How Can Bespoke Furniture Help You to Establish a Lavish Home?

Custom made furniture are no longer just a viable option for ensuring space-efficiency. They can also be used to bring about a lavish feel.It is needless that furniture items play a significant role in imparting comfort, warmth and functionality to a home.

Not only do they bring about a congenial feel, but also allow us to comfortably indulge in different activities. When chosen suitably, they can even aid in establishing stylish and luxurious interiors for a home.While majority of homeowners in UK buy both readymade and custom made furniture for furnishing their abodes, it seems like bespoke pieces have been stealing the show for quite some time now.

This is probably because of the fact that their specifications and style can be dictated by the buyer, which helps to meet individual requirements. A homeowner may have a bespoke piece constructed in any way he or she deems fit for their house.Here are a few points explaining how custom made furniture in Reading can help you to establish a lavish residence:Luxury Within BudgetPersonalised, handmade furniture are ideal for those who wish to add a luxurious feel to their home without making a huge investment.

With them, you get the opportunity to dictate the style, shape, colour, design, fabrics, stitching and even the craftsmanship involved. Thus, if you like, you can mix and match a variety of elegant patterns, colours, fabrics and textures, provided that they enhance and agree with the decor of your living spaces.Unique & ExclusiveBespoke furniture can allow you to furnish your interiors with exclusive and unique pieces - a signature feature of luxurious homes.

Since they encompass customised detailing and design, they look very different from their readymade peers. Therefore, they optimally manifest an air of lavishness with their exotic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.FlexibleCustom made pieces are flexible enough to incorporate the superior durability and quality akin to luxury furniture.

You can work with your trusted furniture maker to achieve the preferred strength in the items as per your requirements.Innovative MaterialsSince the production of bespoke furniture is influenced by decisions of the buyer, usage of innovative raw materials and techniques can also be called for by him or her. Hence, you can have a piece that looks exactly like something striking and creative you spotted in a lifestyle mag or online.

So if you wish to make the interiors of your home look luxurious, elegant and stylish, then purchasing bespoke furniture would be the most prudent thing for you to do


Are customers ready to pay more for online bespoke furnitures?

A bit of warning: "online" and "bespoke" seldom mix. And another: I can say that in some cases you actually pay less when you order bespoke furniture. Which seems like a contradiction, actually.

What happens is that when you go directly to an artisan, you end up cutting the whole distribution chain of the brands - wholesaler, distributor, retailer - and end up paying the raw cost without any step-by-step charges.

The con is that your furniture will not have any market value afterwards, as it will be manufactured to your specifications, rather than have a brand protecting it and insuring its marketability. You know, a Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau is like a Rolex: you can sell it anytime and it will retain its value.

That said, there is a huge market for online distribution of furniture, both branded and un-branded, and we have only begun exploring its potentials. But furniture is less a commodity than most of the other goods. It is more like going to a tailor for him to cut your new bespoke suit, rather than go to a branded shop and buying pret-a-porter.

So, the business model standing behind the furniture has to be geared towards providing customization and service, and this is not easy to do.

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