German Serial Killer Accidentally Kills Himself by Attaching Electric Wires to His Nipples and Penis

A GERMAN serial killer who murdered five female hitchhikers accidentally killed himself performing a strange solo sex act in his prison cell over the weekend, reports claim.

Egidius Schiffer, dubbed the "Aachen Strangler", gave himself a fatal electric shock after tying a cable from a lamp around his penis and nipples, police said.

He was still tied up when guards at Bochum prison, in the North Rhine-Westphalia state, opened his room up on Monday morning, the Times reported Prison spokeswoman Candida Tunkel said: "He removed a cable from his bedside table lamp.

"Then he wound it around his nipples and his penis and stuck the end in a power socket." A post-mortem established Schiffer, 62, died of heart failure as a result of an electric current flowing through his chest.

Cops said they did not suspect foul play and his lawyer claimed the murderer was not suicidal.

Schiffer was sentenced to life in 2008 for a string of grisly murders committed between 1983 and 1990.

The authorities used DNA evidence to convict him 18 years after his final murder.

He picked up his victims, one of whom was just 15, as they tried hitch rides home from nightclubs before handcuffing and tying them up.

The monster raped three of the women and buried them in the woods.

The former insurance salesman was arrested back in 2007 while stealing scrap metal.

He decided to give a DNA sample voluntarily which eventually connected him to the unsolved murders.

Schiffer initially confessed before withdrawing his testimony, claiming he was sadomasochistic and the thought of being locked up excited him.

