How to Keep Dog From Jumping on Table?

My table is promptly cleaned after meals. Food it put away. Dishes are done. If I left food all over the place, I would deserve for my dog to be as undisciplined as I. They say your dog takes on your personality

1. Can I use a 7" table tile wetsaw to cut laminate wood floor?

Do not , does not work well, use a miter box; quick and easy

2. Accidentally dd'ed an image to wrong drive / overwrote partition table NTFS partition start

You can recreate your partition table with:It does not mean you will be able to recover from your partition though, of course. But ntfsfix might be able to help

3. What's the table called where the headmaster/mistress sits in hogwarts? And who else sit there?

Its called the "High Table" Although the Head and the staff sit there and, as you say, the Head is in the centre, there does not appear to be fixed positions for other staff. (For example, see Hagrid)

4. Survey: What is the longest you will wait for a table at a restaurant? why?

Depends who I am with, if I am with someone that's not very fussy we wo not wait more than five minutes. If I am with someone who reall must have the food there than I guess we will wait for however long they want too

5. what is better dog food or table scraps for a dog?

Depends on the brand of dog food we are talking about

6. So why won't the dems put cuts in entitlement spending on the table?

The democrat spending spree will be continued as far into the future as they can manage. More than ever, we need a party of "no".

7. how do i get my 1 year old to eat less baby food and more "table-food"?????

save your money and make dinner smaller for him. Chop it up or blend it but leave a little bit of lumps in it. Then slowly add more lumps and less blending. You will notices that they willnot see the differents as much. And they will notices that they can eat the same things that you are eating. Or you can do it the old school way like my grand mother did me chew it then give it to me. I think baby like that way the best til they can really eat on their own.

8. I've been trying to play one of your card games for the past 45 min.. can't get a table to come up..?

First, what card game are you talking about? Second, in order to conduct business, YOU need to be exchanging some sort of currency. Exactly how much money are you paying Yahoo! to play this card game? Third, if you obviously are not too upset with the site or you would leave this section of it (Answers) and stop posting stupid "questions". Go away.

9. can any body give me any ideas for cheap table decorations for my wedding.?

Do you ahve a dollar tree around you? if so that they seem to be a stable place to start. top off on tea lighting fixtures furnishings, small vases, flat marbles, bigger candles and candle holders. on the top of halloween / Valentines day, go and purchase the low value wrapped candys. Get those that are sturdy colors or any shade that matcchs your topic. Sprinkle those out on the tables alongside with the marbles and that is an extremely attractive look. alongside with the tea lighting fixtures furnishings on your center peices you may place some photos of you and the recent hubby, upload some pens and enable human beings sign them and write you little notes. you may get some incredibly superb faux vegetation and make your vegetation now so as which you at the instant are not stresses whilst it comes time for the huge day. in case you incredibly need genuine vegetation then attempt to flow with ones that are in season so it is going to shop you alot of money. greater suitable yet, discover a feild with wild vegetation. that should be distinctive and intensely attractive. you may get a gown on the after promenade sells. you will discover bundles of super outfits marked right down to very almost no longer something. Even greater suitable in case you at the instant are not caught on the assumption of a white gown. delicate pink may well be quite. It purely relies upon on ho affordable you are able to go. those acquaintances that are chefs.... can they bake? If no longer you may visit someplace like Publiz, or winn dixie and get a small 3 tier cake and have some sheet truffles made for something of the travelers. acceptable of success!!.

