Can I Modify a Double Bed Frame to Accept a Queen Mattress?

if it's metal, you are stuck. Wood, you could maybe fix it a little but it would take some work. Might as well go buy a new one

1. Cheap queen bed frame for guest room?

Have you thought of going to your local Goodwill Industries to get the bed frame & headboard you need? Give it a try. The items taken in have to be in good shape & if any cleaning is needed, the employees their do so. Check it out, what do you have to lose? You may find some good used power tools while you are there. fyi: If the Goodwill does not have what you need when you first go there, call there often or ask if they could call you when a frame & headboard come in. edit: Have you ever heard of You get on the internet, type in, type in a few things, then wait a day or two, to get e-mails. People want things or are giving things away, & it's all "free." You can type up an e-mail, tell what you are looking for, & watch for many e-mails from Freecycle to come in. You will be on a list so you will get to see what people are asking for/giving away. Again, it's all FREE. Just e-mail the person back, & arrange a place/time to pick up your items. Maybe someone will have some power tools to give you too.

2. Sanding and finishing a bed frame?

I just did this and I used a really cool metallic spray paint. You do not have to prime and its is a lot faster than using a brush. The metallic spray I used was a rustic "hammered" look, but they have lots of other colors and kinds at paint or home improvement stores. It gave my wood dresser and night stand a lot of character. If you are sticking with a solid white or black then you probably should prime and use the old bucket and brush

3. What can I put under wood bed frame legs to stop?

you should be able to go to a hardware store or wal-mart and find some rubber furniture floor protectors. they have a sticky back to adhere to bed leg and wo not move or damage floors

4. Would white night stands go with my cherry colored bed frame?

I think they might work. I think they are pretty. If once you get them they do not look right you could always paint them. Also, maybe you could use them someplace else in the home or switch light wood ones you may already have (such as small end tables)

5. what kind of bed frame??

from the picture and what I can see (sorry, really bad one) you cannot see what type of bed frame but a headboard of some sort so it's either a headboard with rails or a headboard with a platform

6. Painting metal bunk bed frame?

Painting Metal Bed Frame

7. can you put a king size mattress on a queen sized bed frame?

I think it will be both, because queen is a long and king is wide

8. What can I do with a twin bed frame to match a Star Wars Themed Room?

Paint it Grey, put a few modeling touches and sculpt the legs like AT-AT legs

9. Bed frame came apart, Cant get it back together...looks like this...?

that website shows a matt covered with a sheet, not bed frame. try Goodwill, and any other store that handles old furniture or donated goods

10. What sort of pin or screw do I need to fix this bed frame? Pic included?

You would have to get the diameter and length but the head and thread type is right. plus the nut that goes on the other side of the bolt. you can get them at any hardware store or big box store Lowes etc.

11. How can I remove stickers from metal bed frame?

nail varnish remover - use sparingly

12. do I need a box spring with this platform bed frame?

Just buy a sheet of plywood to go under the mattress and that will eliminate the spaces. Cost is about $20

13. I just bought a new bed and the bed frame broke ... Why won't landlord fix it?

Because the landlord is only spose to take care of permanent fixtures in ur place...not ur own furniture...things that belong to him are his responsibility!

