How Do You Set Up a Bed Frame for a Queen Sized Bed?

Bed frames are usually adjustable for sizes ranging from twin through double and queen-sized. Obviously the large angle iron pieces support the two sides of the bed. The pieces that hinge out get screwed together using the holes that will give you the width appropriate to your box spring. The little hollow tubes each receive the stem of a roller/caster. -- Just bang 'em in with the heel of your hand. And that's about it. Just set your box spring between the rails, and the mattress on top.

1. What kind of substance would I use for this.. sealing around kitchen sink?

Not every sink has clips but very common. These clips are underneath the counter and at the edge of the counter top cut-out. They then fasten to the bottom side of the sink itself. The condition of this area it where to aim at first. This could be very rusted and no longer able to make a properly tight clip to counter connection. When you say you have a large gap, I suspect this area is failing. This is the life line and structure of the the sink and no permanent repair other than a new sink and counter top is going to be un-problematic. Silicone is horrid to look at, in this situation, but it will be the lesser of two evils. Find one that is mildew resistant and a close color to either the counter or the sink. Go darker when in doubt. Clean what is already there before applying. Find a video on applying silicon caulk. Most important is have plenty of rags or paper towels. Do not let it smear everywhere. Wipe it off clean where you do not want it. In deep areas, do not try to fill it to a finish level all at once. Leave it shallow or low in the groove. This will preserve what is left till it's just to week from previous damage. Do this and go easy on it while saving money for the replacement. Do not get a inexperienced and cheap labor person to install this new. When water is around, you always want the best install.

2. What is a good way to sneak cameras in a concert?

I usually put a cosmetic bag inside my purse and put the camera at the very bottom on the cosmetic purse and have your cosmetics on top and cover up the camera. That always works for me

3. Does a 1985 2.8 liter Chevy S10 Blazer have 2 fuel pumps?

no. no vehicle has both types. being an 85, i would think you had a mechanical pump on the block at the bottom since you probably have a carburator rather than fuel injecion. it may even be throttle body. if you cannot find a mechanical pump, it will be an electric pump inside or on top of the tank. if you have a mechanoical pump, you can put an electric pump on it by attaching the pump to the wheel well and getting power from an electrical power point under the hood such as from a radio or something else. then all you need is to connect the fuel line from the tank to the intake of the pump and the line to the carburator or whatever to the leaving side of the pump. very simple to describe, a bit difficult to picture, but still easy to accomplish

4. why are my orchids losing flowers?

Orchids in nature grow on top of trees, not in plastic pots. They are practically air plants & like only filtered sun. If there is any guarantee with these (as there is at places like Lowe's) you can take them back if they die. Go to a reputable nursery with the orchids in tow & have them re pot them, as in a clay pot with moss, not potting soil- or they will die. My daughter had some beautiful orchids from a friend & gave them to me to save, as they did the same thing. You should also get orchid food & feed them as directions say. Standing water will definitely kill them. Much depends on the exact type of orchid & it is a true art to keep them thriving. Here is a start for you & good luck!.

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My Cats Scratch and Claw Inside/under the Sofa and Box Springs to Hide. How Do I Stop That Habit?
Cat Scratch Sofa1. Do you think it's barbaric to de-claw your cat?Yes, it is very barbaric, they are very particular about their feet. How would most humans function if their fingernails are removed. As a former cat groomer, (I developed an allergy!) I saw cats that had their claws removed, and they always were very unhappy little campers. They are distrustful of humans after that and usually live miserable fearful lives. Since they can not defend themselves with their claws, they will usually turn to biting as their only defense.2. I was eating a Bear Claw ice cream cone (that is, dark chocolate, caramel, and cashews) and a chunk of it?I was born on the highest peak of the Himalayas where I was raised by a family of mountain goats3. How can I train my cat not to claw carpets to get to my husband?you need to train your cat like this.hold your cat as your husband walks around dont let him go4. I have a kitten that likes to claw when playing?Clip her claws. But, make sure you do not cut the quick! The quick is the vein running through cat's claws. you just have to cut off the point to the claw, and it is painless to them, though most cats do not like it. Also, try buying it a scratching post. Put some catnip on it so she knows it's hers, and she will start to claw it instead of you. She will grow out of clawing you. :).5. Do you think it's inhumane to de-claw cats?My vet considers it mutilation and refuses to do it. The only exceptions would be if the toe was crushed or a tumor was on the bone, otherwise no--no declawing. The only one who benefits from having a declawed cat is the owner--no cat enjoys the process or likes adjusting to it later. Some cats have permanent nerve damage from it. We have a declawed cat, we adopted one who was 6 years old and some previous owner had done it to him. His paws look mangled, whoever did it did an awful job. The cat does not have litter box issues (walking on clay litter often hurts them), but he does bite. Biting is a problem with many declawed cats. He also has trouble getting up on the cat tree because he slips and can not stop himself from falling (no claws to hold on).6. Why do people in America de-claw cats or cut their claws? It's so cruel!?Oh, god. OK, but you cut their nails and hair, yes? Same thing. Your not cutting the nerves or anything, most people just cut the very tip so it's not sharp, that is ALL. Nothing cruel about that.7. follow up from cat got a claw into the white part of my eye!?Thanks for sharing your story with us8. Should I teach my Charizard Fire Blast or Dragon Claw?I would choose Dragon Claw, for two reasons. One, Fire Blast is a low PP move and also lacks reliability due to its relatively low accuracy. Moves like that you really need to take caution with; their powerful, but have drawbacks. The second reason is, you already have a reliable (and fairly powerful) fire attack with Flamethrower. It's an SP Attack move just like Fire Blast, and is almost as powerful, but with perfect accuracy and triple the PP. You already have two same-type attack moves. You do not need Fire blast.9. Can I claw your bum: do you know why I'm racist?I dont care about anything your saying. Im just 2 points richer10. Why was the fact the Jon Snow was given Long Claw - the ancestral sword of the Mormonts - not mentioned during the parley with Lyanna Mormont?"By the way, your uncle gave me Long Claw.""Wait, you have our ancestral Valyrian steel sword?""Yes. Your uncle gave it to me.""Give it back. The sword belongs to House Mormont.""Nope. It's mine."Unless Jon Snow was prepared to give up his sword ... I can not imagine it being a good idea for him to bring it up.11. If humanity have natural defenses such as claw and sharp teeth, can they survive the wilds?If they know what they are doing then they will have things a lot better than claws eg a club, spear, etc pretty quickly. Humans are not solitary we form bands and plans. Nasty critter hiding in the woods? Fifty of us will turn up one morning, set fire to the wood, burn it down and kill the critter. One chimp is nasty, a whole band of chimps is far worse. We are like chimps but with bigger brains, language, etc. Before you know it the wilds are burnt down, turned into farmland, etc.
