How Do I Get That 1950s Curled Hair Do?

most styles like this were created with rollers all over the head, then taken down, brushed out and sprayed with hair spray. they have these foam rollers that you can wear heat required and not uncomfortable to sleep in...found at any drug store dirt cheap. put them n before you go to bed and either wear a shower cap over it or wrap your head with a silk scarf. the next morning all you have to do is brush it out and spray it- 2 minutes tops

1. Why do people act like this?

Toddler reins are what any responsible, loving parent would use to keep their child safe unless there are enough adults with the child to form a 'herding pattern' (often used in my family with little ones to give them a little independence but still have a safe, controlled environment for them). Attaching your end of the rein to your wrist rather than having it in your hand allows you to have both hands available for other things. Weve seen too often Mums dropping the reins to rummage in a bag and little one has done a runner. Enjoy the festival knowing you will be tucking your child safely into bed that night.

2. Moms what did you get for V- Day? And is V-day imporant to you?

That's so sweet! :) My husband does not work on Saturdays, so I expected him to be in bed with me when I woke up, but nope the bed was empty. So I went into my daughter's nursery to get her up, and she was gone too! When I went down to the kitchen I found a stack of my husband's famous french toast and a note saying "be back soon" from him and my daughter I've got a strange feeling they are up to something... :D

3. My kids share a do I stop the talking at bedtime?!?

put them to bed at different times but make sure the one that goes to bed later is laying daown and relaxing. i would put one in the room and one on the couch and once the other one that falls asleep on the couch carry him to the room

4. I became a parent one year ago and I cannot find any privacy anymore. What should I do?

As a single parent I learned very quickly that I could not sit holding my child 24/7 but I needed to know she was safe. We established a routine, I would get myself up, washed and dressed while she was still asleep in the morning, I would then get her up, washed and dressed and we would have breakfast together, with her in her high chair while I done the clearing up. I had a playpen for her to go in when she was not playing on the floor or if I was not cuddling her or playing with her on my lap. When I would cook meals she would be in the kitchen in her high chair or playing in her playpen. We used to go out for a long walk every day with her in her puschair, when we returned she would usually nap and I would take some time for myself to have a cup of tea and maybe sit down and read a magazine. When she was two she went to nursery to mix with somebody other than me, but before then we attended a mother and baby group. After dinner she would have her bath by 6:30, a story, and then lights out in her own room in her crib. I then had the rest of the evening just to do what I needed to do and then have time for me, pampering, reading, or just having my own little karaoke / disco night quietly so as not to disturb the neighbours, but not so quietly that my daughter did not learn to sleep with normal household noises.I guess I was lucky because my daughter learned to sleep through the night from a very early age, but I think a set routine helped. I see many young mothers these days sitting with a child on their lap from the time they get up until the time the parent goes to bed. This may work for some but it does not teach your baby how to be on their own for a few minutes or how to amuse themself exploring their own bodies and toys. It also does not give you a break for you to have that privacy. If you start this young then your child will be quite happy amusing themself in a safe place like a playpen for a few minutes. Just a caveat though, if you have to leave your child anywhere, such as a high chair, do not leave them with food, near anything dangerous, or without using reins so they don't fall out if they try to stand up.I became a parent one year ago and I cannot find any privacy anymore. What should I do?.

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