Does a/c Work Harder in High Humidity?

relies upon on form of air conditioner. evaporative air conditioners dont paintings properly in extreme humidity by using fact they paintings via including humidity to dry air and circulating it. Condenser type air-conditioners paintings via warmth pass so will cool air no count what the humidity. (besides the reality that there will be plenty greater condensate in extreme humidity. ).

1. Central air conditioner or Window Air Conditioner?

One of the mistakes people make with the C/A or window unit, is turning it off when they leave home. If you keep C/A at 75 degrees, all day, you are maintaing a humidity free thus cooler home, with out the shock of the machine having to push overtime, raising your bill, to catch up to your comfortable level. Keep you C/a at 75, your bill barely registers, is maintained, with no overload in power to catch up. Set it to Stop at acheived temp, and your bill, and comfort will be equal

2. air conditioner timer?

Carrier Aircon Manual

3. Using a window air conditioner outside and redirecting the cold air into room with ducts

I saw this set up you are thinking about doing in 1968 at a donut shop in Pittsburgh, Pa. and it worked okay. (wow how time flies) They did a lot of stupid things then to save a few dollars. The duct work was oversized to reduce friction loss for both the supply air and the return air. Servicing this unit was extremely hard and very expensive since the duct had to be disassembled every service call. After a few years and many very expensive service calls they made the correct decision and installed a different system. Sometimes cheap ideas are just cheap and dumb ideas. "My 2 cents".

4. Should the exhaust on an air conditioner be on or off, and why ?

the exhaust setting allows for the outside air to be brought in or kept out. it can be used to provide room cooling without the compressor eating up more power if the outside temp is lower, and vise versa if the outside temp is higher

5. Car air conditioner Blowing hot air?

might be just a case of charging your gas up, get your local dealer to do it,and it wont cost much

6. Central Air conditioner?


7. Location of Central Air Conditioner?

If you move the unit you will have to adjust the refrigerant charge for the added line set. The small copper line is the liquid line and the larger line is the suction line. Other then adjusting the charge and new pad and wiring its not that big of a deal, it will just cost money.

8. Its 95 degrees! How do I keep my 3 month old cool? Is he to young for water in the bottle?

No, the baby is not too young for water in the bottle. Just be sure to buy water that is prepared for babies. Do not give him spring water or tap water. Babies are given water in the hospitals also. It's good to introduce him to water early so that he gets used to it along with his formula. I was always told babies are just like the adults. When we are hot or cold so are they. So dress the baby appropriately for the weather, protect his skin from the sun, with a light cover for the sun, a hat, and light weight clothing. An air conditioned room is nice also. If you have the one piece tee shirts they are great for in the home along with the pamper. Remember the nurseries in the hospital, and the delivery room, are all under air conditioner. If you do not have air conditioning, a good fan will do just fine.

9. Central Air Conditioner?

If you are talking about replacing the A coil, lines and the compressor, it would depend on the size of the unit but I would think a couple of thousand. The ducts may have diverters built in them and that is how you can adjust the heat's flow through the house. If a room gets too warm, you can throttle that vent back which will force more air into a colder part of the house. So, that is a way to balance the air.

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