Built-ins Ideal for Small Spaces

Today's new condominiums and townhomes are designed on a smaller footprint that has changed the way our homes are furnished.

At first, the options for decorating were decidedly modern. Small spaces were thought to be best suited to the sleek, clean lines of pale woods and steel-based sofas, transparent or translucent glass and plastic tables, white walls and bleached floors. The minimal approach allowed the space to breathe, but it was often cold, and for traditionalists, this simply wasn't home.

I have designed a series of homes this past year that combine the best of both worlds. High ceilings, crown mouldings and deep baseboards share all the traditions of older homes captured in today's modern vision. The living room in this elegant townhouse combines lofty design with the finest materials.

To achieve the right balance, every square foot is considered, every corner utilized. When you are looking for solutions to your small space furnishing challenge, here are some guidelines.

Begin with built-ins. Take a look at the wall space and any nooks and crannies that are produced by a chimney flue, heating ducts or supporting beams. They may leave an awkward corner or dead space that you can fill nicely with built-in cabinetry. Here, the fireplace is flanked by custom cabinets that fit the existing wall space and provide a stylish area for storage and display. The window seat is a natural extension and practical use.

Select furniture that fits. This isn't always easy to find but more and more designers are cognizant of the need for compact styles.

And you can find what you are looking for in modern and traditional designs. Look for sofas and chairs that have no skirts or added frills. Open space below and around furniture always makes a room feel more airy. Some chairs and ottomans are also designed with built-in storage.

Mirrors are a decorator's best friend. Properly placed, a mirror reflects light and pushes out the walls. In this living room, the mirror above the sofa sits opposite the high window and widens the room.

Choose colours that suit the mood you want to achieve. Select your most expensive items first, the sofa and chairs, the floor and carpet and then wall colour. Paint is the easiest to change. The dark floor grounds the room, along with the wood furniture trim and tables. Pastel hues of the area carpet, creamy upholstery, white lamp shades and silky blue cushions provide large blocks of light, so I chose a muted grey blue for the walls.

Please email your questions to house2home @debbietravis.com

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How Do You Remove Candle Wax From Wood Furniture and Rugs?
How Do You Remove Candle Wax From Wood Furniture and Rugs?
cover the wax with a brown paper bag and then iron it on med heat. the wax should soak into the paper. you may have to do it once or twice but this is the method most recomended. good luck.1. 10 Tips for Spray Painting Your Wood Furniture | DoItYourself.comTo ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Spray painting is an easy way of achieving a smooth, even finish on wood furniture. This is especially true of items that have intricate designs. Whereas painting with a brush can result in drips and brush marks, spray paint can give you a near-perfect look. Like all other materials, wood requires some preparatory steps before the application of spray paint. Tip: DoItYourself's painting consultant Edward Kimble, the author of Interior House Painting Blog, adds, "If the wood has a waxed polyurethane or shellac or lacquer finish, it will not accept paint until the existing finish is removed. However, there are some chemicals sold that can remove the wax and prepare the furniture to accept paint. Check at the paint store. Lightly sanding may help, but it may not." When you spray paint your wood furniture, avoid upholstery. If you are painting outdoor furniture, choose paint with a high degree of moisture resistance and sun protection. Avoid painting antique furniture as altering those pieces too significantly can damage their value. Depending on the type of furniture you are painting, you may have to unscrew and remove some of the components. On cabinets and drawers, remove the knobs and handles beforehand. Remove any drawers as well. Paint all of these objects separately and reassemble the furniture when all the parts are dry. Spray paint consists of minute particles that can settle on surrounding surfaces, so it is important to protect them beforehand. Cover all surrounding objects and the floor with newspapers, drop cloths, or masking tape. Before spray painting your wood furniture, sand it thoroughly to remove all the rough edges. Start with rough sandpaper and then repeat with a finer version to achieve a smooth texture. 5. Clean Thoroughly Without Wetting the Furniture After you sand your piece, clean it thoroughly and remove all the sawdust. Use a soft cloth for this purpose. Avoid using water because it will penetrate the wood and cause damage. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the area. Any dust in the surrounding area can land on the furniture when the paint is wet. Air from a compressor can be used to blow off the dust. Aerosol cans of pressurized air are sold at computer and hobby shops. Edward also suggests investing in tack rag, "A tack rag can be purchased at paint or hardware stores. They are specifically for dust. They are a porous rag that has something like pine pitch on them that just suck up dust." When you buy paint and primer, ensure that they are compatible with each other. Most manufacturers will recommend suitable primers that will work best with the paint. It is a great idea to practice spray painting on a scrap object or piece of cardboard before you paint your wood furniture, especially if it has been a while since your last spray painting project. Not only does this get you accustomed to how powerfully or consistently the spray gun behaves, but it's also a good opportunity to figure out how you are going to stand and how fast you are going to move. By spending even a couple of minutes practicing and honing that technique, you will get a much better result from your spray painted wood. Wood furniture needs one or two coats of primer before painting. Spray the primer in light coats over the furniture and ensure complete coverage. Let it dry completely before spray painting. The use of primer results in a smooth, glossy finish overall. Warning: Many primers and paints have harsh chemicals and fumes. Ensure you are wearing protective gear and are taking steps to ensure proper ventilation such as using a ventilation fan, opening windows when possible, and using face masks or respirators. To avoid stray sprays of paint and dust accumulation on painted furniture, try to work when it is not windy. However, always ensure good ventilation. 10. Maintain the Right Distance Between Paint Can and Furniture Avoid spraying from too close or too far. Maintain a distance of about 10 inches at all times. Never stop moving your hand as you spray the paint. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commissions at no cost to you.2. What's the Best way to Clean Wood Furniture | BlogWooden furniture and embellishments have been symbols of classy elegance and posh living for many generations past. Kerala, with its rich resource of different types of wood from the Western Ghats, is well known for its lavish use in the traditional homes. And this is aside from the intricately carved wooden furniture that they favor. However, wood is expensive and though it's quite hardy, it does need its fair share of proper caring. Polished wood furniture shows off the beautiful graining pattern of the wood as well as its rich color. While dusting does the trick on most days, wood does require some intensive care once in a while, especially if you happen to be living in a humid climate. Dirt and grime can build up on your wooden fixtures over time, leaving a dark sticky film over your wooden fixtures and furniture. To remove this grime from your furniture, you first need to dust it and then follow this up by making an effective cleaning solution using a mild dishwashing fluid diluted in water. Dip a soft cotton rag, preferably an old T-shirt into this solution, squeeze out the excess fluid and then gently rub off the grime. Keep in mind that intensive, careless cleaning can end up harming the wood, leaving you with ugly looking furniture. Once the grime has come off, wipe the furniture with a fresh damp rag dipped in clean water and wipe it completely dry. The last step after drying is waxing. This restores their natural shine as well as providing a protective film that prolongs the furniture's life. Here are some more intensive ways of cleaning wood furniture that has stains or other problems. Old furniture usually has layers of old polish on it. To revitalize it looks, step two tea bags in boiling water and allow it to cool to room temperature. Wash the wood with the tea using a damp cotton cloth. The tannic acid in the tea does wonders in maintaining your furniture and giving it a new shine. Careless use can leave water rings on your tables and armrests of chairs. Mix some non-gel toothpaste with a little baking soda and rub the stain till it's gone. Then wipe dry with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Make a paste of baking powder with water and rub the stain gently till it disappears. Follow up with cleaning with a damp cloth before drying properly.3. What Tools Are Used to Make Fancy Edges On Wood Furniture?It is not clear if you do this for a living, or just as a hobby ? Your best bet is to invest in a router and just 2 or 3 router bits to start off with. No other cheap or easy way to get the job done unfortunately... Not if you want it to look good, that is !!
