How Can I Determine What Size Central Air Conditioner My Home Needs?

This depends TREMENDOUSLY on where you live!If you live in the sort of place where everyone has and needs A/C for several months a year or longer (like Houston, Orlando, Phoenix), a professional might come up with an estimate in the range of 1 ton of cooling (12,000 BTUs/hr) for each 1000 square feet, plus 1,000 for each good-sized south-facing window, plus more if your insulation is poor.But if you live in Minnesota, and the A/C is only needed for 2-3 days at a time 2-3 times each summer (because you usually just open up the windows and run the whole house fan to bring in the cool evening air), just get a 2 ton unit and declare victory.When we added A/C to our 2600 gross square foot home in New England the contractor recommended a 4 ton unit. We talked him down to 2. 5, and it's perfect. We hit 90 F a couple days in a row a few times each summer.Most people we know are happier with a smaller unit than the one the contractor calculates for you. One neighbor had a system installed with 2 compressors/condensers (the outside unit) where the second one only comes on if the system falls behind. They are not sure the second unit ever actually turned on in the first 10 years they had it.Just for scale, a small window A/C unit is about 0.4 ton (5000 BTU/hr). So a 2.5 ton unit is sort of like having 6 of those scattered around your house, but with better distribution, and a thermostat, and MUCH quieter, and more efficient. How can I determine what size central air conditioner my home needs?

1. Central air conditioner surging all the lights in my house?

Sounds like the compressor is trying to start but can not ....Get your A/C tech to check the starting capicator and the run compacitor

2. Central air conditioner not working well; do I need to replace?

Most leaks even inside the outdoor unit can be repaired. Weather you should repair or replace it depends on the age of the unit, efficiency vs. the new unit and cost of install. In either case GET A SECOND OPINION. Also if it does need to be replaced get several price quotes. By the way for California that price does not sound extremely high but our wages are high compared to other areas..

3. my central air conditioner is not blowing hard, it is set to 65 but it isnt blowing hard from the vents?

First, change your air filter. I have seen filters clogged with 2" of sediment. If that does not improve matters, inspect your ductwork for crimps or disconnected branch lines. You fail to say how old this unit is. It may be the fins in the blower are clogged with dirt. Or your evaporator coils could be clogged. Or the unit is low on refrigerant. The outdoor condenser coil could be choked with debris or the shrubs may be blocking airflow. Much of this, you can easily check for yourself. So do the easy stuff first, then call the HVAC company when all else fails.

4. Amana (Goodman) central air conditioner isn't blowing cold?

Need to know what the temperature of the supply air is. If it is 65, for example, there is a problem. I am pretty sure it is not the thermostat.

5. stop the air flow of a central air conditioner from a specific room?

No. those window contraptions upload quick for your electric powered bill. exceedingly if u have a awesome length homestead or maybe position of living. per chance purely get a small one hundred ten BTU to maintain your bedroom cool till u get the different fastened. After u tried it you may be pleased about considered necessary air

6. Central Air Conditioner runs almost all the time at 78 degrees?

Air Conditioners are supposed to make temperature and shut off, periodically- more than likely its one of two things: 1. the system is undersized. This is in reference to the tonnage of the system measured in btus. 2. you need better insulation and windows. What your system is battling is called heat gain. So you either increase the capacity to remove heat (bigger btu number) or increase your home's ability to keep heat out (insulation.) Here's a link to a short form heat load calculator to give you an idea.

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