How a Ping-pong Table Changed My Life and Why You Should Never Stop Searching for Your Passion.
Dear reader, I want to introduce a short story of how I found my passion and to share findings that you might (or might not) find helpful in your life journey.A story where one day decided everything. And who would have known that it would be the day when the IT company I was working for purchased...a "ping-pong" table (ping-pong and table tennis are not the same! But this is a matter of a separate discussion).Past.When I was 14 there was nothing particular I really dedicated myself to. In most cases I was just exploring my capabilities: playing computer games, learning English (it's not my native language), mastering the guitar or surviving boring classes like everyone did.I went to quite a prestigious school so it needed to have a good team in every sports category to compete with other schools in the city. A bunch of my friends and I were invited for a test to see if we were able to learn and play table tennis. We took the test. We succeeded.In three years, we had three medals: two golds and one silver.Table tennis was never a passion of mine, but I was OK about having it in my life.I finished school, then went to university for 4 years and never had a single thought that I would want or need to play again. Still not really interested in anything, I was drifting through my life in the same old manner. Except that I got more social interactions which I did not value much anyway.In 2013, I started to work at a local IT company and managed to grow pretty rapidly since I was a kind of proficient in computers and English. In two years, I became a QA engineer at a successful international startup.One day, my company moved to a new office building and purchased a ping-pong table. And this is where everything started.I brought my personal racket (yeah, a 10 year-old custom racket saved since school days) and challenged the colleagues.It went smooth and I was able to find some good players in the company, but...I needed challenge. I started regular trainings with the company's second (next to me heheh) best player and, after all those years of sitting at the computer, I found myself alive.Fast forward a couple of months, I was playing local tournaments and it was when I figured out - this is exactly what I missed.Nobody would choke the fire in my eyes, and starting from the middle of 2017 I was exercising four times a week with one of the best players in our region, travelling to the nearby cities for tournaments and, later on, bringing my passion to even farther distances: other countries and foreign leagues.Present.I still work in IT, but currently it's only a matter of time (2 to 3 months) till I build enough money to stop wasting my energy and finally dedicate myself to table tennis. Money is secondary.Conclusions.One cannot foresee the future, therefore you never know when and where your skill will come in handy. It might as well become your passion in the future! Only that you don't quite understand how and when. Steve Jobs in his Stanford University speech was completely on point: connecting the dots.Do it passionately. Use every muscle of your body and every cell of your brain. Think about it, live it. I find myself thinking about game strategies or replaying matches in my head all the time, even when I am not at the table.Never lie to yourself. You see someone excel at something and you want to be like them? Try it. Didn't work? Continue cruising through ideas and someday you will be a lucky person who has finally found that exclusive thing of their own.There is no universal recipe for everybody in the world because you are unique. Define what "success" means to you. Is it wealth? Skill? Family?It is said, "Enough is as good as a feast". Everything in this world is good in moderation. How do you know when you're balancing just right? Well...try both ends and see·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best ping pong table under $200?Buying a table tennis table is an expensive deal. Most people are under the impression that the Table with a less cost would be of inferior quality and that is somewhere true, but it is not the case with STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table.This Table costs under $200 and comes with great quality material and is very compact that it can be kept even in the room with less space.Here are more about the features and benefits of this Table-The looks of STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table are exquisite. This Table is immensely beneficial for people who do not have much space to keep a large size table.This Table has two independent halves, and the significant part of it is that they come pre-assembled. The players just need to unfold the legs, set the net, and start playing. This table is very easy to assemble and takes very less time to get fixed.STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table can be easily stored and transported. The dimensions of the Table are 71 X 40.5 X 30. This is smaller than the standard size, but the height and the surface that it offers is of good size and is great for playing.The notable thing of this table is that it has adjustable legs along with levellers, which means that according to the ground level, you can make the adjustments in the leg.STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table tennis table is made up of MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard ) which is waterproof, that means you can use it for outdoor purpose as well. To keep tabletop smooth, it is coated with silkscreen striping because of which the bounce on this table is pretty nice.Thus, this is one of the best tables which comes with great features at an affordable price. STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table tennis table is one of the best deals one can get at a price under $200.Check my complete review of STIGA Space Saver, The Best Table Tennis Table under $200 here
Wooden Table Top for Hotel | Restaurant Table Tops