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Help Please! Cold Drink Left White Stain on Wooden Table!?
Help Please! Cold Drink Left White Stain on Wooden Table!?
Use some Mayonaise around the ring. Let it set for about 30 minutes. Wipe Clean. This will help pull the moisture up as it dries1. How do I remove the laminate top from my wooden table?The wood underneath may be wood, but do you know if it is stain grade? It might not be what you think. And I suspect there is a good chance that it is not something worth refinishing. (Were it good wood, it would not have been laminated in the first place.) Not that it matters much -- you will have an impossible time getting the laminate off. It might be time to buy a new table.2. I have a cup mark on a very old wooden table top.?Do not try the old ash trick. Purchase "finely ground pumice stone". With a slightly damp, warm, wet cloth rub it in small circular motions over the affected area. This will remove the mark. I will guarantee it3. How do I remove a oil stain from a wooden table?get some very hot water and some dawn dish soap and rub it out4. Is there something you can put on a wooden table to make scrathches less visable?sand it, apply fresh wood coloring- cedar-then varnish over. good as new5. How to clean water spots from wooden table?Use any volatile liquid like any glass cleaner or you could also use alcohol or petrol. Volatile liquids evaporate at a much faster rate and hence unlike water do not leave stains6. I have an wooden table with glass on top. I need to clean water seepage undr glass w/c is hard to lift.?try slipping a paper towel under the glass to soak up the water. After that, just replace the paper towel until all the water is absorbed. Good luck with that!7. In need of a simple wooden table to go over bed on wheels.?Try a hospital supply store8. Are there natural ways to hide small scratches in my wooden table?There is something called an almond stick that works great for scratches. It comes in a little red tin with a yellow label and can be found in some hardware stores. It only costs a couple of bucks as I remember and lasts a long time.9. ahhhhhhh!!!!! help need ASAP! GOT NAIL POLISH REMOVER ON MOMS BRAND NEW 2,00O DOLAR BROWN WOODEN TABLE! HELP!!?Definitely blot up the solution and let it dry. you are going to have to have it professionally refinished/repaired. I advise that there's no way you are going to be able to hide this from your mom. Do not do anything that will make matters worse. In other words, do not try to fix it yourself. Your mom will want to have it done by a pro. You could get out your phonebook and start asking for prices on the phone so that you can tell your mom about what it will cost, and that you will pay for it10. Is it possible to get the scent of cigarette smoke out of a wooden table?First off...cigarette smell in a TABLE??!! ok so what i would recommend is washing it or scrubbing it with bleach or something, if that doesnt work and its rlly bad.......get a new table tht doesnt have issues11. What should i use to stick newspaper to my wooden table?Use mod podge to glue down the newspaper. Then coat with multiple coats of water based polyurethane12. How can I remove permanent ink from wooden table??Its called PERMANENT for a reason buddy!!!13. How to get these marks off a polished wooden table [picture]?From the picture, it appears that the finish has been scratched. Could have been with a product like the Mr. Clean Magic Sponge, or someone sat something on the table that was a little gritty. You could try ironing the spot. Place wax paper over the marks, followed by a dish towel. Then run the iron over it a few times. Gently lift the paper and see if there is any improvement. If that does not work, the entire table may need to be refinished. Good luck!14. how do i get cotton balls filled with nail polish remover off a wooden table?you can try laying a damp cloth over it, of course this depends also on if the wood is stained or lacquered
Is It Possible to Use a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Garage Door?
Is It Possible to Use a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Garage Door?
It will operate, but I would not hold up hope for much cooling. A garage wo not be insulated, the door wo not be sealed, so you will be trying to cool 'the great outdoors'.1. Do you know of a window/portable air conditioner that is safe in a child's room?Portable air conditioners stay inside your room leaving just a hole for ventilation through your window. Your window stays closed and there should be no danger of anything falling out either. Hope that helps.2. Is it safe to use and rest my laptop on a portable air conditioner?No but an AC has a huge magnetic field, BAD for hard drive!3. will rain hurt my soleus air portable air conditioner?All things are possible, grasshopper. Your biggest hurdle will be getting the heat from the condenser outside of the room you are trying to cool. You can build ductwork out of plywood or cardboard to an open window. Pull the fridge away from the wall put it in front of a window, and put a fan behind the fridge to move the heat. Build your ductwork to send the heat outside. Remove the doors from the fridge. Point the fan into the freezer area and turn the fan on full blast. Adjust the temperature dial in your reefer/freezer/room A/C to the mid-point. Unscrew the light bulb (do not want that heat load). A refrigerator runs constantly as it is. The more air you can get across the indoor and outdoor coils will help remove the heat from your room. Be aware that a refrigerator is only designed to remove the heat from a 14 sq ft box, so the smaller your room is, the cooler you can get it. It wo not be able to cool off a 1500 sq ft house, but it could cool a 100 sq ft room. It will start to condense the water from the air in the room (mostly from you sweating and breathing), and start to run out the bottom of the fridge. you might need to run a condensate line out the door. Also the ice in the freezer compartment will thaw out; this is a good thing, as it is absorbing the heat in the room. If more ice forms, move your fan closer to the freezer area. Let us know how it works out4. Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?No. Most newer units have a power saver fan switch that cycles the entire unit off when the demand thermostat setting has been reached. It may be advantageous, however to leave a continuous fan enabled to maintain air mixing and circulation in the conditioned area. Additionally, by maintaining air circulation, temperatures are held to a more consistent temperature throughout. Lastly, the effect of air movement will help to cool between compressor cycles.Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?5. Which type of portable air conditioner is best for an attic bedroom? A portable floor unit? Or a window unit?A floor unit must have the heated side vented out some how or you will be just heating and cooling the same air in circles6. What is the best type of portable air conditioner to put in an apartment that has sliding windows (sideways, n?no kit that i ever heard of yet you are able to take the two abode windows out and positioned it in yet you wil ought to build some form of bracing to hold it. this is carried out, I even have,in case you recognize a thank you to construct issues7. How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?That will depend on several factors:The EER or SEER energy efficiency ratingTemperature and humidity in the spaceYour cost per kWh for electricity.Let's do an example for California:Most portable A/C units are about 10.0 EER (energy efficiency ratio). Let's assume your space is 70 degrees, with 50% RH. California is a very high cost, high tax, high regulation state, so electricity is about $0.40 kWh for many residents.A 10,000 BTU A/C unit will use 1,000 watts, or 1.0 kWh each hour. This is calculated by taking 10,000 (BTU) and dividing by 10. 0 EER (BTU /watt). This gives you 1,000 watts, so over 1 hour you will use 1 kWh (kilowatt/hour) which is the unit of energy billed by the power company. Look at your power bill for your average cost of electricity (ranges from $0.04 to $0.45 across the US), and that would be your hourly rate. In this example, a homeowner who pays an average of $0.40 per kWh, it would cost $0.40 per hour to run that 10,000 BTU air conditioner.How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?.
Can You Do a Mosaic on a Plastic Table?
Can You Do a Mosaic on a Plastic Table?
Mosaic Plastic1. Is it tacky to use plastic table covers at your wedding reception?lol no plastic very cheap2. Where can I purchase a thin sheet of plastic (not a plastic table cloth) to go over my dining room table?This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I purchase a thin sheet of plastic (not a plastic table cloth) to go over my dining room table? I have recently purchase a new dining room set and want to protect the surface of the table from scratches, watermarks, etc. I am not looking for a plastic table cloth to cover the table, I am searching for the plastic covering (if you will) that protects the table.3. Is there anything that cleans permanent marker (Sharpie) off a plastic table? If so, what?Mean Green,, you can purchase it at a Dollar Store... or just straight ammonia4. How can I dress up plastic table covers for a wedding reception so they don't look so tacky?cover it all up ribbons...all of it5. How to stick beer caps to plastic table?Try "Amazing goop" that stuff is supposed to glue anything that needs glued. So far it has worked on everything I used it on6. What do you call the plastic table and chairs for outdoors?A wizards best friend7. What kind of paint should i use on a recycled plastic table top?I looked on about ten websites, and i found a brand called Weatherbeater on, "exterior oil-based stain blocking primer". it should bond well to the table, and help protect anything from permeating into the tabletop. it can then be painted over with any paint colors you prefer. were it mine to paint, i would use acrylic artist paints and make a picture, and seal it with clearcoat, but then there would be little crevices that could be chipped when cleaning the table, or collecting crumbs. i think the oil-based primer will work well for you though, so good luck!!!8. Plastic table coverings for wedding?????I think you can get away with using plastic table clothes, but what is $175 in the grand scheme of things. Think of all the things you've spent money on and then think about why you've made the choices you've made. I know that when it gets close to the end and we start thinking of all the money we've spent, that's when we want to cut corners. See if there is another way you can cut corners that wo not be so visible to your guest. Trust me, the only thing they will remember are those plastic table clothes9. where do i find victorian lilac plastic table covers?Your Victorian Lilac will be hard to match. You might have to settle for a complimetary shade of lavender or silver10. how do I get the wrinkles out of a new plastic table cloth?I would not put it in a very hot dryer. I used the delicate cycle on mine which I thought was not that hot and it melted a vinyl tablecloth to the sides of the drum and it was a mess to clean up. You can however, use a blow dryer on medium heat to concentrate right on the folds from the felt side and using your hand smooth them. I do this every year when I open my patio and take out the vinyl table cloths for my outdoor dining tables and it works just fine without melting or damaging them11. Do you wish pizza boxes had more furniture in them, besides that little plastic table?Not really. That little table is useless for eating off. I doubt the chairs would be comfortable12. Is the smell of hard white plastic harmful longterm? I bought a small plastic table to study but my room is very small and this plastic smell is so strong. Must be PVC or some polyethylene.Fill a small bucket with water then add dish soap , grease cutters in the soap will break down the oil in the plastic .use a sponge to clean the table. Rinse with one part water one part baking soda one part lemon juice . Let dry then rinse again with just water and lemon juice . Open the window and let air dry . Ventilation is important for eliminating unwanted smells
League  Table
League Table