Living Room Decoration with Modern TV Units
Living Room Decoration with Modern TV Units
Attractive and stylish furniture will surely make a real impact on virtually any home. Whenever people are speaking about the furniture items the first item which comes to your thoughts is the well-known TV stands which are the key products of household furniture in recent times. These units may seem like a table which includes an area for keeping your television onto it or perhaps spread all over the wall surface, providing a lot of places for keeping all your basic things such as textbooks, decoration products, and decorative pieces.For most of the individuals today, the drawing space or the lounge hall is regarded as the greatest used locations in their homes. A TV unit is furthermore referred to as an entertainment unit and needs to be positioned in the family room. It’s mainly a place for you to take a little bit of rest and in addition, it also offers an area to place your loved items that may be liked by your family and friends. We usually like this valuable area because here we feel relaxed since it is a location surrounded by different items and stuff which we love.You may improve your home interior furnishing when you install top quality television stand inside your living area. Firstly, the TV units give a sufficient place to accommodate your television sets and furthermore, it improves the picture quality of your television screen. The key features of these kinds of TV cabinets are that they give a completely modern look to your drawing area. All these TV stands are available in different dimensions, designs, styles, and shapes.Normally the TV cabinet furniture is built using engineered as well as solid wood and can be manufactured according to any sort of design -conventional, contemporary or modern. This item’s design may be selected in accordance with the interior decoration of your living room. In case the living space has a conventional view, opt for heavily carved or etched and curved outlines on your wooden piece of furniture. Normally, the conventional furniture can be made using solid wood and is darker in shade. Whereas the contemporary or modern design and style furniture are usually made using engineered wood. The modern style furniture is usually light in shade and suits very well with your latest interior decoration.Before finalizing any kind of TV unit, you should ensure that it is ready to take a complete weight alone with the aid of the TV wall mounts and the corresponding brackets which are used to hang up the television set onto a wall surface of your living room. The proper hang-up of a television set helps the TV Units to be appropriately connected to the wall surface of your living spaces. These brackets are so strong and powerful that whatever situation arises they may continue dangling onto the wall space.You may as well browse the web for different choices. If you need a custom-made TV Units, look at Aprodz website which customizes the furniture in line with your requirements and tastes. A complete range of entertainment and TV Units are offered on our site and on a selection of your dream item it is quickly delivered to your place. You can also get numerous types of furnishings at superb price ranges.Check out the Aprodz online wooden furniture store in Jodhpur for more information on TV Unit and wall mounted entertainment stands ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the advantages of the cardboard display?The following are the answers I can give for your reference. For more professional information about cardboard display, pls visit Leader Display | Cardboard Display Professional Manufacturers1.Inexpensive – for a few dollars each in some instances, corrugate cardboard is a cost effective means to package and ship products nationwide2.Lightweight – corrugate weighs much less than wood and plastic and easier to transport3.Versatile – can be bent, cut and shaped to create any configuration via autocad design4.You can add labels – add discount or promotional stickers to re-energize your promotion5.Fresh creative – turnaround your creative every few months and learn more about which works best6.Fast development – corrugate can easily be engineered and packed via machine or people7.Perfect for ready for retail packaging – cardboard packs product in nicely and protects the primary packages well during transport8.Easy for retailers to assemble – cardboard displays come ready to assemble and when necessary retail staff can cut materials9.Can be recycled – easy to dispose of and materials are recyclable which means less solid waste in our landfills10.Vegetable based inks are non-polluting – inks are washed off or separated during recycling11.Very sturdy – engineers construct the corrugate material to be strong and to maintain its shape and support very high load amounts12.Can be customized to suit product packaging – designed specifically for the product, it can hold more product per volume of space thereby maximizing product display and sales13.Flat sections or billboards give room for promotional copy – flat areas can be printed or labels can be applied to power up visibility and promotional power14.Looks warmer than steel or plastic – soft, tactile, and retains heat, consumers find it more approachable and less dangerous than glass and steel displays.15.Best for introducing new products – for testing new products or to reduce product launch costs, cardboard is cheaper and after launch feedback, changes can quickly be made
Are you looking for craftsmanship, quality, detail, uniqueness? UfmDesigns provides Los Angeles, all of California and the United States with high-end custom furniture. We practice in all types of Custom Wood Furniture work. We have worked with many stores, architects, designers, and homes of every state. UfmDesigns is attentive to detail and understands the unique quality of every home and business.Custom wood furniture can anticipate a lot of things. At UfmDesigns, it says we perform it easy to get precisely what you want. If our wide variety of stocked options for a particular product aren't your style or don't fit your area, that's where custom comes in. No space is too tricky to solve with the help of custom furniture. Our direct relationships with American manufacturers make customizing affordable, simple, and quick.Please visit our site and let us help you with your design plans. We Do Not outsource our business, we work quickly, efficiently, and with skill in the world of Custom Wood Furniture.One of the top features we aim to present our clients with is a unique range of custom furniture, varying in materials, sizes, and finishes, all in addition to the ready-to-ship items that we have previously hand-made and ready to go (all unique in their own right of course). When you are holding of re-decorating or re-designing, uniqueness is one of the top conditions we hear asked from our clients and from the interior designers who partner with UfmDesigns. With ready furniture from large cable stores (like a Pottery Barn or West Elm), they produce more than one item of the same design which although the parts can be alluring, they leave little to the (unique) imagination.Along with thoughtful design, quality is also a top priority at Rotsen Furniture. Custom Furniture is only able to stay sound for years to come if the variety of the stuff is taken into the story from the start. We only use real, authentic wood (that we source ourselves from places like California and Brazil) and never skimp by using imitation product or anything of lesser quality like laminate or plywood.To get a real idea of our process and for a closer look inside the UfmDesigns to see how three of our custom furniture pieces are built.Custom Cabinets & BookcasesDesign your space solution to fit your requirements and