How to Get a Vintage 1930's Wardrobe?

(love their bathing suits!) I would also recommend picking up the magazine BUST, they have advertisements for companies with antique clothing styles, and it's a really good magazine, that is how I found mod cloth

1. Where are good vintage stores in Austin, TX?

hard thing. research over yahoo or google. just that could actually help!

2. Vintage names to go with Genevieve Rosemary Charlotte?

Imogen / Imogene (Maiden, Innocent, Daughter, Girl, From the Celtic name Innogen which derives from "inghean". Literary: The name has connotations of the perfect heroine as used in Shakespeare's play "Cymbeline" (1609) and Sir Walter Scott's novel "The Heart of Midlothian". The name Imogen was adopted by English speakers in the late 19th Century.) (English, Irish, Gaelic) (IHM-ow-JHehN, EM-o-jen, Imo- Jen, EM-uh-jen, Em-oh-jean, Imo-Jean, EM-uh-jean) Clara (Clear, Bright, Famous, Post Classical name from the feminine form of the adjective "Clarus". In the modern English- speaking world, it represents a re-Latinization of the normal English form Clare. The name Clarus was borne by a few early saints. The feminine form was popularized by the 13th Century Saint Clare of Assisi (called Chiara in Italian), a friend and follower of Saint Francis, who left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares. As an English name it has been in use since the Middle Ages, originally in the form Clare, though the Latinate spelling Clara became more popular in the 19th Century. Also a nickname for Clarissa. Made famous in the 1920's by the silent film actress Clara Bow, known as "the It girl", because whatever "it" was, she had it.) (Latin) (KLAH-rah (Italian, German, Spanish), KLER- (English), KLAR- (English), KLAERah (English), KLEHRah (English), KLAARaa (German, Italian, and Spanish), KLAH-rah) Esther (Star, Myrtle Leaf, Biblical: A young Hebrew woman named Hadassah who became the wife of the Persian King Ahasuerus, and risked her life to save her people. The name may also be a Hebrew form of the name of the Persian Goddess of Love, Ishtar. Ester is a Spanish form. It was adopted as an English name in the 17th Century.) (Persian, English) (ESS-ter, EH-stur) Winifred (Blessed Peace, Fair Reconciliation, Peaceful Friend, Derived from the Welsh Gwenfrewi (Blessed Peace), a compound name composed of the elements Gwen (White, Fair, Blessed) and Frewi (Peace, Reconcile), It became used in England in the 16th Century.) (Welsh, Teutonic, English, Old English) (WI-ni-frehd, WIN-i-frid, WIN-ih-fred) Emmeline (Hardworking, Whole, Universal, Immense, Imitating, From an Old French form of the Germanic name Amelina, originally a diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element Amal meaning "Work". Variant form of Emilie (Rival) formed by adding the diminutive suffix -ine: hence "Little Rival". The Normans introduced the name to England.) (English (Archaic), German, Latin, Gothic, Old French, Old German) (EM-e-Leen, EM-a-leen, EH-me-liyn, EHM-ah-LiyiyN) If you need more names you might want to check out my character naming blog...Character Names Galore. I created the blog to help writers and authors find the right name for there characters. I have on my blog the name, meaning, origin, pronunciation, gender and my thoughts on the name. The above names are on there but I have many more. Go to my Yahoo Answers activity page and there is a link to my blog if you wish to check it out. - Cass

3. Who can name these vintage horror movies?

1 The creeping Terror. 2. Sounds like a Tales from Tomorrow story 3 . no clue?

4. What is this vintage Beatles lunchbox worth?

I would give you 150$ for it

5. Where can I find vintage eyewear for men?

THose are going to be pretty prepared to dig deep for the real ones Barney's New York Henri Bendel Nordstroms Saks Fifth Avenue Neiman Marcus all of those stores and others like it sell genuine vintage glasses, but they are in perfect condition so be prepared to spend up to $400 on these frames. You can always wander random consignment shops in large get lucky, sometimes.

6. Is this vintage Gucci bag real?

i do not think its real

7. What is a good vintage style digital camera to buy?

confusing issue look using google and yahoo that will can assist

8. vintage style clothing brands (for men)?

If you want anything really vintage inspired and crafted you need to check out Ralph Lauren's RRL offers the world's best jeans and anything you can think of the brings to mind the American West/Route 66 look. The only thing that stinks about some of the items are the price, but personally I do not care because to me they are absolutely worth. The jeans are $200 a pair, but like I said above you wo not find any better

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