GIRLS, How Big Is Your Wardrobe?

tanks- 20 graphic tees- 8 shirts- 13 dresses- 9 jeans- 8 leggings- 2 dressy pants- 1 skirts- 10 shorts- 15 shoes- 30

1. i think my wardrobe is talking to me!?

You should be worried, because before going to sleep pray and think good. :) So you can get rid of your wardrobe

2. What are the essentials of a new wardrobe?

Nobody can give you the right answer except you. It depends on you dress. Here's my complete list: 4 casual and 2 formal jackets ( I make sure they go great with every outfit.) A few earrings, 3-6 necklaces, 5-10 bracelets (do not wear a lot of jewelry) 1-2 headbands, 2 hair ties, 10 hair clips 14 long sleeve shirts, 14 short sleeve shirts, 5 tank tops, 3 camis, 1 swimsuit 2 pairs of jogging pants, 7 pairs of jeans, 5-7 pairs of shorts 3 pairs of tennis shoes, 2 pairs of formal shoes, 1 pair of boots 3 bags

3. Do husbands go thru "little boy syndrom" when they hit 40?

He probably has Peter Pan syndrome- a stubborn refusal to grow up. Midlife crises usually involve changes in hairstyle and wardrobe, far more trips to the gym, buying a sports car, and banging the secretary.

4. What are some staples in an office wardrobe?

Business casual refers to anything other then jeans, sweats, tennis shoes, shorts, etc. A nice blouse and slacks, or a nice skirt and blouse, pullover shirts. It does not have to be anything fancy. Its not business attire, it's business casual. which means you can still dress with comfort

5. What clothes are essential in a stylish wardrobe for the school year?

first i must say that style is the essence of confidence. even if you are wearing something that everyone else does not feel is "trendy" or "in-style", if you wear it with confidence, people will take notice. anyways, lol, let me see... jeans. you can dress them up and dress them down. it's always good to have a few different styles: skinny, boot cut, etc. -if it's too hot to wear jeans, it's always good to have shorts. skirts. again, you can dress them up or down. a denim skirt and a cute floral/graphic/patterned skirt are always good. plain tees and tanks. you can pair them with anything and layer them. a few cute graphic tees. some fun, unique jewelry.

6. How much would a suitable wardrobe cost,?

You might do better with answers if you post this under travel/US

7. My mother refuses to wear a hat to my wedding. Should I refuse to invite her?

Sure, because childish revenge among family members never, ever goes badly.Look, either you want your mom to be a part of your wedding day, or you do not . If you have such a bad relationship with your mother that you need an excuse to exclude her from your wedding, then please elope and do not create some meaningless drama over her choice of wardrobe.

8. Need a little change with my wardrobe?

hey, i am almost 12 and i am 5'3! lol

9. Back to school wardrobe essentials?

hmmm ok jean skirts skinny leg jeans (dark wash light wash says middle school all over it) sun dresses (they have really cute ones at american eagle) accesories, long necklaces, wide head bands, etc. some items designed by popular designers (tommy hilfinger, polo ralph lauren, dkny) high heels!! well that's the most important things :D have fun

10. Essentials for teen wardrobe!!! HELP!!!?

T-shirts- short and long sleeves: solid colored, printed or graphic because you can always layer and mix/match. Tanks / Camis: in solid or printed which can be worn as is or layered over a t-shirt. Black pants/ capris: solid or pin striped. These can be dressed down with flip flops or dressed up with heels Flip Flops: dark colors such as black/ brown, or preferably the leather ones by Rainbow. These are essential because they are perfect for everyday or can be worn with a summer dress to casual events Flats: I own one in every color of the rainbow to make things easier, but if you are on a budge you should definitely get a pair of Black, White, and one bright color such as Teal or Red or Yellow Heels: One pair is enough if you do not normally wear these. I would say either white/ neutral colored or Black to go with everything Jeans, pants/ capris/ skirt: the most essential! Jeans are a definite must which you can pair with anything and everything. Summer Dress / knee-length skirt: once again solid or printed that can be worn daily or dressed up for something special. Cardigans / light jacket / light sweater: A DEFINITE MUST! These are the best to layer with or just use as a light cover-up Necklaces / braclets are good, purses I would say stick to the basic colors if you are on a budget, if not then also get some bright colored ones.

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