space, large or small perfectly. Four of our most simple bookcase and storage collections are open with custom choices. Pick the materials, dimensions and your perfect mix of inserts: cabinets, drawers, shelving and more (ahem, wine racks).Custom UpholsteryUpholstery is our umbrella name for any item of furniture you want to cozy up to (think sectionals, sofas, ottomans, chairs, beds, and benches and stools). When you fall in love with a beautiful sofa or get your dream bed, you can take from the stocked fabrics or customize any upholstered piece with any other material, and any leather piece in any of our leathers. Once you agree into a particular product, you can easily see how it will look in your selection of fabric or leather by clicking your desired color swatch, which drapes your choice over the item. Give the device a try on any of those custom furniture sofas and sectionals, for instance.Custom Tables & DesksOffered in an exceptional selection of materials and styles, our custom dining tables, desks, end tables and outdoor tables are made to your dimensions to the correct inch. Select your depth, width, and height to produce just the size you want then pick from a full type of wood, stone or glass top options.Table diameters start as small as seven inches and can go all the way up to 120 inches, depending on your overall table dimensions. See all custom by-the-inch table choices.Custom RugsCustomize a rug to match your individual space. Most of our mats can be made-to-order in the length and width that's just right for your room. Round and rectangular sizes are both available for customization. As long as your rug length is greater than or equal to your coveted width, you are good to go!Custom MirrorsCreate a mirror that shows your style. Pick a finish, size, and shape in leaning or wall-hanging designs from our four most popular collections.We understand your home and furniture should be an extension of your lifestyle, so why pay when you can get exactly what you need? Search online tools or stop into any UfmDesigns store to chat with a Design Associate about how to shop for your custom furniture·RELATED QUESTIONWhich company is the best Home designers in Delhi NCR?If you are searching for best Home designers in Delhi NCR then i can suggest a name who is know for making custom wood furniture, handmade furniture,Here it is Custom Wood Furniture | Handmade Furniture | Knock on Wood.There unique and bespoke designs are breathtaking. check out there work.ATS Residence ProjectCustomized and designed for customers aesthetic requirements.Aggarwal HouseThe Brick HouseModern and minimalist, yet cozy and warm in its overall aesthetic is how this home can be described.
What Sort of Wood Should One Find in Inexpensive but still Decent Solid Wood Furniture, Such As a Dr
Solid wood would be pine. Sometimes you will see furniture sold as hard wood solids which means a cheaper wood that's been stained. I believe sometimes they pull this with gum wood. Gum wood is a hard wood, in the true sense but very, very soft. You can not cut it with a table saw and get a smooth cut. Pine or veneer will be your best and most reasonable choices. You will sometimes see oak, but if it's cheap you will see it's been poorly stained and put together in a drunken binge.1. Is it okay to buy a used, all solid wood guitar?I agree with the others, solid wood top, back, and sides is a good way to go on acoustic guitars and you should not be too worried about cracking if it's been properly cared for (humidified and not banged around or dropped). The Yamaha ac3m is a pretty decent guitar for the money, but that model is getting up around $800 and there may be better options. For example, I recently got a Martin OMC-1e for $700 on Ebay. It's all solid wood, has Fishman electronics, and just plays and sounds like a Martin (quality guitar). I also just say a Martin GPCPA4 go for $699 on Ebay. If you pay more than $600 for a used Yamaha ac3m it's probably too much and you could get a better guitar for that price. I do love the Yamaha FG series guitars for beginners and think they are about the best guitars you can get between $200 - $300, but when you start talking $700-$900 I think they still make a quality guitar, but I think there are some better options. But, if you are laying out that much money you better know how to play, and if you know how to play you definitely should go try out a lot of guitars and listen to how they sound and feel how they play for yourself and decide what you like. But do not be concerned that it's solid wood, that's actually a good thing in most cases. FWIW, my Martin has a stratabond neck, which is layers of wood glued together and has an interesting striped patter to it. I've heard it's actually stronger than solid wood but I've never had issues with the solid mahogany neck on my Guild that I've owned for 20 years either.2. Drilling through Insulation to install new lighting in existing house?yes, use a smooth stiff wire whatever length your going to need to get high enough. use it on a cordless drill and cut the end at an angle or file to a point. An older stiff coat hanger may work ok. I use these all the time for going through solid wood, carpeted floors and through walls, ceilings for spotting where work will come out on the other side.3. Why are Taylor guitars so highly regarded, when you can't spend less than $1,700 before buying a solid wood instrument? I bought my solid wood (cedar top, acacia back and sides, glossy finish excellent build guitar for 1200)Taylor guitars are good, U.S. made instruments. Some guitarists do not use them because a few years ago Taylor sued a popular luthier who they thought was infringing on one of their patents. I do not know the details of the story, but as a consequence some guitarists will never use a Taylor. However, I've never heard anyone deprecate Taylor for quality or sound. $1,700 is not that much if you consider that a guitar made by someone like John Mello, Kathy Wingert, or Ervin Somogyi can cost $20,0004. One shelf bookcase underneath my bed?==== YES you can build this your self ... the concept that I am suggesting to you is a bookcase that is laying on its' back and the ease of use is rollers ... you need to use solid wood (( not plywood)) as this will work better for you in the long run.... make a box using planks of solid wood for the back and sides and the shelves will be cut to fit --- the strength of this b-case is the ends and shelves that are nailed (( use ribbed nails so they do not pull out)) to the bottom planks and sides. . The wheels, wood, nails, paint (optional) are all at the local hardware giants [Lowe's etc.] use swivel wheelies that have four screw mounting holes in the platform of the wheel frame and balance the wheels about one (1) foot from the ends === build two cases while you in the mood to do the wood working ... if you have access to both sides of the bed . .. Oh!! if you use dry wall screws you will have to do the pilot hole drilling so you do not split the wood ... the ring nails or ribbed nails will do quite nicely and draw one side of the nails across a soap bar to ease the nails into the wood ... hope this idea will help you ... AND the H-giant has a small charge for wood saw cutting and that gives you the option of less mess to clean up at home . ... making a bookcase that will stand up as well roll under will permit you extra shelving if you ever move ... I am probably too wordy but it is to help you with your project
How Is Veneered Furniture Better Than Wood Furniture
