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Knight Crew of sofas

Knight Crew is an opera in two acts composed by Julian Philips with a libretto by Nicky Singer. The opera is based on the novel of the same name, also by Singer, which retells the legend of King Arthur in a modern gangland setting.

The opera premired on 3 March 2010 at Glyndebourne Festival Opera. The project was filmed for a television series, presented by Gareth Malone, Gareth Malone Goes to Glyndebourne, which aired on the BBC on 1 July 2010. Knight Crew is published by Edition Peters.

Knight Crew was created by Philips as part of his four year creative residency at Glyndebourne from 2006 to 2010. Philips was Glyndebourne's first ever composer-in-residence, a residency set up as an AHRC-funded collaborative doctorate between Glyndebourne and Sussex University. Along with Knight Crew, Philips created two other operas as part of his residency: The Yellow Sofa (2009) based on the novella Alves & Co. by Ea de Queiros, and a site-specific promenade opera Followers (200611), with writer Simon Christmas.


His Cuadrilla of sofas

A cuadrilla is a bullfighters entourage. It is made up of the men who help him while in the ring and those who help with his public relations. Currently these men make up El Fandis cuadrilla:

Too Matilla (Agent)

Juan Carlos Prez Roldn. Carlos Chicote (Banderillero)

Oscar Padilla Bernal (Banderillero)

Basilio Martn Lpez (Banderillero)

The banderilleros help a fighter in the ring during the second stage of the fight. They are responsible for putting three sets of banderillas (sticks adorned with sashes) into the bulls back.

Jos Manuel Gonzalez Cruz (Picador, or Lancer)

Juan de Dios Quinta Caballero (Picador)

The picadors are the men who help the matador in the first stage of the bullfight. While the matador fights the bull with a cloak, the picadors use a lance while on horseback to test the bull and prepare him for the final performance.

Rodrigo Rufo del Castillo Monje (mozo de espadas, or sword page)

The mozo de espadas is the matadors assistant who helps him get dressed and hands him the cape and sword during the fight.

Juan lvaro Fandila Marn (Public Relations)

Pedro Fernndez Martnez (Chauffeur)


Commercial service of sofas

Cuba, official number 221220 with signal MCRW that was KDBT by 1941, was 2,479GRT, 341ft 2in (104.0m) length overall, 325ft (99.1m) registry length ship with 47ft 2in (14.4m) breadth. The two engines were oil fueled reciprocating with total 3,600 indicated horsepower driving two screws. Registry crew was 54 and home port was New Haven, Connecticut.

Peninsular & Occidental information showed the ship's speed as 18kn (21mph; 33km/h) with Army information twenty years later indicating speed was reduced to 18kn (21mph; 33km/h). Cuba had 132 passenger cabins with an additional 16 "parlor" cabins with double beds and a sofa berth. The passenger capacity was 520.

A seawater thermograph was provided by the U. S. Weather Bureau and after testing in Washington and shipping to the Weather Bureau in Key West installed by the ship's chief engineer. The first week of data collection was 1219 July 1931 began routine collection on the ship's twice weekly TampaKey WestHavana runs with records filed with the Bureau in Washington. Cuba provided measurements at a slightly deeper draft than another vessel transiting on the same days.


List of butterflies of Indochina of sofas

The following is a list of all butterflies found in the Indochinese biogeographic region (Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (formerly Burma; part of British India until 1937), Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore in the Indomalayan realm).

The climate of Indochina is subtropical in the north, tropical further south. Indochinese terrestrial ecoregions include the Northeast India-Myanmar pine forests, Northern Triangle temperate forests, Burmese Coast mangroves, Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma montane forests, Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin rain forests, Northern Indochina subtropical moist forests, Tenasserim-South Thailand semi-evergreen rain forests, Irrawaddy dry forests, Irrawaddy freshwater swamp forests, Irrawaddy moist deciduous forests, Cardamom Mountains rain forests, Chao Phraya freshwater swamp forests, Kayah-Karen montane rain forests, Northern Indochina subtropical forests, Northern Khorat Plateau moist deciduous forests, Northern Thailand-Laos moist deciduous forests, Peninsular Malaysian montane rain forests, Peninsular Malaysian peat swamp forests, and Tenasserim-South Thailand semi-evergreen rain forests.

The butterfly fauna of Indochina includes Indo-Burmese genera with a species-richness (a count of species within the genus) generally distributed from Assam to Sundaland (Sunda Islands), genera with a strong centre of species-richness in western China and the eastern Himalaya, genera with their greatest species-richness in Sundaland west of the Wallace Line and species endemic to Indochina.


Life and work of sofas

Petersen was born in Seoul, South Korea. She lived in Romania and Sweden and then moved to the UK with her family at age six. She started taking photographs at about age 7. In 1989 she left home, aged seventeen, and moved into a squat in London. She worked as a model, appearaning in i-D and The Face.

In 1994 Petersen bought a campervan. Between then and 2004, she travelled around Europe with various sound systems, putting on free parties. She occasionally returned to London for modeling work. While on the road she made diaristic photographs, encouraged by her friend the photographer Corinne Day. Photographs from this period in the 1990s were collected in the book No System (1999). The work is distinctive for its proximity to the subject; photography by people within the rave scene at the time was uncommon, with cameras discouraged due to the illegal nature of some activities.

As of 2020update she is based in Ramsgate, where she co-founded a social art charity, Future Youth Project (FYP).


Trial of John Mahon of sofas

Mahon was put on trial for Dobbins' murder on December 9, 1958. Witnesses at the trial made allusions to Dobbins' sexuality, commenting that he didn't often have female visitors. Mahon testified that Dobbins had made advances and that Mahon had attacked to knock Dobbins out, not to kill him. While testifying, Mahon was quoted that he "hit Dobbins three or four times" after which Dobbins "fell on the couch"; Mahon says that he proceeded to "toss the candlestick down on the couch and ran out the door". The state had called for the death penalty against Mahon. The prosecution tried to cite robbery as a motive for the murder of Jack Dobbins. Solicitor Theodore D. Stoney claimed that in the case of Dobbins it would have been a robbery as "some people preyed on persons of abnormal behavior to get money"; this was a reference to Dobbins' sexuality.

