How Can You Tell If a Piece of Outdoor Furniture Is Made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Or Iron?

Use a magnet. If it sticks, it's iron. If it does not , then it's aluminum or steel. If it's heavy, it's steel. If it's light, aluminum

1. I need a heavy duty plastic container with an airtight lid, for mixing boiling water...?

You have not been very specific about batch size. If the batches are small, canning jars would work well. Most plastics do not respond well to 200 degrees. A wide mouthed, plastic vacuum bottle/Thermos should do nicely. I make my soaps in stainless steel with great results. The airtight lid is a problem, unless you have an old pressure cooker laying around.

2. What is the difference between silver tone, sterling silver and stainless steel in terms of quality?

Try eBay or some jewellery shops on line

3. does anyone remember a show on HGTV where they put up some kinda fake stainless steel sheets on the appliance

Was it design on a dime

4. I need a color for my kitchen I have stainless steel applainces, a maple floor, light oak cabinets and a lite?

Visit your local hardware or paint store and pick up color cards and brochures. Try several and take into consideration objects in the room, such as lighting, decorations, etc. Some places have a program on a computer where they can punch in floor and cabinet colors and with the color you pick, show you the outcome. It's a fun way to see how it may look. Then there is trial and error and you can purchase small cans of paint at several places to play with. Go with what feels and looks good to you, remember you will be the one enjoying it :) **when i look at magazines and see designs or things I like, I cut them out and put them in a folder for future decorating reference.

5. how much is a Savage rifle left handed bolt action with stainless steel barrel 22-243-100 worth?

A 22-243-100 caliber does not exist.* That caliber was never manufactured by any Firearms Company.*

6. Is a non name brand stainless steel water bottle made in china safe to use?

I purchased "stainless steel" forks, knives and spoons at target in 2014. within 6 months many had begun to rust. So I do not believe they are real stainless steel. They are junk. And they were made in china and they were very affordable. I am going to throw them in the trash and buy new cutlery

7. How can I keep my stainless steel appliances looking nice and shiny?

Barkeepers Friend is a stainless steel cleaner that works well. You can find it at pretty much any grocery store

8. Anyone know of a stainless steel, wide mouth bottle MADE in the USA? Kleen Kanteens are made in china! =(?

1. You clean it with a "bottle" brush. 2. I think Stanley still makes them, and I THINK they are made in the US. Actually, the "plastic" stoppers are BETTER than the cork stoppers they used to use or the metal ones that did not seal well, even with a rubber gasket.

9. What color walls would look the best with medium oak kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances ?

Reds,Peaches, beige's, bronze, browns, taupe,sunny yellows,sage greens for the wall color choices...For the floors....One could go to Medium blond to red oaks or maples in floor laminates....But you could go darker into the walnut shades as well for the floor ,( as it would help balance the ubatuba dark counter tops) The distressed looks are clean and beautiful . ...Flooring placed on the diagonal makes a space appear larger

10. Will a metal detector pick up the stainless steel screws and plate that were surgically put in my leg?

I have a rod in my tibia from the knee to the ankle and a plate with multiple screws in my wrist. This year I went to Alaska. Had to go through a metal detector every day on the ship and two different airports. The detectors never went off. They did go off once last year in the Wichita airport but nowhere else. Of coarse they always seem to find a reason to give me the addition random search at the airport so maybe there is something I do not know about going off.

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