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Hospital beds are of different types and different beds have different kinds of usage. Each has a specific purpose and not every hospital has all the types. The choice depends on various factors and also on the prices of different beds.

Let's have a look at some of the most common types of hospital beds:Gatch BedProbably the oldest hospital beds that one can see even today. Gatch beds are usually found in nursing homes and medical facilities that are not economically well-off. They do not run electricity and have three cranks present at the foot just below the mattress.

One crank lowers and raises the whole bed, one the head of the bed and the final one lowers and raises the foot of the bed.Electric BedAn electric hospital bed is what can be seen most commonly. The side rails have buttons that need to be pressed in case the head needs to be raised or lowered.

The patients can do these themselves ensuring more comfort and convenience.StretchersThese are the beds that are generally present in the hospital emergency rooms. These offer ultimate mobility and can be easily transferred from 'place of accident' or house to the ambulance and to the emergency room.

These come with folding legs.

Low BedsThese, as the name suggests, have a low height and used for patients who have a tendency to fall off from the bed and sustain injury, in spite of the side rails. The height can be adjusted in some of these and is usually in the range of 8 inches to 2 feet from the ground. However, in most cases, only the head and foot can be raised and lowered.

Low Air Loss BedThese come with special cushions and are for burn and skin-graft patients. The bed come with special hospital bed mattress having sacs where air can be blow into. This bed is meant to keep the patient cool and dry.

Often patients with serious ulcer problems are given such beds.Circo-electric BedThese look like a hamster treadmill and can rotate. These are used for patients with severe spinal injury or skin conditions that needs to be turned frequently and cannot move.

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Is there is any side effects of not sleeping in a medicated bed?

I don't think so! if you are not a medical patient, you can sleep in any bed you feel comfortable with.

But for medical patients, it is necessary to sleep on a medicated because it has so many movable parts that offer comfort to them and for their treatment.

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