Mahon appeared in front of the all-male jury to testify. He was later found not guilty by the jury under the argument of self defense that was presented by the defense. He was allowed to return home with his family to celebrate Christmas.


Discography of sofas

Solo albumsWithin 'Mural' including Kim Myhr and Jim Denley2010: Nectars of Emergence (Sofa Records)

2011: Live at the Rothko Chapel (Rothko Chapel Productions)CollaborationsDuo with Ivar Grydeland2000: Visiting Ants (Sofa Records)

2004: You Should Have Seen Me Before We First Met (Sofa Records)

2011: Lady Lord (Sofa Records), live as Emo Albino at Kongsberg JazzfestivalDuo with Derek Bailey2000: Ilaer (Sofa), live at the Concert Stage BlWithin No Spaghetti Edition2001: Listen... And Tell Me What It Was (Sofa Records)

2002: Pasta Variations (Sofa Records)

2003: Real Time Satellite Data (Sofa Records)

2006: Sketches of a Fusion (Sofa Records), featuring Christian WallumrdWith Philipp Wachsmann, Charlotte Hug and Ivar Grydeland2002: Wazahugy (Sofa Records)Within HISS including with Tonny Kluften, Pat Thomas and Ivar Grydeland2003: Zahir (Rossbin Records)With Jaap Blonk and Ivar Grydeland2004: Improvisors (Kontrans Records)As Ivar Grydeland/Thomas Lehn/Ingar Zach trio2006: Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin (Musica Genera)Within Huntsville trio including with Ivar Grydeland and Tonny Kluften2006: For The Middle Class (Rune Grammofon)

2008: Eco, Arches & Eras (Rune Grammofon)

2011: For Flowers, Cars And Merry Wars (Hubro Music)

2011: Splashgirl/Huntsville (Hubro Music), together with Splashgirl

2013: Past Increasing, Future Receding (Hubro Records)Within Dans Les Arbres including with Ivar Grydeland, Xavier Charles and Christian Wallumrd2008: Dans Les Arbres (ECM Records)

2012: Canope (ECM Records)LabField2008: Fishforms (Bottrop-Boy)

2010: Collab (Hubro Music)

2014: Bucket Of Song (list of Hubro albums|Hubro Music)With Arve Henriksen2013: Places of Worship (Rune Grammofon)


Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Baron Scarsdale of sofas

Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Baron Scarsdale (1726 5 December 1804) of Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire was an English Tory politician and peer.

Curzon was the son of Sir Nathaniel Curzon, 4th Baronet of Kedleston, and his wife Mary Assheton, daughter of Sir Ralph Assheton, Bt of Middleton Lancashire.

Curzon was elected in 1747 as Member of Parliament for Clitheroe, holding the seat until 1754, when he took over his father's seat for Derbyshire. In 1758 he succeeded his father to the baronetcy and Kedleston Hall and in 1761 was created Lord Scarsdale. He later served as Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords.

Curzon had started work on the development of Kedleston Hall before he inherited, having employed the landscape gardener William Emes to replace the formal water features with natural lakes. In 1759 he commissioned the rebuilding of the house, designed in the Palladian style by the architects James Paine and Matthew Brettingham. Robert Adam was designing some garden temples to enhance the landscape of the park at the time and Curzon was so impressed with Adam's designs that Adam was quickly put in charge of the construction of the new mansion.

Curzon died in 1804. He had married, in 1751, Lady Carolina Colyear, daughter of Charles, Earl of Portmore, with whom he had 5 sons and 2 daughters. His eldest son, also Nathaniel, succeeded to the title and became the 2nd Lord Scarsdale.


Biography of sofas

Makishi was born in Hawaii, and graduated from the University of Hawaii. She appeared in stage and TV productions there, including plays by Hawaiian playwright Edward Sakamoto and a TV series based on Pidgin to Da Max.

Makishi moved to California, and worked at the Comedy Store as a stand-up comic. She moved to London after working with Split Britches theatre company in New York.

in 2019 she became the second recipient of the Live Art Development Agency's Arthole award, which provides artists with 10,000 to undertake a research and artistic development programme of their own design. Upon receiving the award, Makishi noted that making Live Art is Like living inside a hole. An ass hole. An art hole. Yes. Art is in that hole. With this Arthole, I will have time and resources to: make it, avoid it, study it, wrestle it, do it, explore it, hate it and love it. I hope to learn a lot while Im down in my hole and look forward to share whatever I learn with you.


Background on Bullfighting of sofas

Each bullfight consists of 3 matadors and six bulls; each matador fights 2 bulls. Bullfights consist of 3 tercios, or parts. In the first part, the matador fights with a cape while the bull is provoked by the picador (a helper on horseback who holds a lance and pricks the muscles in the bulls neck. This is done to lowerer the bulls head so it is easier to handle The second part consists of placing banderillas or small flags with hooks on the end on the bull's back. Sometimes the matador himself will do this; however, usually it is done by the banderilleros. The purpose of the banderillas is to correct any defects of the bull's charge, such as excessive hooking to one side. During the third round, the matador returns with a cape and sword and kills the bull.

If the matador makes a good kill, the public asks the president of the ring to reward the matador by waving bandanas or small fans. The reward is cutting the ears and/or tail of the bull; earning the tail is more prestigious than earning the ears. A higher reward is that of exiting the plaza de toros (bullring) through the front doors, which are called puertas grandes.