League tableRelegation play-offsTammeka as 9th-placed team faced 2013 Esiliiga side Rakvere Tarvas in a two-legged play-off for the spot in next year's competition. Tammeka won 6-2 on aggregate and retained their Meistriliiga spot for the 2014 season.— — — — — —Formating a table using the 'booktabs' packageUse the optional spacing (contraction) arguments of cmidrule; cmidrule() contracts a rule spanning at the , where identify the left or right of the rule. This aids in breaking sub-headings from the rest of the table horizontally— — — — — —TableThe table below describes the 39 United States statistical areas and 58 counties of the State of California with the following information: The combined statistical area (CSA) as designated by the OMB. The CSA population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates. The core based statistical area (CBSA) as designated by the OMB. The CBSA population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates The county name The county population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates The Metropolitan Division name, if applicable The Metropolitan Division population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates— — — — — —Why does simple ALTER TABLE command take so long on table with full-text index?Answer originally added to the question by its author:As per Jason's answer, I issued the following update instead:This finally did execute, but took 29 minutes, 16 seconds. The operation itself should be pretty quick (metadata-only) so I imagine that almost all of that time was spent waiting to acquire the necessary LCK_M_SCH_M (schema modification) lock.With the new bit field in place, I was able to quickly add the default value to it via the script:I am in the process of now setting all of the NumericValue bits in the table using a user-defined function (see below). It is in progress and taking about 1 minute per every 1 million rows in the 68 million row table.Once that's complete, I plan to run the final schema adjustment to make that new bit column non-null:Hopefully, this last schema update will run quickly once all values are non-null and the NumericValue default is in place— — — — — —Do you set the table in your house?Yes, every night without fail; I love the ambience it adds to the dining experience. My children from being very young have participated in the setting of the table, often quite elaborately with fresh flowers from the garden, candles, fine china and beautiful table linen.— — — — — —Not Bentching on a Kos when wine is already on the tableRuach Chayim (by R. Haim Palachi) to OC 182 writes:The on siman 182 footnote 7 references that and notes that therefore one should remove the wine from the table before the ending of the seuda if one does not want to bentch on a kos— — — — — —What is the difference between optimize table and analyze table in mysqlSTATISTICS.OPTIMIZE TABLE performs ANALYZE TABLE after doing some table compression. The equivalent of OPTIMIZE TABLE mydb.mytable; if the table was MyISAM is this:For the MyISAM table mydb. mytable in datadir /var/lib/mysql, you have the following files:OPTIMIZE TABLE mydb.mytable would shrink the .MYD and .MYI files for the table.This is not the same for InnoDB. Here is how it is different:Each table's data and indexes are stored in an external tablespace file. For datadir is /var/lib/mysql and the table mydb. mytable, it would be stored as follows:When OPTIMIZE TABLE mydb.mytable is executed, mytable.ibd gets shrunk.Only /var/lib/mysql/mydb/mytable.frm would exist. All the data and index pages for the table mydb.mytable are stored in the system tablespace file /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1. When OPTIMIZE TABLE mydb. mytable is executed, the data and index pages are written contiguously in ibdata1. Unfortunately, this make ibdata1 grow in leaps and bounds.See the Pictorial Representation from Percona CTO Vadim TkachenkoYou comment was I think, optimize table for innodb is not supported. I got a message, index will be recreated. How does it work? I tried this outYou are correct. You cannot run OPTIMIZE TABLE as a single operation. What InnoDB does instead is the following:You could also just run these steps yourself.However, in all honesty, you should not have to run ANALYZE TABLE against an InnoDB table because each time a query is executed, the InnoDB Storage Engine performs an estimation on table cardinality based on passing through pages in the indexes. If there are a high number of INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs, then you will need to ANALYZE TABLE. When there is a high number of DELETEs, then ALTER TABLE mydb.mytable ENGINE=InnoDB; is needed to shrink the table.I actually wrote posts about the futility of ANALYZE TABLE on InnoDB in certain instances:.
How to Stream Your TTRPG Show
How to Stream Your TTRPG Show
When we decided to start streaming shows for The Redacted Files a year ago, I was nervous. Sure we know a lot about audio with five years of podcasting, but streaming and working with video was completely new. Most guides I found were written for streaming Video Game RPGS, which dont have the same requirements as a TTRPG, especially since our players are from all across America and Canada. So here is what I do to stream. A lot of this is hacky, but its a workflow that works for me! Plus its all free!**I do pay for two things, but theyre not required for streaming.Part 1: OverlaysThe first thing we are going to do is create an overlay for our stream. I suppose this isnt necessary, but it makes your stream look pretty and professional, allows you to share information, and makes you stand out a bit. I make all of my overlays in Powerpoint. This is because its easy, I get it for free through work, and I understand how it works. I do have PhotoShop, but I dont understand it well enough to make it work for me. However, any photo editing software is probably going to work. (I know Powerpoint isnt intended to be for photo editing. Its still what I use.)Tools I Use: PowerPoint, Images from OnlineYou can set this up however you want. I usually find art on UnSplash that is related to the game were running. Make sure you have the rights to the art that you use! It should be displayed on the site or on the image, just look for licensing information. I have started making overlays that have a transparent section in them so that the overlay is the top layer. This means everyones video will be the same size, even if the capture of the video isnt the same.Once youve decided on a picture, put it in Powerpoint and resize it to be the same size as a slide (or more accurately 1920x1080 pixels to match Twitch exactly). Then decide on the placement of your videos. Important things to remember: You might have a lot of information to show on your screen. Decide whats actually important. When we stream Gold Wings, Black Skies I have two overlays, one for combat and one for when were just roleplaying because the maneuver chart takes up a lot of space. Things like closed captions also take up space. Or if you want to display Roll20, the Twitch chatbox, current HP, all of this