I've Got a Glass Dining Room Table. a Piece of the Glass Broke Off. It's Pretty Thick Glass, Can It

It may be glued back together with some kind of super glue, but it will never be as strong as it was before it broke. Even if you do get it glued, you will still be able to see the crack and it may break off again if you put anything heavy on it. I get a picture in my mind of a Thanksgiving turkey being set on the wrong spot and tumbling to the floor. I would look into getting another top made if you really like the table. If it has curved edges, you will have to make a template with dimensions for the glass cutter

1. Dining room or laundry room????

Laundry Room

2. Where can I find a cheap dining room table?

Do you have a demolition or old building parts supplier in Houston? That's if it's not still under water?Buy an old wooden door.That's the top.Then get some concrete blocks and stack to the height you want.Put door on top.Voila! A dining table.Then try an Opportunity shop for chairs etc,or advertise in your local paper.

3. What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?

egg shell white

4. Re-upholstering Dining Room Chairs?

Check the TLC website for shows like "Trading Spaces", "While You Were Out", etc. They usually have diy instructions. Also, try HGTV.com

5. is it proper for someone to change a baby diaper in a resteraunt dining room?

Not only no, but H**L no. It's disgusting, smelly and a health hazard

6. Gel Window cling stain off of wood dining room table?

Try using Liquid Gold in your cleaning/dusting area. While you are there, see if there is a cleaner/polish for wood. With the Liquid Gold, just rub it on there concentrating on the spots, let it sit for about a minute and then wipe with a clean cloth. Other than that, it may have stained the clear coat on top of the wood, and then you would have to sand it down and repaint it. :-)

7. My dining room is bigger than my living room. I was thinking of switching rooms,?

As long as the space flows, I would not worry about it

8. Nice Dining Room Table: Water rings from glasses. (1) How Fix? (2) How Protect?

You could try the product listed below. It worked on my night stand. For prevention you should use coasters or thick place mats. Which I know is probably not preferred since you spent a grand on the table. Who would want to cover it up!? But, they do make pretty nice looking coasters nowadays.

9. I bought some dining room chairs. My husband put them together. They're wobbly. What's wrong?

You need to tighten the screws. On lots of furniture pieces they use a peg that inserts into a drum shaped cam that is then tightened. Make sure that the "peg is seated (screwed in) completely and then after it is inserted into the cam the cam is fully turned until tight. The other two guys who answered above are idiots, obviously!

10. 1960 Thomasville maple dining room table, 6 chairs and 2 leaves 18x60" Seats 12. Anyone know how much it would?

Used furniture does not get much. You could look it up on ebay. Maybe they have a similar set

11. my neice hit her eye on my dining room chair and she has a really bad bruise!! HELP!!?

antibiotics aren't doing anything to swelling and bruise, they cure bacterial infection. to clean the cut, use just little of desinfection but carefuly to not put it ti her eye. there is nothing much to do about the black eye. it needs to disappear by itself but you can reduce the swelling by iceing it. black eye usually takes up to a month to disappear

12. What do you call the room between the KITCHEN and DINING ROOM?


13. I want to re-paint my dining room table legs and chairs. What kind of paint should I use?

Behr Premium Paint has a primer/paint combo which takes a two step process into one. I would also suggest a clear varnish after painting to protect from knicks and scratches!

14. Best way to sell an elegant dining room suite moved to the US with household goods after business tour .?

You can sell it by using local classifieds from your newspaper, or you can opt for online sites, like ebay, craiglist or ad-my-ad