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How to Rewire Table Lamps
There will come a time that you will need to repair your table lamps, or even completely rewire them. If you want to extend the life of your lamp for several years, follow these quick and easy steps for effective lamp rewiring:Step 1: Secure the tools you need Before you begin rewiring your table lamp, you'll need to secure the following items: table lamp rewire kit, wire strippers and electrical tape.Step 2: Read the rewrite kit instructions It is important that you do this very carefully before you actually begin rewiring your table lamp. The reason is that you shouldn't assume that all rewire kits are the same. The kits can differ, so it is important that you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully before you begin rewiring your table lamp.Step 3: Unplug your lamp This step is of the utmost importance. Failing to take it could endanger your life. Unplugging your lamp just takes a few seconds, but it is definitely the most important step before you rewire your table lamp.Step 4: Disassemble the lamp As you do this, set down the pieces on a flat surface so you won't lose anything. Carefully clean every nook and cranny of the lamp and dispose of the old wires.Step 5: Strip and twist Using a quality pair of wire strippers, strip the repair kit's wires. Then use a clockwise movement to twist the wires' ends together.Step 6: Thread the wires Okay, you're making some progress in the rewiring of table lamps. Next, you'll need to do some threading. First, thread the wires along the lamp's middle tube. Then attach the socket onto the tube. Next, thread the wires along the lamp's base.Step 7: Attach the wires The next step in rewriting your lamp is to attach the repair kit's wires to the original electrical cord. Using a clockwise movement, interweave the wires together. To secure the wires further, place electrical tape around them.Step 8: Test and check (if needed) You're almost there! Position a light bulb in the table lamp's socket. Then plug in the lamp and switch it on. Put the lamp shade atop the lamp, if it turns on. But if it doesn't, then examine the wires again and verify that you have secured them properly.Ultimately, you will have to decide whether to replace or rewire your old table lamps. If you decide to rewire, then follow these basic steps to get it done properly.
What Are the Table Lamps That Look Like Drooping Flowers Called?
tulip style lamps1. Can someone give me a good website to shop for floor lamps?lampsplus.com2. We are renting a home that has NO overhead lighting! Any suggestions other than floor/table lamps?Overhead3. What's the point of night stands?They are mostly used for lamps, alarm clocks, a book or whatever they want4. need help with Phantom Digital 1000W Electronic Ballast, 120/240v Dimmable?A dimmable ballast is usually an digital ballast which synthesizes a lamnp working frequency of 25 kHz to 50 kHz (in accordance with producer) from the 50 Hz or 60 Hz application potential frequency. A dimmable ballast is a undeniable form of digital ballast that usually makes use of pulse width modulation (PWM) to administration the present by using the lamp. PWM reduces the width of "on" time of the line voltage wave via prolonging the 0-crossing factor and reducing the sine wave to shorter 0. 5-cycle length. This reduces the potential to the lamp, thereby reducing the lumen output. yet PWM on my own might purely enable dimming right down to approximately 50% lumen output. the issue with dimming it extra, is that the "on" factor of the 0. 5-cycles is in the back of schedule previous the top voltage of the sinusoid, and the igniter interior the lamp cools to the factor the place it no longer can fluoresce the phosphor coating of the interior the lamp. the common therapy is to furnish a small non-provide up modern-day to the igniter to maintain it heat in between modern-day pulses. The above description is quite conjecture because of the fact manufacturers have distinctive, proprietary designs utilising differing techniques for dimming lamps and those techniques are shrouded in quite commercial secrecy. Ballasts can dim lamps right down to a million% lumen output, with much less extreme priced, effortless dimming ballasts dimming to approximately 10% lumen output5. i need some tips on organizing a room.?You should definately choose a good theme. If your putting toys in it it can be a kids theme, or an all age theme, like fruit. You do not have to do much, just get somethings that match the furniture and the paint the walls or paint objects on the walls to go with your theme. You can also have little decorations, like lamps, piggy banks, a basket filled with something, or flowers?6. How do I choose light bulbs for some new floor lamps i bought?did you keep the instruction because it should say7. how can i make my room more adult?Get rid of the posters (or at least frame them) and skateboards. I would not necessarily box up the trophies but maybe put up a few shelves where the skateboards are now to display them, Maybe box up some of the smaller ones so it looks less cluttered. Use one shelf for the videos. The dresser is really weird. Maybe you could get a new one secondhand at Goodwill or such. If not maybe you could get permission to repaint it, put new knobs on it and knock off the wood shell. You could paint the dresser and bookshelves black and paint the room a light gray for a more contemporary look. It would also look better with the black and silver electronics. Put the electronics in the bookshelves. A smaller trashcan would look better. A new set of mini blinds are in order. Think about a couple of swing arm or sconce type wall mounted lamps to replace the floor lamp. It will clear up valuable floor space. Hope that helps.8. Can I modify 3 ampere table lamps to work on 5 ampere round pin plugs?You should be OK to use a 3A appliance on a 5A circuit. The circuit is capable of supplying up to 5A but it is the individual appliance (lamp in this case) that determines how much current is drawn.I am surprised a new home would have BS 546 round-pin plugs instead of the more usual BS 1363 rectangular-pin plugs.9. How to make some extra cash?Get a truck. Troll your neighborhood for cast-off and unwanted, but sellable items. Bring the items home. Clean them up. Take pictures of them. Place ads on in your area. Include the pictures, a good description, and your phone number. If the items you have found are in demand, your phone will begin ringing almost as soon as you place the craigslist ads. I have done this for the past two years and I have been making $200 per week. The best sellers: Living room furniture, lamps, desks, lawn equipment (working or not. I sold a broken Honda mower for $30), snow boards ($30), power equipment (I found an Emglo air compressor and sold it for $90), luggage (average price $7 to $15 for 4-wheelers), etc. Yesterday I sold a recliner sofa ($60), a 61-inch Flat Screen TV ($40), and a golf putting practice machine ($10). And today, somebody wants to buy the Tama Drumset I found. They are willing to pay $150. Source(s): Personal success at this venture
