HELP HELP 03 Saturn Vue Has Something Draining Battery?

the starter can drain the battery if it has a short in it because your hot cable runs to it. before bed tonight unhook the hot cable from the battery then hook it up the next morning and see if it will start

1. What can i use to help clear my acne besides acne cream??

I had the same problem. I tried everything and none of them worked. I realized though, that when I personally ate chocolate or french fries, it gave me acne. I know this is a total shocker, but I have not eaten french fries or chocolate for 2 months now and you would not believe how much clearer my skin had become. But that's not all I do. Every night before I go to bed, I wash my face with a hot washcloth. If you get it hot enough, set it on top of your face for a little bit and let the steam soak in. Next, (warning, this will burn) if you opened up any pimples, put rubbing alcohol in it. It will burn badly, but it kills the germs inside your pimple. Do this to all the ones you open. Then pull your hair back so it's completely out of your face. Put some Neosporin on all the pimples you opened, and go to bed. The next morning, wash your face in the shower with some acne soap. I use Aveeno Clear Complexion Bar. After your done with your shower, use some face lotion to moisturize your skin. I use Aveeno Clear Complexion Lotion. Good luck, hope that helps!

2. 2yr old son going from crib to toddler bed. Tips?

Do you have a routine now? Most parents find the 'bath, bottle, book, bed' routine works well. If not, start it before you start the new bed. If he is getting out of his own crib it is time to do away with it, that can be dangerous. Try first lowering the crib mattress all the way to the lowest setting and removing one side, if your crib will do this. Most do. Put pillows on the floor in case he rolls out, but tuck a blanket under the edges of the crib mattress and chances are he wont. Expect excitement, and if there is an absolute time he must get up in the morning try to bump bedtime up by about half an hour to start, so you have a cushion for the argument and extra stories. Or just let your daycare provider know he may nap a bit longer, or if he's home with you during the day let him sleep a bit later for nap to compensate. This wont go well if he's exhausted by Friday. Stay patient. You may have to place a chair by the open door and keep putting him back in bed, and it may take a LONG time. Never raise your voice, never give attention, just pick up your son, put him back in bed, and walk back to the chair. I think big kid bed time is harder than potty training to be honest! Good luck!

3. Any good alternatives to the alarm clock?

Go to bed earlier.... or, set the alarm on your cell phone and then set your phone to vibrate. Put it under your pillow or something to that effect and it will wake you with the vibrations

4. How do I calm my new puppy?

This is what i would do.. if you have a dog bed, or make him a bed out of blankets have something in his bed for him to cuddle with would be the best and just give him time. He will come around it takes time for a new puppy to bond with his new family. He is probably just a little scared. Try playing with him that may work as well. Or put him to bed if he has a crate put him in with something to cuddle up to and put a sheet over it so he cant see. My friends did that with there dog everynight and it would stop making any noise and would just sleep

5. does your dog sleep on the bed with you? why or why not?

They all sleep where they want to, all in the house. Most of them sleep in my room and two are always on the bed. One paces the house at night looking out all of the windows, guarding his "herd". Granted, it's a little hard when all 6 want to sleep in bed with me, but that's probably why I am not married anymore!

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