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Purchasing a New Dining Table Set
Purchasing a new dining table set can be the perfect way to enhance your dining area. It is important to keep a lot of factors in mind when purchasing a new dining room table.Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is important to keep in mind that in order for the table to enhance the appearance of your home that it should adequately match your other furniture, your carpet, floor, wallpaper, etc. A mismatched dining table can make your dining area look awkward and detract from the appearance of your home.A variety of materials is used to construct dining room tables. These include wood, glass, and other materials. It is important that the dining room table matches your other furniture. For example, if the rest of your furniture is wooden, a glass dining room table would look awkward and would likely make your dining area look rather hideous.If possible, a dining table should be purchased as a set. This will help ensure that both the table and chairs match the rest of the home's design scheme. If chairs are purchased separately, one should make sure that the chairs adequately match both the table and the rest of the design scheme for the home.Practicality should be taken into consideration when purchasing a dining set. The chairs should be both fashionable and comfortable. It is hardly useful to have fashionable chairs that cause discomfort when sitting in them, since they will serve little purpose except being a decorative item for the home.Quality of construction should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a dining set. A poorly constructed dining set, even if it looks great in the home, will lead to costly repairs, or even worse, replacement of the dining set, being necessary. Replacing an entire dining set is costly, and this is easily avoidable by keeping in mind the construction quality prior to purchasing the set.If a glass dining table is chosen, it is important understand how to appropriately care for the table. One major concern regarding glass dining tables is how to avoid getting scratches on them. One way to avoid getting scratches is to use placemats. Make sure that these placemats also match the color scheme of the home. Table runners can also be used. Table runners are a piece of fabric that is decorative that covers the table. Also, trivets can be used. These are used for placing hot items out on the table. Without these, the table can easily become scratched, or even worse, can crack due to the excess heat.By following the above guidelines, purchasing a new dining table can be an exciting and fairly easy experience. It can help set the mood for your home and provide an important use for your home. Regardless of what type of dining set is purchased, it is important to make sure that it is fashionable, matches other furniture and items in your home, and after the purchase, it is important to take action to avoid damage to the dining set.
How to Make a Beautiful Dining Room, with Beautiful Oscillating Table UDF and Ottoman
Edward Wortley Montagu (diplomat) of ottomanSir Edward Wortley Montagu (8 February 1678 22 January 1761) was British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, husband of the writer Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and father of the writer and traveller Edward Wortley Montagu.Son of Sidney Wortley Montagu and grandson of Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich, Wortley Montagu was educated at Westminster School, Trinity College, Cambridge (1693) and trained in the law at the Middle Temple (1693). He was called to the bar in 1699 and entered the Inner Temple in 1706.He was best known for his correspondence with, seduction of, and elopement with Mary Pierrepont, daughter of Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull. They married in 1712. Edward succeeded his father in 1727, inheriting Wortley Hall, near Barnsley in South Yorkshire.Edward was a prominent Whig politician, and was MP for Huntingdon before eventually becoming a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury from 1714 to 1715.He made Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire and elected the representative of the Levant Company on the nomination of King George I on 10 May 1716. He arrived with his wife at Adrianople (now known as Edirne) on 13 March 1717. As Ambassador, he was charged with pursuing the ongoing negotiations between the Ottomans and the Habsburg Empire. Unsuccessful in his position, he was not made Ambassador to the Ottoman Porte in Constantinople before he was recalled in October 1717. He left Turkey on 15 July 1718 and traveled for some time in the East. Upon his return to England from Constantinople, he fell out with the Whig hierarchy but remained a Member of Parliament for Huntingdon (17221734) and Peterborough (1734 until his death in 1761).From 1757 to 1761, he remodelled Wortley Hall, adding the East Wing. On his death, he left the hall and a large fortune to his daughter Mary, having in 1755 cut off his son Edward with only a small allowance. Mary married the future Prime Minister, John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute.------Rav akesi of ottomanRav akesi was a "rabbi tax" paid by Jewish communities in the Ottoman Empire. The origins of rav akesi are unclear; it has been suggested that it was one of two taxes imposed specifically on Jews, and that it may have developed in parallel with the authority of a senior rabbi in Istanbul, who was at nominally a representative and judge for Jewish communities in the Ottoman empire, although their authority may not have extended far beyond Istanbul.It has been suggested that Mehmet II imposed the tax in return for separate representation of Jews after 1455, as part of a broader effort to rebuild and revive Istanbul; this may also have served to undermine the Greek patriarchy. Under the Ottoman empire there was, at time, friction between "Greeks" and "Jews"; the authorities may at times have favoured one over the other.Although rav akesi was a cash tax, rather than a tax in kind, it could be hypothecated to provide specific goods; tax records for 1655 show that the rav akesi in Monastir (Bitola) was a significant source of funding of drapery for Janissaries; the tax official responsible for purchases would be the same person responsible for collecting the tax.Non-Muslims were usually taxed at a higher rate, overall, in the Ottoman empire, thanks to taxes such as rav akesi and ispence. Jews in particular may have been singled out to pay higher rates of ispence. The Porte was well aware of this - and even aware that this would tempt non-Muslims to convert; Bayezit II ruled that courts should treat non-Muslims more leniently (including such measures as lower fines), "so that the poll-tax payers shall not vanish".As with other taxes in the Ottoman empire, rav akesi could be affected by a complex patchwork of local rules and exemptions, including muafiyet; the Jews of Selanik (Thessaloniki) were among those exempted from taxes by a muafname after the city was conquered by Murad II.