Fun Indoors!

Laxmi was looking out the window, feeling quite bored. It was still raining. "I have nothing to do," said Laxmi as she looked at her doll. Then, the doorbell rang followed by a frantic knock. Laxmi opened the door to find her best friends Radha and Rahul standing outside. They came inside."We want to go on a picnic, Laxmi!" cried Radha."Yes, but it is raining," said Rahul."What a coincidence!" exclaimed Laxmi. "I was thinking the same thing - to go for a picnic.""Let's call Mohan. He will think of something clever," said Radha said and called Mohan over. Radha told him that they wanted to go for a picnic, but couldn't as it was still raining."I can fix that. Let's have an indoor picnic," said Mohan excitedly. "Now, make a tent using bed sheets and Laxmi, go get some food from the kitchen." They played games, had food and had a wonderful picnic!Anushka Tonapi, I E, Sri Kumaran Children's Home, Bengaluru

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