AutoModding Your Ford F-150: Truck Bed Accessories

That Flex tonneau can keep things from moving vertically out of the bed, but what about keeping them from sliding around when they are in there? Stuff can get damaged just rolling and bouncing around. The Loading Zone Cargo Gate prevents all that with a simple, lightweight barrier that you can put anywhere in your truck bed. The Cargo Gate clamps against the sides of your truck and stays there, holding up to 65 lbs of stuff behind it before it will budge. It's the perfect way to keep your cargo from sliding or rolling around and getting damaged. It installs in seconds, and it only weighs 6.5 lbs.

What will be the first step towards preparations for GATE?

Very first step towards gate is to ask yourself that why am i going to prepare for gate ???In my language this is called as ' big why for crack any of exam.Then next step is to understand about the gate syllabus. Take a print out of syllabus and read it atleast 2,3 times. Then find that which subjects are most important means having more weightage. generally 4 to 5 subjects in every branch are most important so then mark those subjectmake a proper study plan and follow it till the end .Now There are two ways to prepare for the gate-U can join a coaching institute . U can start ur study by self. So let me tell u the benifits and losses of both ways.If u join a coaching then u will study in a discipline way . There r expert faculties who can help u to clear ur all doubts and make ur fundamental strong. But dude problem with the coaching is that u will not have sufficient time to revision and more practice bcoz they complete ur syllabus till december. So u should think about this.Second problem is money . If u can afford the 80k fee other expenses then its ok but if u can not then it will make u panic during ur whole preparation time.Ok now if u study by urself then will have sufficient time to revision and practice. U will have complete 24 hrs free in ur hand to manage ur study according to ur schedule. Second one u wo not feel the financial pressure during preparation.And most important u will put ur efforts and energy by 100% bcoz u choosed this option by urself. This is about ur self respect . So u would do it at any cost. But dude problem with self study is that u have to b disciplined by urself every time. U have to b motivated all time. U have to go ahead with a proper plan.Note:- prepare by either way whichever u want but plzz attempt a good test series for sure to get a good rank in gate. This is very very important.So all the best

Will my yorkie male get on with a female shorkie?

First if the pup has had all her shots I would introduce them on neutral territory and walk them together. If not try investing in a crate or gate and let them sniff each other through the bars and guage the reaction from that. I dont think there should be much of a problem. Can I ask what a shorkie is? Edit: sounds very cute but as she's so young I would go for the crate or gate option, as you older dog is ok with small dogs he should be ok with the pup, just make sure he gets lots of attention as well and do not change his routine. Im always fasinated by these crossbreeds, can I ask a couple of questions? Do both the parents get all the health tests and do the breeders have both dogs or do they go out to breed?

how to make a bootleg indoor gate for my dog?

I do not know if this will work, but how about getting to gates and putting them both up one on the bottom and one on the top of the other one that way she can not jump over it. Or getting a shock caller. They work great just do not over use them

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