Antique Rustic.Wood specializes in transforming reclaimed and rustic lumber into handcrafted top-quality solid wood table tops, communal dining tables, and wall coverings for restaurants, bars, cafes, and offices. In addition to square, rectangle, and round restaurant table tops, we provide custom sizes and shapes to help maximize every square inch of usable space. For businesses looking to accommodate large groups, our premium selection of rustic wooden restaurant furniture includes communal dining tables and benches. Outside of dining spaces, our solid wood furniture can be seen as one-of-a-kind conference tables and work tables in offices throughout the country. Revitalize your business space with handcrafted rustic wooden restaurant tables and furniture from Antique Rustic Wood.Reclaimed Hotel FurnitureStandard Plank wooden table tops are an effortless and stylish way to incorporate solid wood furniture into any interior. These rustic solid wood tables are assembled with a mix of 1-1/2″ to 2″ wide quartersawn staves and have full plank ends. All nail holes and character marks are putty filled and the tops are sanded for a smooth finish. Each of these restaurant table tops is coated with wood sealer and finished with 5 coats of catalyzed urethane in a matte sheen. Rectangle wooden table top are available up to 16′ in length and round table tops up to 6′ in diameter. Custom shapes and clipped or rounded corners are also available.Our solid wood restaurant table tops are made in the USA. Customers can choose from a variety of premium finishes and edge styles. Solid wood table tops add beauty to the décor and are considered to be a high-end product. Match any of our wood table tops with our chairs and bar stools or we can make a custom finish for you. The Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Tops, Solid Wood Plank Table Tops and Veneer Wood Table Tops are made in the USA. Our Resin Table Tops, which offer superior durability, are affordable for any budgetHow to Promote your Hotel Restaurant and Increase Your SalesHow many people would think about booking a table for lunch or dinner at a hotel restaurant when they are not staying at the hotel? Not very many. This is precisely what is at stake for hotel restaurants looking to fill their tables. Hotel restaurants are first and foremost restaurants. They offer the same service as their autonomous counterparts: a kitchen, food, a seating room, and a staff. We talked to experts, hotel managers, and restaurant supervisors for hotel groups to better understand the issues of the trade and the measures taken to respond to them. Everyone in the business is of one mind : hotel restaurants operate at a far lower rate than their seating capacity At first glance, it's easy to think that hotel restaurants have a head start over other restaurants-they come in with a ready clientele staying right above. Research has shown that hotels with 63% of their rooms booked will be able to fill of the restaurant's tables with those very same customers. An occupancy rate of 30% guaranteed by hotel guests does not sound so bad. Save for the fact that of the restaurant remains to be filled. To get there, hotel restaurants will have to target non-guest customers. This is where things get tricky: having lunch or dinner inside a hotel is not yet part of the customs for the general population. Most people do not think about it because they do not see the restaurant independently from the hotel. It proves even more complicated for hotel restaurants to bring in outside customers as they are usually not visible as restaurants, but as "a part" of a hotel. A lack of identity separate from the hotel puts hotel restaurants at a disadvantage A restaurant with the same name as the hotel that houses it exists only as a "feature" of that hotel. This explains why potential customers are not even aware of hotel restaurants in themselves, and do not think about them when looking for places to eat. But this initial observation is not a death sentence, and many hotel restaurants across the Atlantic manage to reach very satisfying occupancy rates while keeping the name of the hotel and adding unique epithets for the restaurant. This is the case for Standard Grill, the Standard Hotel's restaurant, which managed to take advantage of the hotel's reputation to open its doors to customers from other horizons. Others go even further and turn the hotel's restaurant into a brand in itself. Creating and tapping into a strong brand identity can mean a bright growth potential for hotel restaurants Some hotels have pushed the strategy to the point where they turned their restaurant into real profit centers. The Barrire Group, responsible for the Fouquet's brand, now welcomes on a daily basis diners eager to eat at Fouquet's, not at "the Barrire Hotel's restaurant." "The Fouquet's brand was created with the goal of reinforcing our restaurants' image to attract more customers outside of hotel guests," Pierre-Louis Renou, manager of the Cannes establishments, tells us. The group succeeded in building such a strong restaurant brand that people have stopped associating it with the parent hotels. Other hotels manage to negotiate exclusive deals to house atypical or in-demand restaurants still rare on the market. In New York, the Parker is now home to the sole location of the Burger Joint brand. The "burger joint" is located behind a curtain in the main hall of the hotel, and boasts a unique decor (with customers' testimonials on the wall), its own website, and its own social media accounts. The concept is showcased both in situ and online, and it works: expect an average waiting time of one hour every day to taste a burger! Hotel restaurants have their own unique features According to the hotel they are in, their location, their product line, some restaurants have a more urgent need to bring in outside customers than others. Olivier Clerc, Restaurant Operations Director for the Grape Hospitality group, tells us that hotels close to business centers (where companies lack an office cafeteria) host many business lunches, but struggle more with weekend shifts. Hotels located near offices with cafeterias do not often succeed in attracting individuals for the lunch shift, but manage to get more satisfying turnover rates in the evening with hotel guests. For others, we can also highlight how season patterns impact hotel restaurants. Anthony Torkington, former general manager at the Saint James Hotel in Bouliac, tells us that the Saint James's restaurant in Bouliac attracts enough customers in the winter to generate a satisfying revenue on lunches. In the summer however, evenings work better thanks to the summer specials they developed, the longer days, and an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of Bordeaux. We spoke to specialists in order to identify the best initiatives for hotel restaurants to attract customers in the right areas. Giving the restaurant a proper identity is the first step in making sure it is viable To attract customers who are not hotel guests, a hotel restaurant is already ahead if it has a proper identity-a name, distinct from the hotel, a logo, a chef, a website. The restaurant has to be visible physically and online as a