I Checked in to the Worst Hotel'

Dreaming of a holiday that won't break the bank? The world's most famous travel hacker Scott Keyes from Scott's Cheap Flights is here to give you his top tips for thrifty travellers in the Insider's Guide to amazing airfare secrets.The Sun checked into the UK's "worst hotel".Source:The SunEVEN my taxi driver can't believe where I'm spending the night."You want to stay here?" he coughs. But yes, I'm staying at "The UK's worst hotel', the awkwardly named Birmingham Best Inn.The hotel in Sandwell, just outside Birmingham, got its less than flattering title from scathing reviews on TripAdvisor with guests complaining of mouldy rooms, stained carpets and dirty bed linen.In my room - 427 - I'm met with a waft of stale smoke. There's a single bed, a double bed, stained yellow armchair and (the only highlight) a view of McDonald's.Bleak ... Giulia takes in the view from her room, but wishes she hadn't.Source:The SunPark 'n hide ... when you arrive at the Best Inn.Source:The SunFeeling bleak about the night ahead I head to the bathroom to see if things are any better.The shower head is lying in the bathtub, but it doesn't matter because I have no intention of going near the black-mould lined tub.Faulty Towers ... "You want to stay here?", my taxi driver coughed.Source:The SunSign ... Wise advice - but scary to know it is an issue here.Source:The SunLoo roll? Check. Soap? No. Mini pots of shampoo and conditioner? Certainly not.I'm left kicking myself for not bringing my hand sanitiser left over from my holiday to Colombia.Tiles ... Broken floors are no joke - they're a real hazard.Source:The SunTaps ... In this filthy tub you're unlikely to get clean.Source:The SunOn that trip my bedding - a foam mat with a mosquito net - cost only a few pennies a night, but those bug-infested squats win hands down over the Birmingham Best Inn.The room was inexcusably dirty. On closer inspection of the double bed I found a gross, thick black hair residing near the pillow and a sinister red-brown smear further down.Light ... Flickered into life, but probably safer to leave it switched off.Source:The SunCeiling ... Crumbling under marauding damp patches.Source:The SunThe carpet was splotchy, the faded floral curtains thick with dust and I was sharing my room with three flies and a large, ugly moth.The ceiling of my room was crumbling under marauding damp patches, and the telly freaked out after a couple of minutes and switched itself off. There was no soap in the bathroom, because the owner has decided to "stop doing it".Chair ... I'd have preferred standing room only.Source:The SunCorrection facility ... "Here, I fixed this plaque for you", thought a guest.Source:The SunAfter a Happy Meal next door I settled down for the worst sleep of my life - two hours of hell.A scrawled "Faulty Towers" on a bedroom sign summed up my feelings about the hotel.The hotel management declined to comment on my experiences.Freshener ... I leave this hotel in the pristine condition I found it.Source:The SunLobby ... I never would have guessed what lies hidden behind these doors.Source:The SunMcDonald's ... the only highlight to my stay was the view and the meal.Source:The SunThis story originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission.

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Can I Modify a Double Bed Frame to Accept a Queen Mattress?
