Do You Lose If You Scratch in Pool Table on Your Brake

No, you do not lose. When you scratch on the break, your opponent has ball in hand behind the head string. == If a player scratches on a legal break shot, (1) all balls pocketed remain pocketed (exception, the 8-ball: see rule 4.8), (2) it is a foul, (3) the table is open. Please Note: The incoming player has cue ball in hand behind the head string and may not shoot an object ball that is behind the head string, unless he first shoots the cue ball past the head string and causes the cue ball to come back behind the head string and hit the object ball."

brake lights don"t work but high mount stop light works on 2008 chevrolet colorado truck?

I have an 06, but the recall fix did not fix this same problem. Your sockets are out. Get the recall work done, and if that does not fix it, replace your sockets (and save yourself the warranty deductible)

Do you run a front brake on your dirt jumper?

You would be foolish not to have a front brake

 What factors will influence the type of pad I choose?

Always check to see what type of brake pads your bike currently uses. If you are looking to quickly and cheaply update or upgrade your pads, stick to the brake type that is currently on your bike.

Is a 3rd brake light required? Mine keeps falling and I want to cut it down.?

better find out if you can do away with it before you start cutting. that light is there for people who tail gates you. i don,t know the laws in florida but here in PA if it came with it it has to be there and working.

Which brake pads material is better to use on a vehicle: semi-metalic or ceramic?

the ceramic's dissipate heat better, so if you do a lot of braking , like in the mountains, ceramic might be better. Or, learn to drive without braking. Wagner has a line of pads called 'Thermo-quiet' I think that have a thick plate on the back that keeps them quieter and provides excellent braking

where does brake fluid go in chevy cavilier?

In the reservoir for the brake master cylinder, assuming it's low and needs some. Maybe in the clutch cylinder too, if it's hydraulic

What are the best kind of brake pads made of, and what are the the advantages?

do you have any problem with H-D's spare parts pads, which they buy in as cheaply as they can? If no, why change apart from small price differences? However EBC are noted after market pad makers and do various grades from sintered through to full carbon racing types. For a road bike, do not get the latter, you will never get 'em hot enough to work properly, go with touring pads. None nowadays contain asbestos, all create dust (they wear due to friction, there HAS to be dust). Some mixes of rotor steel and pad are worse than others but the science is now pretty complete and if its recommended for your hoss it is probably ok from a reputable manufacturer - may even be what H-D buy in, in the first place!

My husband has a 1995 Saturn it is front wheel drive.The back axle is making NOISE can we grease it?

If the car has drum brakes in the rear which I think that year does. Are you sure you have them adjusted correctly. That sounds to me like the drums are not adjust right. If they are it would be a wheel bearing. The bearing assembly would have to be replaced. I would just do both seeing that they are not too terrible expensive. That is if your doing the work yourself. Id recheck your rear brake. Just jack the car up in the rear. You should be able to spin each tire with no resistance. If the tire is hard to turn or just stops on it own, brake are out of adjustment. If the spin freely, you should be able to hear the noise and its probably the rear wheel bearings. Also, I would not just by the bearing but replace the entire hub assembly. It will save you the grief of having to press out the old bearings and press in the new one. With a new hub remove the old, install the new one and your done. Thats what I would do.

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