------Engagements in Kurdish organizations of ottomanFollowing the Young Turks Revolution against Sultan Abdulhamid II he was allowed to return to Istanbul and in 1908 he became a founding member of the Kurd Society for Cooperation and Progress. At the time he established close ties with Abdulkadir Ubeydullah, as he was also a member of the Kurdish movement. But the Society was banned in 1909 by the Committee for Union and Progress (CUP) as it didn't see any benefit of a Kurdish organization. In 1918 he was elected the Vice President of the Society for the Elevation of Kurdistan, opposing the election of Abdulkadir as President. But the disputes continued as Abdulkadir advocated for a autonomy within a future Turkish state, as Emin Ali Bedir Khan was in favor for Kurdish independence but also the recognition of the state by a sultan as a Caliph. Emin Ali was also an active participant in the negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference. He maintained the view that the province of Van should be included in a Kurdistan, opposing Serif Pasha who represented the Society for the Elevation of Kurdistan at the Peace Negotiations in Paris. He wrote a to the president of the peace conference in Paris and also showed a map, what according to him should include a future Kurdistan to the British representative in Istanbul, Richard Webb.Emin Ali would go on to establish the Society for Kurdish Social Organizations which advocated for an independent Kurdistan. He didn't give up on the Kurdish cause and established ties with Greek diplomats who's support he was able to gain. Then he and his son Celadet Bedir Khan requested also the support of the British, to facilitate a Kurdish uprising in Mosul, but they declined to support the cause. As it was imminent that a Turkish republic was to be created, he went into exile in Egypt, where he passed away in 1926.------As Valide Sultan of ottomanAfter Abdul Hamid II ascended the throne in 1876, she was given the position of Valide Sultan by him, and headed the harem. Abdul Hamid told her categorically not to involve herself in politics. Thus, unlike many of her predecessors, she was not active in politics..Three days before Abdul Hamid became Sultan, he went to Perestu Kadn's villa and kissed her hand, acknowledging her as his Valide Sultan Queen mother and it was from there that he proceeded to Topkap Palace for the ceremony of homage at his accession. Perestu loved this house. Now and again she would want to go there, but because Abdul Hamid absolutely wanted her present in the palace he would withhold permission.In 1885, during the visit of King Oscar II and Queen Sophia of Sweden to the Ottoman Empire, she received the Swedish queen, who was allowed to visit the Imperial harem.The internal matters of the palace were in her charge. But she did not want to hurt anyone's feelings in the least, did not interfere in the matters, sought justice and equity, and because she was firmly religious she passed a good deal of time in prayers. She possessed good, high moral standards, which led her to help the poor and needy.. Perestu was known as a fair and compassionate queen mother. She headed the imperial harem with love and devotion. All the people in the palace loved and admired her. She was the last woman in Ottoman history to hold the title Valide Sultan.Abdul Hamid particularly wanted Perestu to attend the Royal Mosque Procession every Friday. Sometimes after the ceremony she would secretly slip out to her villa, but when Abdul Hamid learned of it, he immediately aided set off from the palace with a carriage and brought her back..In 1891, Perestu commissioned a fountain (sebil) in Bala Tekkesi, Silivrikap and another fountain (eme) in the same place in 1895.------Military career of ottomanGleich began his military career in 1886 in the Dragoner-Regiment Knigin Olga Nr. 25 in Ludwigsburg. In 1890 he was transferred to the General Staff. In 1902-05 he served as a squadron commander in the 13. Dragoner-Regiment in Metz. Thereafter he was again seconded to the General Staff, where his exceptional linguistic abilities marked him out for overseas service. In 1912 he was assigned as German Military Attach to the High Command of the Greek Army, where he observed victorious Greek military operations against Ottoman forces on several fronts during the First Balkan War. In 1913, following his return to Germany, he was appointed commanding officer of the Dragoner-Regiment Knigin Olga Nr. 25, and took the field with this unit as Oberstleutnant at the outbreak of World War I. In 1915 he was promoted to Oberst.In February 1916 he was selected for secondment to the now allied Ottoman Army and assigned to Baghdad, as chief of staff to Feldmarschall von der Goltz. There he became chief of staff of the Ottoman Sixth Army, with the Ottoman rank of Mirliva and the accompanying title of Pasha. He participated in the successful siege of Kut-al-Mara and subsequent events in Mesopotamia up to late summer 1916. Infected by unclean drinking water, he suffered severe illness and was transported to Aleppo to recuperate. Gleich subsequently wrote a detailed memoir of his military experiences during 1912-16, which was published in 1921 as Vom Balkan nach Bagdad: militrisch-politische Erinnerungen an dem Orient (From the Balkans to Baghdad: military-political recollections of the East).In January 1917 he commanded the Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm Nr. 120 on the Western Front, fighting on the Somme. As commander of Infanterie-Brigade Nr. 18, he played a part in the fighting at Arras and Cambrai, and during the Spring Offensive. In 1918 he was promoted to Generalmajor and, on his request, retired from active duty in 1919.