Veneers as well as real wood furniture create an extraordinary effect and impart special looks to space. Wood veneers are a traditional and structurally significant aspect of furniture-making along with solid wood furniture. Thinking of renovating your house or incorporating any furniture into your space, veneered furniture should always be the first choice. With veneers, high-end furniture is made establishing endurance and longevity.History of veneerThe origin of veneer can be dated back to the Egyptian age. Manufacturing slice of thin veneers of ebony and ivory were the oldest. During the period of Renaissance, detailed designs of exotic wooden veneers form intricate marquetry scenes. In the 19th century, expensive woods such as mahogany and walnut were glued to less expensive wood furniture to bring out an exclusive piece of art. Veneers within themselves have the quality of hardwood and produce real wood like furniture. Many times people mistakenly consider veneered furniture as solid furniture. Wood Veneers instill the impression of a more desired quality wood without being costly. In most cases, a thin layer of real wood is applied to a plywood base and termed as used in making kitchen cabinets, walls, flooring and more. With durability and consistency, veneered furniture also imparts natural beauty and variations.Characteristics of woodFor rich appearance, wood is the most popular material used for making furniture. Solid wood furniture is easy to repair as completely made from natural wood. Different types of furniture come with various sets of characteristics like color, density, grain, and finishing. Wooden artwork and furniture are generally hard and are often used for structural purposes. A lot of modern houses decorate with furnishings that are made from glass, steel or copper, but the exclusiveness of the wooden items is beyond excellence. Wooden furnishings also easily blend another furnishing in the house. They add an opulent and classical appearance to the in the house. Every wooden log used in different furnishing makes designs look different and unique. Moreover, woods have grains in them that grow out to bring new designs.Choosing the right material for your furnitureWhile the finest furniture can be expensive, both the kinds of wood and wood veneers, have pros and cons and it is absolutely up to one's personal preference. The appearance of grains and knots on veneers come up exactly as it remains on wooden artwork and hence becomes difficult to distinguish between the two. A veneer is nowadays beautiful, environmentally friendly and can produce new designs. If you are searching for an outstanding and extravagant piece for your space both, veneer and solid wood have their exclusive properties creating masterpieces. As it is an investment for a lifetime, look for durability, all-natural aesthetic, awestruck appeal and minimal maintenance.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the custom packaging boxes?I have wrote a great article about this on our blog some time ago. You can read it here.("Why does a pretty box matter?").My friend who works in marketing once told me that "Packaging is the only marketing channel that reaches 100% of customers". I think there is something in it."Unboxing experience" is the thing now and every e-commerce store owner should consider this as a great opportunity to build customer loyalty.Custom packaging can be really easy. For instance if you don't know how to design a custom box you can use Packhelp online editor.If you have any questions regarding custom packaging feel free to PM or visit our website.
How to Clean Solid Wood Furniture
Proper cleaning of your table ensures its beauty and longevity. We strongly recommend reading the tips below to keep your furniture in top condition. There are many things that will collect on the surface of wood finishes. Such as cooking oils and fumes, fingerprints, dust, and smoking residue. Generally a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will be all you need to clean the finish. If a cleaner is required, use only a very mild soap and wipe dry. A high quality furniture polish may be used occasionally. Apply polish with a soft cloth following manufacturer's instructions. Avoid the use of silicone polishes as they may damage the wood finish if used over a period of time. Your local furniture store or hardware may carry Guardsman Furniture Polish (recommended for fine wood finishes). KEEP FURNITURE OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT Every effort should be made to keep your table out of direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators, hot air outlets or wood stoves. These conditions will cause the wood to dry out and subsequently split. CHECK HUMIDITY IN YOUR HOME Humidity between 35 to 45 percent guards against shrinking and cracking or expansion. Basements with high humidity should be avoided. Do not place furniture near heat sources. You may choose to dehumidify or humidify depending on your environment. Extreme temperature and humidity will ruin wood. ALLOW WOOD TIME TO CURE The materials that protect your finished furniture are dual component products that require 21 to 30 days to achieve maximum protection of the natural wood. In the curing process, damage can and will occur if caution is not used to protect this finish from hot materials placed on it. Use extra care to protect these products so your investment really can last a lifetime! HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE? You can place coasters under hot cups or serving bowls. Use a table pad when possible to keep hot and heavy materials off the wood sur- face. In time, your table top will achieve it's full protective properties, but for the first few weeks it needs tender care. Avoid placing directly in front of or underneath windows. Lift items rather than dragging them across the furniture surface. Rotate your accessories every once in a while. Do not place hot items directly on your furniture. If something is too hot to hold in your hand, it's too hot for your furniture. WE USE CATALYZED CONVERSION VARNISH FOR ITS INCREDIBLE DURABILITY1. 6 Best Stores to Shop for Practical Yet Stylish DressersEvery girl needs a designated spot in their room to store their skincare products and makeup. Having a dresser also ensures that your room is kept well-organised and makes getting ready a lot easier. Owning a gorgeous dresser can lift just about anybody's mood - and that's a fact. With the available choices at any one of these 6 best furniture stores in Singapore, getting ready can never be a chore! Note: This list is strictly not in order. Finn Avenue prides itself in providing the best high-end premium quality furniture at the most value-for-money pricing. Striving to present luxury furniture in a setting or themed look, their aim is to help you visualise each piece easily in your own home. Their furniture is manufactured using raw materials that consist of solid hardwood, wool and fabrics imported from France, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and Spain. Specially handcrafted by craftsmen and artisans in countries where such expert skills survive the onslaught of modern machinery, these pieces are beautifully done with care. With a wide variety of dressers that are designed from simple to unique styles, you will be spoiled for choice! Showcasing an encyclopedic selection of modern luxe and vintage furniture dressers, Finn Avenue aids in transforming your home into a house of your dreams! As a local brand, Born in Colour understands how new homeowners have to be innovative to combat the limited space in their brand new apartments. To help homeowners out, they have crafted furniture pieces that are trendy yet functional, and compact to suit any home. In addition, this company works closely with their designers to ensure all furniture pieces are designed practically and user-friendly for an everyday setting. Do not worry about having to break your bank! Here at Born in Colour, they aspire to create designer and trendy furniture that is affordable and worth your money! Without having to go