is taking up your real estate. Play around with format and dump anything that isnt important.For videos, Im a traditionalist and I like rectangles for the shape. I make a box about the size that I want the video to be and color it some color that doesnt match any other colors in the image. I also add the title of the stream and any other pieces that arent going to intersect with the final transparent area.Then I select everything and go to Arrange->Group. Once theyre grouped you can right click on the grouped images and save it as a picture.Load the new, new picture back into Powerpoint. Click on it and go to the Picture Format Tab. Click on Color->Set Transparent Color. Then select one of the boxes you added to the image. The areas where they were will become transparent.Now you can add anything that is going to appear over the video feeds. I usually let some of the name overlap. Ive also added flares to corners sometimes. This is also where you would want to add any frames that are going to be intersecting with the videos.For names, I add another shape, and select a good transparency that will make any font I use stand out. I add information for each feed like Player Name, Character Name, Player Pronouns, Character Pronouns, Twitter Handles. Add whatever is appropriate for you. Make sure your font is readable, especially when smaller.Once youre done you can select all, group the images, and save as a picture again. And you have an overlay!Part 2: Setting Up Your OBSNext we have to set up an OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to create your video and broadcast it to Twitch. Theres a lot of options out there, but I use StreamLabs. It has a lot of integration into Twitch that makes things easy, and the first time I used OBS I got frustrated.Tools I Use: StreamLabs, TwitchStreamLabs has you login with a social media account, I sign in with my Twitch account. You do have to give some permissions over to allow StreamLabs to send the video to Twitch.My StreamLabs is already set up, but Ill guide you through the important parts! Scenes are your different views to display. I try to make one for when we want to take a break, and one for showing everyone. This is where the overlays from above come up! If you want to have one scene for narrative parts of the story and one for combat, that will allow you to have focus on your players when not needing to pay attention to something else on screen. It does require a bit more management on your end to switch between scenes. I also tend to keep a scene for each show were streaming, that way I dont have to rebuild each time. How you manage this is really up to you, whatever works with your system.Sources is where you manage anything that is going to be going into the stream. These sources are available in any stream. So the first thing I want to add is an overlay. The overlay is going to remain at the top for the most part, so I need to keep it at the top of the sources list. To do this we hit the button above Sources, and get an option for all of the types of sources available.We can choose to add our overlay by selecting Image. From there we can choose an existing source which is any image weve added before, or select the toggle at the bottom to add a new image. You name the image first (I frequently forget this step so a lot of my sources are named things like Image(1). You can rename it later, but its best to name it now to save time) and then are able to select the one you want to add from your computer like any standard file upload. You then make sure your picture covers the black rectangle, and then at the bottom click on the lock sign to lock the image in place. This will prevent you from accidentally moving the overlay around while rearranging everything else.Part 3: Adding your audio and videoNow that your OBS is ready to go, time to add your audio and video. This is the single most frustrating step involved.Tools I Use: StreamLabs, Twitch, ZoomFirst off, I lied at the beginning. Zoom costs money unless you dont need a lot of features. However, you can use Skype or Hangouts following these steps just as easily. However, Zoom has some great features, like being able to record audio and video of your calls- you can even have everyone on their own track. We use this as a backup for TRF, and its pretty useful!With that out of the way, the way to capture video to an OBS is to use Window Capture. This lets you pick one program running on your computer and stream what is showing on it at any given moment on the OBS. If the window changes sizes, that will cause you problems. If the order of people showing up changes, that will cause problems. Be mindful of your source at all times. First set Zoom to show all of the videos at once, this is the Gallery View.You add the Window Capture similar to how we added the overlay. Add a source, and select Window Capture->New Source. This will show your entire Zoom Window, which is not what we want.**Edit: My original instructions here were the most difficult way to accomplish this task, and BBWolfeVox and MRaichelson let me know about this much easier method. Thank you!To crop the video, select it so source is outlined by green lines, and hold down ALT key as you drag these edges to resize the window capture to just include the feed that you want.Once you have it cropped, you start again with adding a new window capture to get the next persons video. Dont do this until everyone has shown up for the call. Zoom will resize and move the video feeds as people appear and disappear and theres no point in doing all of that work, just to have to start over. Similarly, if you want the chat open during the call, do it before applying the cropping filters. This is also how you would add Roll20 to your stream.You can select the video feeds either by clicking on them, or by clicking on their name in the source list. Center them as needed in the correct frame. Remember, sources at the top of the list are on the top layer of the streamIf you want to add additional features to your stream, like subscribers or the chatbox, StreamLabs makes it easy to add those as sources as well, just add a source as normal and look to the right where the widgets are. Here Ive added the chatbox, which currently is transparent. You can change the appearance by clicking on the chatbox in sources, then clicking on the gear directly above.Part 4: Adding Closed CaptioningAccessibility is something were always trying to improve at on TRF, and this includes recently adding