if it's metal, you are stuck. Wood, you could maybe fix it a little but it would take some work. Might as well go buy a new one1. Cheap queen bed frame for guest room?Have you thought of going to your local Goodwill Industries to get the bed frame & headboard you need? Give it a try. The items taken in have to be in good shape & if any cleaning is needed, the employees their do so. Check it out, what do you have to lose? You may find some good used power tools while you are there. fyi: If the Goodwill does not have what you need when you first go there, call there often or ask if they could call you when a frame & headboard come in. edit: Have you ever heard of Freecycle.com? You get on the internet, type in freecycle.com, type in a few things, then wait a day or two, to get e-mails. People want things or are giving things away, & it's all "free." You can type up an e-mail, tell what you are looking for, & watch for many e-mails from Freecycle to come in. You will be on a list so you will get to see what people are asking for/giving away. Again, it's all FREE. Just e-mail the person back, & arrange a place/time to pick up your items. Maybe someone will have some power tools to give you too.2. Sanding and finishing a bed frame?I just did this and I used a really cool metallic spray paint. You do not have to prime and its is a lot faster than using a brush. The metallic spray I used was a rustic "hammered" look, but they have lots of other colors and kinds at paint or home improvement stores. It gave my wood dresser and night stand a lot of character. If you are sticking with a solid white or black then you probably should prime and use the old bucket and brush3. What can I put under wood bed frame legs to stop?you should be able to go to a hardware store or wal-mart and find some rubber furniture floor protectors. they have a sticky back to adhere to bed leg and wo not move or damage floors4. Would white night stands go with my cherry colored bed frame?I think they might work. I think they are pretty. If once you get them they do not look right you could always paint them. Also, maybe you could use them someplace else in the home or switch light wood ones you may already have (such as small end tables)5. what kind of bed frame??from the picture and what I can see (sorry, really bad one) you cannot see what type of bed frame but a headboard of some sort so it's either a headboard with rails or a headboard with a platform6. Painting metal bunk bed frame?Painting Metal Bed Frame7. can you put a king size mattress on a queen sized bed frame?I think it will be both, because queen is a long and king is wide8. What can I do with a twin bed frame to match a Star Wars Themed Room?Paint it Grey, put a few modeling touches and sculpt the legs like AT-AT legs9. Bed frame came apart, Cant get it back together...looks like this...?that website shows a matt covered with a sheet, not bed frame. try Goodwill, and any other store that handles old furniture or donated goods10. What sort of pin or screw do I need to fix this bed frame? Pic included?You would have to get the diameter and length but the head and thread type is right. plus the nut that goes on the other side of the bolt. you can get them at any hardware store or big box store Lowes etc.11. How can I remove stickers from metal bed frame?nail varnish remover - use sparingly12. do I need a box spring with this platform bed frame?Just buy a sheet of plywood to go under the mattress and that will eliminate the spaces. Cost is about $2013. I just bought a new bed and the bed frame broke ... Why won't landlord fix it?Because the landlord is only spose to take care of permanent fixtures in ur place...not ur own furniture...things that belong to him are his responsibility!
Inventor Colin Furze Creates High Voltage Wallace and Gromit Ejector Bed That Could Get the Laziest
An inventor has created the ultimate Wallace and Gromit device for anyone who struggles to get up in the morning - a high voltage ejector bed.Colin Furze, one of the experts in Sky 1 show Gadget Geeks, built the bespoke bed in his garage at home in Stamford, Lincolnshire, before filming himself testing it out.The former plumber was approached by coffee company Taylors of Harrogate to create the video, which Furze admits was one he had been wanting to do for a while.Furze made the frame of the bed using strong aluminium, so that it would be stable once powered up and used to fire him into the air.He attached an air compressor to two pipes with solenoid valves on the end - all of which was assembled safely under the bed.He then created two large pistons, which were used to lift the bed into the air at different speeds with the flick of a switch.Speaking to MailOnline, Furze said: 'I ask people to give me ideas for inventions in my videos and lots of people wanted me to make an ejector bed.'Taylors of Harrogate approached me to make a video and I suggested the idea as it was something I wanted to create myself.'Furze then got to work assembling the bed from scratch in his garage before eventually testing it out in front of a bouncy castle for safety.'I was a little anxious as to whether it would be powerful enough, but if you put it on full power it would pummel you against the wall and kill you,' he said.The inventor then moved his double bed from his room and replaced it with the ejector bed.Furze said: 'I have a very tolerant misses - we were sleeping on the floor in front of the bed for a week while the filming was going on.'I had to warn the neighbours too as when it goes off it makes a lot of noise - living next to me can be a bit chaotic.'In the video, Furze can be seen demonstrating the bed and being thrown into the air at various heights.He plays with the strength to find the perfect propulsion and is even required to move some of his furniture out of the way for safety reasons.The video concludes with the inventor attaching some shorts to the end of the bed so that he becomes dressed when fired into the air - in real Wallace and Gromit-style.To view more of Furze's gadget-heavy videos, visit his YouTube channel here.