------Historiography and literature of ottoman artHistorical accounts about Vrana's life and deeds are scarce beyond some references about him in official correspondence of the time and works which focus mainly on his role in the Albanian-Turkish Wars. Marin Barleti, who was a contemporary of Vrana, is one of the first authors who mention Vrana in his History of Scanderbeg in 1510. Paolo Giovio and Paolo Angelo examined Vrana's role in Gjergj Kastrioti's wars in their works in the first half of the 16th century. Giammaria Biemmi in his 1742 Istoria di Giorgio Castrioto some more details about his background - like a parental lineage to an Altisferi family which he links to the Zaharia family. His work, which Biemmi claimed to be based on an unknown manuscript is considered a forgery in modern scholarship like many of his other works.In oral literature - epic poetry and tales - he is well-remembered for his involvement in the Skanderbeg's battles. Much of the corpus of these oral tales focus on the siege of Kruj. Geographically, in Albania these tales are found in an area from Kruj to the Kuks region in the north and the Upper Reka to the west. In written literature, Vrana inspired the character Vran in the epic poem Scanderbeide by Margherita Sarrocchi. The definitive edition of Scanderbeide was published in 1623. Among the Arbreshe, the community of Albanian refugees that settled in Italy after Ottoman conquest, Vrana has been a particularly popular subject. In the 19th century, Gavril Dara the Younger in Knga e Sprasme e Bals portrays Vrana with much affection as a high lord (zot i math).In 1967, a year dedicated to the memory of Scanderbeg in literature and visual arts in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, a bust of Vrana was created by local sculptor from Kruj, Sabri Tui. In the same year, he was the subject of the painting Vrana Konti n kshtjelln e Krujs (Vrana Konti in the fortress of Kruj) by Skender Kamberi.
Woman Who Banged Her Knee Against Table Leg at Restaurant Awarded 20k
A High Court damages award to a woman who banged her knee against the leg of a table while sitting down to dinner will have serious repercussions for hoteliers and restaurateurs.Ms Justice Mary Faherty heard that hairdresser Annette O'Connor had been directed to a table in The Mullingar Park Hotel restaurant, had waited while the manager politely withdrew her chair, then sat down and injured her left knee as she pulled her chair in to the table.O'Connor, (48) of The View, Larchill, Santry, Dublin, had booked Mother's Day weekend at the hotel with five friends in March 2011. She claimed that being directed to the table setting right over the leg, which was concealed by a table cloth, constituted "a trap" and negligence on the part of the hotel owners Euro Plaza Hotel Limited which trades as The Mullingar Park Hotel.O'Connor told Padraig McCarton SC, who appeared for her with barrister Paul Twomey, that she had not been given any warning from the restaurant manager that the leg was hidden right beneath where she had been directed to sit.She said the group of friends had been staying as guests and booked a table in the dining room for the Saturday evening and had been shown to their reserved seats by the restaurant manager.She told Mr McCartan, who appeared with Murphy Brady Solicitors, that the dining table had been set in advance and was covered with a long tablecloth.O'Connor said the manager pulled out a chair at the table to allow her take her seat. She sat down and pulled in her chair to sit comfortably. As she pulled in her chair her left knee struck a leg that had been obscured by the tablecloth. She had been awarded €18,000 damages at Mullingar Circuit Court by Judge Doirbhile Flanagan whose judgment was appealed to the High Court. Ms Justice Faherty affirmed the lower court's finding and increased damages to €20,000 and costs.Ms O'Connor's legal team claimed negligence against the hotel on the basis the table set-up constituted a trap or hazard for patrons and that their client had been directed to sit in an unsafe spot.It was alleged the hotel had obscured her view of the legs by use of the tablecloth and had failed to warn her of the presence of the metal leg she struck. It was also claimed the table place setting had been prepared in "a reckless or careless and inattentive manner."O'Connor claimed she immediately felt pain and shock but had her meal before retiring to her room where staff had brought her an ice pack and a drink to settle her nerves.When she returned home she had attended her local doctor, the Beaumont Hospital for X-rays and later a specialist in muscle spasm. The injury had disrupted her personal and professional life as a hairdresser.Judge Faherty said she accepted it was foreseeable that an accident such as occurred could and did happen and that liability lay with the hotel. Contributory negligence could not be applied to the Ms O'Connor as she had been specifically directed to the table and could not reasonably have been expected to have embarked upon an investigation as to where the legs were.Witnesses on behalf of the hotel told the court the table was one of a type used all over the world and had been found to be perfectly suitable in the global catering trade.A forensic engineer said that if he had been asked pre-accident to risk assess the set up in the dining room he would not have directed the hotel to warn people about the presence of the table leg under the tablecloth.Online Editors
A Police Chase That Ended at My Neighbors Dining Room Table, and Healing From a Single Story of Nort