separate entity in and of itself. That was Grape Hospitality's wager with Happy Dock, the restaurant housed by the Mercure Hotel in Le Havre. The place was refurbished, the menu redesigned by Sophie Menut, the chef at the helm of the kitchen. Today, the restaurant has its own website, and appears as a restaurant in its own right: The Hoxton Grill in London's Hoxton Hotel preserved the already famous Hoxton brand, and followed the model of the Standard in New York: Once its proper identity established, the restaurant has to be promoted and to that end use the right cost-effective online marketing tools. Communicating not as a hotel feature but as a restaurant strengthens the establishment's online presence 80% of people look up restaurants online. They have to be able to see, right next to independent restaurants, suggestions of hotel restaurants welcoming customers who are not guests at the hotel. To that end, restaurants have to be listed online independently from their hotel. Good organic SEO, a smart online communications strategy, a website, and independent Facebook and Instagram accounts are necessary to boost the restaurant's visibility. This is what the Hoxton Grill in London's Hoxton Hotel did on Instagram: A good social media strategy is a way to reach more potential customers, but we also recommend focusing on having strong local roots to widen turnover rates. Developing strong local roots is a way to promote the restaurant to those most likely to become loyal customers Consumers trust products as long as they know where they come from. Working with local growers and producers means getting closer to customers. The Saint James in Bouliac picked that method for the dishes on its menu, but it also went further. The Saint James in Bouliac created the "Saint James Market." Four times a year, on a Sunday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., the hotel invites local growers (who supply the restaurant's kitchen) to sell their products to the public. About 1100 people come every time. The goal of the seasonal market is, as Anthony Torkington relates, is to attract and entice Bordeaux residents to come have lunch or dinner in hotel restaurants: "We highlighted this type of events to promote the establishments and get people talking about them in a different light." Developing strong local roots can also take the form of astute diversification to highlight specific services and improve the restaurant's renown. Diversifying the smart way: by capitalizing on their strengths and proximity to hotels, hotel restaurants have the potential to become drop-in "third places" Introducing new activities associated with the hotel's restaurant is a way to attract a new customer base Diversification is a way for hotel restaurants to take advantage of their strengths, namely how close they are to a hotel and all of its amenities. Indeed, as Olivier Clerc points out, "We have to inject life into hotel restaurants, these days we live in a world where everything is modernized, and we have an obligation to go out and get customers from outside of the hotel." By capitalizing on these assets, hotel restaurants can organize special events and bring in new people inside their walls. Grape Hospitality's restaurants took some interesting initiatives in that regard. Once a month, the Mercure Hotel in Roissy sets up an exhibition by volunteer artists, with a gallery opening to boot, which attracts new people to the hotel, and is also a chance to sell beverages and various meats and cheeses, either at the bar or in the hotel. By taking advantage of the existing hotel structures, the restaurant can develop a range of products aimed at customers outside of the hotel Hotels usually serve breakfasts which more or less resemble what a brunch would look like (eggs, cheese, charcuterie etc.). Starting with the advantages they already had, the Amour Hotel and the Marriott Champs lyses developed a brunch offer to attract customers outside the hotel. One way to promote their new diversified offer was to collaborate with influencers. Two of them, pia_mbd and callmevoyou were invited to try the brunch and share their experience on their social media accounts. Their audience, for the most part young, urban, and for whom brunch is a fact of life, was able to discover the hotel restaurant's new offer. One of the oldest English traditions is the afternoon tea, and it is more than renowned in London: in some of the most beautiful hotels such as the Ritz London, one has to wait several months for a seat a one of its tables set for tea. The tradition has since crossed the pond and hotels in Paris seized the opportunity to fill their salons and generate new avenues for revenue. Indeed, hotels like the Shangri La or the Westminster Hotel have developed a "Tea Time" service catering to a younger audience, and resorted to influencers to promote it. Another example of smart diversification: Olivier Thomas, director of the Blagnac Pullman near Toulouse, saw that the restaurant's lunch revenue was seriously impeded by the proximity of a number of office cafeterias. The simple lunch menu was not enough to attract the surrounding business crowd. Seeing this, Olivier Thomas developed a special menu with real added value and a competitive edge: "packages," or lunch formulas to which he added a pass granting access to the pool, a massage, or a sports class within the hotel. Going beyond with a strong concept grants hotel restaurants a new appeal Still at Grape Hospitality, the Mercure in Sophia Antipolis took in a restaurant with quite a strong concept: "In the Dark. Dinner is served in pitch-black darkness by nonseeing people. The experience goes beyond the simple meal; senses are thrown. Deprived from their sight, customers are invited to re-evaluate their perception of taste. This buzzworthy initiative was a way to promote both the hotel and the restaurant, and to bring in a new audience. The success was such that the collaboration was renewed. We would like to kindly thank the hotel restaurant professionals who took the time to answer our questions: Pierre-Louis Renou, Area General Manager for the Barrire Group in Cannes. He manages three hotels: the Majestic Cannes, the Gray d'Albion Cannes, and the Carl Gustaf St Barth. Anthony Torkington, former General Manager at the Saint James in Bouliac. He was just named new General Director of Relais & Chteaux. Olivier Clerc, Director of Restaurant Operations at Grape Hospitality. Launched in 2017, Grape Hospitality is the owner, operator, and manager of 85 hotels in 8 European countries, which represents over 9000 rooms operated under a franchise contract.
