How Old Should a Child Be Before Sleeping in a Baby Bed

The age of the child is less important as is their development status. If the child is able to stay in the bed without rolling over and out of the side, then it is okay to let them sleep in there.

did you wash your babies bedding?

bedding, undershirts, sleepers, socks and hats. some of the outfits i did not wash because if he's really big they wo not fit and i can return them.

Baby Bedding?

i saw some on ebay...brand new...check it out. theres tons of online stores through ebay too. good luck!!

What are good sites for baby bedding and room sets? is great!

Color Of Baby Bedding to get??

eddie beaur bedding may have those kinds of colors in it. not sure tho g luck

Do you like this baby bedding?

I do not like gingham, sorry- it does not look very comfy. That's what matters, after all, more than how it looks

pollka dot baby bedding?

target has cute polka dots i got it in the store, but sure they have it online too..or try baby boutiques (more expensive) Target was about $100 for the whole set, quilt, bumper, 2 sheets, and bed skirt...

Purchased my baby bedding this morning...what do you think?

I definitely love it. I was just reading that you should try to make a nursery more neutral in case of future children but if I was having a girl, I would want every thing girly. I found one on ebay that was blue, I thought was neutral but it turned out to have like bunnies on it

Is there anywhere cheaper to find my baby bedding?

walmart is probably as cheap as they get sorry

Colors for baby bedding? Is red a bad thing?

huh? i have never heard if red being a bad colour for a baby! its good, its bright its bold and good for your baby to look at! it will keep them amused and good for their colour developments!!!

How many baby bedding sets do you own?

I only have one because all the stuff in her room matches. (lamp, decorations, light switch cover, drapes!) I do have an extra sheet that matches though! Get two if you want. They might come in handy if the baby spits up a lot or when you are potty training! Then you wo not have to do mid night laundry.

Baby bedding for new baby?

in basic terms because of the fact of those motives which you named, i offered a breathable bumper, and the products of the set that i needed on the grounds which you are able to purchase all issues separate (extremely some the time) and that i nonetheless ended up with the subject that i needed in the room. extra useful yet, it became out to be extra fee-efficient than getting the set! :)

Looking for music-themed baby bedding?

There is a rainforest one at Babies R Us...they had tons to choose from all different could check there. I know they have a website

We want baby bedding....?

I would get them made by someone..... That way you can ask to make it just thee way you want it...or you will never be happy with anything else, believe me

Due in 5 weeks. Question about baby bedding?

It's all glamour, no baby needs to sleep surrounded by $200 worth of stuffed material. The crib duvets are unsafe to use in the crib anyway, and bumpers need to be removed as soon as your little one begins to pull themselves up. If you want a bumper and some matching items, Babies R Us do mix and match items. We went with a blue, star covered bumper, white sheets with blue and navy stars on, and a blue, star covered swaddling blanket, all for about $40, and it did the job perfectly! Simple is best, to be honest, my first son hated the crib at first, it was too big and open for him, so we put the next two in a moses basket and they both slept great! Up to 6-7 hours at a time from about 6wks!

Best place to buy baby bedding?

I just went to a friends baby shower she was register at Babies R Us and the prices there were great! Her baby bedding was maybe $200 at the most and was like everything you could imagine for a crib!

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