Double Duvet Covers for Your Double Bed
Duvet covers are exactly that, covers that have an opening in which a blanket or comforter is inserted. The duvet cover is available in every bed size such as California King, King, Queen, Full or Double and both Twin and X-Large Twin. Along with size options come countless design and style options as well.The double duvet cover is normally used in guest, teen, or children's rooms because frequently, only the master bedrooms have queen or king sized beds.When choosing to cover a down comforter or other style blanket for a kid or teen's room, be sure to consider the following tips:Color The color of the cover should not be lighter than the blanket underneath because often the darker blanket will show through. To avoid this, choose a high quality, thick material duvet cover that will not show what's underneath or, purchase a white down comforter or synthetic filled comforter to place inside. Also, as clean and crisp as it may appear, refrain from using a white duvet in a child's room as the opportunity for staining is quite significant.Cleaning Speaking of staining, the great thing about your double duvet cover is the ease in which it can be cleaned. No more lugging that heavy comforter to the laundry mat for an industrial sized machine, the duvet simply is removed from the comforter and (following manufacturer's instructions) is usually easily machine washed right at home. When the bedding is being used in a child's room, try to stay away from beading, fringing, or other difficult to wash details because the odds are the label will read dry clean only which just might have you making expensive and time consuming weekly trips to your local dry cleaner.Fabric Cotton is widely used in the making of double duvet covers. It's durable, washable and most of all, comfortable! Of course there are many other materials that are utilized such as silk, flannel, micro fiber and sateen to name a few. While fabric is a matter of personal taste as well as budget and bedding needs, keep in mind that the higher the thread count, the better the overall durability, quality and longevity you'll receive from your purchase.Coordinates Choosing the best double duvet cover for your needs may also depend on your existing bedroom decor. If you currently have some bedding pieces such as a bed skirt and want to only update the cover on your comforter, then finding a solid or print that matches should probably be fairly easy because there are so many to choose from. If you are replacing all of your existing bedding, then look for duvet sets. They usually contain a bed skirt or at least two shams (for double and full sizes) that can be purchased at once. Often, the set that you choose will have quite a few other coordinating pieces that can be purchased separately. These items include throw pillows, throw blankets, sheets, dust ruffles, curtains and other window treatments and even bathroom accessories.From ultramodern tastes to the most traditional, there's the perfect duvet for you. For those on a tight budget, look online for special deals and off season clearances or check your local discount department and home accessory stores.When it's time to update and refresh your bedroom decor, a budget friendly, versatile and contemporary trend is to cover your existing down comforter or blanket with a new king, queen, twin or double duvet cover. Add fabulous accessories and matching bedding coordinates to complete your new look.
Come Along Chaps, Going Solo at the Sexpo Missus the Point
I realise that now.I'd say a good many men have also come to see the truth: what's been occurring in Jeff's Shed over the past few days is all about building trust and facing one's limitations, batteries not included.The key to making Sexpo a personal growth milestone . . . was turning up with your missus.If only I'd known. (I told my wife I was going bowling.) All afternoon, couples came through the doors holding hands, smiling with conspiracy, making cutsie bedroom eyes and otherwise looking like they were eloping into the Garden of Eden - or at least modelling for a condom advertisement.But the tests of fidelity and restraint were many.Consider Dean and Marianne, both 26 and not much else to say about themselves, emerging from the dark vestibule to find a naked lady posing as a statue, painted from head to toe and slightly jiggling like a jelly mould when she puts her hand out to the youngsters.Dean's hand comes up, slowly, reaching - his eyes making the crazy spirals of a trance. Marianne gives him a playful dig in the ribs with her birdwing elbow and off they go. Then they pass a stall - promoting a city brothel - where a woman in a long black dress is lying on a double bed, her improbable bosoms out and freely ballooning. A spruiker declares: "Just $10 for a photo with our beautiful model." Dean stops for a moment to shake his head; and Marianne shadows the gesture, in a good-sport fashion. Then they look into each other's eyes impishly, as if to say, "What'll they think of next, huh?" They move on to another stall - Picturemag.com - where two (younger) models will pose topless for a photo "with you . . . or with as many friends as you like". Also $10.Clearly Dean loves a bargain. For he suddenly - and shamelessly - looks like a little boy desperate for a ride on the merry-go-round, staring into Marianne's eyes with that quality of hope.I lost sight of them soon after when it was announced that Miss Nude Universe was making her way to the front stage. Indeed, all the stalls suddenly emptied of