through a distributor, it reduces heavy retail mall rentals to provide these savings to you. In return, they work directly with factories to bring you budget-friendly, quality designer furniture. Using the highest-grade materials to design appealing furniture, Masons Home Decor creates themed furniture for every home at an affordable price. Not only do they sell dressers, they are also experts at picking out the right materials for them. Their dressers are made from solid wood which makes it extra unique as there is only one product with that specific wood grain. They have acquired a special taste for products with knots, blemishes, imperfections and shade variations. These very attributes that make wood furniture luxurious, attract those who have an eye for such beauty. Teamed up with award-winning designers from Denmark, Mansons Home Decor provides a wide variety of dressers to complement your home. P.S. These dressers have contemporary designs that are always in trend to ensure they never go out of style! Crate & Barrel are globally inspired by merchants who have collaborated with more than 100 artists and designers from around the world. Also known as an international destination for contemporary and modern furniture, they curate inspiration for your home by connecting the creative work of artisans and designers. Their lifestyle brands offer high-quality products, exclusive designs and timeless style. Not only are they a furniture retailer committed to high-quality and sophisticated designs at an affordable price, they are also environmentally-conscious. As timber is one of their key raw materials, their brand works together with the Forest Stewardship Council to help conserve, protect and restore forests. For those who seek environmentally-friendly products, Crate & Barrel is the place for you! Committed to quality and constant innovation, Bed and Basics offers a wide range of well-designed home furnishing products at affordable prices. Cutting out retail costs and bringing you prices directly from manufacturers, it avoids unnecessary markups, making it cost-efficient. Adding on, by working with factories who often overstock their inventories, Bed and Basics has partnered with them to purchase these stocks at an astonishingly low price. Working with award-winning designers from Japan, Italy and China, this is one of few companies who bring you designer furniture at a reasonable price. You may be wondering how can their products be of such good quality when their prices are so low? Well, their factories work with Japanese manufacturing systems for their products which makes the quality more than just decent! If the above dressers are not what you are looking for, you will be glad to know Singapore Carpenters specialises in custom dressers that give your bedroom a unique touch of sophistication. Committed to delivering reliable and affordable custom carpentry and woodworking solutions, they are able to outshine other companies. What is more, you get to design it from the slightest detail to the exterior! With these custom bedroom furniture experts, you would have no doubts relying on them for the best quality and affordable custom dressers! They will ensure to aid you in creating your dream dresser easily with specific features that are tailored to your needs, style and decor of your room. Who would want a basic, common dresser when you can get a unique one from them, designed all by yourself! With a dresser in your room, you will have a spot in your room to place your morning routine products. Besides that, feel like a princess while dolling up at your very own vanity dresser. Additionally, you can add on mirrors and lights to make your makeup station look fancy!2. What can I do with used coffee grinds?There are a few helpful ways to make use of your used coffee grounds. Try it as an exfoliant, for instance, or even as a dish scrubbing tool. The grains help slough away dead skin and the caffeine in the coffee is good for your skin too and helps tighten your pores.As a dish scrubbing tool, use it to scrub away tough greasy caked on food, especially on pans or pots, then wash away with dish soap like you normally do. Use them as a deodoriser. Dry the used coffee grounds on a cookie sheet and then put them in an open container in your refrigerator or freezer. Or, fill a sachet with the dried grounds and hang in closets to absorb odors. Use it as a natural dye. By steeping grounds in hot water, you can make a natural brown dye for fabrics and paper. Repair furniture. Steep grounds until wet and apply mixture to wood furniture scratches with a Q-tip.3. What kind of wood floors should I put in if I have dark-wood furniture?Depends on the look you want. My mom was a designer and she used large white couches and it looked really sleek and expensive lol (even though it can be cheap!) so yeah a light coloured couch will always work well with a dark floor. It sounds like a good colour for you. For the tables, we usually had dark furniture too. White is a little tacky looking! Go for DARK WOOD, especially if it matches your floor. If the beech is the same 'shade' and 'colour' of the floor but lighter, that could work too
Handcrafted Wood Furniture - Vermont Woods Studios
Each table, chair, bed and cabinet is made to order just for you so customization is easy and affordable. Just let us know if you need to make your dining table a little longer or taller. Send us any special hardware you would like installed for drawer pulls or door handles on your chest or buffet. Have your own upholstery fabric you would like applied to your new dining chairs? We will do that for no charge. We are here to help you make your home the special sanctuary you've been longing for. Do not hesitate to ask for customizations so you get exactly what you want.How do I stop a rolling chair from rolling on a warped floor?There are three general approaches that will fix the problem:Is there any excuse for Ben Carson and his, "You can't get a decent chair for less than $5,000”?Where were liberals at when Obama was spending us into oblivion? Why are only liberals so concerned about budgets now?is it ok for my 2 months old sleep in bounce fisher price chair?I say put him where he will sleep. My granddaughter slept in her carseat for atleast 2 monthsWhat would you do if you found this cat on your chair?get my hubbie to get rid of it lol im not going anywere near it neather is my dog lol19 month-old son who drops food off his high chair all the time?Sounds normal to me, although aggravating!!!If you were on death row, how would you choose to die- lethal injection, the chair, or hanging?Hanging is still an option? That's interestingHow do I detect when a user is sitting in the chair in front of a computer? [closed]How about "requiring" your "employees" to wear RFID bracelets and install readers at each workstation that reports what RFID tag(s) are present at their location once every 10 seconds or so?//I can think of no ways that this plan could go wrongAre you sitting on a computer chair? Or something else.?sitting in the middle of my bedWhen were you so angry that you wanted to throw a chair at someone?When someone misbehave with the peoples who are inferior to them in wealth and cast and when someone misbehave with animalswhy does spinning in a chair feel so good?I recommend checking out The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvination. They are a set of... 4 or 5 repetitions of certain yoga positions, the first one being spinning in circles. Check out Sufi SpinningMy son is happier on the floor than he is in his swing or chair?No,it will not effect his development. My son does that too.He has no problems.I would have nothing to worry about.I know this is a weird question , but if i was ever kidnapped , and tied to chair how can i escape?In real situations you get yourself hyped up to the point your body will actually swell up. Once tied and then you try to calm yourself back down so the swelling goes down. It should make the restraints loose enough, you may be able to get loose. This would naturally be in Theory because a body tends to swell when panic and fear exist. You could study different kinds of chairs and look for obvious points where a weakness would exist. That kind of knowledge would be helpfulHow can I maintain my violin chair placement?You are not practicing nearly enough. While there is a point to be made that the efficiency of your practice is more important than the quantity... there is a limit to that concept. I do have students who practice that amount, but they are 4 or 5. 