Top Quality Bed Linen
The introduction of bed linenIt is said that using the information gathered from online reviews, a manufacturer can create better bed linen. So, it is understandable that some businesses are trying to increase their profits by using the same approach.Tips for bed linenBed linen, like clothes and towels, is made of different materials. Different types of fabric have different properties. For example, cotton fabrics are soft and don’t trap the air in the room. But polyester has a tendency to stretch and compress air in the room. If you want your bed linen to be soft but not too tight around your body, choose a fabric that can breathe and prevent body odor from coming out into the room.How to use bed linen?This is a world of applications and technologies. The bed linen industry is always doing something new to better up the way we sleep. With the help of technology, they are able to make our lives even better.Here, the author explains how bed linen can be used for different purposes like giving us a more comfortable sleep, improving hygiene or providing us with great comfort at work. In addition, he also discusses some of the technical details about these technologies.Section topic: How to use video editing software?Introduction: With time, people have become more and more interested in watching videos on their computers or mobiles. They do this because it gives them an opportunity to interact with a real person who lives in another country and offers some interesting advice on how to make their life better in that country.The specifications of bed linenBed linen is a luxury product which requires impeccable care and quality. This section discusses the different types of bed linen and their specifications.The product instructions of bed linenA manufacturer of bed linen has provided instructions for customers on how to wash their sheets. However, there are many people who feel that washing bed linens is a tedious task. For this reason, most people will turn to online resources for the product instructions. Since the product instructions for bed linen cannot be found in a single place, social media and search engines have been used as a resource for these instructions.The application of bed linenA bed linen is a functional piece of clothing that is used to move people from one place to another. It has a specific function and there are many applications in which it can be used.A bed linen is not just a functional piece of clothing, it has an emotional and visual effect on the users. They use the bed linen to move themselves from one room to another or for example cover up their tired bodies.With an AI writing assistant you can make sure that your content will look more appealing and more professional than before, while making sure that it doesn't have any unnecessary information or receive any irrelevant comments.
What Are Interesting and Innovative Topics I Can Write About for a Coffee Table Book of 25-30 Pages?
Books, Philosophy, Science, Romance, Tourist, Madness...... any topic can be made interesting. The point is where your comfort lies.It would be a topic which is close your heart rather than something which is interesting and innovative.I believe the final output of the book would be innovative and interesting when you have penned down your inner thoughts. Correct me if I am wrong. What are interesting and innovative topics I can write about for a coffee table book of 25-30 pages?I want to write a coffee table book of around 25-30 pages. What are the intreseting and innovative topic I can write about?1. How can I fix the corners of my coffee table that my puppy chewed up?sand it paint it then polish it learned it from my husband2. What is the proper placement of a coffee table book?If it were such a big issue, and people were fighting over something so stupid. I would put the stupid coffee table book, in the bin. Its such a petty thing to get in a quarrel over.3. Iam looking for a pice off burl wood to make a coffee table?Fly to North CA and go 4WD in the forest, look for downed trees4. How long should a coffee table be in relation to the couch?2/3 the length of the couch and within arms reach of anyone seated on the couch5. What items are on your coffee table right now?Sunday's paper, a vase of artificial silk roses, a clock, the TV remote and a pair of socks. I need to straighten up a bit. : ) I like trivia too! Wow the tootsie roll has been around that long? Who would have known.6. AHHH! crazy kid here again! game ideas??play with shaving creem on the window or coffee table (if it's not wood) it wont hurt clothing, upholstery, tile floor, laminates ect and it's really not that hard to clean up. when i watch neices and nephews i have a clean tile floor and coffee table when they are gone:)7. Coffee table used as a TV stand?its no big deal both of my t.v.s are on bureaus8. Wood Workers: Best glue/way to fix a peeling veneer edge on a coffee table?Use regulars wood carpenters glue clamp it and let dry 1 day but be sure to use a damp cloth to get rid of excess glue after you clamp it9. Oh no I got nail polish remover on the coffee table and the top layer of color came off?!?!?nail polish remover coffee table top layer color10. What kind of coffee table should I pair with my couch?lol we've had many spare rooms over the years. in this abode the spare room replaced decrease decrease backward and forward from the customer room to the loft for a collectively as yet we truthfully do use the two those rooms now so our spare room is the basement. what is in there? Oh reliable grief. what is not in there. a set of containers, distinctive that have been packed and not to be opened over 10 years interior the previous, trip decorations, a greenhouse (one that is working i propose), particularly some books, fabric, all my stitching factors, pc desks, previous desktops, previous electronics, all our video clips and albums and cassette tapes and CDs (all that stuff is on complicated drives now), muddle containers for the kitties, paint cans, particularly some the guitars (the foremost considerable living room holds a reliable quantity of the musical units in our abode), previous toddler outfits and stuff like strollers, and. .... a ton of stuff from collectively as i grew to become non secular and do not probable % to do away with yet am placing out as much as replace into bored of storing. i am indoors the approach doing my spring cleansing and hubby asked if we could placed the basement on the checklist. i am hoping that checklist of stuff is shorter in a pair of weeks. :) we are going to grant what we can to charity and pitch some thing. of course, some we are going to keep11. Where can I find a black lacquer glossy coffee table?Most likely at Ikea or Big lots..try those...might find it there
Stainless Steel Table Legs,Stainless Steel Table Bases,Stainless Steel Legs for Countertops & Granit
Almost all of the table legs and metal table legs we sell can be professionally custom cut to your exact height specifications. We import our legs and bases in 3 heights: 28" dining, 34" counter and 40" bar height. If you need any custom height in-between these we can take a longer leg and cut it down for you. This will only take a few days. If you can not find a table leg suitable for your application, we can see if we can build it for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss manufacturing your table leg design. We can often provide a quote within 48 hours of receiving your request in writing. Our fabricators are not artists or copy existing designs from expensive stores. We do round legs in 4, 6 and 8 inch diameters, we can change the top steel plate size and add levelers on the bottom. Powder coat or chrome plated finishes are available We need 3 weeks to produce these legs plus shipping time.What are these bumps on my legs?Aspirin contains BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which is a powerful defoliant and great at helping unclog pores and clear blemishes. It's recommended that you use the Aspirin mask / scrub once a week. Step 1: Take 6 - 8 uncoated aspirin tablets in cup or bowl and crush them in to a powder. Step 2: Add a few drops of warm/hot water, allow vera gel or honey, now stir until you have a thick white paste. You may need to add more water to achieve the right consistency. Step 3: Spread over the entire area, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. You will know when 15 