I Am Refinishing an Oak Table.?

I agree with the above answer. Poly is MUCH easier to work with. If you put on additional coats, you lightly rub with fine steel wool between coats

1. Purchasing new house with oak trim. Help!?

I have the oak trim. Brown tones are neutral colors. I have furniture with wood - - so wall colors & floor colors was never an issue. I would never paint wood, it's classy

2. What do I put on my unfinished interior Oak doors that will allow me to keep the "Natural" color of the Oak?

Use a water-based polyurethane. It is just as durable as an oil-based finish, but does not change the color of the wood like oil does. It also is much more environmentally-friendly (and health-friendly) since it does not have the volatile fumes you get with oil. Start by sanding the floor smooth. Then apply a sealer--this is important with a water-based finish, because the finish will otherwise raise the grain in the wood. After applying sealer, sand again lightly (the sealer will raise the grain slightly, but will also stiffen it). The apply several coats of a good quality finish coat. The better products have an interlink additive that you add to the last 1-2 coats for an extremely tough finish. With water-based products, you can re-coat in an hour. I would suggest several light coats, and sand lightly every few coats, especially if you get any bubbles. If you use more than 3 coats (and I would), use a gloss finish for the first several coats, and semi-gloss only for the top coats. Semi-gloss is semi-transparent, and with multiple coats you could obscure the wood grain if you build it up a lot. You need to apply the finish with a light touch; squeezing it out of an applicator will cause a lot of bubbles in the finish. Good luck. Oak looks very nice with this kind of finish -- it gives a much lighter appearance to a room.

3. Can you get poison ivy or poison oak from a dog's coat?

Poison oak and ivy produce oil that will definately rub off on your dog, and very tiny amounts of it are enough to give you a case. I would strongly suggest killing off the poison oak or ivy on your land, or fencing your dog into a smaller area

4. We keep finding random carpenter ants in our kitchen and living room. How do I get rid of them?

carpenter ants love cherry trees and oak , the tree can look healthy but can hold pockets inside with thousands of ants in them and will damage or kill the tree in time.we who cut firewood see this all the time I also got down on the floor and followed one thru the hall way ,he vanished under the door, I got a flashlight and small mirror and found a small hole under the door-they were inside the hollow interior door.A little Raid sprayed in the hole and this took care of that nest.

5. POLL: What colour is the FLOOR in the room your in?

It's oak. So brown I guess!

6. Can you help me with a HOUSE NAME for our new property with oak trees?

How about : Casa Oak Oak Casa Oak Manor Avoaka Manor -Prounced Av-oak- a Avoaka Casa

7. Can an oak curio be stained black or not?

I refinished a bed (not sure what type of wood it was) and I went to a Sherwin Williams store to buy my stain. I told they guy I wanted something really dark, that looks black from far away, but when you are looking right at it you can still see the wood grain. I've seen lots of furniture in stores stained that color. He told me that depending on the type of wood, it would or would not work. And then he said that to get that result, it's a special brand/type of stain and it's really expensive, and because it's only sold by the gallon, even more so. If I remember right, he told me about $50 a gallon. Long story short, I went with the darkest walnut I could find, spend $7 and was just as happy. My whole point to this is to tell you to go to a store that specializes in paints and stains and ask them what your best bet is. It could be that the particular guy I talked to was full of it. Who knows? As far as how to stain it. ...can the glass be removed at all? If it's relatively easy to remove, I might consider doing so and then refinishing the wood. It's better to have it out of the way. If you can not though, you are going to have to cover the glass (front and back) with some type of material and painters tape right around the edges (make sure you get it into the exact right position) and work around it.

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