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Help, What Colour Rug and Curtains Will Match My Red Sofas?
i think's a dark color and it will suit for everything.. or white pink violet i think these are the combinations.. hope it will be useful...1. Can I turn a blanket (50 x 60 throw) into a rug?once you get your dogs placed to sleep.... in case you spot it comming.... such as you already know your dogs is going to might desire to be placed down quickly.... then start up making arangements inclusive of your vet and native taxidermy. enable your vet understand which you relatively prefer to take your dogs physique quite of allowing them to cremate him (they many times enable you are taking your puppy in case you request to so which you would be able to burry him the place you prefer). ... you dont necessairily might desire to tell them you are able to desire to have him became right into a blanket.... additionally, in enhance, touch your community taxidermy, enable them to appreciate it is going to be quickly and placed across it in to them. in case your dogs dies all directly, or if the taxidermist is booked, placed him in a freezer. ... i understand, gross. ... notwithstanding it is going to shop him preserved till you may get him in some days later..... or an ice chest might desire to paintings too playstation - a taxidermist is the guy who makes bear epidermis rugs and filled deer and such.... they are going to be waiting to do it and that they might placed it on fairly felt so which you dont might desire to have the dogs epidermis touching you. .... i think of this question is somewhat wierd... and you will might desire to have an exceptionally vast dogs to confirm that it to make a suited blanket or possibly a lap blanket... yet whats up, notwithstanding works for you. ... what ever will enable you cope while the time comes2. Is a dappled coat considered a marking on a horse? types of rug..?...I will have to try that Omega 3 stuff next year...I can almost see dapples in my mare's flea-bitten coat, but no matter how much I condition and brush they are barely there. I think dappling is a characteristic of a grey horse, but not a marking in itself. I am not an authority on this, so, just my opinion.3. How can I clean urine out of a rug?CLOROX spray cleaner4. Is is ok to rug my horse just when its raining?Does he have any shelter? In the summer yes, he can have a sheet on as long as you put it on before he gets wet - as long as it's just a waterproof sheet. In the winter time if he is not rugged all the time he is going to get a thick and heavy winter coat. Putting a light sheet over that just to keep off the rain is going to mash the hair down which will cause the hair to no longer insulate your horse and he will be dry but very cold.5. Which size rug would work best?I think too small would defeat the purpose of the rug. Not to mention may be a pain moving your chairs in and out if the rug is in the way. The option for the larger is really only slightly larger, I doubt you would regret it. It should create a separation from your living room and look nice. Maybe just ensure you have a return policy on your rug in case you hate it. Good luck6. all you girly girl decorators out there - please help!?try with like a cream colored carpet thats really like fluffy not shag rug but something pretty.....and just from there goes to what motif you like you can do like an old chandilier in the dining room...or something its hard to explain not knowing exactly what decade or what not you want. do you want it mod inspired or more now7. How do I get my dog to stop peeing on the rug!?you need to take him out more and let him do his thing outside. he will eventually learn how to go outside if you just keep letting him go out (preferably the backyard, since they can probably run off in the front :D
How Do I Cool My Macbook OS X Cool Down?
First is the obvious. Do not use it on surfaces with cloth (beds, sofas, pants), skin (your lap), and anything that may block the vent. Also, if necessary, elevate the back of the system with CD cases, erasers, or anything you can find. The most effective way is to download a program called SMCFanControl. It cannot damage your computer as it keeps Apple's minimum fan settings as the lowest setting possible. This program lets you change your fan speed from the default to another speed depending on what you are doing. Also, you may consider closing any programs that you are not using and watch less youtube (lol). Watching videos on Macs overheats them many times faster than the average PC because online videos in flash format do not play well with Macs. Another thing you may consider is calling Apple if the temperatures are way out of hand. Download iStat Pro and monitor your temperatures. If they are crazily high like 100C or 212F (boiling) then your MacBook may be defective. MacBooks normally run much hotter than other computers.1. Help, what colour rug and curtains will match my red sofas?black, white & beige always go hot and classy with red!!!2. Where in Los Angeles can i get cheap and nice Sofas?check They have all sorts of links to ur everyday needs.3. I need a quality rating for Natuzzi leather sofas.?I am an interior designer. I am not real familiar with Natuzzi. I looked at their website and was not impressed. Here's a couple of things to look for when buying any leather...1. as stated, buy top grain (sometimes referred to as full grain) if you can. This is the top part of the hide which is most durable. 2. Ask if the piece is all leather or split/matched---some companies put leather on some areas and "match" other areas with vinyl (not good quality). 3. Aniline dyed is best. Other pigment/color can be added on top of this. 4. The frame that it's put on is just as important if you want quality. Look for solid,kiln dried hardwood, some plywood in areas okay. If it has a lifetime warranty, you are probably okay. I am most familiar with Norwalk furniture - their leather furniture is some of the best.4. what is a good way to dry clean my sofas?The stores sell a dry cleaning kit-I think it is called Dryell, in the laundry section. I would steam clean myself then after it is dry apply a good coating of Scotchguard. Also available to do it yourself5. Will a handheld hoover get rid of cat hair on carpets/sofas/beds?I have two cats. One with long hair, one with short. A Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is the best. I used to have a Hoover and then bought the Dyson to see if it was worth the raves and price point. I vacuumed the whole house using the Hoover, then vacuumed again using the Dyson. I had to empty the container several times because of the left over cat hair and dirt the Hoover did not pick up. Spend the money on a truly is worth it6. Where can I find a place that will shampoo my couches at home?any rug cleaning company usually cleans sofas and chairs. You may also check the grocery stores that rent Rug Doctor machines and see if they have the little upholstery brush and do it yourself and a lot less cost.7. I have chocolate sofas, what wall coloring would match?Try maybe green or a beigeish maroon!!8. How can I prevent my cat from scratching the sofas?Cat Scratching Sofa9. How do i stop my puppy from chewing up the corners of my sofas?Shes teething....With that said buy her some chew toys and crate her when youre unable to watch her10. I am getting some white sofas with red pillows? what color should i paint the wall?Buy red pillows with a pattern or color that you can use on your walls. Do not be so monochromatic. Tan or light coffee, lt.turquoise goes very well with the colors you stated. Add patterns and textures to liven the place up. Personally stay away from red on the walls. It tends to overwhelm everything else in the room. If you must, only one accent wall, and make it a burnt red.