15 minutes is nothing... my serious students spend 15 minutes just warming up before actually practicing, and they only rarely skip days. If you want to get better at sightreading, then practice sightreading. Use sites like imslp.org to find some new music to read every day. Practicing scales diligently also helps, because most of the music you will play is really just scales mixed up (that's what being in a key means). I have a hard time believing that your private teacher would be ok with your practice schedule. At your next lesson, ask what they expect and make a plan to reach your goals. A reasonable example might be: 2 minutes warming up bow control 10 minutes on scales 20 minutes on your pieces for school 13 minutes on sightreading. 6 or 7 days a week. I mean, you can keep doing what you are doing, if that's really all it means to you... but you can not do that AND say you want to improve significantly. It's cool that you are getting better with the new teacher, but you should really try working at it more. Right now you actually have no idea how good you might really be.
Where Can I Find Sheesham Wood Furniture in India
In the current era, home interiors and design markets are in extensive demand for high-quality, affordable furniture. In India, Markets of wooden furniture has grown substantially on a large scale with heaps of margin within a single decade.However, The customers in India demand for magnificent quality of solid wooden furniture, also they give less preference to the furniture that is inexorably costly. This motivated the birth of distinctive types of wooden furniture in India. One of these, popular in demand is Sheesham wood furniture as it is competently affordable and lower in price in comparison to Teakwood with replicable quality.These days every individual is looking for the best available e-commerce sites to purchase comfortable and affordable wooden furniture online. Also, numerous companies serve the finest grade of online furniture.What is Sheesham wood?Sheesham wood or splendidly known as Indian Rosewood is a deciduous rosewood tree that is mostly found in the Southern Iran and Indian sub-continent. Pre-eminently, it is found growing naturally near the river banks between the elevation of 3000 feet - 4300 feet.A rich timber is classified from the rosewood, which can be traced from the trees of the Dalbergia genus. A highly durable, strong and heavy rosewood defines a rosewood brownish in colour with rich grain patterns and dark veining. In India, a Sheesham tree has a life of at least twenty-two years, which can rise up to thirty meters high and can widen up to one or one and a half meters.Indian Sheesham tree fabricates wood is recognised for its density, legibility, heaviness, natural rich grains, and strength. Comprehensively, Teak wood is considered slightly stronger than Sheesham wood. However, Sheesham wood is most common in Indian as it is efficiently affordable by a diverse crowd of various classes in India.For making Sheesham wood furniture, always a prime-quality of wood is preferred. However, these days with the embark of online furniture a low-quality Sheesham wood online furniture is sold which is degrading the real definition of Sheesham furniture.Places where Sheesham wood furniture is foundPrimarily, Sheesham wood which is extensively known as rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo (binomial name) is pre-eminently found in various parts of India and after that it is the manufacturing of furniture starts from the native place and is supplied all over India.Andhra PradeshSheesham tree is planted widely in the Southern part of India - Andhra Pradesh. It is grown along the roadside and the canals near the industrial belts under the overhead lines up to the altitude of 1500 meters. A prime grade of Sheesham furniture is like bed, sofa, table is produced from the canals of Andhra Pradesh.AssamDalbergia sissoo is naturally grown in Assam alongside the river bed in the Himalayan tract. Also, it is planted in some wide premises of Assam on alluvial soil from Indu to the Himalayan valley. Due to the major producers of Sheesham wood in Assam, it is the most customary wooden furniture in natives with affordable prices and efficient durability.KarnatakaSheesham tree is splendidly known as 'Seesam tree' in Karnataka. Earlier, it was a naturally growing tree alongside the river banks and plains of Bangalore. However, due to deforestation and unabated smuggling has raised the concerns of environmentalists. After that, Sheesham trees are planted along the Terrans and plains of Southern India.Also, Sheesham tree is currently extensive as a street tree in Bangalore; you can find numerous Sheesham trees along the roadsides in the capital city of Karnataka to produce an extensive grade of rosewood and manufacture the stupendous quality of Sheesham wood furniture.BiharSheesham tree is the second largest cultivated timber tree in Bihar, after teak. Dalbergia sissoo is planted along the canals and roadsides. It is pre-eminently used as a shade for the tea plantations. Bihar is the second-largest producer of timber in India and the largest manufacturer of Sheesham wood furniture in India, with a distinctive variety of strong and durable furniture of different styles used for home interiors.GujratSheesham tree is called an afforestation tree in Gujrat because it is used as a source of afforestation in severely hot, wet or cold tracts. Sheesham tree is grown naturally only in very few parts of Gujrat; elsewhere it is planted mostly alongside the wet tract of Western ghats to produce an adequate quality of Sheesham tree furniture.PunjabSheesham tree is the state tree of Punjab. It is an extensive and paramount timber in Punjab and is grown naturally also the river banks and field areas. Also, it is planted along the roadsides and alongside the fields to retain the shadow for other crops. Sheesham wood furniture is the splendid used furniture in Punjab.OnlineIn India, rosewood is considered as a premium wood and is therefore in vital demand for home interiors. There are ample quality brands that serve sofa sets, dining tables, centre tables, beds and much more of Sheesham wood and have a good market of online furniture.However, various brands blindfold the customers on the name of online shopping by bartering low-quality furniture as Sheesham wood furniture and replicate its glance by colour polishing.How to take good care of Sheesham wood furnitureTaking paramount care of Sheesham wood furniture is significant in different ways. It is foremost to keep your Sheesham wood furniture away from direct sunlight as is applicable for other furniture as well.This mechanism assists your furniture to stay lustrous and stay consistent with its natural colour for a longer period of time. It also assists your furniture to stay strong and circumvent wrapping and cracks on the upper body of the furniture. Sheesham furniture should always be cleaned or wiped with a damp cloth instead of wet cloth. Moreover, always remember to wipe in the direction of grains.This keeps the longevity of your furniture and avoids cracks on the upper surface of the furniture. Apply beeswax at regular intervals of three to four months in the native direction of grains to keep your furniture shining always.SummarySheesham wood is extensively known as rosewood in India is a high-quality wood embarked on manufacturing strong, dense, durable and affordable furniture which is produced from Sheesham tree splendidly known as 'Dalbergia sissoo' in India. Sheesham wood is most contemporary in India because it is efficiently affordable.It is found in various parts of Indian and also available for online sales on e-commerce sites. Taking good care of Sheesham wood furniture is also a must.Originally published at selfgrowth.com.