Help with a Booktabs Table

Have a look at the following:

1. Table and graphic frame

If you only want to draw the graph, I suggest you have a look at a drawing program using LaTeX or producing LaTeX-code.One program is Ipe v 7. Another program is Nicola Talbot's jpgfdraw.Ipe is using LaTeX to produced PDF-files you may include in the main document.

2. time table for airway to jakarta?

I suggest you to improve your English first, because your question is confusing. If you are asking how long is the flight from Amman to Jakarta, then you should ask the airline you are flying with. Of course they will tell you the timeline. FYI, Jakarta time is GMT 7, meaning 7 hours more than London. You do the math if you want to know the time difference.

3. The symbol Ca on the periodic table stands for:?

Jez go look it up, how lazy can you get??

4. fixing of dining table leg?

you can buy some epoxy and put some in the hole where the screw goes and carefully tighten it in and avoid moving it while the epoxy sets or mix some wood glue with sawdust or steel wool and allow it to set at least 12 hours.

5. Table with different size of rows

This is a way:Or without multirow:

6. Help Fixing a Table

You should change the preamble l*4d3.3 and put ccd3.3d3.3 and you will have the following result.In ccd3.3d3.3, the two first c are for the two first columns centered and the two d3.3 are for the other columns (alignment on the decimal point).

7. Phones and SIMS table

A table You have two types of entity so almost certainly need two tables to model them. As the relationship is one-or-zero-to-many from the SIM side it should have a nullable foreign key to the phone table. Something likeThat way a SIM is either in a phone or floating. If you want to enforce the maximum number of SIMs in each phone at the schema level you will need custom check constraints or triggers

8. spades table will not open?

When Ienter the spades game, I see all the tables but cant join in on a game

9. Truncate the AuditData table in SharePoint

(You did not specify if you would tried this approach already) Why not trim the table in smaller chunks up to your target date using the '-date' parameter instead of all at once?

10. How is your table decorated? ?

Kitchen table is wood, with a runner down the center, and a milk-glass bowl of flowers in the center..... Breakfast bar has matching placemats with napkins in napkin rings. Dining room table has lace placemats; chargers, and pressed glass plates; napkins in napkin rings; and antique cups & saucers at each place. A matching wood lazy susan in the center, with lace doily and flowers in an antique jug...... I change the placemats & runner for each month or holiday:) The "theme" in the kitchen area is cowboy boots (I live in Texas) - just something to come between Christmas and Valentine's Day:)

11. Muktzeh food shells on the table

I can but quote the Sh'miras Shabas K'hilchasah and hope I am doing so correctly. CYLOR for a practical ruling.20:26 (in a chapter on Shabas): Shells, seeds, and bones that are not human food and are also unfit for animals - or even fit as animal feed but there are not animals around - are muktze and one may not move them, and see 22:36 and 22:42, below. But one can take such shells, seeds, and bones when emitting them from the mouth and place them on the plate. (Someone cracking seeds should not hold the shells in his hand so as to throw them later, but throw them immediately he cracks them or place them on the plate.)If some of the meat is left on the shell, seed, or bone, or something edible is in the seed..., even if he has no intent to eat it, or bones with marrow in them, are not muktze and one may move them. See 20:27, below. [End of 20:26. ]20:27: Shells, seeds, and bones fit as human food, or even fit only as animal feed but such an animal is around, like orange peels..., may be moved, even if he threw them into the garbage or street on Shabas. But if he threw them there before Shabas, they may not be moved. ... [End of 20:27. ]21:2: Although we said in 20:27 that there's no muktze rule on Shabas on shells and bones fit for animal feed, on yom tov one should be stringent and practice the muktze rule even on such shells and bones if the shells were removed from the fruit or the bones from the meat on yom tov, so they are forbidden to move, unless he needs the place the shells and bones are occupying if they are on a dining table, as below, 21:3, or if they are bothering someone where they are, as below, 22:42.... [End of 21:2.]22:36: Thus, bones, shells, and the like, although unfit for animal feed, which are on the table: If he needs the clean table, dragging them by means of a knife or (dry) rag is permitted, as is shaking the whole tablecloth. Likewise, sweeping the floor of a room he's using is permitted, although he will drag a muktze object while sweeping. See 23:1-2, below. (If he considers the waste on the table disgusting, he can remove it even by hand, according to the rule of g'raf shel rei, below, 22:42. That's permitted even when he does not need the clean table.)On yom tov removing these bones and shells is permitted even by hand, if they are on the table and he needs the table to be clean for the yom tov meal, as above, 21:3. [End of 22:36. ].

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