These Comfy Sleeper Sofas That Are the next Best Thing to an Actual Guest Room
No guest room? No problem. A sleeper sofa is the perfect workaround for frequent hosts who want to provide a little more for their out-of-town visitors than simply a throw blanket and pillow on the couch. Available in the form of couches, loveseats, sectionals, chairs, or even in fold-down futon formations, the best sleeper sofas are those that add functional refinement to a room, are comfortable to sit on, and convert easily into a sleep spot when the occasion calls for it. These 13 sleeper sofas are available in all kinds of configurations and colors, and they have a streamlined, sophisticated look while remaining plenty cushy. Suddenly, overnights at your place become a whole lot more appealing than booking a last-minute Airbnb! From deals on home goods to detailed plans on how to paint your next room with math, Pop Mech Pro gives you all the tools you need to build the perfect living space. Users love this fluted-back velvet sofa for its expensive look for a modest price, as well as its easy assembly. What is more, the couch back can easily tilt down to convert into a bed for overnight guests. It comes in a range of seven space-flattering colors. More: This Is the Cheap and Easy Solution to Keeping Your Family Couch Pristine Even if you only entertain occasionally, this sleeper sofa is an extra-plush mainstay for the living room. A relaxed profile with customizable, expertly tailored upholstery, it's perfect for curling up with a good book or TV series. Plus, its memory-foam queen mattress inside folds out easily and is comfortable enough for friends or family who are sleeping over for multiple nights. Not only is Article's three-seater sleeper sofa a beautifully engineered unit for upright lounging, but its interior memory-foam mattress provides unmatched comfort for overnight guests. The tufted stitching on the heathered material, along with its one long seat cushion, provides seamless style to the design-focused space. This sleeper sofa has a compact and modern design with a deep-set cushion and a low profile, yet the queen-sized bed it converts into is more than spacious enough for two to sleep. One long seat cushion means no awkward sinking into the middle, and it's available in a broad range of gorgeous fabrics and shades. This sleeper sofa sectional from IKEA requires very minimal effort to turn into a temporary bed for your overnight guests. A trundle-style attachment slides out from under the main seat and raises up on its own legs, instantly transforming the sofa into a full-sized bed. Its movable ottoman also has space inside to store pillows, blankets, or any other bedtime essentials you want to keep readily available. Joybird's user-favorite Eliot sleeper sofa delivers all of the comforts of modern living, outfitted masterfully in mod style. Its kiln-dried hardwood frame provides a stable foundation for the seat, as well as the high-resiliency memory foam mattress tucked away inside. Its tufted cushions add a buttoned-up, tailored look, and the upholstery comes in nearly any color you can think of, from dark gray to kelly green to bubblegum pink. If space is tight - too tight even for a regular-sized couch - opt for this small, cushy sleeper sofa chair from West Elm so you do not have to send any out-of-town guests packing once bedtime rolls around. Available in a variety of premium fabrics, it functions as an oversized easy chair during daytime hours, and it pulls out into a comfortable, twin-sized bed at night in no time at all. The sleeper sofa goes sleek. This sofa is a great option for those who prefer seating with a crisp look and a firm feel, eschewing bulkiness in favor of luxuriously deep seating. Plus, the queen-sized innerspring mattress inside provides a comfortable crash pad for company. You could argue that a spacious sectional, even one without a pull-out bed, is practically a sleeper sofa all on its own ... but this one actually comes equipped with a full-size, memory-foam mattress tucked inside. Upholstered in soft chenille and available in five dark shades, this sleeper sofa sectional is perfect for living in the lap of laziness. Available in leather, Smart Suede, and woven upholstery, the Coddle sleeper sofa is unique in that it can fold into numerous configurations for sleeping or lounging. Beneath its quilted cushions, it has four layers of memory foam that make for a firm but supportive seat or bed. Though the couch does not have armrests, the ends of the seat can be angled to tilt up at a 60-degree angle to provide added neck support while lying down. It also comes with two charging ports on either side of the couch. This unbelievably affordable and sleek sleeper sofa from Castlery folds down into an approximately queen-sized bed. Its deep-teal, polyester-velvet upholstery seamlessly coordinates with any interior environment - it looks just as at home in the living room as it does in a home office. The Reva Sleeper Sofa has a clean-lined construction that strikes the right aesthetic balance between minimalist and warm. This beautifully crafted sleeper sofa's bed pulls right out of the midsection, without having to toss the seat cushions aside. Both the seat cushions and the mattress are made of memory foam, so you will be plenty comfortable whether you are sitting or sleeping on it. This couch model offers plenty of customization options. Choose between fabric or leather upholstery (in dozens of colors each), a double or queen-sized bed, and even the material of the sofa legs. This one-seater easily converts into a single sleeper. The ideal sleeper sofa for the studio apartment, this chair's bottom cushion unfurls to extend into a slim bed, and the back can be adjusted to lay flat or recline in four different positions. We like the goldenrod yellow color for its playful pop, but it also comes in light gray, dark gray, and teal blue. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.ioAfter how many dates should a couple progress to sex? Assume a couple is in their mid-late 20s, pretty modern, live in a big city (NYC), and both are looking for a serious relationship. What is the etiquette for escalation from holding hands to sex?It really depends on what you do together. Be friends first, rather than "how many dates". Meet his/her friends and spend time together with other people or go out enjoy nature (just an example).