Distinctive Table Lamps for Your Home
Anyone who has ever decorated and furnished a room will know just how important it is to have the right kind of lighting. Every room is different and therefore requires lighting that will complement the décor and furnishings of that particular room. - this is even more important when you are looking for just the right kind of lighting.These lamps can be a beautiful addition to any home; they also provide very flexible lighting systems in a living room that is often used for many different purposes. Decorative table lamps can be used to create a specific mood in a room. If you want to sit back and relax while listening to some music then the soft light of a corner table lamp will enhance that mood. In order to show how distinctive the right table lamp can be you should take into account the size of your room and the size of the lamp. You should also ensure that the materials in the lamp compliment the rest of the décor in your room.Many people will choose table lamps that fit the décor of a particular room. If, for example, your living room is ultra modern, then a tiffany lamp, no matter how unique or beautiful it is just would not fit the style of such a room. You may decide to settle for a unique table lamp that is fashioned from nickel in a spare, modern style. If on the other hand, your tastes run to the more traditional type of décor then a tiffany lamp would be ideal. There are many different designs and colors to be had in this style and it is well worth searching the internet where there are some great sites offering exquisite table lamps.If you use several different table lamps, strategically placed, to light up your living room then you will be able to create a variety of different moods. They can be both distinctive and versatile; providing not only background lighting but a useful resource for undertaking different tasks. Sewing tasks require a more direct light than you might want if you were watching the television for example.A table lamp is quite different from a desk lamp. A desk lamp is often an angle poise lamp which enables the user to shed direct light onto a task, and on the other hand is more than just a functional object; it is both functional and ornamental. For example it is possible to get some exquisite table lamps like the Cameo Dragonfly table lamp with lighted base. Lamps like this are an asset to any room, not only because of its unique style, but because it can provide a light that is soft enough to suit most moods.They come in many different sizes with the average lamp being about 20" tall. It is possible to have lamps of different heights in different parts of a room. A unique table lamp should reflect some of your personality and therefore an integral part of your décor. There are items to suit many different tastes and budgets and it is possible to make up your own unique display to add a touch more style to your already stylish home.
Can a Plant Survive with Artificial Light That Is Coming From a Table Lamp?
Plants Artificial Light1. I can't find a type b maximum 25 watt small table lamp light bulb. Can you help? Thanks!?Many unusual type bulbs that are not found in grocery or hardware stores2. Link provided: how much did a table lamp cost during the great depression?It wo not load on my computer either. However, I googled your question.. The link is listed on the results, and even though the actual page wo not show up, there's an excerpt from the page listed on Google (You know how it shows you the part that you were actually searching for).. And in that excerpt it says: How much did toys and clothing cost during the Great Depression of the 1930s? ... Table Lamp, $1.00. So a table lamp cost $1.3. Looking 4 Kids Battery Table Lamp?Why pay shipping? Most Home Centers, Walmart and hardware stores that have a camping section will have battery operated lamps4. Can a plant survive with artificial light that is coming from a table lamp?it can, but it depends on what type of plant. if your trying to grow pot in your dorm, you need more light than a table lamp for instance. haha but it's possible to keep plants alive that way through a small chance. get it some real sunlight, it will always do the job=]5. how much is it for a table lamp, portable electric sewing machine, washing machine, gas stove?When is "then"? For now, just Google it .. and you will find lots of prices.6. Where can I find a cheap, plain black table lamp BASE?goodwill or vinnie's7. My new table lamp FREAKS ME OUT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?k, first u start masterbating and think happy thoughts, and then after tat, get a santa claus stuffed doll..thing and chant "booshakalakalaka booshakalakalaka" for the next 3 hrs. then set ur wallpaper to that bliss window xp one if u have it...