Faulty Furnace/air Conditioning Unit: Repair Or Replace?

When you are talking about a unit that is more than 10 years old it is better to replace it with a new model that will be more economic. It might also be a good idea to get a second opinion, check around to see if there is another place that will come out and do a free inspection and see what they have to say. Some heating guys try very hard to talk people into replacement when it's not needed.

1. Can Air Conditioning Exhaust be Harmful to Humans?

This smell could be a little mold or mildew that has collected on the cooling coils. I recommend getting the coils cleaned at least once a year

2. How much does it cost to fix air conditioning on a car?

50-$2000 depending on what is wrong

3. Most economical way to use central air conditioning ?

clean filter! close all blinds on west side of house (keep out the sun ) keep temp at about 10-15 from outside temp! make sure no air leaks under doors. use florescent bulbs, no cooking indoors. DO NOT shut unit off and restart it take about 24-36 hours to take out humidity.

4. How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioners use refrigerant to absorb heat out of the air as it passes through the indoor unit. The outdoor unit expels the heat into the outside air as it passes the unit that is outside John14HomeServices.com.

5. Is it illegal for schools to not provide air conditioning?

Ask your local school board to make your education experience more pleasant or you will vote against them when you are 18

6. What powers a vehicle's air conditioning?

i agree with what he said, also if your air is just not getting cold it could be that it needs recharched with freon, i think the recharge is like 20 bucks

7. My roommates think leaving the air conditioning ON all day will use up LESS energy than leaving it off all day?

Unfortunately there are not really any 'scientific' studies on this. Most of what you will find on the internet are articles with writers opinions. I can understand the argument of letting it run all day will use more energy. Every time the unit turns on it pulls in rush current which is roughly 4 to 5 times as much as the rated full load amperage. This only occurs for a few short seconds when it initailly energizes and is negligable. However I actually agree with the argument to let it run all day based on the build up of heat that occurs if it is off all day. It is not just the house air that is becoming hot and stiff. The interior walls, furniture, cabinets, insulation in the exterior walls, carpet, flooring, etc are all becoming saturated with heat. Pretty much all of those items are made of materials that are some what of an insulator. If you leave the unit off all day once you do get home and turn it on not only is it trying to remove heat form the air, the heat in all of the above stated items has to be removed for it to maintain a normal setpoint. If the unwanted heat was never absorbed into those items in the first place by maintaining a specific set point then it wo not have to run as long overall. It will remove the heat from the air before it has a chance to be absorbed into the materials around the house. One thing that I can get on board with is that you invest in a programable thermostat so that you can set an 'un-occupied' time. Raise this setpoint a few degrees and program it to turn on roughly 30 minutes before anyone gets home. Additionally try to find one with a programable proportional band. What that means is that whatever set point you program you will also set a differential of say 5 degrees. So with a set point of 70' and proportional of 5' it wo not come on until it reaches 75' and it will run until it reaches 70'. This will prevent the short cycling and allow the unit to have longer run times. This will be a benefit to decreasing the number of ON/OFF cycles helping to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce the frequency that unit draws in rush current.

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