OK What Color Curtains Go with Burgundy Walls Cream Trim Sofas a Light Sage?
That sounds really pretty! You always see couches that are the burgandys, deep blues, deep green, and that small line of cream so I would suggest any of those1. Any couches or sofas that don't cause back pain?it's really not what it's made of;; it's the size, & THIS is a "pet peeve" of mine;; they make sofa's for 6'5" men only, the kind of people who have thighs about the length of the sofa cushion;; you need to place pillows behind your back when your sitting there;; ya also need to get a little more active than playing "couch potato"2. my bunny only likes to poo on the sofas!?The simpliest answer would be, do not put her on a sofa. I can not with my bunny because she chews it. Somehow mine potty trained herself, I put 2 pans in her pen, either side and filled them with wood pellets ( the kind used for pellet stoves), she now exclusivly ususes her box, I took the other out. I had to switch to a glass casserol dish, cause she likes to flip things. Rabbits are chewers no matter what, their teeth never stop growing, she needs wood to chew, like maple tree branches, or sticks you can buy in pet store. They love the natural branches, but check first on a rabbit web site to make sure its a safe wood to give. Basically without somehow getting all wires out of reach or covered with hard coil, they are going to chew wires. I limit my bunny to the kitchen , hallway and bathroom. I put a baby gate up to keep her in and shut all other doors. She can not fit behind frig, or stove, so really no wires to chew in there3. What goes with yellow sofas?red cushion and a black coffee table or go with some bold colors that will make it outstanding4. is there a solution i can use to clean leather sofas other the commercial ones available?Use a cream cleaner especially for leather. You apply it with a clean cloth, buff it up, and wipe it off. You can buy stuff from Betterware catalogues, or Wilkinson's stores. The leather wipes available in the shops are OK too5. Are there any modern/comtemp. RECLINING sofas?Did you check La-Z-Boy? They have all different styles. I bought reclining chairs that dont even look like recliners - they have wooden feet and no lever. I buy all my chairs and sofas from them, because they are so durable.6. How do i remove it static from my sofas?Fill a spray bottle with 1 / 4 cup fabric softener and 5 cups water. Shake to evenly distribute the water softener. Easy couches spray with the solution. Do not saturate carpet or furniture - only mist.7. What color curtains will go best with my red sofas?umm. maybe white, or something close to red. for the rug? maybe black or white8. do domestic cats scratch leather settees (sofas).?take him to the shop an let him scratch it and find out9. Which Multiplex in chennai have couple seats or sofas or recliners, where I can get cozy with my girlfriend?Abiraami, Sangam and Satyam10. How do I keep my dog from getting on the couch?You could buy a "scat mat" that would be your easiest option. They are battery operated and send a static shock (same as when you walk on a carpet and touch someone else) if the pet jumps up and touches the pad. Another option is these little "snapper" things. I do not know what they are called but any Petsmart could tell you. They work on the same principal as mouse traps (yes, some trainers do use mouse traps to spook a dog off counters & sofas, tho it is the SOUND of the snaps going off that is intended, not the traps catching the dog). Snappers make the SOUND without any risk of the pooch accidentally getting snapped like he might by a mouse trap (which is rare). Another option would be to buy one of those cheap wireless doorbells, set the motion sensor to only sense the couch, and set the doorbell on the sofa (preferably dead center) and when the dog jumps up it "should" spook him. And finally there is an old trick of aluminum foil. I know this trick often works for cats, and I've heard it works for dogs as well tho I've never had to try it. But you basically lay the aluminum foil on the sofa, counter, etc. where you do not want your pet to be, the sudden rasping crackle noise made when the pet jumps on it spooks them, they often also do not like the feel of it beneath their paws.
Best Black Friday 2018 Habitat Deals: Save Up to 1000 on Sofas and Homeware
HABITAT has had a good year - after disappearing off the radar, the retailer came back fighting with two collaboration collections from fashion designer House of Holland and luxury label Shrimps.Interested in interiors that look way more expensive than they are? Get ready for Habitat's Black Friday 2018 sale.Habitat has surprised us with just how good the deals are - in particular sofas, which discounted by up to £1000.Last year Habitat went all-out for Black Friday, slashing prices by up to 50 per cent - this included sofas, lighting, home accessories, rugs, throws, bed linen and more.The retailer's sale started early than November 23rd and ends at midnight on Cyber Monday but the deals change daily - so keep checking back if what you want hasn't been reduced yet.Want even better savings? Shop the current clearance here Sofas & Armchair:Habitat have a selection of sofas, love seats and armchairs to die for and, with up to 50 per cent off, Black Friday is the perfect time to invest.Lighting:Not only can you get playful string of fairy lights, but modern light fixtures and cool mid-century style lamps.Furniture:Fancy sprucing up your home? Treat yourself to new dining room chairs or a cool coffee table.Kitchen:Kitchen fittings don't come cheap, but Black Friday is the best time to invest.Soft furnishings:The easiest and cheapest way to update your decor is with accessories - cushions provide a pop of colour that revives tired sofas and bed linen.Gifts:For those friends who've just moved in to their new abode, interiors will be the only thing on their mind - treat them to a clock, cushions, luxurious throws or even a set of rainbow tea lights if you are strapped for cash.Christmas decorations:Deck your halls with beautiful baubles, garlands and festive candles while they're cheaper.If you're looking for other Black Friday offers, check out our Black Friday info page There'll you'll be able to find the key areas likely to feature in the event, and crucial information about shopping during the Black Friday period.Habitat's Standard Delivery and Click & Collect service costs £4.95 but it's free for orders over £50..For bulkier items, delivery starts from as little as £15 but depends on the size of the piece.Returns are always free.Read more about shipping options here