minutes is up as the mask is likely to start falling off. Step 4: Wash off the mask with warm water and a gentle cleanser, as you wash gently massage, the grains will help exfoliate and reveal softer, glowing skin. Step 5: Gently pat dry. - more pimple home remedy options. - some people from the net share their home remedies for how to get rid of acne. - a list of more natural ways for removing pimples. - a site dedicated to natural acne treatments. hope i've helped!gudluck.Why do i get whiteheads on my legs after i wax them?Its because when you wax or shave its cutting the hair below your skin. when it grows back sometimes it can curl (causing the hair to grow under the skin) this then creates a little pimple so when you pop it theres a new hole for the hair to grow through. It happens to me sometimes :) To avoid getting this its best to leave a tiny bit of hair poking out. ( im not sure how easy that is for a girl due to they like smooth skin lol) But the best way for a girl is not to wax or shave really hard (do it gently) Hope this helps :)Ladies do you shave your armpit, legs and .......?I shave all areas but he dosent and it dosent really matter to mehow can i make my legs smoother and more beyonce-e-er?wear like 3 pairs of tightsCan someone help me with removing hair from my arms,fore arms,legs and thighs.I AM SUICIDAL!?You are suicidal about shaving??????????Why are there some spiders with 7 legs?There are a couple of reasons this can happen.One reason for this is that the spider may have lost a leg in a fight or some other accident.The other reason which I do not think anyone has mentioned yet is that spiders can sometimes have an imperfect moult. This means that they may have been disturbed or moved while moulting and as a result could have lost a leg or could have a malformed leg.However, usually, regardless of the reason, a spider can grow its legs back in a few more moultsWhy do humans have legs?Well, Um... We use our legs for uh, transportation if you have not noticed by nowone of my balls hurt after i do running or some exercise with my legs..what do i do?you need to support your package better when you run or exercise ,, wear jock strap or buy briefs that fit snug and wear them while doing those activities,,keep your balls close to the body to avoid any rubbing,,they are delicate ya know
How to Clean Marble Table Tops
Regular cleaning of a marble table top is necessary to keep the table top looking nice and shiny. You can use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water for regular cleaning of dust then dry the top using a soft dry cloth to remove any water droplets. If the marble top needs a more thorough cleaning, you can use a solution of mild soap and water and dry with a soft dry cloth. Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on marble. Marble is a porous stone that will last a very long time with the proper care but as it is porous, it is prone to stains. Whenever stains occur, they should be cleaned up as soon as possible to minimize the lasting effect. A mixture of 4/5 water and 1/5 hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean up a stain. Dampen a tissue with the solution, lay it over the stain for approximately four hours, then wipe up the stain. Repeat if necessary. Repeated washing of a marble table top will dull the surface. When you notice that the surface is dull you will want to polish the marble to bring back the original shine and elegance. There are commercial marble stone polishes that can be bought for this purpose. Using polish to clean marble should not dim the color because marble polish is a substance designed to enhance the appearance of the marble. When you use this type of product, it will provide an extra shine and keep the marble looking like new. If used properly, it will make the color both clearer and brighter. When you polish your marble surface, use the appropriate type of polish for your material. You should only purchase marble polish from a marble and stone retailer. Basic marble cleaning products will generally not remove minor scratches from the surface. If you have scratches on the surface of your marble sink or countertop, a specialty cleaner will only clean them. It will do nothing to actually remove them. If you want to remove the scratches, you may need to use a polisher. To do so, sand the top layer of the marble with a light piece of sandpaper, then apply a polish to the surface. It will generally remove the light scratches and significantly improve the look of the marble surface.1. How can I know which marble is the best?Kindly read my earlier answer on similar questionBharat Bhushan Singal's answer to Which is the best Indian marble, and where can I buy it from?Thanks2. Probability of picking the red marble twiceThe value is equivalent to an infinite series according to the function: SUM(n=1,inf,(1/2n)^2)Equivalent to: (1/4)SUM(n=1,inf,1/n^2)Which the latter returns: pi^2/6, divided by 4 gives us pi^2/24, or roughly 41.1%. It definitely feels odd that in this case it is more likely that this procedure will continue infinitely than it is that it would eventually end. Very interesting problem!3. how do I make the marble floor shine?They make products to do just this. First you must clean the floor well. Of course they sell a product for this too. Then you use the polish. A buffer with a lambs wool pad is best to use on the buffer. Buffer and a marble polish works best. Don t use any other types of products such as mirror polish or waxes since they may ruin the marble or stain it permanently. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL4. (PDF) UTILIZATION OF MARBLE DUST IN FIRED CLAY BRICKSPakistan has huge reserv es of marble and marble processing factories which brings massive measures of wastes as slurry. This waste may be appropriate to be utilized as a part of structural building development purposes. This study plans to examine a couple of properties with respect to the utilization of this material in ceramic clay. This res earch effort covers the use of marble dust in various proportions for the formation of bricks. The percentages utilized were up to 30% at an amplification of 5% by weight for specimen of marble dust. Bricks containing marble dust in various proportions were formed, dried and afterward burnt in oven at ce rtain temperature. Bulk density, porosity, water absorption and compres ve strength were determined for these bricks. It was observed that lightweight bricks with minor difference in t values of bulk density were delivered . It was viewed that porous bricks up t 52.32% that of standard bricks were delivered by utilizing 30 % by weigh t of marble dust. Therefore, the water absorption was expanded up to 35.92%. The compressive strength diminished until 4.84 M . The results states that the waste marble du st powder can be use d as clayey materials at certain replacement level. This wo not just lessen the soil erosion yet will likewise decre ase Pakistan is a land of wealthy natural resources and has a huge potentia l in dimension stone sector such as marble, granite and Onyx. Pakistan has significant deposits of high qua lity marble and granite in a range of colors, shades and p atterns. Pakistan has massive assets o f marble. According to an estimate of P akistan Stone Develo pment Com pany (PASDE C), above 300 billion tons of marble are available in the country. Moreover there are reserves in Buneer, Chitral, Swat Parachinar, Gilgit, Hunza, Swabi, authority of Pakistan, 2011). total once-a-month marble production is around 1 million tons in which 50% of it comes from the province Baluchistan and 450,000 to 525,000 tons of marble To clean and slice to est imate, these marble pieces are then dispatched from the quarries to m arble Thus in quarries due to blasting practices and in marble preparing units, marble w aste in the form of slurry is made. The waste produces in quarries is made out of odd pieces of various sizes and shapes and superfluous rock destruction. These are being arranged in the empty spaces close-by and subsequently there is no precise method for transfer of these wastes making enormous hills of wast es The waste from the industrial faci lities is as s lurry which is a burden on the earth , . Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate the two sorts of wastes connected with marble generation in quarries and marble
How Do I Stop Lights From Flashing When I Turn on My Table Saw?