·RELATED QUESTIONWhich is the best natural face mask for dark and oily skin?Hello there,The Best Face Mask for Oily SkinOily skin can be a major cause of acne because the pores are constantly clogged. This is why you need a great mask to help get rid of excess oil in the pores and on the skin.This mask works hard at regulating oiliness, soothing acne flare-ups and soothing the skin.To make the mask, you will need:1 apricot1 tablespoon of natural yogurt1/2 teaspoon of cosmetic clayDirections:Blend the apricot in a food processor. Add the yogurt and the clay and mix it until it becomes a smooth paste.Apply the mixture to your face and allow it to dry for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.We love DIY face masks because of their easy to make recipes and all-natural ingredients.Here's some best face mask for all skin problems. You can make it easily at your home.1. The Activated Charcoal Acne Face Mask2. The Avocado & Honey Acne Blasting Face Mask3. The Honey Acne Face Mask4. The Cucumber Acne Face Mask5. The Turmeric Face Mask for Acne6. The Aloe Vera Acne Face Mask7. The Cinnamon Acne Face Mask8. The Apple Cider Acne-Fighting Face MaskGet the face mask recipe and benefits here:22 Of The Best Natural Face MasksI hope this might be help you to get rid of oily skin.Thank You!
What Are the Essential Tools Used for Furniture Repair?
Gold coast based wooden furniture repairs and restoration service provider shares his experience about different tools used for wooden furniture restoration. Before you begin restoration of wood furniture, make sure you have the proper supplies to get the job done. There's nothing like getting started on a large project and having to stop and run to the home improvement store. Here are the essential tools used for wooden furniture restoration:Paint and Brushes: Depending on the kind of wood your furniture, choose a type of paint in your desired colour. Remember, buy enough paint for the size of your item.Primer: Before you start to paint the furniture, you must apply a primer with a paintbrush. It serves the paint stick better to the item and ensures that your right paint colour will shine through.Sandpaper (and Sander): It is imperative to sand your furniture to get down to the real wood. It also creates a rough surface so that the primer and paint will stick to the wood. Sanding down your wood furniture also helps get rid of minor scratches and dings.Varnish Applying varnish to your furniture can help seal your paint and protect your item from outside elements. Varnishing your furniture item also gives it a more radiant and more vibrant look. Wood Putty and Putty Knife: Wood putty and filler benefits cover up any dents, dings, and cracks. Wood filler is also useful if your furniture has any small chunks missing from the legs or top corners.These are just a few tools to restore your old furniture look like new. We understand that the process is time-consuming. While these furniture pieces may have been through the ravages of time, our furniture restoration services can breathe new life into them. So, sit back and relax. Let us take care of your valuable belongings, and make them useful as new! With over 30 years of experience, Sofa Doctor based in the Gold Coast offers furniture repair and restoration services to clients throughout Australia. Call (07) 5520 7979 for any queries and get started on your outdoor refurbishing projectWhy does my lab and pitbull always chew on my wood furniture?NO i've had both lab and pitts before and they love chewing especially wood they always chewed the dinning chairs it's just their breed maybe you can train them not to do it yell at them to stop or just let them continue doing it, it's just a habbit they cant really help itcan i sandblast wood furniture?Not with sand, but with plastic beads, corn cob grit or sodium bicarbonate and an experienced person doing it. Chemical paint removers are much safer for a novice. Sandblasting (with sand) is a method for producing 3-dimensional signs because it does engrave the wood which would ruin your furniture.Can you use windex to clean wood furniture?I wouldnt reccomend it. Use a product that is made for woodHow to Clean Wood Furniture | CORTWood furniture has been a staple in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms for many years. Not only are pieces crafted from wood elegant, they are also extremely durable and can last many years when taken care of properly. Here are a few tips gathered from many years refurbishing pieces in the furniture rental business to help you ensure your wood furniture looks its best. Keeping your wood furniture looking beautiful starts with making sure the environmental conditions do not damage the wood. Keep wood furniture away from bright sunlight and locations near sources of excessive heat that may dry out, shrink and crack the wood. Keep temperatures and humidity levels somewhat moderate and consistent. In general 40% to 45% humidity works well for wood. High humidity can cause warping or the growth of mildew. Furniture in storage should likewise be kept in controlled conditions, and should also be kept covered. Clean Using Tried and True Techniques From time to time, wood furniture needs cleaning. Proper cleaning techniques depends on the surface of the wood. Most well-sealed clear-finished furniture (shellacked, varnished or lacquered furniture) can be cleaned effectively using the following steps: • Remove any metal hardware before polishing them, as these solvents can damage a finish. • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the surface of the wood. A soft bristle brush can be used in hard-to-reach areas. • Gently wipe the wood surface with a cotton cloth that has been damped thoroughly in a warm solution of mild soap and water and then wrung out. (Do not use a heavy detergent, as this may damage the finish.) • Follow this by wiping the surface down with a second cloth damped by water only to "rinse" off the soap. Again, wring out the cloth to avoid soaking the surface of the wood. • Dry the surface completely with another clean, dry cotton cloth. • Finally, polish the wood with a high quality paste wax and buff according to the instructions. This helps protect the finish from damage. For surfaces that are already cracked, flaking or raised, or to clean veneered or inlaid furniture, water can easily damage the surface. In these cases, mineral spirits may be used instead of soap and water. Be sure to follow all of the product instructions rigorously. Mineral spirits can also be used to remove a build-up of wax. For unfinished furniture or furniture with a wax finish, dry dusting or wiping with a dry cloth is recommended. Likewise, painted surfaces should be dusted and dry-wiped rather than cleaned unless you have instructions specific to the paint type and finish. Whether you have a home staging business, have an interest in furnished housing, or just just love quality furniture, with these tips, you can keep your furniture looking amazing for years to come. If you have your own tips, join us on Facebook or Twitter and share them with our CORT community.
