I Need Party Table Design Advise. Help!?

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1. i need help deciding on wat to do with a table design?

I am not sure how large a table design or if you are doing something that people will be sitting at the table and eating, but here is an idea for a Winter Wonderland Theme. Use blue and white colors (table cloths, place-mats, napkins, etc.) snowflake ornaments, icicle ornaments, some snowmen, fake snow. If you can use candles put all of the candles in clear or blue glass candle holders. If you have a place that you can plug in lights instead of candles use white Christmas tree lights. The good thing about this idea is it not just Christmas themed but also seasonal.

2. Best database and table design for billions of rows of data [closed]

If you have not already, take a look at a time series DBMS, since it is optimized for storing and querying data where the primary focus is the date/time type. Typically time series databases are used for recording data in the minute/second/sub-second ranges, so I am not sure if it is still appropriate for hourly increments. That said, this type of DBMS seems to be worth looking into. Currently InfluxDB seems to be the most established and widely used time series database

3. Prevent SQL Developer opening table design on click

Go to Tools Preferences Database Object Viewer and disable Open Object on Single Click

4. Fact table design - Level or contribution measures

Storing the values that apply to the snapshot period would be the natural fit for most kinds of reporting, including "requests on trending the coin-in data for example by month per machine."The risk is that if a snapshot goes missing the total on the machine may not match the totals in the cube. Storing both would give you the means to cross-check.

5. Why aren't we supposed to use

in a design?

The real cause to not use tables is:The default layout of a table is: table-layout:fixedThis tells the browser to analyze the table and fix the cells to contain the elements inside them, which takes some time. (this is why tables are so good for complex data)Bottom line: the table will render after all the content inside it is rendered, as opposed when using for example DIV elements

6. RPG Monster-Area, Spawn, Loot table Design

The problem will be dealing with instances of monsters, especially as you can have many monsters of the same type. The easiest way IMO would be to have a special table that deals with instances, and have a limited number of instances per area, say 10.This does not stick with what is considered 'good' SQL but it should work providing you can limit the instances :Table AreaMonsters player. id, area. id, monster1. id, monster1. currHP, monster2. id, etc. .. This will allow you to insert a new line with all the data for an area, and it will be persistent throughout the game. The only problem really is the limit to instances.* Original Answer *From looking at your tables, the setup seems ok, but beware of using reserved words (like count). I am not too familiar with Caste Age, but why cant you just keep the instances client-side? This should not pose a problem if each player has their 'own' area instance.A problem would be the persistance of the data during the game, can the player only be in one area at once? Will the damage he dealt be forgotten once he leaves?Another question would be whether each monster keeps his current health. If this is not the case it could be possible to just keep track of the number of each monster in the area instance, and assume that when the player starts attacking, the monster has full health.

7. Parent/Child Relationship Table Design - What's The Best Practice?

The technique you are describing for representing task hierarchy is called 'Adjacency list'. Although it is the most intuitive to humans, it does not lend itself to very efficient querying in SQL. Other techniques include path enumeration (aka materialized paths) and nested sets. To learn about some other techniques, read this post or search the web for numerous articles on these techniques.SQL Server offers a native hierarchy representation for path enumeration. This is most likely your best bet...

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