I believe that the lights are cutting off because the motor is drawing all of the available current when it starts. In other words, the lights which are on the same cicuit are being deprived of power. If you use a variable frequency drive (VFD) to control your motor, then the motor will only be allowed to draw a limited amount of current. From wikipedia: In starting a motor, a VFD initially applies a low frequency and voltage, thus avoiding high inrush current associated with direct-on-line starting1. what is the difference between voltage stabilizer and voltage regulator?Function wise both are same ,Domestic usage generally called voltage stabilizer whether it is servo controlled or Electronic controlled.In Automobile Generator or Alternator controls are called voltage Regulator.In Industries Regulated power supplies are used for spl. machine,& controls. In generator AVR(Automatic voltage Regulators) Electronic control cards are used.Some Generator Transformer AVR can change automatic tap changers also used .Some Ic like 723,7805,7812,7905 etc. are also called regulator for fixed or variable voltage regulator in DC power suplies.2. Which One Is Better, A Servo Voltage Stabilizer Or Static Voltage Stabilizer?Undoubtedly, fluctuation in voltage is a common problem. So, what you do to overcome such problem? For sure, you will take the help of a stabilizer. It's because this is the only device that reduces fluctuations in voltage and let your device perform its function smoothly. Selecting amid Servo Voltage Stabilizer or Static Voltage Stabilizer is an important decision, which you should take after understanding all aspects. For this, first, you have to identify the dissimilarities between the both. To know the difference between both the stabilizers, go below and take a look. Connection Time: To understand the difference between both of its types first you need to understand, which device takes more connection time, so, you will invest your time and money in the right device. A Servo Voltage Stabilizer has high-voltage correction speed and therefore, it takes less connection time than the Static Voltage Stabilizer. Level Of Protection: No doubt, the main function of a stabilizer is to give protection to the heavy duty machinery from under or over current fault due to short circuits. Therefore, it requires instant aid to solve such problem, which can be only provided by a Servo Voltage Stabilizer than a Static one. Maintenance Required: A Servo Stabilizer has a powerful motor, which helps it to beat the level of an output voltage and let it transfer the only required amount of power to its connected device and therefore, its motor require time to time maintenance. On the other hand, Static Stabilizer has no moving parts and therefore, there is no need of maintenance. Reliability: Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a modern device based on cutting-edge technology and therefore, it is a more reliable option for your commercial, industrial as well as residential equipment than a Static Stabilizer. For now, you may know the difference between both the devices, so, you can easily make a right decision and invest in the right place. So, what are you waiting for? If you think without using a stabilizer your device can perform its function properly, so, you are living in a maze. It's because these fluctuations in voltage may damage your device and reduce its operating life so it's good to take appropriate action as quick as it is possible. A stabilizer may provide a stable amount of voltage to your device every time and helps to remove all such barriers that come in your production.3. How to hook a car sub woofer up to a home theater system?Oh boy, more misinformation regarding car electronics used in the house. No, you do not need a transformer. No, you wo not burn up the wires. But the simple truth is, your power supply is too small by more than an order of magnitude. You will probably just blow the fuse and not a lot else. How big is a car subwoofer? How big is your amp? 100W? 200? God forbid 1000W? Look at the amp and see if you can find its RMS power output rating, or that of the sub itself. Use the lower of the two if they differ. This is the amount of power you want to produce. Note that the amp gets warm when under heavy use in the car - that heat comes from inefficiency within the amp. It also equates to more power required. In order to produce N watts of output, you might need 1.25*N watts of input power (this assumes 80% efficiency). For instance, if your amp outputs 1000W, you might need 1250W of input power. Now let's look at your power supply. If Power in watts = Current in amps * Voltage, then 3 amps * 13.8V is 41.4 watts. Now how much power does your amp draw? I thought so. That supply's just not big enough - 30A or more is more appropriate. And this is why most people attempting this use PC power supplies - they are a cheap and readily-accessible source of huge amounts of current at 12V. A 500W PC power supply is under $50 these days, and the conversion into a suitable supply for this sort of thing is fairly simple. Check Instructables or Google for PC power supply conversion instructions. That's probably the easiest way to accomplish what you are trying to do.
Clear Beer Pong Table Top Ideas?
