Car a/C Question?

your ac will work the same at an idle (car running/not moving) as driving down the road. The only thing that could be "bad" for your car is if the radiator and condenser were dirty/plugged and the engine starts running hot. Turning the ac off will put less draw on the engine but it is only a minor relief and should be fixed.

1. is the condenser fan fuse located where all other fuses are,beneath the steering wheel?

those relays are under the hood/find the fuse box and read the cover on the inside

2. Would the BadAax UM600 Studio USB Cardioid Condenser Mic record directly into audacity. and if so , than how?

Nick - That mic will plug directly into your computer's USB port. You will need to select it as your input device in Audacity after you connect it to your computer. Should work fine

3. what is a condenser fan in a car used for?

For condensation. Mold likes moisture

4. Question about what happened to my a/c?

You may quite possibly have a full charge of r134a in your system. The air condition may be working properly. Many things can affect the duct temperature. You can check that your clutch fan is operating properly, check for leaves or any thing built up between the radiator and condenser, blocking air flow. Also, check the condenser fins. They are very fragile and alot of highway driving can actually bend the fins and block airflow through the condenser. Check that your engine is not running slightly hot. Check the operation of your thermostat. On that van I have no clue where the cabin air filter is. Autozone or Advance or Pepboys should have a duct thermometer

5. Do electret condenser microphones require phantom power?

Check the electret is wired correctly in terms of polarity /- if it's the type that has a built in preamp in the module. This is usually indicate by the colour of the lead,red to ve/tip, black to -ve/earth. If it is not one with a built in preamp then you need to connect the connection that is also connected to the case to earth. You can check which it is by using a test meter from the case to the two connections in turn. The one that give 0ohms is the one to connect to earth

6. Does my 1998 Honda Civic A/C condenser need replacement?

No you dont have to there removed all the time there is nothing to worry about and better air flow to the engine will keep it a little cooler

7. Is it better to cover a air conditoner condenser unit thats out side for the winter or to leave it alone?

Depends where you live. Here in the Dallas area we get periods through the winter where we want to run the a/c, so I do not cover mine. If I lived farther north, however, I would cover it

8. Has anyone had experience with misting kits for outside condenser unit on your air conditioner.?

Yes, and there a waste of money. Make sure your condenser coil is clean. You will see more benifit from that than a misting kit. It dose not take long for the misters to block coverting them to dribblers

9. A/C condenser problems?

sounds ok to me.... maybe a little high on the suction side and low on the head...... the cross over temp (difference between return and supply temps) should be around 18 - 2 degrees. if you are still are wanting to fiddle some take a peek at the manifold where the cap tubes split off from the main liquid line....are they soldered in or is there a small union? if there is a small union there is likely a piston inside with a metering may have too big of an orifice. there is some missing information.......such as cross over temp, suction line temp and out door ambient so i cant do a superheat calculation for you

10. my outside condenser not working, but inside furnace fan working?

Not enough information.Is the fan running outside?It could be two or three things.Some units have a low pressure cutout on them that would keep the unit off.Relay coil may have shorted out.Thermostat could be acting up.Many things.You best bet,call a repeatable A/C service company.

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