closed captioning to our feeds. Our CC is live and definitely not perfect, but we think its a great way to work on making our streams open to everyone!Tools I Use: Streamlabs, WebcaptionerMy instructions are based on this guide. For more detailed instructions, best practices, and troubleshooting help, please check it out!Have every member of your stream go to Click on one of the buttons that says Start Captioning. You will need to be using Chrome. You will be taken to a big empty screen like this:Hit start captioning to have it start transcribing what you say. Make sure its working and associated with the correct mic! You might need to give your mic permissions.Once you can see your transcript click on the person icon in the bottom right corner, go to settings.In settings click on the experiment option in the sidebar and search for share to add. If the experiments option doesnt appear, click on the other tabs until it does appear.While here, go to appearance and set the font size to 3.Now close settings and click on the little radio tower next to the stop captioning button and you will get a button to make a link. You will want a random link (unless you can manage one of the custom links)Get the link from each player each time you start streaming. Everyone will need to leave the browser open until you are done recording. It will record anything you say, so everyone will want to mute their mic, not Zoom, when they dont want to be heard.You will add the captioning link from each player by clicking on sources, then selecting Browser Source. You can manage the appearance by selecting the source from the list, and then selecting Settings.Part 5: Going LiveNow youre all set up, its time to go live!Tools I Use: Streamlabs, Twitch, BufferIf possible I would test this a with another Twitch account that doesnt have followers, making sure that everything looks and sounds ok! All you really need to do is click the Go Live! button at the bottom of the page. There is a pop up to select the game and other information you want to be included. I recommend having the name of the game youre playing first, and then other details. You can also link your twitter account tweet as you go live!Since I usually manage social media, I also use Buffer to schedule tweets that will be sent soon after our planned start point. Theres a few drawbacks to this, mostly that if you are late or delayed, the tweet wont be accurate. Since I have a few accounts that I usually want to tweet from, I can schedule my tweets earlier in the day with any extra details, instead of last minute while Im also setting up everything else. This is one thing that really helped reduce my stress!While youre live, you can keep an eye on the chat from the StreamLabs console, as well as manage your scenes. Remember that the stream is on a delay, so viewers will be responding on a delay. If you have a lot of people in chat you should probably find someone to help you moderate so that you dont have to split attention from the game.One thing to note that I have messed up on! You cant remove the internal microphone source (Mic/Aux), so if you are on a break, the hosts audio will still be transmitted. You can mute it in the console, but remember to unmute when you come back! Your players will still be able to hear you as normally, but the stream will not.Part 6: Post Game WorkIf you dont want to do anything after your game, then youre done! Hit the stop button and go on with your life! However if you want to do any post-broadcast editing or to upload it to YouTube, heres what I do.Tools I Use: Twitch, OpenShot Video Editor, YouTube, AudacityDownload the Video first! You can do this from the Twitch website under video producer. You can also delete other videos from here. They stay up for two weeks, so make sure to grab it before then. If you dont manage to do so, you can always use your Zoom recording instead. It wont be pretty, but its there!Next, does it need editing work? You can trim chatter at the beginning of the stream or bio breaks using something like OpenShotVideo Editor. This tool works pretty well, but be aware that re-exporting any videos is going to take forever.If you need to clean up the audio, you can drop the mp4 into Audacity, a free audio editing software. Dont delete anything, because your video and audio will be out of sync, but you can run Noise Reduction on the audio to get rid of things like static or hums. Then drag the new audio track back into OpenShot and delete or mute the original track.YouTube makes uploading very easy. You can also add videos to your playlist. This will take a long time as well, and processing takes even longer. However! You can push publish right away and the video will publish as soon as its done.Part 7: Youve Done it!With that you should be all set with making and streaming an episode! Now for the fun part, actually playing the game. Congratulations!Megan Tolentino is a cofounder of the Redacted Files Podcast Network with her husband Aser. They currently run The Redacted Files (a multi-system, multi-campaign, rotating cast Actual Play podcast), The Amber Clave (a Numenera Actual Play Podcast), and Firefly Podcast (awellFirefly Actual Play podcast). You can find her infrequently streaming on Twitch or actively interacting with the world on Twitter. If you run into problems setting up your stream, just reach out on Twitter!Tabletop Micdrop is a publication about tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), storytelling, and the RPG podcast industry. We want to share our passion for the TTRPG audio medium, introduce folks to new shows, and explore the RPG podcast industry together.Subscribe to our newsletter today! If you can, support our work via Patreon·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are the notable differences between Paranoia XP and Paranoia Troubleshooters?I have not played either, however there is a thread on that discusses many of the same things: The RPG.NET thread on the topicI've quoted some relevant parts below: "Troubleshooters is the 25th Anniversary edition of the Mongoose 2004 PARANOIA rulebook (formerly known as XP). There are minor tweaks to the rules, but it is basically the same game. Likewise, the companion Internal Security rulebook uses the same system, though there is extensive new material there for BLUE-Clearance IntSec missions. Neither is mechanically complex, and both place unique emphasis on the Gamemaster's supremacy. Every rule in both books exists as a non-mandatory advisory to the GM's incontrovertible authority....Troubleshooters, in particular, adapts the XP GM Screen's "mission blender," a collection of tables that lets you generate an entire mission randomly with the roll of a mere five dozen or so d20s. Troubleshooters also includes Ken Rolston's classic introductory PARANOIA mission "Robot Imana-665-C" as well as a fine new mission by Gareth Hanrahan, "The Quantum Traitor."