Okay lets first discuss your options. There is acrylic (aka Plexiglas, Lucite, etc.) and polycarbonate (aka Lexan). Plexiglas tends to run a little cheaper from certain distributors and you can shop around for it but Lexan is an EXCELLENT option for the application you are wanting it for and can often be found in the larger sheets that you are looking for. Home Depot has clear acrylic sheets in your size for $99. Prices are going to be about that or a little bit more. Even a sheet of reinforced glass or glass squares will be way over that. Shop around though, with the information above, and you might be able to find a better price. Good luck!1. Students in lab measure the speed of a steel ball launched horizontally from a table top to be 3.2 m/s.?Hello Shae, the time to cross the vertical distance 1.90- 0.20 i.e 1.70 m after launching is got from S = (1/2) g t^2 Here S = 1.70 m and g = 9.8 m/s^2 So t = ./ *1.70/9. = 0.589 s 0.6 s With non changing horizontal velocity 3.2 m/s, the horizontal dist covered will be 3.2 * 0.6 s = 1.92 m So tin coffee can is to be kept at a distance of 1.92 m2. Leisure Sports & Game Room Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sports & FitnessSharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere,Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sharper Image Game Table,: Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors, Top Selling Products Online Shopping For Fashion Get fast delivery and lowest price. Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sharper Image. : Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors. : Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors. BRING TABLE TENNIS VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE. Our retractable ping pong set lets you enjoy the game without the need for the bulk of a full ping pong table. An ITTF standard regulation size net of 5 feet wide ensures your matches are as competitive as the pros. EASILY ATTACHES TO ANY TABLE. The sturdy spring action clamps allow the net to attach to any table, with a generous allowance of 2 inches. The net fits any table width up to 5 feet, and when you are done, revert it back when finished: a push of the trigger makes the net retract and collapse. INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR A COMPLETE GAME. The tennis table set is ready for a match right out of the box, and includes two paddles, three ping pong balls, the retractable net, and a carrying pouch. CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL. Portability at its finest! The retractable net is easy to store, and the carrying pouch can fit all of the components. Take the set with you on the road: it's perfect for camping trips, indoor and outdoor parties, picnics, and more! QUALITY MATERIALS THAT LAST. The components of this set are just as high quality as a full table tennis kit! The paddles boast solid wood and durable rubber faces, and the ping pong balls the appropriate weight for a truly pro experience. Table tennis - anytime, anywhereWith our retractable table tennis set, you do not need to bother with bulky ping pong tables. Easily convert your dining table, picnic table, or any other table with a width up to five feet into a DIY ping pong table!Easy to set up and take down - right out of the boxSet up and start a match in a matter of seconds! The net stretches up to five feet, but can be attached to smaller width tables. Simply extend the net to the desired width and use the trigger clamps to attach the net to the table, and you are good to go!Includes everything you need for a matchWith the included two paddles and three ping pong balls, you will be ready to play in no time! The retractable net is ITTF regulation height and width, so play like a pro.Conveniently compact for easy storageWhen you are finished, simply collapse the net and conveniently store the whole set in the included mesh bag. The compact size makes the set incredibly easy to store and travel with, unlike full sized table tennis tables that take up a lot of storage space, even if foldable or collapsible. Features: Full ping pong set ready to play right out of the box Collapsible net is highly portable and easy to store Takes seconds to set up and take down Turn any table into a table tennis court!Includes: Retractable table tennis net 2x ping pong paddles 3x ping pong balls Mesh carrying pouch Ready for a match? Click "Add to Cart" and it's game on! Equine Dental Superior Full Mouth Speculum with Leather Straps., Airacker Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Batteries & Lanyard Pulse PR Heart Rate Monitors and Spo2 Reading Oxygen Meter.. Aramox Kicking Pad 15x7.48x1.96inch Double Clapper Taekwondo Kick Pad Striking Pad Kicking Targets Training Paddles for Karate Taekwondo Kickboxing Training. Medium 2pc Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 66, MRX MMA Grappling Gloves Boxing Cage Fight Traning Gloves, Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series, HealthyBells Bungee Anchor Line Stretches from 14 Feet to 50 Feet 2,500 Pounds of Tensile Strength. Mauccau Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine Portable Treadmill for Home Small Spaces Office Gym Walking Jogging Exercise Fitness Low Noise. Under Armour Mens Cotton Stretch V-Neck Undershirt 2-Pack, Comes with Neck Ribbon Prime 2 Gold Graduate Achievement Medal Award Graduation Medals, Uflex MACHZEROX18 MACHZero Engine Control Cable 18. Yiilove Adjustable Dumbbell Bench Deluxe Foldable Weight Bench for Fitness Training Multi-Purpose Home Gym Exercise Flat Bench, Reebok Womens DASHEX TR 2.0 Track Shoe. Find-MyWay Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 Band,Charge 2 Accessories Stainless Steel Bracelet Women Men Wristbands Strap Rose Gold Silver Compatible for Charge 2 Fitness Tracker. We Will Actively Solve Your Problem Within 12 Hours Of The Working Day. New Balance Women's Rise V1 Cushioning Running Shoe. you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. Item model number: LF15249614KY4Y07RP16, MULTIFUNCTION: With Soft Polyester Back And Additional Internal Zipper Pocket To Store Keys. Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. 6 panel trucker with pre-curved bill, Customer Serivce: All SIMARI customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and An One Year Warranty, Ideal for tough grinding applications where final finish is important. whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (1/4") or less in diameter. rounded hem and short sleeve for comfort and style, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. Hand Wash Reverse Side And Use Gentle Detergent. orders due to slight color contrasts. Boys Dos Personalized Birthday Shirt Boys 2nd Birthday Shirt, Original Butterick Sewing Pattern for Doll Clothing for doll size 16 inches (Length). * Powder coated finish that protects against chips and scratches, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. (5 1/2 x 4 1/4) * Packaged - Ready for gift giving, If you know your actual ring size then please leave the details in the message to seller box that appears when you place the item in your basket. it is delivered to you in a little jewelry bag for easy gifting or storage, Upgrade your order using these options:, Make your walls pop with this beautiful and modern 3D removable subway tile. Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. but will be the same great fabric. Blue Jade Faceted Bead Dyed Blue Jade Faceted Nugget 15mm, so you should buy more to decorate your DIY accessories. Over-dyed fabric with enzyme silicone wash. ABB S262DC C32 Circuit Interrupter, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. 2004 Dale Earnhardt Jr#8 Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Monte Carlo /24 Scale Diecast Car Hood Opens, through the swimming can strengthen the body.3. I need help locating the aluminum hockey puck looking hardware pieces a glass table top is fastened to?Totaly
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