How Long Does It Take to Make Money Back on a New Air Conditioner?

Let's see.. Maybe $50/mo on average house with high efficiency unit? So, let's say 6 month by $50 - $300 per year. Given $5000 unit - it will take unit's lifetime to pay for itself :)I have friends in HVAC business and to be honest - if your unit works - I would keep on using it. My other house have 30 year unit and with maintenance it still works good. Yes, maybe not as efficient but it works. And I do not have to spend $5000

1. Should a caring sensible father hide the keys if his seventeen year old son buys a motorbike?

This advice is coming from someone who loves motorcycles, I currently have 4 bikes in my garage. I ride year round, including doing 2000 mile vacations/camping trips on my motorcycles.Now you are in a pickle. Taking the keys away makes you the bad guy and should they make another bad decision they wo not come to you for advice. It is a bad decision to buy a motorcycle at that age. I think it's time for a heart to heart explaining why it's a bad decision.Motorcycles are inherently dangerous and you can not make them safe. Does the bike have ABS and Traction Control? It definitely does not have crumple zones, airbag (unless its a Honda Gold Wing), seat belts, etc. that have made cars safer and safer.This is the most dangerous time of their life when their brain tells them they are indestructible and it wo not happen to them. They know it happens to other people, but they are different and will be careful, smarter, better, etc. Insurance companies charge them a higher premium just because they are under 25 years of age.Find out what type of bike did they get. This will say a lot about if they are ready. If the bike has over 50 hp like a 600cc(100hp) or 1000cc(100hp-185hp) Sportbike Supersport motorcycles have highest death rate, I would say they are not ready. Upkeep is expensive and happens a lot sooner than a car. You should clean the chain every 500 miles. Oil Change round 3000 to 5000 miles. Tires last about 5000 to 10000 miles. Chains about 30000 miles. Valve jobs around 12000 to 25000 miles. Parts wear out faster on a motorcycle.Think about who just sold the bike and why? Did they decide the risk was not worth it? Upkeep was getting too expensive? There's a reason someone is selling their bike. Gear is expensive. Helmets are $100 to $600. Jackets cost around $200 to $600. Pants the same. Gloves around $50 to $200. Boots $100 to $300. They need training and should take a Motorcycle Safety Course. After completing it they will know how to ride a motorcycle safely in a parking lot in single file line going 30 mph. This is better than trying to learn this on their own. Cars and trucks just do not notice motorcycles, which makes sharing the road with them dangerous.If they screw up they are in trouble. There is no do-over. If he survives the screw-up, he's in for a world of pain.If you put your foot down and take the keys. He will just move the bike to a friends house and ride without letting you know

2. Energy Word Problem-Has to do with kWh/yr converting to kWh?

This is NOT an engineering problem. It is an arithmetic problem. Please note. Having said that... here's the arithmetic. 1 Kwh costs 13.5 c so 600Kwh costs $13.5 x 600 / 100 = $81 per year and 1880 Kwh costs $13.5 x 1880 / 100 = $253.80 per year

3. How many times in a month will you change the oil in your car?

done i change mine once or twice a year have so for 35 yrs my car a 98 ford over 380,000 miles runs great last car 98 ford over 400,000 miles ran great il crash i change my oil like every 5000 to 8000 miles i drive about 10,000 to 15,000 a year two oil changes per year pretty much have done it that way since i started driving about 35 yrs ago and i have got over 400,000 out of last six cars couple had over 480,000 miles and out of the hundred ive owned maybe three died with a motor problem one nissan one ford three dodges several chevys drove a 70 datsun three yrs without a oil change at all you would need to drive a lot of miles in a month to need to change your oil that much over 2000 a week and not many people drive that in a month every three or four months is good enough 5000 miles at least every 8000 three times a year maybe four not every month

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