Extend Table Width Manually

You can set the width of the S columns:

1. Should uneaten bread from a table at a restaurant be topped up and placed on another table?

Eww. What if somebody with germs on their hands from coughing or sneezing, picked up that piece of bread, decided they did not want it, then put it back in the basket. Then that piece of bread gets passed to the next person. Ewww! I am wirth you - I would be grossed out.

2. Understanding Chemistry: Elements on the Periodic table.? Which elements on the Periodic Table have a tendency?

All elements want to attain the "noble" electron configuration. These are the elements in the group 8 (Neon, xenon, etc...). So elements will change electrons the easiest way to attain the similar configuration. For group 1 and 2, it's far easier to lose one or two electrons than to gain six or seven. Elements in the nonmetal groups will gain electrons because it's easier to gain one or two instead of losing several. Alkaline earth metals have to lose two electrons in order to gain the noble state. That is why you will see these have a 2 state in compounds. Group 6 elements need to gain 2 electrons to become noble. These will have a -2 state in compounds.

3. What is the best periodic table?

The navy recruiters have a pretty good one....and a poster size one too....they are free....I get them every year for my classroom....10 points please....do not get the Marine corps one though....they misspelled beryllium

4. Problem with Table Vertical Alignment

The thing with the array package is you cannot use p..., m... and b... in the same table. m... will usually override the other two if they are present. You might just want to manually insert your vertical space or do your alignment within the multirow environment.

5. Table Setting for Salad And Soup?

I would set the table with a soup spoon, a full sized fork and a knife, to cut tomatoes or cucumber, serve the salad and the soup on a liner plate

6. Oval Rug/Rectangle Table?

A rectangular rug would look better under an oval table but you can do the oval rug under the rectangular table, as long as the rug is quite larger than the table... Otherwise, if the rug is too small and the table goes basically to the ends of the rug, the rug will look too small

7. The Periodic table, Electrons,and Neutrons :)?

Electrons is the number above the element abbreviation. Subtract number of electrons from mass number (number under element abbreviation)

8. Mysql dump crashed table for repair

I solved this issue by copying down database to local machine with more drive space and running --recover

9. Make the table look better

I would recommend thinking twice about the use of colour and actually making use of the facilities of booktabs.

10. Wedding head table dilemma?

the way we are doing it is as follows: Bride and Groom in the middle. Next to the Bride, the maid of honor with her significant other, then the other bridesmaid with her significant other. Next to the Groom, the best man with his wife, and next to them, the other groomsman with his significant other.

11. Common Table Expression (CTE) benefits?

One place besides recursion where I find CTEs incredibly useful is when creating complex reporting queries. I use a series of CTEs to get chunks of the data I need and then combine in the final select. I find they are easier to maintain than doing the same thing with a lot of derived tables or 20 joins and I find that I can be more assured that it returns the correct data with no effect of multiple records due to the one-many relationships in all the different joins. Let me give a quick example:So by separating out the different chunks of information you want, you can check each part individually (using the commented out selects, by uncommenting each one individually and only running as far as that select) and if you needed to make a change to the expense calculation (in this example), it is easier to find than when they are all mixed together into one massive query. Of course the actual reporting queries I use this for are generally much more complicated than the example

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