Darker colored sofas are always better to deal with as compared to dealing with white or cream-colored sofas. Even if there is a small stain on the cream-colored sofa, it is easily noticeable even from far away. Always try out ways to prevent your cream-colored leather sofa from getting filthy. To do this there are some tips which may help you out. Firstly, if you have any sort of pet, train them not to come too near your sofa. Their claws or paws can cause damage to your leather sofa. You, yourself must be careful as well. Confirm if your clothes are perfectly clean before sitting on the sofa, and be aware of any stain which may be on your clothes that can make your sofa dirty as well. Check you pockets as well, incase there is a pen which can cause a hole on your sofa. You have to be extra careful with cream-colored sofas; even a tiny spot can make it look ragged. When you accidently spill something on the sofa, try to clean it as soon as possible so the stain does not leave a mark. Try to remove the stains from the cream-colored leather sofas with the help of lemon juice. With lemon juice, simply add tartar cream and make a mixture with it. Rub this paste onto the stain and wait for it to set for about 8 minutes and then remove the mixture with a cloth. You can also try cleaning it with body soap as well. There are leather wipes available in the market as well, which are used for cleaning your sofa. At last, always be careful with using water with you leather sofa as too much water can cause damage as well. These were some useful tips to keep your cream-colored sofas cleaner.1. what accent color looks good with black leather sofa and love seat?Do you have a rug with colors in it? What kind of overall design theme do you want to go with? Black is pretty versatile so you can go with just about anything, although white and red are pretty common and orange just reminds people of Halloween2. How durable is DURABLEND leather sofa?Your lifestyle will determine the durabilbity. I looked at it and opted not to buy because: I have pets I have kids The room gets a lot of sun (fading) The other thing is the quality of the frame and springs determines the life span. Bargain basement places do not provide quality frames, expect 5 years. You really get what you pay for in furniture. Anything less than ;2000 in this country is designed to be throw away.3. How can I fix a 2 inch tear on my black leather sofa?Invite your little niece/nephew over...let them play on the couch. "Hey what happened there?" Have your ****** brother in law come pick up the crumb cruncher and say "Look what your spawn of satan has done to my couch!!" Ok ok...I am only 1/2 kidding. Call an upholstery place ... check the yellowpages...they can come out and fix you up!4. how do you get the smell of cat urine out of a leather sofa?You already have some good answers here, but I would add to ban the cat!5. wanted to know if anyone knows the best way to clean a bomber style light brown in color leather sofa?Bomber leather is usually a nubuck style leather. If this is the case you will need a napping brush and a nubuck cloth. DO NOT use anything wet on it as it will go dark and stain. When you have cleaned it use a nubuck protector like Waterstop on a regualr basis to help keep it clean.6. Is there a do it yourself way to restore color on a black leather sofa? (faded in places)?I have a pair of eagle motorcycle saddle bags.. They have faded. If possible I would like to restore to a darker black7. How do I remove epoxy paint from my leather sofa?Moisuriser,the type you place on your face,and cotton wool,works,have had to do it myself with blue gloss on a black leather-based settee.Rub it in nicely with cotton wool you will see it start to melt and improve,might take some tries even yet it does pop out,then wash settee with soapy water and varnish with pledge and a comfortable fabric
Knowledge About Sofas | Hold Me Tight (Cold Chisel Song) of Sofas
Hold Me Tight (Cold Chisel song) of sofas"Hold Me Tight" is a 1983 song from Australian rock band Cold Chisel, and appeared on the album Twentieth Century. Released as double A-side single with No Sense it reached number 14 in the Australian charts. Although the song charted, it failed to receive much radio airplay and didn't appear on any later greatest hits compilations.Lyrically similar to the Cole Porter song Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love, it comically lists groups that engage in sexual congress (Presidents and chauffeurs do it / Terrorists on sofas do it / Movie stars repeat it till it's right). Musically, it is in the style of 1950s rock songs.The single was released months before the release of the album Twentieth Century. The version that appeared on the album was slightly different from the single version, which had more reverb.The video was directed by Chilean artist Eduardo Guelfenbein, who had also done the artwork for the album and the picture sleeves.------Playing career of sofasSimi began his career in 2002 with FK Jedinstvo Donja Mutnica in the Serbian League.In 2003, he played in the Second League of Serbia and Montenegro with Morava uprija. In 2005, he signed with FK Jagodina, and had several loan spells with Radnicki Kragujevac, FK Mladenovac, Sumadija Jagnjilo, FK Novi Pazar, and Sumadija Arandjelovac. He later played with FK Vodovac. In 2012, he played in the Serbian First League with FK Jedinstvo.During his time in the Serbian First League he also played with FK Radnik Surdulica, and FK Timok. In 2014, he played abroad with Burlington SC in the Canadian Soccer League. In 2014, he returned to Serbia First League to sign with FK Sloga Kraljevo, and later with FK Loznica in 2015.In 2016, he signed with FK Beanija, and for the remainder of the season he played in the Serbian League East with FK Jedinstvo Parain.------Sadat Karim of sofasSadat Karim (born 24 October 1991) is a Ghanaian footballer who plays as a forward for Halmstads BK. He started his career at local club Kumasi Barcelona Babies F.C in Kumasi, Ghana.Sadat Karim was born on 24 October 1991 in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the third of the five children of his parents. He has an elder sister and an elder brother whiles also having two younger sisters. Sadat is a Muslim. He started his formal education at Asawasi Presbyterian International School where he wrote his BECE Exams with an excellent grade of 6As. Then he went to Prempeh College for high school education while playing for King Faisal Babes FC in the Ghana Premier League.Sadat Karim started playing football at the age of 7 at Kumasi Barcelona Babies FC, a team good for player development in Kumasi. He then moved to King Faisal Babes FC at the age of 17 while still at High School.