Evaporator Coils & Condenser Coils | What Are They & How Do They Help Cool Your Home?
The airborne chemicals that encourage these leaks are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and come from new carpeting, upholstery, pressed wood furniture, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals and many other sources. Ensuring good home ventilation reduces the VOCs in your indoor air, protecting both the evaporator coil and your health.How to Care For Teak Patio FurnitureTeak patio furniture is the highest quality outdoor furniture you can find. Teak is also very easy to clean and care for. Teak wood has special qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. It requires very little care or maintenance to last decades. There are some recommended products that you can use to treat the wood in order for it to keep a beautiful color long after you buy it. But if you apply the wrong type of product, it can actually be harmful to teak wood in the long run. So let's look at how you should clean and care for your teak outdoor furniture, so that you do it right. Why is Teak Wood Good For Patio Furniture? Teak is a very dense and oily wood. The natural oil present within teak wood offers it protection from pests such as termites. The oil also keeps water from seeping into the wood. This means teak furniture can be left outside and endure years of rain, wind, heat, and cold. If the furniture was skillfully crafted it will last for generations. Teak wood has a golden honey color when new, but after time it naturally fades into a light gray patina. This color change is only cosmetic and does not affect the strength of the wood. But if you prefer the golden color there are a couple things you can do to slow down the aging process. Some regular cleaning is also necessary to keep the wood looking beautiful. Does Teak Furniture Need To Be Treated With Teak Oil? Most teak furniture manufacturers recommend not using teak oil. The wood's natural oil is sufficient to protect it from damage. Teak oil is not actually the same as the natural oil found in the teak tree. It is just called "teak oil" for marketing purposes, when really it is mostly composed of linseed oil and solvents. When freshly applied, teak oil will give the wood a nice attractive glow, but this will be short-lived. Before long, the teak oil on the surface will dry out and your furniture will quickly fade in color again. You will have to keep reapplying oil every few months to keep ahead of the graying process. If you are unlucky, the teak oil stuck to the surface will encourage fungus growth and leave tiny black spots on the wood. This is exactly what you do not want to happen. Treating teak with oil depletes the wood's natural oils, and the wood becomes dependent on a periodic external oil treatment. However the extra moisture of the oil also creates the ideal environment for mildew to flourish. Therefore, this method is not recommended. Is Teak Sealer Better Than Teak Oil? The second method of treating teak wood is by applying teak sealer. Unlike oil, sealer will not damage the natural oil of the wood. It is a water-based product that creates a barrier to prevent the natural oil from evaporating and oxidizing on the surface. Treatment with teak sealer is only needed once a year in order to effectively protect teak wood from color fade. And if later you decide to let the furniture fade naturally, teak sealer treatments can simply be discontinued. After not applying sealer for a while, the wood will simply begin to age as before. Since teak sealer is more effective at preserving the color of teak wood, and it only requires a few hours of your time each year to apply, it is recommended over teak oil. Whenever you apply any oil or varnish to wood furniture, be sure to dispose of any oil-soaked rags properly. Improperly disposed rags saturated with linseed oil (the main component in "teak oil") have been known to spontaneously combust and start fires. Oily rags should be soaked in water, laid out flat to dry, and then properly disposed. Teak is very durable and will last for generations. It only needs some basic cleaning to remove dirt and to prevent external mold growth. You should choose a sunny day to clean your teak furniture so that it will dry faster. It is recommended to use a specially formulated teak cleaner such as Golden Care Teak Cleaner, which will clean and brighten the wood at the same time. Soapy water will also suffice for basic cleaning. Use a non-metallic brush to gently scrub the surface of the wood. Scrub in the same direction as the grain. You should not use much force. Afterwards, use a garden hose to rinse off the teak furniture with water. Do not use a pressure cleaner as that can damage the wood. After cleaning, pat the wood dry with a towel and let the sun dry up any remaining moisture. If you intend to follow cleaning with the application of teak sealer, make sure that you've given the wood ample time to completely dry beforehand. How to Remove Stains From Teak Outdoor Furniture Most stains will not be a problem if you clean up spills quickly and wash your teak furniture with soapy water using a soft-bristled scrub brush. However, some stains such as coffee and red wine might get into the wood. For these stains you can rely on a commercial teak cleaning product such as Golden Care. If the stain is really set in pretty well, then another method to remove it is to sand the surface of the wood. Light stains will only need a light sanding, while deeper stains might require you to start with a coarser sandpaper followed by a finer grain sandpaper to leave a smooth finish. Teak furniture can be left outdoors all year round, even in extreme weather. However, if you live in an area with a seasonal climate you may wish to bring your teak patio furniture indoors or cover it over the winter to prevent it from getting dirty. Be sure to use a cover that does not trap moisture, because you do not want to encourage mold growing on the wood's exterior. The best outdoor furniture covers are made from tyvek. If you leave your teak furniture outside over the winter, be sure to give it a good cleaning in the spring before using it for the first time. As you can see, your teak patio furniture can last a lifetime with very little care on your part. Since it lasts such a long time, teak is preferred to other types of wood. You can enjoy knowing that the teak dining set you buy today will be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren in the future.
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