It was two or three in the morning. My wife and daughter and I were awoken by a what sounded like a semi barreling through our front yard. There was a loud squeal, then a crash, and then sirens. I jumped out of bed to look out the window. A car, having been chased by police at high speeds through our Como Park neighborhood, had hit the curb in front of our house and was now lodged into our neighbor's dining room. A half-dozen squad cars surrounded it.I was leery to stand near windows, not knowing whether the suspects might have a gun. Sneaking a glance from behind our living room curtains, I could see the police were able to arrest the driver. The passenger was also tracked down and questioned (he was quickly released).Fortunately, my neighbors were away visiting family that night. Had they been home, and had the tree in the front yard not assumed the majority of the car's impact, their daughter, whose bedroom is above the dining room, may have been harmed or killed. Interestingly, in my writing of this post I spent a good twenty minutes searching the internet to find details on the crash and the arrest but found nothing.Another thing I find interesting is how much press there has been on the high-speed police chase that ended at a North Minneapolis playground. You may remember the story. The chase began on Interstate 94 that ended at Bohanon Park. Three children were seriously injured. I understand that this crash, because of the injuries to children, would have more press. Still, I can not help but think it also gets more press because it took place in North Minneapolis. Stories of tragedy and violence (along with stories of charity attributed to people who are not Northsiders…) seem to be the type of single stories associated with North Minneapolis, both by media outlets and non-residents. The irony with the Bohanon Park story is that the driver in the chase was not even from North. He lived in Richfield.I am writing about this because Bohanan Park is one of the sacred spaces we visit on our North Minneapolis Pilgrimage for Peace Walks. At the July 27th event, I was asked to share a reflection when we stopped at Bohanon Park. What I spoke was a prayer for my own healing. I asked that the single stories — those rooted in racism and white supremacy — stories that would associate negative and needy connotations with North Minneapolis — would be removed from me and other non-IPOC, non-Northsiders. I prayed that my/our eyes would continue to be opened to our shared humanity, to the beauty and nuance of the Northside, and to the responsibility we have to care for one another. Part of that responsibility lies in moving beyond these deeply embedded and toxic single stories.Single stories are dangerous (btw — here's a great TED Talk on "The danger of a single story" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie). They fuel a way of being engrossed in scapegoating and codependent relationships (e. g. , the "White Savior"). Single stories are caught up in this dualistic thinking (e.g., good/bad, right/wrong, have/have-nots), and they will fail to recognize and honor the complexities of our lives. They are incomplete and dishonest. And when we tell and believe single stories, it turns out that we are all are dehumanized. The truth is Como Park is not just "nice" or "that place with the zoo." Crime and car chases happen in my neighborhood, like the one that ended at my neighbor's dining room table. Bohanon Park is not just the place where that tragedy at the playground occurred. It's a beautiful park where you will see kids in a pool splashing and laughing and men on a lush green field playing cricket. But you may never know these neighborhoods' beautiful and messy stories unless you walk their sidewalks and listen beyond the single stories associated with them.This is one of the many gifts of making pilgrimage. When you embark on pilgrimage, you step beyond your ordinary (the place where single stories often reside), and you encounter — in flesh — the stories of other places and faces. My experience on these pilgrimages in Camden and Lind-Bohanon neighborhoods has been both humbling and healing. I've been overwhelmed by Northside hospitality — leaving each walk with full belly and boxes of produce (some grown in the community garden kitty-corner to Bohanon Park). I've been taken by the beauty of the Northside's parks, homes and gardens. I've shed tears in the alley where Thurman Blevins was killed by police officers. And, I've been inspired by the stories of residents who are committed to good and healing work in these neighborhoods — neighborhoods similar and different to my own. If you are in need of healing from single stories about North Minneapolis, consider joining us for one of these pilgrimages. These walks, hosted by The Camden Promise and Gethsemane Lutheran, include a block party/bbq and take place on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month during July, August and September. Remaining walks will take place August 10 & 24, and September 14 & 28. Come walk the sidewalks and hear the stories. Come and eat food and share laughs. Come get a little bit of your humanity back.RSVP for an upcoming walk via Intertwine's Meetup page or on Facebook.Where can I purchase a thin sheet of plastic (not a plastic table cloth) to go over my dining room table?check tap plastics www.tapplastics.com
How to Decorate Dining Room Table. For
Christmas Dinner - Meal Ideas, Recipes & Tips | eHow.com Tried and true Christmas dinner recipes from the holiday experts at eHow. How to instructions for setting and decorating the Christmas dinner table.1. What are the advantages of dining with your family as often possible?Dining with family is probably the most important part of the day. It's the time when family members have to inquire about each other, to learn what each is up to, to learn concerns and fears for each other, to learn what each other is anticipating, to learn of any struggles that each is having.It is a time to voice concern for one another. It is a time to offer support and care for one another. It is a time where nurturing is made manifest. It is a time to learn to share about each other, but also to share food together. It is a time to practice grace - such as, if there is only one biscuit left, and more than one person wants it, how is that handled?It is a time to practice manners, and to discuss why manners are, or are not, important. It is a time to train our children table etiquette for when they are away from the family table, and at another table.It is a time for laughter. A time for jokes. A time for good natured poking fun at one another, but not in a disrespectful way. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, there is the family bonding that occurs.Growing up, our family always gathered for the evening meal together. Around a table, not around a television. It is the one constant - a positive constant - that I remember about my family, and what it means to be family. There were some rough times around the table, too. My brothers and I would use this time to tell on each other, or to 'accidentally' tell on each other. And our parents would question us and teach us during this time. Also, especially during my teenage years, an innocent question from my Dad, such as, "How was your day?" would make me wonder, "What does he know?" as I carefully crafted a response.We, each of us, knew we were expected to be around that dinner table every evening. No other plans were to get in the way of that. Therefore, it was also a good time simply to check in, without checking in. Parents and children are reassured that we are all still here, still together. Observant family members can tell, from body language, if there may be a problem with which someone is struggling. It is also a time to enforce a certain level of food security. We did not always have a lot of food, but we knew that we would gather round that table, and we would have something to eat. And our parents knew we were eating something. I instilled this practice with my own family, my own children. Those were among the best times of my life. Watching my children sneak food to the dog (there mom was a terrible cook. ) Teaching my children never to criticize anyone who puts a free meal in front of them (sometimes they would complain to me that their mom's meals were so bad they did not think they could eat them. I showed them ways to sneak the food to our dog. And afterward, I would announce, "Hey! Let's go to Dairy Queen!")Each of my children learned how to cook and share a meal with the family. And each of the family learned how to praise and encourage those who cooked. We learned to always have something positive and caring for whoever provided the meal. (Even if the meal was horrible.)We learned how to work together to clean up after the meal. We learned responsibility. We learned the value of working together.When we had other children over who did not come from families where food security was realized, we learned to share abundantly. And, when we picked up a stranger off the highway, or a transient stopped by our house, we learned to share our abundance with others. Because we could. We learned that family is important, as is looking after one another.We learned the meaning of respect, and how to treat others with respect, even if we did not feel like it.We learned that, contrary to popular belief, respect is not earned, but is a gift we give ourselves when we give it to others. Oh, we also learned how to give the Heimlich Maneuver, and we learned how it feels when laughing so hard that liquid we are drinking shoots out of our nose. (This can be handy when out on a date. That is, anticipating it, and possibly avoiding it.)I suppose, in essence, we learned how to be gracious, thankful, people. PeaceI remembered something else. I work with juvenile offenders - those who have broken a law - in a process called, Restorative Justice. One of the most important things we do is, before every meeting, we eat together around a table.For many of these young people, this is the first time they have ever had this experience. Often, when these young people start the process, they may be a few minutes later. However, once they realize that we start with a meal and casual conversation, they tend to do whatever they have to do to make sure they do not miss this part of the evening.This is the time when we bond, and learn things about each other. It is a time to laugh and a time to share. It is a time to get to know one another. And, it is a time to learn that you are valued for who you are.It is probably the most important thing I do - preparing a meal for a bunch of kids who society basically overlooks, ignores, or hates - and sitting down an eating with them.2. Is Television appropriate for meal times?TV during meal times is a big debate.There has been a rule when I grew up that the TV should be off during meals. Technically, the enforcement was easy since the dining table was set in the kitchen with no direct view in the living room. At my grandparents' at that time, TV was on during breakfast.In my opinion, I prefer to have the TV off during the actual time of dining. Why? I like to eat healthy food, not the average news or commercials that are being aired at the moment. I like to discuss about good things that happen in the family, not the latest accident report or drug scandal, and have my focus of what is happening here and now.As well, I prefer to have no cellphones or distractions that drive focus away from that privileged family gathering. If a call is coming in, I just let it go to voicemail.Some may say, especially kids, that dinner moments can be boring without TV... it's up to us, parents, relatives, older brothers/sisters, to make the dinner time pleasing to everyone and give the good example. This way, there will be no temptation to pick up distractions. For example :And then, naturally, TV will not be needed at all.It's okay to set up a dinner around TV or a movie from time to time, as long as everyone is interested by the show.There is another situation where dining and TV can mix : the restaurant. Depending on the cases, it can be OK to watch the screen while waiting for the dishes, but not as everyone is served.3. Does my Disney dining plan include tip?YES it does. Approximatley 18%
How to Restain a Table