------Notable Poets of sofasMichael Appleby, Ryan Baier, Jocko Benoit, Joe Blow (Todd Anstead), Michelle Boudreau, Natalya Brettle, David C. Brydges, Anton Capri, Dawn Carter, John Chalmers (Revy Man), Christine Comeau, Tim Cusack, Adriana Davies, Corine Demas, Trisia Eddy, Bonnie Enes, Tyler Enfield, Kevin Feeley, Kathy Fisher, Delvina Greig, Corey Hamilton, Margaret Haugen, Jenn Heather, Cathy Hodgson, Michael Hogan, Alison Hurlburt, S.E. Ingraham, Philip Jagger, Wendy Joy, Chris Krueger, Todd Kuziw, Jefferson Lavender, Shelley Lawson, Gary Lee, Rusti Lehay, John Leppard, Mandie Lopatka, J.P. Lorence, Laurie MacFayden, Jan Mann, Aaron J. Marko, Paul McLaughlin (The Middle Poet), Kerry Mulholland, Nerissa, Ubaka Ogbogu, Nicole Pakan, Roy Picou, P.M. Pilarski, Mary Pinkoski, Justin Poulin, Monika Ptak, Ray Rasmussen, Jadon Rempel, Shima Aisha Robinson, Victoria Rohac, Kelly Shepherd, Patti Sinclair Adam Snider, C.T. Staples, Suzanne Steele, Lara Thesenvitz, Mingus Tourette, Deborah Vos, Amy Willans, Francis A. Willey, Rosemary Wilson, Sheri-D Wilson------Jan Cock Blomhoff of sofasJan Cock Blomhoff (Amsterdam, 5 August 1779 Amersfoort, 15 August 1853) was director ("opperhoofd") of Dejima, the Dutch trading colony in the harbour of Nagasaki, Japan, 18171824, succeeding Hendrik Doeff.During his first stay on the island (18091813) he had an affair with a Japanese woman and the couple had a child, who died in 1813.When he arrived in Dejima for the second time in August 1817 he was accompanied by his wife Titia Bergsma, whom he had married in 1815; his son Johannes; Petronella Muns, a Dutch wetnurse; and an Indonesian maid. The ladies and the little boy were not allowed to stay. In the short time they stayed there, till December 1817, they were often drawn by artists, who had never seen other than Japanese women, and 500 different prints widely circulated throughout the country.Blomhoff is commemorated in the specific name of an Asiatic pit viper, Gloydius blomhoffii.In Japan he is well known for his support for making the first English dictionary for Japanese, which is Angeriagorintaisei.------Visiting Forces Act of sofasVisiting Forces Act is a title often given to laws governing the status of military personnel while they are visiting within areas under the jurisdiction of another country and/or while forces of one country are attached to or serving with forces of another country.The law may also apply to some foreign non-military persons who are associated with visiting military forces (e.g., dependents, civilian employees, etc.). Such laws commonly address such issues as criminal jurisdiction, treatment of apprehended individuals found to be foreign military personnel who are absent without leave or military deserters, double jeopardy situations, etc. Individual laws enacted by individual governments may address such issues directly, or may act as enabling legislation so that separate visiting forces agreements between a host country and other countries may attain the force of law. Depending on the legislative climate in the host country, such enabling legislation may or may not be necessary.------Translators of sofasThe team of Messianic Jewish and Christian scholars commissioned to work on the project included Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif, Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Feinberg, Rabbi Dr. Glenn Blank, Dr. Hellene Dallaire, Rabbi Jeff Adler, Rabbi Barney Kasdan, and Dr. Vered Hillel. Other contributors included Mark Anthony, Michael L. Brown, Dr. Jack Cairns, Dr. Mordechai Cohen, Pat Feinberg, Dr. John Fischer, Dr. Patrice Fischer, Dr. Steve Galiley, Dr. Ray Gannon, Dr. Henri Goulet, Dr. Ihab Griess, David Harris, Dr. Stanley Horton, Dr. Daniel Juster, Liz Kasdan, Elliot Klayman, Dr. Seth Klayman, Dr. Craig Keener, Phillip Lanning, Dr. Barrie Mallin, Rabbi Dr. Shawn Moir, Dr. Richard Nicol, Dr. Seth Postell, Dr. David Rothstein, Dr. Noel Rabinowitz, Dr. Rich Robinson, Dr. Matthew Salathe, Dr. Jim Sibley, Josh Sofaer, Dr. Greg Stone, Rabbi Eric Tokajer, John Taylor, Myles Weiss, Dr. Randy Weiss, Dr. Lon Wiksel, and Dr. Wayne Wilks.------Reception of sofas"How Interesting: A Tiny Man" won the 2010 Nebula Award for Best Short Story, tied with Kij Johnson's "Ponies". It was Ellison's final Nebula nomination and win, of his record-setting eight nominations and three calls the story "deceptively simple", with "execution (that) is flawless" and a "Geppetto-like" narrator, while Publishers Weekly describes it as "memorably depict(ing) humanity's smallness of spirit". The SF Site, however, felt it was "contrived and less than profound".Nick Mamatas compared "How Interesting: A Tiny Man" negatively to Ellison's other Nebula-winning short stories, and stated that the story's two mutually exclusive endings (in one, the tiny man is killed; in the other, he becomes God) are evocative of the process of writing short stories. Ben Peek considered it to be "more allegory than (...) anything else", and interpreted it as being about how the media "give(s) everyone a voice", and also about how Ellison was treated by science fiction fandom.------Cast (in alphabetical order) of sofasPhyllis Smith Altenhaus as Herself/Sheba Flieschman (as Phyllis Altenhaus)Dick Barber as HimselfMassimo Bassoli as Adult Minnesota TishmanRodney Bingenheimer as HimselfJimmy Carl Black as HimselfRay Collins as Himself/Bill YardsAynsley Dunbar as Himself/Biff JuniorRoy Estrada as HimselfFrancesca Fisher as The CountessBunk Gardner as HimselfBuzz Gardner as HimselfLowell George as HimselfDick Kunc as HimselfManfred Lerch as HimselfC. Mercedes Lewis as Girl Who Was A SofaSal Lombardo as HimselfMeredith Monk as Red Face GirlBilly Mundi as RolloJanet Neville-Ferguson as HerselfDon Preston as Himself/ Biff Debris/Uncle MeatFritz Rau as HimselfLinda Ronstadt as HerselfCal Schenkel as HimselfEuclid James 'Motorhead' Sherwood as HimselfStumuk as Elderly Biff DebrisArthur Dyer Tripp III as HimselfIan Underwood as HimselfHaskell Wexler as HimselfTom Wilson as HimselfAnnie Zannas as HerselfCarl Zappa as Young Minnesota TishmanFrank Zappa as Himself/The Imaginary Director------Discography of sofasAs composer1988. Flere artister. Kruse, Olav Berg, Asheim, Samkopf, Bjrn Korsan Hoemsnes, Ivar Lunde Jr..1992. Gaute Vikdal. Skygger. Trombone, one track by Asheim1993. Flere artister. New Norwegian violin music III, one track by Asheim1995. Borealis, Cikada, mfl. Norwegian contemporary music, one track by Asheim1995. Bit 20. Miniatures. Ett spor av Asheim1995. Barratt-Dues Junior Orchestra: Asheim, Kraggerud, Grieg, Hellstenius.1999. Njl Vindenes. Sequenza guitar, one track by Asheim2000. Kyberia. Navigations, one track by Asheim2001. Stavanger new music ensemble. 