(its a big green field) then rip off the arms of a barbie doll and attach it to ur lamp via hot glue and draw a face with a mustache on the lightbulb... afterwards, rub tomatoes all over it and sing the national anthem of botswana. finally, take out ur m16 with gernade launcher atachmet and a 6x zoom (get it at your local liquor store) and whack the crap out of ur neighbor... yup...thats all ya gotta do...8. Need info on Gustav Stickley trumpet shaped table lamp?there are many many sites on the web that specialize in Stickley, type in stickley furnishings and see where that takes you. I;m sure that you will come across the answer in regards to catalog and number9. can i use a table lamp for my little 1 1/2 inch turtle?Yes, the table lamp with an adjustable neck is excellent for a heat source. This is the most important item along with a basking area, water and food. That's all they really need. UV lighting is good to have, but not absolutely necessary. UVB is absorbed by the body to synthesize vitamin D3, which is needed for calcium absorption. However, UVB rays is not the only way to have your pet turtle get vitamin D. In fact, most commercial UV lights are unreliable, need to be replaced in 6 months and cannot penetrate water more than a few inches. Turtles can be easily raised to adulthood with good health without artificial UV lighting by proving it with a healthy balanced diet. This is what they did in the past before artificial UV lighting. You can bring your turtle out for 30 minutes a week, and the natural UV rays will be better than a week's worth of artifical lighting for a week. Anyway, if you can afford UV lighting, great. I recommend Reptiglo 10.0, readily availanle, cost efficient and it actually produces UV rays. You will need to get a fixture for it. Do not bu any of the cheaper brands and the coils, which are not proven and provide questionable results. As for playing, turtles get stressed when handled and prefer to be left alone. Although they can get used to being handled, most keepers do not force than upon them. After you handle you turtle, you should wash you hands, since turtles and many animals will carry bacteria, including, but not limited to salmonella (like raw chicken). Good luck!
Can I Modify 3 Ampere Table Lamps to Work on 5 Ampere Round Pin Plugs?
You should be OK to use a 3A appliance on a 5A circuit. The circuit is capable of supplying up to 5A but it is the individual appliance (lamp in this case) that determines how much current is drawn.I am surprised a new home would have BS 546 round-pin plugs instead of the more usual BS 1363 rectangular-pin plugs.1. Multiply your light sourcesThe light may be slowly ebbing away from the daytime, but that does not mean you have to live in the dark. This time of year is also the chance to bring some warmth into your rooms by multiplying your light sources. This is why I would like to give you a few tips on your secondary and complementary lighting. There are plenty of different ways to multiply your lights, the easiest of course being to use lamps or wall lights. You might also like to light a few candles for calm, cosy evenings in, as these are sure to create a warm atmosphere. Try not to bunch your complementary or spot lights in one corner of the room: spread them around so that your lighting has a certain harmony. Whether direct or indirect, diffuse or focused, a light should add something extra to your interior space. Obviously, lamps, candles and even wall spots should suit your decoration in terms of style, colour and so on. Complementary lighting is a key way to create an atmosphere. It is also there to meet your needs. There are two types of lighting: functional lighting which lights up part of a room, and highlights which enhance and show off part of your decoration. The thing to remember is that both primary and secondary lighting completes and perfects natural light. You will use different lighting items depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your room. If you want to create a peaceful, calm atmosphere, spotlights, wall lights and lamps are ideal. Fairy lights or decorative lamps all contribute to a warm, welcoming ambiance. Complementary lighting can go in any room in the house. Personally, I mainly use this type of lighting in the living room and bedrooms. As for the kitchen and bathroom, I prefer fairly powerful lights with stronger brightness. As autumn sets in and winter starts to beckon, I would like to remind you of the benefits of light therapy. I wrote an article about this last autumn, which you can read here. Decoration blog post n7 will also show you how to "let the light in to your interior spaces". I have also made a little selection of lamps and candle holders from a number of decorative items chosen by Gautier:2. WHAT PAINT TO HAVE WITH THIS WALLPAPER?!?White, cream, or off white will prob look great. Black will be very dark. I would use the light pink outlining the flower petals; or the gray in the leaves. Save the bright pink and black for accessories [ pillows, lamps, candles, etc. ]3. WOW!! CFL Lamps are all a LIE!!!?Perhaps you should calibrate your meter. Or maybe you read the wrong scale. I just measured the total wattage of three Sylvania CFLs rated at 23 watts each, with my Kill A Watt meter. The total was 67.5 watts4. •Are night insects attracted to lamps because of heat or light?sorry i need help though you could help me5. Should we all go back to using oil lamps and candles??Reduction of power, longer usage, yeah must be another one of them commie plots. Imagine putting all those coal miners out of business. And the mercury content, my god, you have to bust 1,000 of them to get enough mercury to contaminate your goldfish. An environmental emergency just waiting to happen. As long as the entire subdivision comes to YOUR house to bust every bult they can lay their hands on. And with the lower heat loss, imagine all those poor firement not having houses to put out fires in. We will need to start setting fire to houses just to keep them in work.6. What items will be best to use for a homemade Photography Studio?To create a "professional look," I would recommend you make the investment in the appropriate items. Because you are starting out, look on eBay or even Craigslist for used photography gear, like backdrops and such. If you get, say, a muslin cloth backdrop, you can use gaffers tape to affix it to the wall behind your subject. The backdrop solution is relatively cheap compared to professional studio lighting. Your idea to use worklights as lighting is a practical approach. Here, I would recommend investing in lamps (bulbs) designed for photography, because they are made to tighter tolerances in terms of light temperature from a lighting perspective than ordinary household bulbs.
Best 5 Apartment Lighting Ideas for Every Room | Lighting Tips
