I Really Want to Paint My Room the Same Color As in the Picture Below, but First I Want to Find?

Picture frames: you can get any frames you like, check out the dollar store or yard sales or even ones you have. They can be different but use the same colors. I would paint them silver then add the black stripes. Lamp shade: you can go to a fabric store or Hobby Lobby and buy the polka dot ribbon and glue it to your lamp shade. Hat boxes or stacking boxes can be found at allot of places and they can be painted whatever colors you want. Once again Hobby Lobby is a good place. You can always get good prices if you shop out of season. Example, if you bought a clearance valentines box you like and paint it the desired color. Curtains & bed linens: if you sew or know someone who would help you, the whole look can be repeated, we always cant find the same fabric but you can get similar fabric and get the same affect.

1. The Best Rattan Beds In Every Design Style and Trend

As someone who grew up in a home filled with rattan, caned and wicker furniture, I could not be happier that natural materials are one of the hottest interior design trends this year. For decades I was under the impression that wicker and rattan were similar. It was not until I started researching that I learned that wicker is a technique whereas rattan is a material. This popular and extremely durable material is gaining popularity. In fact, rattan beds, chairs, coffee tables, and accent tables are just a few of the most popular furniture items for 2020/2021. With many of us sprucing up our homes this year during the pandemic, I have been doing my best to feature some of the hottest trends for the home - from canopy beds to modern sectionals and classic upholstered armchairs to name a few! Today, I am excited to feature 14 of the best rattan beds that are currently available. I wanted to feature more, but they are so popular that many are on waiting lists! Did you know that rattan is a "close relative of the palm tree?" (Homedit) I never would have guessed! No wonder it is one of the most durable types of wood and makes such beautiful furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. This fabulous rattan curved bed is an absolute dream! It comes in two sizes - king or queen. I love that it's so versatile! It's perfect for a beach cottage, modern coastal or boho chic home. The bed looks gorgeous adorned with neutral bedding! Honestly, it will look great with any color - from white to blue, blush or a fabulous print! I simply adore the 1940s French-inspired Serena & Lily Avalon bed with a rattan headboard and footboard. This handcrafted/hand wrapped bed will look amazing with one of the many gorgeous Serena & Lily quilts or duvet covers! The woven rattan Sausalito bed is the epitome of California cool! It's named after one of the most gorgeous coastal-inspired cities in the country and this beautiful bed is ideal for the farmhouse or coastal inspired home. The breathtaking rattan weaved Lulu & Georgia Salome four-poster bed is available in two shades: hazelnut or tan. Do not you just love the gorgeous headboard on this French-inspired bed? It is absolutely stunning! Serena & Lily is one of my favorite places to shop online for chic coastal inspired furniture and decor! Their furniture is effortlessly elegant, especially this mahogany framed hand-wrapped rattan Balboa bed. It's available in three sizes: twin, queen and in king. I am obsessed with it, especially the glam gold end caps! This beautiful bed looks just as gorgeous in classic natural as it does in rustic mist gray. I featured both rattan beds below. Which one is your favorite? This Crate & Kids //Crate & Barrel queen size bed is not only perfect for your son or daughter's bedroom but is ideal for any room in your home! I love how they accessorized it with stripe and floral print bedding! This lovely bed can be adorned in the color or print of your choice. I can see pairing it with a trendy print or classic solid color quilt and an oversized natural or coastal inspired light fixture or rug. There are so many options! The Morada queen bed combines three popular trends for 2020 and 2021 - rustic, modern, and rattan! I take that back, it incorporates FOUR popular trends as it's gray! It's no secret gray is one of the hottest colors in the world of furniture and home decor! This woven rattan beauty with a curved/slight wingback headboard will be a favorite for years to come! I fell in love with this Elk Home bed with woven rattan disks (on the headboard) as soon as I spotted it. Not only is it beautiful, but it's unique and quite the showstopper! If this bed is on your wish list make sure you grab it as soon as possible as there are only three left! Like many of you, I love daybeds! After I outgrew my canopy bed as a toddler, my mom bought me a daybed at the State Fair of all places! I absolutely loved that bed, it was so comfortable. These days daybeds come in a variety of styles and are perfect for indoors and the patio! Today, I am excited to feature a few of the best rattan daybeds. Not only are they perfect for bedrooms, but will also be great in your nook! I am officially obsessed with this gorgeous "British colonial" inspired Pari rattan daybed! It will look fabulous in your garden room, living room, or in your guest bedroom! I love the cushion which is available separately. You can adorn it with decorative throw pillows or a fun blanket. I purchased this tie dye throw a few months ago and think it would look great on it! If you are searching for a trendy twin bed for your child's room or for your guest bedroom, you are in luck! The twin-size rattan Avalon daybed is ideal. The best part is you do not have to purchase box springs or a special mattress, your standard twin mattress will be fine! My love is strong for this incredibly versatile Sandcastle standard bed. I've mentioned my love of Hooker Furniture from time to time over the years. I can not believe it's been five years since I bought my Hooker Furniture bed. Every day I am amazed at its beauty and high quality! This gorgeous bed with spindle legs, white distressing and "floral motif hardware" is perfection. It will look amazing in a traditional home or a coastal inspired bedroom! The best part is it is currently on sale and 33% off. You can not go wrong with this mahogany wood bed with rattan caned panels! It is both traditional and modern! I can see pairing it with whimsical bedding for a boho-chic space! It will also look phenomenal with classic solid color bedding. This classic Braxton Culler Columbia Low Profile Bed comes in a wide array of colors from bisque to honey, coral, black and that's just the beginning! I love that it is available in so many different shades to complement your new or existing furniture and home decor! It is deeply discounted and currently over 30% off! If you love Victorian inspired furniture with ornate embellishments and rattan panels (and a footboard) as much as I do, you will love this Elk Home Caned Bed! It is one of the most gorgeous beds on the planet and destined to look fabulous in your home!

2. How can I improve my writing?

Grab a copy of Writer's Digest from your local bookstore or magazine rack and start reading. Every issue will help you with some aspect of your writing. Pay attention to the WRITING parts as well as the BUSINESS parts. That kills most new writers faster than a bad review. LEARN the BUSINESS of writing. Next, read. Read everything about everything. Learn how experienced writers use language to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Read dime store crap and the greatest novels in western civilization. Read it all. Read every night before you go to bed. Next, learn your craft. Take courses and study the use of grammar and language. Take a poetry class. Yea, boring as heck, but true poetry (not this modern stuff) will teach you how to use language to paint a scene. And get a word a day calendar. You need to know a lot of words if you are going to be using them. And be sure your classes are taught by tight-a$$es. You want hard critiques of your work. This is the time to learn, not be pampered. If you just want to be pampered then give your stories to your mom. She will kiss you on the forehead and put your story on the refrigerator. But no one else will ever see them. Finally, write. That's right, write. Everyone wants to be a writer, but no one wants to do the work involved. If you want to be a writer then you have to write something every day. Write about anything, but write. Good luck.

3. what do women think when they see a man in a hat all the time?

"Is not a big deal as long he keeps the hat out of bed and when we are around each other"

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