customers. (I nearly got bowled over by two guys in wheelchairs.) And again the crowd is thick with young and old couples canoodling and rubbing up against each other as Miss Nude Universe takes a bath in a giant champagne glass.Meanwhile, I meet Graham, at the Jazz U Up stall. Graham is mystified. Plenty of people get their tongues pierced, right? And there's a sexual dimension to piercing, right? Hence, a miniature vibrator set inside a stud should be bringing in the dollars, right? "I bought a hundred of 'em . . . and I've sold 10 in two days. If you look at the exit traffic, you'll see people aren't spending money." They're just coming to perve? "Right." Other stalls reported business as "slow" - but not dead.Gina at the Love Shack says, "I've had a lot of women tell me they've (never had an orgasm) . . . and they want to know what to do about it. I've seen some really old women here . . . grannies in their 70s and 80s." When I ask Gina what she advises unsatisfied ladies, she picks up a little rubber butterfly that's sewn into the business strip of a G-string.Meanwhile, another love couple are drifting through the stall. The woman has just shown a token interest in the watermelon pink vibrator with rotating beads and extra tentacle ticklers . . . and then edged her stud along to the rack of pump-it-up penis enlargers.He makes the face of someone going along nervously with a joke, only to falter when she says, "What about just for fun?" The lead truly goes out of his pencil when she says it again.
Whats the Difference Between a Double Bed and Full Size Mattress?
A twin size mattress measures 38 inches by 75 inches. It is a compact size, making it a good option for children's rooms. Sometimes, single adults may sleep on a twin mattress, but it does not have much space to stretch and relax your muscles. Twin beds are also great for bunk beds, so you can maximize a small space.symptoms: rash that shows up every winter and goes away in the spring without treatment. Doctors don't knowYou are not alone. This is a type of dermatitis. Winter does chap skin as same as people who get chapped lips.It the warmer months your body's natural oils come to the surface of the skin their for less rash. I suggest light theropy such as tanning beds in the winter months. My self I went to the extreame I moved to the south! Love it here! Also Steriod creams work fast, but I found lotions non perfume with Lipoids replace what your skin needs. Warning very hard to find these daysWhy is my well trained 6 month old aussiedoodle peeing in our beds in front of us?Aussiedoodle??? That's a new one... it's and AUSSIE/POODLE MIX!!! Take your dog to get a check up from the vetI am purchasing a yorkie, and would like to know of any stores or websites that sell dog beds etc.You should try the Humane Society or a shelterWhy do so many European hotels only have twin beds?in italy you must ask for a "letto matrimoniale"... i never had any problem to find it... it sounds strangeWhat was the name of those 90s fold out chair beds!?Fold Out Chair Bedfive star resorts that have electric adjustable beds in rooms for handicap people?try going to www.travelocity.com look at hotel descriptionsWhat are the chances there aren't going to be enough beds in the barracks?Slim to none. He might not even be assigned to barracks if he is stationed on a ship then he can be required to live on board. They have also built new barracks in San Diego so they have more than enough for their personnel that is E4 and below. He can stay off the ship or not stay in barracks every night but that is a chance he is taking. he would pay rent out of his own pocket and at any time there can be an inspection. There is also the chance that he can be assigned to a ship that is already on deployment so he leaves immediately or is about to go on deployment so he will not be there. You have to seriously look at your relationship. If you are committed to him enough that you would move there out of your own pocket and risk the chance of finding a job, having a hard time with money in a high cost area, possibly no medical, and not having any support because you are a girlfriend then why are you not married? or if you get married where you will not have to worry about it, he qualifies for housing, you do not have to worry about finding a job right away and you do have the other spouses to talk to. ETA: He is going into BUDS?? Then he WILL NOT be allowed to live out in town even ghosting would not be possible. Everyone will be living in barracks during that and no one will be living off base. If he actually finishes it then there will be more training. If you are just moving there because he is in that DON"T he can fail and then be transferred to another location.During the winter months, do you keep your tan by using tanning beds or booths?Duh, of course they dry your skin. Why is it necessary to be tan? Why do not you think about that firstif my cat is potty trained how come she keeps on peeing on me and my roommate's beds?Your cat must think that your bed is a litter boxWhy do dogs hate it when you move their beds to a different area?Nice name ;)Why are pregnant women NOT supposed to use the massage feature on heating pads, chairs, beds, or other items?OK I have had 3 kids and I have never heard that before. I have heard that you should not stay in water or a tub very long once you reach 8 months. I did not listen to any of it. I have problems with my back and my doc. told me to use heating pads and to change my bed as much as I needed to. It was that or prescription drugs.