When you are exploring lighting ideas for your apartment, you also need to know how much space you have to cover, in square feet, how much furniture you have, and so on.Ensuring the right lighting for your apartment is not rocket science, but it has to be done right - you need adequate lighting and aesthetics as well.Your apartment layout also needs to be considered - are the rooms plain rectangles, or do any of the rooms feature odd shapes?In that case, your job can get a tad tricky.You will need to make sure that there are no dark areas in any part of the house through some clever apartment lighting ideas.In this article, we will talk about how to create the right ambience for each room, as well as how different types of light fixtures can help create different effects, and so on. Also consider some of the top interior decoration ideas for your apartment.To create an artistic ambience and really showcase your apartment, you need to use a variety of lighting sources - floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and natural light as well.This can help make your living room cozy and comfortable, a place to hang out, spend family time, or entertain friends.Multiple layers of lighting layers - showy, focal, and ambient, can be created with a large floor or table lamp, or even a hanging pendant shaped lamp - and make it look warm and inviting.Installing dimmers is an excellent idea - it helps set the mood.You can also avoid having too many light fixtures if you have big lamps or chandeliers on dimmers, as you can always increase the brightness when required, and keep it on low in general.Dimmers allow you to change the ambience of a room in seconds.Ideas for Living room lighting in your apartment are only constrained by your imagination - the possibilities are literally endless.If you feel your ceiling is low, you can create the mirage of a high ceiling with a flush-mounted chandelier - and let it be large, even oversized.The idea is that it provides both light and artistic satisfaction.When you choose a layered flush mount chandelier, you can add visual interest and provide multi-dimensional lighting to give your living room more character.A bold, artistic light fixture on the ceiling invites attention, creates a dramatic effect, and creates the illusion of a larger living space.But keep in mind that if your living room has very little natural light coming in, you need to supplement your ceiling light fixture with floor lamps, table lamps, or even picture lights. Get some low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.The last, though conventionally used to highlight wall art pieces, can be used as a reading light; simply hang it over a chair or in the corner of the living room and turn it into a reading nook. It also glams up the room, making it look more expensive than it is.Those of you who have a bookcase or built-in bookshelf on a wall in your living room can consider installing a small lamp inside, for a quirky effect, and adding dimension to your lighting without hogging an entire table.Look for an arty looking lamp - that will fit in nicely with your books.If your kitchen only has overhead lights, it's time for an overhaul.A plugged-in light or a task light on the wall will render a chic, modern appearance and create a layered look.It can also set the mood for cooking, and you will be surprised to find yourself ordering fewer takeaways!With task lights, you can showcase what is essential, in a playful yet impactful and graphic manner, adding character to your space.In a modular kitchen, you can also install LED strips or slim LED tube lights under the cabinets so that the light falls directly on the kitchen counter when you are working.Using a light that casts light on the ceiling gives you indirect light. There are some stunning modern kitchen design patterns in Kerala to consider.The bedroom also has ample scope for you to play around with light.Have a few different types of wall sconces, overhead lights, and table or floor lamps that can be switched on at different times to set the ambience and mood.You can swap out your bedside table lamps for a sconce or pendant light, so that you get more space on your nightstand or table.When it comes to master bedroom lighting ideas, you can play around with the fixtures till you find something that you find that you like.If your bedroom is sufficiently big, you can hang sconces on the sides of your bed, but otherwise you can hand pendants above the bed.Globe lights look romantic and soft in addition to being functional, and are great for the bedroom - they can be in table lamps or pendants.The diffused light they radiate warmth and coziness, and can lull you into relaxation and sleep.Indirect lighting from globes also makes the space more inviting, eliminating the harshness of direct light. Also consider some clever storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget.It is common to find only overhead lights in most apartment bathrooms - not the best idea when you want to get ready quickly for work, that too when natural light is low.Install an elongated light above your mirror, or sconces on either side of it - you can even go for a low hanging pendant from the ceiling that will stay at the height of a sconce.If you have a dressing area adjacent to the bathroom, sconces in addition to an overhead light can really flood the tiny space with light, creating balance, and making it look cozy in the bargain.You can also throw in a small table lamp, or a slim floor lamp.Balconies in apartments are always a great addition to your living space or bedroom. You can consider some apartment balcony ideas.It's a place where you should be able to chill with your morning tea, read something, or have mellow conversations.Hang fairy lights over the balcony railings, and even along the wall opposite.You can have a slim floor lamp in the corner for that soft, cozy feel.We are not crazy about overhead lights in the balcony - lighting here should preferably be artsy and quirky.How to Use Different Types of Lights• Look for sculptural table lamps to lend personality to a room; a huge table lamp can be your main source of light for that room, as well as create a focal light.