Convertible Baby Crib - Go Green and Protect Your Child and Your Planet

You just found out you are having a wondrous brand new baby! Unquestionably there are a large number of things floating around in your head concerning what you need to do to get ready for the new addition to your family. Your main concern, apart from the look and style should always be your babies safety and health. In view of the fact that your child will be spending the greater part of his or her time, particularly the first year, sleeping, your baby crib will be a great place to start. Researching which bed will be best for your infant can be an awesome mission with all of the existing options available. Our hope is that this bit of information will be helpful for your decision making process.

We are passionate proponents of the school of thought that there are never too many ways to care for your child in the early years of life. SIDS, an ever consuming fear of scores of parents as well overexposure to avertable chemicals, which can cause grave illnesses throughout life, are primary concerns that many parents face.

Combining eco-friendly, convertible baby crib made from the hard wood of rubber trees, in addition to an organic chemical free mattress is one alternative which we have fallen in love with. Put simply, you are helping to care for the environment as well as protecting your baby. To help you guard against SIDS, you can add sound and movement baby monitor which will enable you to take notice of every sound your baby makes as well as shows every movement your child makes down to a subtle in-take of breath. The grouping of all three components can significantly ease your fears of SIDS and your babies overexposure to toxic chemicals. Now you can rest assured that your child is safe and sound in a non-toxic, completely monitored environment.

The convertible baby crib and organic crib mattress will offer the flexibility of use over many years. You can find organic and chemical free crib mattress options which will grow with your infant and can be utilized through toddlerhood. For instance, the crib mattress can continue to be used once the convertible baby crib is transitioned into a toddler bed. This allows for many years of continued use. This type of bed has been designed to grow with your child through all stages of life including infancy, toddlerhood, tween and teen years and beyond.

A 4 in 1 convertible baby crib has 4 distinct phases:

1.Baby crib- Newborn to early toddlerhood.

-An 8 position, adjustable height mattress support is a key feature to look for. This feature will allow you to start with your crib mattress in a high level bassinet position. As your baby gains motor control and physical abilities, you can drop it down accordingly.

2.Toddler bed- Your baby is climbing out of there crib on a regular basis.

-After your baby has outgrown the requirement for an enclosed crib or has begun to climb out frequently; this is typically your signal that it is time for the next phase of sleeping provisions. You can easily take off the front side of your convertible bed and add the ¾ guard rail. You now have a secure toddler bed. The ¾ guard rail is helpful when your child is learning how to stay in bed and not roll out.

3.Toddler day bed- Toddler stays in bed and does not fall out.

-After your toddler knows how to sleep through the nighttime without falling out of bed, you can take off the guard rail and switch your toddler bed to a toddler day bed.

4.Full size bed- Your child has outgrown the toddler bed.

-After a few years, your child will outgrow their toddler bed. Converting the entire structure to a full size bed is an easy undertaking however this will require a conversion kit of rails and slats. A nice addition for an older child are under bed storage units which contain drawers.. extra storage is never a bad thing. Especially when your child goes off to college.

In reviewing your investment, over time, you will ultimately be spending a great deal less on one bed, vs. multiple beds over the years. Your only additional cost you will require is a full size mattress (available in organic and chemical free options) once your child has outgrown the toddler arrangement.

Manufacturer comments:

-Atlantic Furniture is JPMA certified. They are an eco-friendly modular furniture manufacturing company. They also specialize in high quality, convertible baby crib options.

-Naturepedic is JPMA certified and an award winning manufacturer of chemical free organic mattresses.

-Angelcare is indispensable in baby safety through it's' collections of nursery monitors.

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