---Allen Varney, 04-16-2010"If you have Paranoia XP, you can play Paranoia: Troubleshooters - the mechanics and content are 90% identical. The only substantial difference is that Troubleshooters returns to the old Treason Point system, with the more complex "Treason Damage" mechanics reserved for Straight games....As for rules for mission structure, Troubleshooters is pretty much the same as XP, apart from some expanded GM advice and some fun tables for randomly mission generation (which sometimes even produce sensible results). "---David J ProkopetzOther comments made in the thread indicate that the official development blog has many insights into the changes.
A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
There are many very good reasons why you would want to shop for a cheap coffee table. You may be on a strict budget, or you may be the type of person who likes to change out his or her furniture often so you don't want to invest a lot of money in it. Either way, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a cheap coffee table. The good thing is, now days you don't have to settle for something that isn't stylish just because it isn't expensive. If you are a careful shopper then there is no reason that you can't have beautiful living room furniture without the hefty price tag.The more typical methods of shopping for a cheap coffee probably come to mind-thrift stores, discount stores, furniture store warehouses. These are all viable methods. The trouble is, when you shop for a cheap coffee table this way it eats up a lot of time. Going from store to store can become a quest and in the end you still may not find exactly what you are looking for. That's fine if you are in it for the thrill of the hunt. But if you just want to find a cheap coffee table without all the hassle then the place you probably should be looking is the Internet.When you use the web for your discount coffee table shopping you will quickly see that there are a wide range of prices available. From super cheap to simply inexpensive, you'll find a full range of options. The best approach is to have a price range in mind before you even start looking. Once you know how much you want to spend you can begin to narrow down your cheap coffee table options.In addition to deciding how much to spend, it is helpful to have some kind of idea about the style of table you'd like. The most economical tables are made of some type of veneer but it is possible to find a wood coffee table at a deeply discounted price. You just have to keep your eyes open for bargains. Make sure that you note any taxes, fees or shipping costs associated with the product. You want to be careful that additional fees do not increase the price to the point where you lose all the benefit of buying at a discount.Remember that no matter what price range you are shopping in, a coffee table is a very important part of your living room suite. It needs to be the right size for the space, be sturdy, and add to the overall look and feel of the living room furniture. It is possible to find all these things and not break the bank. With a little homework and some patience, you can find the perfect coffee table to fit just about any room decor. Take your time and be sure to think about how the actual table will fit in your room. In no time at all you'll be sitting back and enjoying your new purchase. Knowing that you did not spend a fortune will make it even more enjoyable.
Tyres - All You Need to Know
The main materials of modern tyres are synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other compound chemicals.The tyre consists of a body and the tread. While the body provides and e... The main materials of modern tyres are synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other compound chemicals. The tyre consists of a body and the tread. While the body provides and ensures that there is support, the tread provides the traction. In the days before the rubber tyre was invented the tyres were then made up of simply a band of metal fixed and fitted around the wooden wheel so as wear and tear was reduced. Nowadays, most tyres used are that of Pneumatic, which is a body of chords and wires in a doughnut shape in cased in rubber and then filled with compressed air to form the inflatable cushion, these tyres can be found on almost all types of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and even aircrafts. Research shows that the first Pneumatic tyre was made in 1887 by John Boyd Dunlop from Scotland, he made it to try and help prevent the headaches that his son was getting from riding his bike on bumpy surfaces. Today over 1 billion tyres are produced annually, globally there are over 400 tyre factories, and the 3 main top makers take up 60% of the global share! So, why are keeping your tyres in good condition so important? Your tyres work hard - cushioning you from bumps, maintaining responsive steering and most importantly allowing you to stop quickly if needed. As one of your vehicles most important features, manufacturers will have carefully selected your tyres from the top makers in the market. They will be chosen for their reliability, performance, and safety, and will be wisely selected to suit your new or used car . However, constant
Milan Furniture Fair | Honing Their Craft
MILAN -After four solid days (and nights) of seeing, talking, and breathing design here, I'm happy to report that I am leaving for home inspired and refreshed. The fair itself was predictably conservative - companies are trying to appeal to the greatest possible number of consumers - but outside the fair, hand craft, imagination and optimism ruled. Zanotta's Trans-Forma exhibition, under the direction of Fabrica, offered witty re-imaginings of the company's classics, like Tak Cheung and Jade Folawiyo's transformation of the iconic 1970 Quaderna console table by Superstudio, with its distinctive grid pattern, into Dining Table Doccia (Italian for shower). The Dutch designer Maarten Baas showed little furniture, concentrating instead on a smart, provocative and funny exhibition called "Real Time" at Costume National's showroom. Baas turned movies into clocks, all of which subvert our assumptions about telling time. The most mind-bending of these was a film of what looked like a digital clock but was, on closer inspection, a labor-intensive piece of performance art in which an almost-invisible human was stenciling L.E.D. numerals by hand. And the German master of lighting, Ingo Maurer, outdid even himself for sheer poetic beauty with "Lacrime del Pescatore" ("Fisherman's Tears"), a series of nylon nets hung with tiny crystal teardrops. Designers, even in these trying times, haven't lost the audacity of hope.Pilar Viladas is the design editor of The New York Times Magazine.