Restaining and refinishing aren't necessarily synonymous; it's possible to darken the color of your dining room or coffee table without removing the finish. Most of the time, though, restaining involves stripping, sanding and -- yes -- refinishing. Refinishing a table is a process that gets more satisfying as it progresses, but it starts out messy and unpleasant. The tribulations of stripping the wood won't deter you, though, when you remember the best is yet to come.Unless your table is too big to move, it's best to in a workshop area or outside. Use a conventional methylene chloride stripper or, if you have time and want to make sure you avoid skin burns, a . Spread the stripper with a paintbrush; you'll know it's working when the finish begins to bubble and separate. Scrape the stripper off with a paint scraper as soon as you see this -- you don't want to let the stripper dry, or it won't come off. If the stripper does dry, don't worry; you can moisten it by adding more. After scraping all the stripper off, clean and neutralize the residue by washing the table with clear water.To guarantee uniformity of color when you apply the new stain, you have to remove all the old stain from the wood, and the best way to do that is to . It's best not to use sanding machines, especially when you sand turnings and delicate features on the legs -- but since a palm sander saves time and effort, you'll probably want to use one. Don't use paper coarser than 120-grit with an orbital sander; you may find it difficult to sand out the circular scratch marks it leaves. After sanding the wood with 120-grit sandpaper, go over it by hand with 150-grit paper -- sanding with the wood grain -- to remove scratch marks. If you're going to use a water-based stain, finish-sand with 180-grit paper.The procedure for applying the stain is the least demanding step in the entire refinishing process. If your table is made from pine, birch or any other resinous wood that accepts stain unevenly, brush on a coat of before staining to ensure uniform color. Apply liquid stains with a brush and gel stains with a rag, wiping or brushing with the wood grain to avoid streaking. Wipe off any stain that doesn't soak in within five or 10 minutes of applying it, using a clean, dry cloth. Allow the stain to dry from four to eight hours -- preferably overnight -- before coating it with a protective finish.The final procedure in the refinishing process -- and the one that you may find the most satisfying -- is applying the clear finish. The protective coating deepens the stain color and adds luster and shine. You can choose from several methods, including ; spraying from a can or using spray equipment to spray it; or or water-based acrylic lacquer -- which are similar materials. Build the finish by applying a coat, waiting for it to dry, then scuffing it with 320-grit sandpaper and applying another coat. Two coats of a brushable product or penetrating oil are usually enough, but you'll probably want more if you're spraying lacquer.
How to Pick Your Luxury Dining Room Furniture
Ornate carvings on wood, a touch of satin or velvet and an exquisite space to relish some delectable delicacies. Dhanishta Shah guides you through picking the perfect furniture for your dining roomIt is at the dining table that families bond and share the highlights of their day over scrumptious meals. The dining room is a special space; one that is often used for lavish soirées and sit-down dinner parties. Hence, it is important to choose the furniture for this space well; pair skilled craftsmanship with sleek designs, and regal materials with a luxurious finish to set up a dining room that spells opulence.Interior Designer, Neelanjan Gupto of the eponymous design studio recommends that the starting point should always be ergonomics. "Keep in mind the style, decor and concept of the house design. The dinning table and chairs must blend in with these," he says, emphasising that for beautiful furniture to create the desired impact, it has to blend well with the overall decor scheme.NeelanjanIndia's repertoire of skilled artisans makes it easy to experiment with different materials. For instance, a 14-seater dining set was handcrafted out of teak wood and clad with a thick 100% silver sheet. "Silver-coated furniture adds a touch of royalty and grandeur to your home. It is a soft and bright metal, which goes well with modern and vintage decor," says Prashant Sarawgi, Managing Director, SR Artefacts.For those who want to move away from traditional designs, graphic tabletops literally bring art to the table! An example is the Aelita dining table (from Scarlet Splendour) that has a graphic top in resin inlay, which immediately infuses a modern colourful yet elegant look into the space.With shrinking family sizes, smaller dining areas are becoming common. However, according to Neelanjan, while there are many compact dining tables available, it's best to avoid buying such a small table that it doesn't accommodate dishes and glasses for at least four people!ScotchgardBenches are also making their presence felt in the dining area and it is not uncommon to see a dining table with a bench on one side of the table in many homes. Options are aplenty; from leather benches that will add elegance and sophistication to ornate wooden ones with exquisite carvings that give your room an old-world charm. Benches offer great scope to play around with upholstery to create stunning effects.ShobhnaKunalMehtaKanchiShobhnaKunalMehta
LADIES!!! What Is One Thing You Love a Man to Do to You in Bed/dining Room Table/sofa?
I like to be seduced. I also love it when a guy removes my clothing slowly and a lot of time spent kissing and nibbling my neck as that is a huge turn on for me!! Of course everyone is different. I guess you are just stock piling ammo right now huh? hehe1. how do i get dried ink out of a nice wood dinning room table?Try Mr Clean eraser. It works great on permanent markers and may do the same for ink. Yoda out2. How many chairs do you have at your dining room table? ?I do not have a dining room table. I do however have 2 stools that i sometimes sit on when im in the kitchen3. Homeschool set-ups! Where does your child homeschool? What room? Dining room table?We just get ours done either at the kitchen table or (weather permitting) outside at the picnic table. I have a large pantry in the utilty room that holds all our school books and supplies. We have one lap top computer that we all share. I have a dry erase board mounted on my kitchen wall to use as needed. I have large maps mounted on the walls in the playroom and the utility room, available for reference. Nothing fancy, but it works for us.4. What do you have or what would be a nice centerpiece for a dining room table?a vase of flowers when they are seasonal, or if you like flowers. other