London Apartment in Converted Church on Sale for 660,000 ...
If you're looking for a slice of property heaven this Grade II listed church conversion could just be the answer to your prayers.Originally a place of worship in Islington, North London , the striking brick and glass building has now been converted into apartments - with one sprawling two-bed flat now up for sale for £660,000.As well as the comforts of the flat in the St Mary Magdalene conservation area, would-be owners can enjoy original features including wooden beams and striking stone arches.The former St Clement's Church still features a cross and war memorial on the outside, with bells in the tower, and looks gorgeous at night as light shines from what would once have been stained glass windows.Spanning more than 800 sq ft, the apartment boasts a reception room, fully-fitted kitchen, huge master bedroom and a second bedroom with double bed, both with built-in wardrobes.Despite its age the church has excellent security with a video entry system, and has a shared garden, patio and lobby area.Located on the third floor of the building, the apartment benefits from a large amount of natural light and boasts views over the rooftops of Barnsbury and towards Hampstead Heath.The 300-year-old church is just a stone's throw away from restaurants, gastro-pubs, bars, coffee houses and fashion boutiques and is close to Highbury & Islington Station and Caledonian Road Station.The church has been derelict since 1983, according to British History Online.Adam Tahir at Fine & Country Finsbury Park said: 'We are so very proud of marketing St Clements Court as it is undoubtedly and unequivocally one the rarest types and styles of property available in today's market.'With so much history within the beams and brickwork including weddings and christenings over a 300-year period, as you approach the stunning architecture, which is Grade II listed and with a completed unstirred facade, you get a kind of mystified feeling which makes you think back to when this building was first built and is now home to many residents.'
Room for Growth
With today''s compact spaces andgrowing needs, it sometimes becomes difficult to dedicate one room just for thekids. However, if effectively planned and designed, one can make a roommultifunctional for kids as well as guests or other family members. The room canbe designed around a conceptual theme of the kid''s choice using elements likenature, water world, animals, or flowers etc to integrate its different aspectslike walls, furniture, floors and accessories. But even here, it''simportant to maintain the right balance of colours, and proportions of thefurniture, not to make it loud, jarring and uncomfortable by overdoing thedesign! Here are a few aspects you need to consider for acomfortable, durable and beautiful children''s room.FLOORING: Floors in achild''s room can be bright and playful with running patterns to which they canrelate... like flowers/geometric patterns or floor games! However one has totake special care that the material is stain-proof and easy to maintain, as kidsoften tend to spill things on the floor. Also, if the child issmall, the floor should be smooth and without undulations/crevices where dirtcan collect as little ones tend to consume anything lying on the floor.For easy maintenance, vitrified tiles are a better option overnatural stones as stones are not totally stain-proof, being porous in nature.Vitrified tiles are easy to maintain and also give a jointless andsmooth finish floor - their size being larger than most other tiles available(available in sizes 12"x12", 16"x16", 20"x20", 2''x2'' and even 3''x3''). Since theyare glossy in nature,the shine also makes the room appear larger than it is.Tiles nowadays are available in lovely colours and patterns otherthan the boring off-whites! Also ceramic tiles of small size and varying designsin a mosaic form can be embedded in between to create interesting pattern;however, the precise leveling of the floor in such cases needs specialcare.Carpets and rugs are not suitable for small children because of theirdust-holding capacity and hindrance while playing. A wooden floor isalso an option that can be considered as it gives a lot of warmth to the look ofthe room and is also not as cold to touch as tiles or stones, as kids play onthe floor. WALLS: Walls canbe colourful, cheerful and bright, keeping the right balance so that the roomdoesn''t start looking cluttered. Things like measure scales and games can evenbe painted on walls. However if the room is to be used by other members as well,then plain walls with a good colour scheme also look elegant. The colour palettefor the walls and furniture should go hand in hand and not be jarring, but warmand welcoming