Do You Prefer a Squared Coffee Table Or a Round Coffee Table?
I personally do not like coffee tables, every house has one. A couple of things to remember, glass will always be harder to keep clean and wood stains without coasters1. How do I build a cupcake shaped coffee table?unless you have a lot of time/tools/experience in making things, no...cause you either need a lot of wood and be able to carve it, have a lot of cardboard and be able to bend/shape it or have a plastic mold and be able to melt one into shape2. How To Build A Modern Coffee Table For Under $100Learn how to build a modern coffee table with storage for under $100. The large drawer holds blankets, games, or whatever you like. If you love hiding things in plain sight, this DIY modern coffee table with storage is perfect for you! The large storage drawer can hold blankets, games, or whatever you need! At under $100 to build, this coffee table is a great project that wo not break the bank. It's inspired by a coffee table from West Elm, which is no longer available on their website. It's made entirely of plywood and is also a quick weekend build. Be sure to download the printable plans for this project where you will find the full materials and cut list. While I did use a table saw for some of the plywood cuts, you can certainly build this with a circular saw and some sort of guide, such as the Kreg Rip-Cut or the Kreg Accu-Cut. You will also find that a trimming tool for veneer edge banding is extremely valuable for this project. Cut the plywood Cut all of your pieces to size, per the printable plans. Apply the edge banding Heat up a clothes iron to the highest setting. Apply veneer banding to all four edges of the coffee table top, bottom, and feet. Also apply veneer banding to the front and back edges of the side panels, as well as the long edges of the legs. Trim the veneer banding with a trimming tool or razor knife. Sand all of the pieces smooth with an orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper. Drill pocket holes Drill 3/4 pocket holes into the upper and lower edges of the legs and side panels. Attach legs Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws, attach the legs and side panels to the coffee table bottom. Attach the coffee table top Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws attach the coffee table top to the legs and side panels, carefully clamping it into place and ensuring the panels and legs are square. Drill 3/4" pocket holes into all four edges of the rear panel. Install flush with the edges of the side panels and clamp into place. Secure in place with 1 1/4" pocket screws. Attach the feet Measure and mark 1" in from the corners of the coffee table bottom. Apply wood glue to the feet and set in place so that they are 1" in from each corner edge. Nail in place with 1 1/4" brad nails. Build the drawer box To build the drawer, drill 1/2" pocket holes into the bottom and front edges of the drawer sides as well as the bottom and side edges of the drawer back. Also drill 1/2" pocket holes into the front edge of the drawer bottom, to help in attaching the drawer front in the next step. Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer sides to the drawer back. Apply a bead of glue to the edges of the drawer sides and back, then line up the drawer bottom. Clamp in place and attach with 1" pocket screws. Cut the notch for the drawer front Measure and mark the notch for the drawer front, per the printable plans. Cut the notch out with a jigsaw. Attach drawer front Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer front to the rest of the drawer box. Attach drawer slides Attach drawer slides so that the drawer fits flush inside the coffee table with a 1/8" gap around all sides. Fill pocket holes Use 3/8 dowels or wood filler to fill the pocket holes in the legs of the coffee table. If using dowels, cut the dowels with a flush cut hand saw, then sand smooth. Finish coffee table If needed, give the coffee table a final light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. Finish as desired with paint or stain. If using stain, it is recommended to apply at least two layers clear coat. This can be polycrylic, polyurethane, or wipe on polyurethane. What I love about this table is how clean it looks, plus the ability to put books or decor on both the top and bottom of the table. The storage drawer offers a ton of space for whatever you would like to tuck away and with the price tag coming in under $100 to build it, you can not beat the price! If you love the look of the raw edges on the plywood, you can even save a step (and a few dollars) and skip the veneer! Do not forget to download the printable plans to build this project! If you build this, I would love to see it! Feel free to email me () or tag me on social media when you share yours!3. Tablecloths for coffee table? or suggestions for protecting the top from kids and cats.?Honestly, you do not want a tablecloth with a toddler in the house - especially one on a coffeetable. You will be spending the entire day picking it up off the floor & putting it back and a thin piece of cloth is not goinng to afford much protection anyways. A couple of coats of a high quality oil-based polyurethane would be a better solution - most furniture nowadays is sprayed with a quick coat of lacquer which is crap as you found out. I would suggest sanding with 220 grit if it's a wood tone and not painted (you did not say which finish it has) or use a green scotchbrite pad or steel wool to just scuff it up a little without removing the finish - you just want to give it something to grab onto is all. I've never had coffeetables around just for the reason you described, let alone when the children fall & smack their faces on them- ouch!
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