wise some fun glass assorted jars filled with glass beads or rocks, is always a modern flair5. jack Nicklaus dinning room table?difficult point. research using search engines like google. this can assist!6. How do I refinish my dining room table and chairs?Sand them, stain them or paint ,and then finish with gloss7. Can someone guide me in the right direction for an expensive dining room table that seats at least 5?Check Pier One Imports or Bombay. Martha Stewart makes really nice tables but they are only found at k-mart. But bombay and Pier are high in price, style, lastablity and sheer elegance8. What should I put in the green bowl on my dining room table?I like red and green together so i would go with raspberry color or a red that goes with your shade of green9. How large should area rugs be under living room table?i am undecided what you think approximately a respectable value yet I also have a 9x12 persian in a 12x17 area that became into around $1800. once you are canines are confusing on rugs, it extremely is beneficial to verify Frontgate or Grandinroad catalogs or on-line. they provide indoor/exterior polypropolene rugs that appear like clothier rugs, are soft, and to bathe they only must be hosed down. I picked up a 9 x 12 Acanthus type for $325 for a heavy-site visitors section area10. Why do dog owners allow their dogs up on the dining room table when guests are eating?Wow, I am sorry to hear that. She just loves her pooch so much I suppose that all good manners and consideration for others flies out the window. All that drool and bad breath. Wow11. does a dining room table have to match the hutch?Wood tends to compliment wood as long as the general style is similar and the quality is good, (not Chinese junk) . I actually find rooms with non-matching furniture, (in good taste of course), to be interesting and never boring. This is especially true of antiques. Go for it!12. My dining room table is 90 inches long - where can I find a non-traditional table runner that hangs over?I would go find a fabric you like, buy a piece long enough(3.5 yds if you want 12" overhang at each end), and sew your own. If you can not sew, find a local seamstress, it's a very simple sewing job so should not cost much for the labour.13. Should I buy a dining room table? Here is the situation.?always buy tables. How can you not? Also buy a tv tray for yourself. GO for it.14. How many chairs do you have around your dining room table ?6, Good Night, love
Why Is My Wife so Upset I Replaced the Dining Room Table with a Official Size Pool Table?
did u remind her u can have naughty time on it? maybe then she will understand!!1. protecting dining room table from cat?Try putting softpaws on your cat. You can do it yourself, or a vet can do it. Most pet stores sell them. Otherwise, you may have to do the table pad. Good luck!2. What can I do with this glass dining room table?Ask the landlord to remove it3. I sanded a dining room table top but the stain is too grey, (I need brown) I can't sand it again, can I use another stain on top?Yes, you can restain the table with a darker stain. Get a piece of scrap wood and use the stain you used on the table and then use that sample wood as a test piece for your choice of new stain so you know what the results will look like before you restain the table itself4. Refinishing dining room table and chairs, is there a product to use other than sanding?be advised when using a "stripper" get a copy on MSDS [MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET] as many are potential hazardous to your health, eg methyelene chloride5. How do I keep my furry cat whom I love so much off of my dining room table?you could try putting foil all over your table at night for a few days ..good luck6. My dog pees on the dining room table!?Oh, Good Lord!!7. How often do you polish your dining room table?if its a nice one like mine..new....we use placemats, pot holders and anything to keep it protected..we generally just wash it after dinner with warm soap and water...then pledge once a week8. Temporary way to protect our dining room table from cat scratches?I put a bed sheet on it. Then a sheet of plywood. Then a table cloth over that. If people are coming over I show the table top. Otherwise this plywood cut to fit is always on it with a table cloth. If you need to go out quick... Bed sheets on table and use some opened cardboard boxes and cover with something to hold it there.9. How do I refinish my dining room table and chairs?If they are varnished, rub down with fine wire wool, clean off any dust with a vacuum, then wipe with turps/white spirit. apply the varnish (a silk finish is nice) with a pad of lint free cloth like a bit of well washed sheet. My wife does it if she feels like doing it, D. I. Y er she aint!!!!!so easy.10. I bought a dinning room table the sales said it was Solid Mahogany , i found out later it was not.?If you do not like the fact it is veneer then return it. You were led to believe it was solid mahogany. And that's what you say to them. ' I was led to believe it's solid mahogany. This is not a purchase I can live with. '.11. how high/or low should the light above the dining room table be?try standing on the table and there you can tell how high your chandelier can be put12. Is it easy to refinish and restain a dining room table and chairs?if its varnish no if its only stained yes simply sand lightly then apply stain13. How far above a dining room table should a chandelier hang?Centered, about 2 feet. Off-center, about 3 feet14. I have a dining room table, that needs to be fixed.?you could use glue and a comalong strap(those ones you ratchet so it gets tighter) fill the gap with glue and strap it and squish it back together or use a piece of plywood under neath make it about 4 - 6 inches on each side of the crack and then use screws ever 2-3 inches away half way from the crack to the edge (so if you have an 8" strip of wood, so 4" is on each side, 2"from edge along whole side) use screws that are as wide as the plywood(3/81/4 " short of coming through other side of table so if your table top is 1" use 1" srews(and the plywood will be the difference from going threw) you could glue it first-make it stronger
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