy?I would suggest an obedience class with a good trainer. That way, your dog will learn basic commands and learn how to be around and be social with other dogs— — — — — —What are some new puppy essentials that I might have missed...?Leash... If the puppy is use to being around other dogs or his mom, blankets in the crate will help keep him warm at night. Also, I would invest in some bitter apple or something similar. Puppies like to chew on EVERYTHING. It's a good way to protect your furniture. Also, hide your shoes!— — — — — —Is it possible to help a dog that has been abused and fought other dogs for a living?I am concerned about her fighting other dogs. the chances are your dogs are at risk. You can not keep the poor dog in a cage forever, so my honest opinion is that she should go to somebody who can spend time bonding with her one-on-one. I am not usually for shifting dogs from pillar to post, but it's not fair on her being kept in a cage. I know you are trying to protect your dogs and I respect that, but the dog probably wants to hide away from humans, which she cannot do when she's in a cage. She's constantly on show and cannot hide at all. She needs space to herself, and she needs the chance to bond with a human without bars being in the way. I think you should find her another home with an experienced owner.
How to Be Cool in Middle School Physical Education Class?
How to Be Cool in Middle School Physical Education Class?
How to be cool in middle school Physical Education class?play sports get involved in activeits if u want to be a ladys man thats another story but ill tell u a girl likes a guy who is somewat smart cut funny fit nice romantic and loyal— — — — — —Pls help me with my assignment(PowerPoinPresentaion) about the '' Touch '' its my Physical Education subject..The reason nobody responded to your question, is because you did not ask one. Did you expect someone to simply do a powerpoint presentation for you and send it to you? What help do you need? Touch involves the central nervous system, and billions of receptors all over your body. Get busy— — — — — —Can a physical education teacher fail a student...?Like the person above said, where's the note. Based on the facts presented in the question the answer is actually YES they can fail the student. A physical injury alone is not an excuse to refuse to participate in gym class. Getting a paper cut is a physical injury, you still have to play dodge ball or whatever. Now if it is a serious physical injury there should be documentation. The problem with Gym class is if a student has a serious injury the stuff done in gym class could make the injury worst. If a student has a broken leg or broken foot they should not be told to run track since that could make the injury far worst. If the gym teacher made a student do an activity that made the injury worst the parents could sue the school for A LOT of money. But if the student had a serious injury there would be documentation of it ie a doctors note. Let the teacher give you a F and then take the doctor's note to the principal.— — — — — —what does physical education mean to you?It is when you beat them within in a inch of their life if they do not get an education— — — — — —If your school's Physical Education is optional......?As long as you do not get a perverted midget like our P.E teacher stick with it, the dude would make girls do all this sick stretches (all the pretty ones) and then like correct them whilst looking up their skirts, disgusting. Um yeah stick with P.E i am currently home schooling and P.E makes you feel much better,— — — — — —Should high schools require 4 years of Physical Education (PE)?The problem with this question is that your answer will differ according to your outlook on Physical Education. Personally, I do not believe that 4 years is required. I wo not say that it's stupid, or unnecessary, but I have other activities that take priority and would not enjoy having a set amount of PE. My school only requires 1 1/2 years, but there are many ways to take your credits, including marching band, dance, cheerleading, health science technology 2 (a health career class), and a variety of sports. This way, we can choose our own way to have fun in the required credits.— — — — — —Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports UniversityTamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University (TNPESU) is a university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is first sports university established in India. It is a residential and affiliating university. YMCA College of Physical Education is an affiliated college of this university— — — — — —Physical Education, Phys Ed. PE.... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP?1) They both can cause cancer. 2) The sun may cause skin cancer and give you sun burn, and smoking causes lung cancer. Both of which can lower your dying age. 3) Bc the American society focuses so much on images and what is "Cool" or not. People see someone cool smoking and they will do it. People see someone tanning, and they will tan... just to fit in. A lot of people also think that smoking will help them with their stress... 5) Not smoking, sun screen, eating healthy, ect.— — — — — —what is the biblical concept of physical education?1. Jews objected to athletics because it was practised naked in the Greek style. 2. In 1 Titus 4:8 Paul tells us that spiritual exercise is far more valuable than physical exercise. 3, Analogies from sport are used in NT teaching: Let us run with patience this road that is before us (Heb 12:1) Remember that in a race everybody runs, but only one person gets the prize. You must run in such a way that you will win. All athletes practise strict self-control. They do it to win a prize that will not fade away (like a laurel garland) but we do it for an eternal prize that will not fade away. So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I am not like a boxer who misses his punches. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should (1Cor 9:24fff). 4. A Christian's body is the temple of God (1 Cor 3:17 and others) and he is responsible before God for keeping it in good shape. 5. Most Jews in Biblical times used to live pretty healthy, physical outdoor lives. See the lifestyle as described in the book of Exodus, where dietary and other laws were given to ensure good health. 6. Yahweh Rapha has made a covenant with His children that He will keep them in good health IF they obey His laws (Ex 15:26) which sees its ultimate fulfilment in Christ (1 Peter 2:24).
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