with colours like lavenders, mild lemon yellows, a little of redsor pastels The ceiling is another element, which can be made artistic andplayful. FURNITURE: Specialskills are required to design furniture for the kid''s room. Beds, wardrobes,study units and book racks etc with enough storage space for toys form the basicrequirements. Beds can be bunked one above the other to create a playfulatmosphere and free up ground space to play. However, in case other members orguests are sharing the room, it''s best to give a normal double bed of low heightso that kids can play on it easily while it is not being used for sleeping. Ifspace permits, an additional double bed (sliding kinds/sofa cum bed) can beplanted in the room along with the bunk bed. The furniture shouldfirst match the proportion and scale of the kid so that he or she can relate toit. E.g.: even wardrobes can have cloth hangers at an approachable height forthe kid. (Ensure that provision is made to shift them according to growingneeds. The edges of all the furniture in the kid''s room should be rounded off orsmoothened and should be devoid of any protruding corners which could hurt themwhile playing.
Dune of Discovery
Sea and sand... the sound of waves crashing against the shore, expanses of sky are some of the first impressions of the Dune Eco-village and Spa, Puducherry. Walking around the small paths of the red earth that lead to cottages and houses nestling amid clumps of greenery, I scan the landscape with its slashes of red earth and gently undulating lawns. The place holds out the promise of an exciting time ahead. Knackered after a long journey, we, my hosts and I, decide that food should be a priority.Organic foodSo lunch it is. First, at the Fun Restaurant. Carrot and lentil soup, Dal Makhni with parathas...Surveying the continental side of the menu, I decide on lasagna without pasta. The flavours seem fuller, richer than usual. I turn with an inquiring look a t my host and he explains, "The food here is all organic". Started as rehabilitation for tsunami-affected farmers, all the food has been grown here organically. I can taste all the flavours of a classic lasagna, but it's lighter on the belly!Organic farming has a history here. The rehabilitation of tsunami-affected farmers between Chennai and Puducherry went to an extent of 500 acres benefiting around 4000 farmers. This was the start of Dune organic vegetable, dairy and fruit farm.Post-lunch, we stroll around the tree-lined paths; though I am tempted to cycle around the place as I see many guests do. The paths are lined with coconut trees, giving the resort a plantation-like feel. I wonder why there aren't any bigger trees, like neem, or peepul. As if in answer to my thoughts, my host says, "These trees provide shade and grow quickly; other trees take time to grow." That's when I realise the place is young, ideas and innovations continue to come in. As we walk past the dairy farm, I am tutored on dairy farming, vermiculture... the cows and calves look happy and content, winking companionably to each other as we pass. We take a turn and, suddenly, the sea sounds closer with the unmistakable smell of salt in the air. The resort's gates open out into the beach, and we see a handful of guests returning to their rooms. Twilight is beginning to fall and the orange earth glows luminously. Above, the stars are beginning to flicker. A warm breeze is stirring and I feel fatigue slip away.Reclaimed materialOnce inside my room, a very different sense takes over. Apart from the modern furnishings and lighting, there's a curious sense of sleeping in a temple hall. Mahabalipuram-style pillars with carvings of gods and goddesses provide support to a high ceiling. Vastu principles have gone into the design of the room.It's not just "Granite House", where I stay, that has an intriguing concept behind it. Each room is unique, designed mainly in collaboration with a Chennai-based architecture company named "Mancini" and managed by Niels Schonfelder. All along, there has never been a master plan for the resort; it has been built using reclaimed material from colonial houses, Chettinad palaces, or Kerala wood mansions from the plantations. Interior decoration has been done in collaboration with several Indian and foreign designers. This way of working has reduced their carbon footprint by 70 per cent, quite dramatic compared to the average of the hospitality industry."Tonight you will sleep soundly," my host had said. And I drift off, visions of Chettinad palaces and Ayurvedic massage in my dreams. It is a brisk start the next morning with an Ayurvedic massage at the Paradise spa. I am greeted with a customary brew of tulsi tea; a very welcome drink. Ayurvedic massage is something that, in the