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Going Organic with Bed Frames
The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. At the end of the day, it is where we all go to get a good night's rest, and get ready for the next day. We all need a decent amount of sleep daily - have you ever been cranky from lack of sleep? Well, if it's getting a great environment to be able to unwind at the end of the day, you might want to consider your bedroom's furniture. And, with the bed being the centerpiece of the bedroom, you might want to take a look at organic beds.What's so Special about Organic Furniture?We spend a ton of our time sleeping (about a third of our lives), and therefore spend a ton of our time in the bedroom. Conventional beds, bedroom furniture, mattresses and bedding emit unhealthy synthetic gases and toxins that can accumulate in the bedroom and in the home. These chemicals can enter the body through inhalation or skin contact. Considering the time we spend in the bedroom - sleeping each night, unwinding at the end of the day, or relaxing on a weekend - it is the bedroom furniture that we are most exposed to. Think about all the toxins you would be exposed to! Babies and young children are especially vulnerable to these. Even if the body has the means to get rid some of these toxins, a lifetime of accumulation means that not all of them will be removed.Organic furniture does not give off these toxins, and using organic bedroom furniture can improve the quality of the air in one of the most important rooms in the house. Organic beds, such as the popular kinds made by skilled Amish craftsmen, are made from organic hardwoods. You could go ahead and even fit an organic mattress on to it. This allows people to improve the quality of air in the bedroom and eliminate exposure to synthetic gases and toxins.What's the Deal with Amish Furniture?Amish craftsmen are known for their skill in making furniture. This group is popularly known to adopt a very simple lifestyle, but a less known fact about them is their skill in crafts. Craftsmen from different Amish communities from all over the United States, such as Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, among others, create masterfully-made furniture. Amish furniture, including beds, wardrobes or armoires, dressers, and other bedroom furniture, is made from 100% wood, without the use of particle boards and similar materials.The use of genuine hardwoods, such as cherry, oak, maple, and walnut, ensures the great quality of the furniture they create. Amish furniture is made-to-order, and can be customized to meet a customer's individual needs. Their works are designed for longevity, and will turn into heirlooms and antiques, considering the art and skill placed in their creation, and the sheer longevity of the pieces. Features of an Amish-Made Bed Once a customer has selected the type of wood that he or she wants their bed to be made out of, Amish craftsmen start their work. Amish beds can fit standard-sized mattresses, of course, but since they are made-to-order, can be customized to fit custom mattress sizes. Other changes that are popular with custom beds could be modifications on the headboard's size, or a higher bed frame. Footrails, which are similar to the rails to the left and right of the mattress, can also be included in a bed. Other custom options can include more bed slats installed (which can depend on what kind of mattress the customer will use), or the addition of shelves beneath the bed. These shelves can be detachable, or attached to the frame.Because Amish craftsmen infuse a lot of art in their work, Amish beds will be unique. Great attention is paid to the type of wood in each piece. Amish craftsmen's skills are passed down from generation to generation, making for a rich tradition of quality beds and bedroom furniture that is aesthetically-pleasing and very durable. As far as organic furniture goes, Amish beds are an excellent choice that any customer won't go wrong with. Other Organic Bedroom Options If you're already considering getting an organic bed, then it makes sense to get an organic mattress to partner with it. After all, if you're looking to improve air quality and have a more natural relaxing sanctuary, then an organic mattress is the way to go.An organic mattress is made with organic materials, such as organic cotton and naturally fire-resistant wool. Natural latex (which come from the sap of rubber trees) are also used. These materials make organic mattresses free from the pesticides and toxin-ridden flame retardants present in conventional mattresses. This is because standard mattresses are usually made of a core of polyurethane foam, which is a manufactured, synthetic material that is naturally flammable. Manufacturers need to use various chemicals called flame retardants to make them safe. It is these chemicals that are dangerous to health - various studies link common flame retardants such as ammonium polyphosphate, boric acid, PDBEs, melamine, and silica to various deteriorations in health.Specifically, PDBEs are linked to conditions such as behavioural changes, decreased sperm count, hearing defects, and thyroid hormone disruption. Cancer in laboratory animals has also been linked to PDBEs. Boric acid, while a relatively safe pesticide, is poisonous when accidentally ingested and can enter the bloodstream through inhalation. All these potential risks mean going organic for your mattress seems like a very easy choice to make.Quality Organic Bedroom Furniture for a Better Life Using an organic bed, mattress, and even other bedroom furniture can go a long way to improving the quality of health at home. Not only can organic furniture give off that relaxing aura of being close to nature, but they also have solid benefits by eliminating exposure to toxins that can cause unwelcome health conditions. Amish-made pieces of furniture also support the economy of the rural Midwest, as the woods harvested from states in the Upper Midwest and the skills of Amish craftsmen are used in their creation. Consumers can rest easier in their personal sanctuaries with a beautiful, unique, and healthier bed in their rooms.
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