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My dining room has had a few different looks over the years. One thing that has stayed the same, however, has been the dining table. We love the table that was given to us by some friends when we lived in Vegas. It has beautiful legs and has fit well in our small dining nook. A year and a half or so ago I built a larger top that fit over the original top. It was so nice having a larger top but I did not like the edge coming down so far and I thought that the deep edge, plus the black, ended up making it feel bulky. This time when I built a new tabletop, I removed the original top all together and built a new top for the legs. It is easier than you might think to build a tabletop yourself!

What color chairs should I pair with this dining table?

Your table is lovely! You have a lot of options for chair colors such as green, red, grey or chocolate brown

What is the Best wood for a Dining Table?

Nothing looks as amazing in any dining room setting quite like a solid wood dining table. With so many sizes, shapes, woods, and accessories to choose from, you may be asking yourself, what is the best wood for a dining table? Texas Furniture Hut wants to help you answer this question by helping you choose a solid wood dining table that will look wonderful and last for years to come. Here is the information you need to know: Maple: Found mostly in North America, maple is a nice, hard wood that works well for dining room tables. It combines durability with a refined, bright color to give it the qualities most desired in a dining room table. Maple tends to appear light in color with a golden tone but can also veer on the deep golden brown side as well. Mango: Mango wood comes from, you guessed it, the mango tree! Abundant in places such as South Asia, mango wood is another hardwood that performs well as furniture. One of the greatest qualities of a mango wood dining table is that it offers a high resistance to water, which can be harmful to wood tables. Mango wood on its own usually appears medium in color, reflecting a gold/brown gradient. Acacia: Acacia wood is native to Australia but can also be found in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. Acacia is a wonderful wood to make furniture out of as it is incredibly durable and produces a brilliant shine when polished. Dining tables made out of Acacia look elegant. This wood can take on several finishes but mostly appears as a rich medium to dark brown with notes of caramel. Cherry: Cherry has been the crème de la crème of the wood world for many years now. This is because cherry is usually carefully selected before being incorporated into furniture and flooring. Special measures are taken to make sure the wood looks consistent and carries the best visual qualities before it's used for construction. Prime cherry wood is found heavily in the USA in states including Vermont, New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Healthy cherry trees can also be found in parts of Mexico. Cherry has a gorgeous sheen, auburn/red tint, and looks lighter in color but can be stained to look darker. Walnut: Found in its native North America, walnut serves as an amazing wood for furniture. It is a sturdy wood that often shows up in modern designs. Walnut offers a larger gradient of colors and can be extremely light or very dark in color. Walnut has a true grain and looks amazing in a dining room setting. Wood can be given various finishes to reflect a different color but keep the quality of the wood in tact. From professional to DIY stain and finish recipes, a new finish can easily alter the look of any room. You Will Need: • None Next day, rub in stain with steel wool to the unfinished wood • None Let dry about 20 minutes between layers; add as many as needed to get desired color • None Seal with polyurethane when completely dry (opt to not use sealant for a rustic look) Reclaimed wood can be especially delicate and require special handling. For example, reclaimed wood should be cleaned quickly when there is a spill with a soft, dry cloth. For stuck on spills, lightly dampen the cloth if needed. Do the best you can to keep your reclaimed wood dining table clean and free from dust and dirt by wiping it down regularly with a soft, dry cloth. When it comes to cleaning solutions, try to only use cleaning products when necessary. Additional moisture can damage the look and quality of reclaimed wood. Another potentially unknown hazard to your reclaimed wood dining table could be the sun. Open homes with natural lighting look wonderful, but can be damaging to wood furniture. Limit the amount of sunlight that your table is being exposed to by closing blinds and drapes, or covering the table when it is not in use by a light, soft table cloth. When searching for a fantastic solid wood dining table, now you will know the answer to the question, what is the best wood for a dining table? A high quality solid wood dining table is durable, beautiful, classic, and will never go out of style; it will serve you and your family for many years to come. Come on in and browse our larger dining selection to find your perfect dining room addition.

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