past, I have approached with some trepidation. And so, I plead that I may be treated gently. When the first handful of oil is slicked over, I resist the urge to scream, Eliza Doolittle style, "let go of me! I'm a good girl, I am!" But there was no need to have worried so much. The abhyanga treatment is gentle and unobtrusive, the masseuse attentive and considerate. There are a number of ayurvedic treatments to choose from; packages that combine the benefits of this holistic approach to health and wellness. There is also a garden where ayurvedic herbs are cultivated. I am tempted to try other services in the Ayurveda section such as shirodara, Ayurvedic refloxology, but there are other spa experiences waiting to be explored.Healing water"Do not miss the Magic Water treatment for anything," says almost everybody I meet at the Dune Eco-village and Spa. Spas have traditionally been associated with water treatment, although its role has diminished over time. Here, there's an attempt to recapture the magic of water and its potential as a healing element. The pool is inside a Kerala style mansion, partly shaded by the large roofing, and partly exposed to sunshine, set in a courtyard-like area. Veronique, the therapist, is already waiting for me. Being in the water and not swimming is, at first, disconcerting. But soon the sensations of the water and its currents take over, and I begin to appreciate its qualities in a subtle way. It has a womb-like quality and learning to trust it is the key to feeling its healing effects. Veronique goes through the movements slowly and gently, and she tells me, "All you have to do is let go, to the water, and relax, feel its energies, its weight and support." With the aid of meditative music that is chant-like, it is easy to do this. Veronique applies shiatsu techniques, at the right moments, to enhance the sense of floating. She says, "Water is a medium where people can release their tensions, even traumas. People keep coming back; one session is not enough to feel the full benefits." An hour of water shiatsu is equivalent to four hours of sleep ... and I am enveloped by a sense of calm.I am told that I can also practise yoga in my room with a teacher. But, the time to leave is approaching, and there is only time for the demonstration of a few asanas. And I am reluctant not to take advantage of this service. At the end of the day, driving off back home, I am convinced that this is a true "Mind, Body and Spirit" buff's retreat!Getting there:By road: Along the East Coast Road, around 2.5 hours from Chennai Airport. The Dune is 9 km after the Puducherry ECR toll gate. The Dune sign board is visible at the road crossing on the left side. From Puducherry, take the ECR road to Chennai. Dune is 12 km away from the city. The sign board is visible at the crossing on the right side.Nearest Airport: ChennaiAccommodationWood house: Nestled amidst greenery, the interiors of the wood houses are almost entirely wooden, with low ceilings and alcoves for comfy double beds. Wooden furnishings in different shades complete the cosy intimate feel of the houses. The natural light in the bathing areas is amazing. Rate: Rs. 7,950 per day; double bed, A/CTower house: At the height of fifty feet, atop a winding staircase is the tower house with a scenic view of the beach and surrounding landscape. Large windows add to the light and fresh air streaming in. Jacuzzi is centrally located and easy to access. Rs. 18,250 for double occupancy, A/C. ( Not recommended for children)Karaikudi suite: Sprawling house with stone and wood elements in the architecture. The wooden features are from old Chettinad palaces and represent some of the finest art of the region. Outside, green lawns and lounge areas. Rs. 11,950; double bed, A/CDome house: Secluded and surrounded by trees, structure of the dome house is inspired by ancient temples. The stained glass windows and art deco furniture make for an interesting contrast. Rs. 7950 for double occupancy; A/C.For packages: Check www.thedunehotel.com
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How Do You Handle Life’s Little Interruptions?You have your plans for the week. You know what you hope to accomplish. You even have in mind that little project at home. Then something or someone interrupts those plans. Our three-year-old grandson who stays overnight with us one night a week, had been sneezing the last few visits. This past Monday morning in particular, he was sneezing, sniffling, and had a runny nose.I checked in with my daughter to see if those things continued after they left that morning. Nope. Oh no. We recognized those clear signs of cat allergies, since both our children grew up with them.On the advice of his doctor, the decision was made to move his