• For small rooms, get tall, slim (torchiere) lamps that cast light on the ceiling or the floor as per your choice. Some models have a reading lamp attached to them, so they are great for balconies or living room corners. It takes minimal space on the floor but provides ample light.• Wall sconces work best when you have precious little floor space to waste. Sconces are not only functional, but they look absolutely eye-catching.• When you are exploring lighting ideas for your apartment, make sure that the lights you choose go with the overall aesthetics of your . You can choose metal, wood or glass finishes for your fixtures to match the theme of a particular room.• Choose light colored lamp shades if you want brighter light in the room, and darker lampshades if you want muted, soft light. You can also choose shades of mesh or glass to flood the room with light.• Incandescent bulbs emit soft, yellow light that sets a mellow tone and makes the room warm and inviting, and helps you to relax, and sleep better at night as well.A lot of thought needs to go into the lighting for your flat in Thrissur, as it can drastically improve or spoil the aesthetics of a room. With the right lighting choices, you can reinvent your Thrissur apartment and transform it into an ethereal space.How can I clean my room quickly but efficiently?Take everything out.. lay it out on the bed. I mean literally take everything out in the room that looks messy [ that is closet drawers, stuff on hangers, desk drawers.. etc ] put all the things of the same category together. Books together, magazines together.. so on now put them where you feel best . Room should look nice and visibly clear. But make sure to have the immediate things in hand like put a lot of pens in pen stand and keep it on the desk. Here are things on my desk 1. my laptop 2. hand sanitizer 3. pen stand 4. table lamp 5. electric pencil sharpener rest are in the drawer and out of site. Target has a lot of organizing bins and cases . You can use them to your advantage if you have a budget fixed.
Craft of Turning Bottles into Art Pieces
Jerry S. Kutty is on cloud nine. His venture of turning bottles into crafts, which he started on a whim, is a hit. "I have been bombarded with non-stop queries on Facebook ever since I placed an advertisement of my works in one of the city-based FB groups. I honestly did not expect such a response. I must have made an assorted mix of at least 250 pieces for customers after placing the ad hardly two weeks ago. In fact, I am just back from setting up a decorative bottle chandelier at a house in Attingal," says Jerry, showing me pictures of his works on his mobile phone.So, bottle craft, you ask? Think candle holders, egg stands, spice holders, flower vases...useful and chic home décors, all made of discarded bottles.Learning the artJerry, a chef, has worked with several hotel chains in the country. A guest who ran a chain of restaurants in France, invited him over to work at one of his restaurants. From France, Jerry moved to the Netherlands and that is where he met an artist called Taco Verhoef. Taco specialises in turning waste into reusable goods. "I found his work fascinating and started assisting him. We turned bottles into table lamps by drilling holes and inserting strands of lights. The colour of the bottle enhances the glow of the light, adding ambience to a room. We also created customised drinking glasses and experimented with more such fascinating works."Jerry had to leave Europe when his visa expired and he started working with the Marbella chain of resorts in Goa. "I hung up one of my bottle art works in one of the restaurants and it was well received. I now have customers in Goa and in Thiruvananthapuram. Russian guests who have stayed at the hotel have contacted me too. Turning any wine bottle into a table lamp is as simple as drilling a hole and inserting a strand of lights," says Jerry, who left Goa as he felt life there was more suited for bachelors."Besides, I belong to Thiruvananthapuram even though I was born in Delhi, brought up in Bangalore and worked in Europe. My parents hail from the city," says Jerry, who currently resides in Peroorkkada.The bottles he uses are from Goa. "There is a warehouse in Goa that sells discarded bottles for a discounted rate. I use mostly high end branded liquor bottles for my craft. These bottles come in different sizes, shapes and hues, and those diverse qualities make them versatile objects when it comes to 'upcycling'. Not only do high end bottles add brand value to the product, but it also looks better; classier than the usual bottles." Right now chandeliers out of recycled bottles are what's popular amongst his clientèle, says Jerry. "I get a lot of requests for 'name-based' chandeliers [chandeliers that display your name when you light it up]. Chandeliers that shine with verses from the Bible, messages of hope, love, joy and peace are popular too. The one I set up in Attingal today had a black matte finish and a white border, however."Designing terrariums The first order he received in the city was for a terrarium with a cactus plant in it. "I have been receiving requests for terrariums from those living in apartments and most of them want cacti; it's easy to maintain."While Jerry suggests designs to most of his clients, some do bring in their own ideas. Flooded with requests, Jerry admits he is finding it tough now. At present, it's Jerry's wife, Feba Thomas, who helps him with his bottle crafts.Making a bottle craft may seem easy but it's really a challenge especially since one is working with tempered glass. "A slight mistake can undo the hours you have spent on it; the bottle has to go into the bin. Although I want to introduce more varieties of crafts, I am currently swamped with orders. In fact I have been receiving requests from several restaurants and hotels to set up their indoor lighting with bottles; I have put them on hold as of now," says Jerry, who is planning to open a restaurant of his own soon."At the end of the day, I am a chef; a man who loves serving food. I hope to introduce fusion cuisine to my diners. But that does not mean I will give up on my hobby of making crafts out of bottles. I hope to seek a balance of both." A close encounter with people and places in the city
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