I Want to See If There Is a Way to Disable an Air Conditioning Unit at My House?

Try installing an autosteback thermostat, with proper programming it will shut itself off at prescribed times

1. My son is a mail carrier and it is so hot now....he really needs some type of small air conditioning unit he?

check a sporting goods store or home depot or lowes. Additionally you can get him one of those scarfs that are filled with stuff and you soak and refrig or freeze it and it helps keep kewl. another thought is to get one of those personal fans with water mist spray. hopefully he will adapt soon.

2. How much does it cost to replace the compressor in a central air conditioning unit?

There's a compressor and a condenser........compressors for a house are cheap.......maybe a grand and another grand to change it out. Condensers are three times as much in parts,.........all that copper, you know. and if you got 17 years outof your system. congratulations!

3. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?

Maybe, maybe not. Get at least three quotes

4. My air conditioning unit which is about 12 years old has a freon leak. Fix or replace?

You better bring your unit into nearest sites for 24/7 Aircon emergency services, Air conditioner service and repairs, to know if it is for fix or replace, it depends with the kind of problem that the unit had. You can have it with famousacandheat site.

5. How do I remove rust from a central air conditioning unit that is outside?

Rust removal is a tedious and difficult job. You can try the naval jelly, but its messy. The best overall way to remove rust is to use a sandblaster and use sand or glass bead to blast the rust off. Be sure to prime immediately and paint.

6. What can I do to get rid of mold in my air conditioning unit?

If its a swamp cooler, run some diluted bleach water through it. Use diluted bleach water and a brush to scrub off coils. UNPLUG it first beofre scrubing coils.

7. Needing to know the cost of replacing my split Central Air Conditioning unit?

ground unit, line sets and condenser should be in the $forty-seven to $5000.00 range excluding the furnace. the line sets should be changed with new 13 seer units

8. How do we convince our landlord we need a new air conditioning unit since our OGE bills are sky high?

Find a way to build up money to move without a loan- live with higher temps or something. Then go to landlord and tell them that at the end of your lease you will need to move because of the high cost of running the old system. Be friendly and you will get good references and there is also a slight chance they will update AC unit to get you to stay. Demands and complaints will get you no where

9. What would cause my central air conditioning unit to star freezing inside the unit itself?

Your system is probably low on freon, causing the A-coil to freeze up. If that's the case then you have a freon leak somewhere.Run just the blower fan and let it thaw out. Call a repairman. Good luck!.

10. what is the step by step procedure for recharging a domestic split air conditioning unit?

!: Call a qualified serviceman with a proper licence 2: Write him a check when he is finished

11. My outside air conditioning unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker.?

first check your warranty papers..most warranties cover both parts and labor.. some up to 10 years for parts and 5 years for labor or both parts and labor for 5 or 10 years. Might want to check all the wiring going to outside unit..unusual it would knock only at night when the unit is under less of a load because it would not need to run as much. Did you mean compressor needs to be replaced instead of condenser. You could also ask the tech if the unit has a hard start relay and a start capacitor . if not this might remedy the problem..this a different capacitor than the one he replaced already..some units have these already and some do not ..their is a hard start booster that is all self contained and can be installed on most any unit..it only has two wires looks like a black round tube with 2 wires to connect onto you compressors run capacitor (the item he already changed). It is still unusual though that the unit runs all day . kicks on/off multiple times then only kicks breaker at night when it should be kicking on/off less.

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