bed from my office — his toddler bedroom where the cat likes to hang out- to my husband, Jim's wood floor office — where the cat is NOT allowed.Interruption. All hands on deck.Switch out one double bed for one toddle bed? Easy peasy, right? Not a chance. Thus began the dance of the furniture and the moving of the stuff.Now some of you may have very simplistic offices. Jim and I do not . We have books, papers, filing cabinets. Visualize learner bees and collectors of "stuff". He has genealogy as a hobby and I am a life coach/spiritual director.However, in this simple life interruption of the swap out of two beds, here's what I discovered about mindsets and handling life's little interruptionsGo with the flowBecause we had an overarching driver- my grandson's health- for the interruption of our day-to-day living routine, it made it easier to drop everything else we were doing and go with the flow.Move and change the room arrangements.Instead of a fixed, judging mindset, of why us right now? , how much work do we really have to do? , we found ourselves moving into action and problem-solving — a learner mindset — of how can we make this work for everyone involved:— our grandson's toddler bed and curious mind, Jim's office space, my office space and the guest double bed. No time for a pity party. According to Carol Dwek in her book, Mindset, the Psychology of Success, we always have an internal dialogue going in our minds.A growth mindset is attuned to the implications of learning and constructive actions- such as 'let's see how I can improve my office setting as we rearrange furniture".A fixed mindset could be stuck in judging the situation as "I will never get my office back to any kind of order again. " Or "This will never work. "By going with the flow of learning, a growth mindset, constructive actions appeared more readily.Ask for help and take breaksIn the midst of the chaos of moving furniture from one room to the other in a short time period, it is easy to get tired and grumpy. Those of you with spouses and furniture moving know what I mean. It's hard to keep each of you on the same page, especially when getting tired.Also we have noticed as we get older, our pacing and strength are not what they once were. Do not get me wrong. We are in great shape for our age.In fact, in our heads, we still twenty years younger. However our bodies somehow do not agree with that assessment.We took breaks between moving filing cabinets, disassembling desks, moving bookcases, so that we could feel like our spaces could be our own, as well as have the room ready for our grandson who was coming the next day.A project always grow disproportionately to the time you have for it. Asking for help seems different, too. We are so used to doing it ourselves. We have pieces of furniture still ready to go to the basement, but those pieces will wait until our younger daughter can help carry them down to the basement. .Reflect on the gracesFinally, when the dust settles, the cat hair cleaned up and the rooms are back in some semblance of order, we have taken a sign of relief.I am actually grateful for this interruption given to us by our grandson. My office is lighter, airy, less cluttered. All my filing cabinets are now in my walk-in closet, to be used for storage.I feel lighter because my space is more simplistic and orderly, even with the double guest bed in it. My husband is enjoying his office space as well. His office turned out much more open and organized. This life interruption had good things written all over it — for our grandson's health and for us. The Take AwayWhen has a life interruption turn into a good change for you?How did you adjust your mindset so you could go with the flow and ask for any help you needed?In the end, how did you take time to reflect on the graces that the interruption brought you?I believe interruptions are not always pleasant, yet how we approach them can make a huge difference on our attitudes and ultimately the outcome of the interruptions.Interruptions can actually lead to more nourishment in your life as this one has for me. I would love to know how you let them nourish your life. I know two big outcomes from this interruption will be a healthier, happy grandson and a more productive writer as I enjoy a less cluttered office. How full of grace is that.Nancy Booth is a certified life and brain-based coach. She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life's transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world. She loves seeing women discover what it takes to live a well-nourished life. It's time to explore possibilities of a new vision to include stronger relationships, better life pacing and gain hope and peace
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