'In Our House There Is No Debate': Husband Fighting for His Share of the King-size Bed Finds an Inge

It's an age-old debate that has long since been the source of arguments among couples - how much bedside space can you reasonably take up when sharing a bed with your partner?

But while some couples will spend years quibbling over it, one man seems to have come up with a solution that will end the debate once and for all.

Posting on Reddit in a post entitled 'This argument stops now', user jonathan881 shared an image of the bed he shares with his partner, neatly divided by a lurid red laser beam light.

The user, from the US, has even measured the length of the bed using a tape measure - and added a photograph of a remote that he uses to control it.

Despite sharing large a king mattress over two single divans with his partner, he apparently felt it was necessary to draw the line, adding 'i'm no noob'.

He wrote: 'In preparation for this i asked whom she thought was the more frequent offender, she guessed 50/50 i'm no noob... this is totally playful, no spite at all. i'm a lucky guy [sic].' His post was viewed by almost a million people in three days, with hundreds of people flocking to ask him how he'd achieved the technological feat.

He later shared a link to the 'line effect' laser which he'd bought for $35.95 on eBay.

One user argued that the 'real war' was over the comforter (duvet). He said: 'Everyone knows the border dispute is a front. The real war to be waged is over the comforter. In this war, there are no battle lines.' It turned out jonathan881 wasn't the only one who felt it necessary to divide the bed. Jmatt1122 said: 'While spending a summer away from home my ex and I rented a furnished apartment which had a smaller bed than we were used to (double v. queen).

'Every night I felt like she was encroaching on my already limited side of the bed, so I got out a tape measure and sharpie and made a line on the sheets (which were going to be discarded soon anyways).

'Turns out I was wrong, egg on face. Better be sure you're right, or she'll never let you live it down.' ParameciaAntic said: 'Must be a newlywed. No man who's been married for any length of time would be so foolish to think that hard facts will win you anything.' Another user hinted that jonathan881 was likely to fall out of favour with his girlfriend after his antics, writing: 'All the data in the world isn't going to keep you from sleeping where the tape measure ends... Best of luck!' Marki3 said: 'Problem with my wife is she puts her head in the middle of her pillow and sticks her a*** out way onto my side.

'I used to think it was a green flag, until I got a sharp elbow to the face.'

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