1-2-3 happy happy happy!, works by Schaatun, Ness, Asheim, Hvoslef, Janson2007. Vertavokvartetten, Broken lineAs performer1993. Prisms; Wie ein Hauch av Yngve Slettholm. Water; Mirror by Nils Henrik Asheim, with Cikada a.o.1994. Engleskyts. Med Anne-Lise Berntsen2002. 16 pieces for organ2003. Kom regn. Med Anne-Lise Berntsen2005. 19 March 2004, Oslo Cathedral. Orgel, improvisations2007. Orkan. Til tekster av Sigbjrn Obstfelder. Med Anne-Lise Berntsen a.o.2007. Grand mutation. Med Lasse Marhaug2010. Mazurka remaking Chopin------Fab Dupont of sofasFabrice Dupont, better known as 'Fabulous' Fab Dupont, is a French Mixing Engineer, record producer and teacher. He was born in Canada but his parents moved back to France when he was a toddler. Growing up in Paris, he studied music theory and saxophone before moving to Boston, Massachusetts where he attended Berklee college of music, majoring in Songwriting. As a self-taught engineer and producer, Dupont uses a hybrid of both analog and digital technology to create records for artists such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Bebel Gilberto, Freshlyground, David Crosby, Wakey Wakey, Vicente Garcia, Juan Luis Guerra, Nat King Cole, Visitante and many others. As a consultant, Dupont has worked with manufacturers such as Lauten Audio, Presonus, George Massenburg Labs, Dangerous Music, Avid, Sonnox, and Universal Audio to troubleshoot, create, distribute and promote audio systems.Fab Dupont is the owner of Flux Studios in New York City as well as co-owner of an educational website for production and recording techniques.------Childhood of sofasDavid Fandila Marn was born on June 13, 1981 in Granada, Spain, the son of Trinidad Marn and Juan Fandila, a banderillero, or flagman. Davids mother was in danger during the pregnancy and was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy. However, she decided to ignore the advice and continued with the pregnancy.It was a battle between David and Goliath, Trinidad remembers, thats the reason I named him David.David spent his childhood living in the Albayzn, a Moorish district in Granada. However, his parents soon moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains where they found a steady job serving as guards in a building. While living in this community, David and his brother, Juan lvaro, spent time skiing in the mountains. They specialized in Alpine Skiing and Acrobatic Skiing, but were talented in many areas of the sport. The brothers joined the Federacin Espaola de Esqu where they competed in competitions; David left with a national title.
Ashley Furniture - Sofas, Sectionals, Bedroom Sets and More
Ashley living room sets, dining room sets, recliners, beds and bedroom suites, tv stands are well-loved by customers because Ashley has always focused on comfort, durability, style, and longevity. From sofas to dining room sets, Ashley products can last for years, thanks to their focus on quality craftsmanship. With innovative styles, long-lasting materials, and sky-high comfort rating, Ashley products are made to enjoy and share with family and friends. Thanks to our affordable payment options that fit any budget, our customers can bring home the reliability and style of Ashley furniture without ever having to worry about credit. We believe that everyone deserves comfortable, high-quality furniture in their home, and that's why we carry Ashley. Rent-A-Center has the rental Ashley Furniture you want for every room in your home. Stop by your nearest Rent-A-Center store to purchase Ashley Furniture today.Our bedroom set is all wood, including our dresser. How can we get rid of that woodsy, carboardy smell?Spray your room each day with All fabric spray. Then put a dryer sheet in each drawer of all dressers. You could also put a small bag of pot poree in each drawer. You can put pot poree in peices of panty hose then tie them .How to paint my bedroom set black?I would use a power sander until the surface is rough(so it will hold the paint better). As for the paint just use anyone that is meant for indoors and make sure you use a brushWhich bedroom set should I get?The second one would look great with that colorMy grandma gave me a brand new bedroom set for my daughter. However it's blue. How can I change the color?Changing the color of a bedroom set is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to completely redo the look and image. You will be amazed at the results! And before I forget, the second easiest and most cost-efficient way to redo the set is to change the hardware, if there is any. It's amazing what contemporary pull knobs in brushed stainless will do for even colonial looking furniture...once it's painted, of course. So back to that. The first thing you need to do is prepare the furniture so that when you do put your paint on, it wo not eventually peel or flake off. So clean the furniture well. Use TSP which you can find at your local hardware store. I suggest you use the liquid kind as opposed to the powder, which not only will you have to measure, mix and rinse, but it's toxic. The liquid is biodegradable, it's easier to mix and you do not have to rinse it. Once all dirt, grease and grime are removed and the wood has dried, you will need to prepare it according to it's surface. Lightly sand the wood with a fine grain paper, just enough to make it easier for the following products to adhere. You will want to prime the surface. I suggest you use an oil-based primer, since a) the wood of the bedroom set is most likely protected with an oil-based varnish and b) ANYTHING sticks to oil-based primer. I really like either Kilz or Bullseye 1-2-3. These are primer paints that are even used to get rid of graffiti and will make a perfect canvas for your new paint color, allowing an even covering and a professional looking finish. Now comes the fun part! You've chosen your paint color. Do you use spray paint, or brush it on??? You get to decide: It's certainly much more work to spray paint furniture, because you have to protect the surrounding area and do the work in a well-ventilated area. And you have to have patience. When they say on the instructions that 2 or more light coats are better than one thick one, THEY ARE TELLING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Unless you do not care about leaks and drips... So if you do not have the patience to do 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 thin coats, do not go there. Drips are horrendous and will make you hate the furniture. But it's important to know that spray painting is how furniture makers paint their furniture. It really does give the nicest professional finish. I usually opt for spray painting in about 80-85% of the time when talking about repainting furniture and decorative objects. If you want to get it done with with less preparation fuss, you will want to use a roller or a paint brush... sponge brush & roller if you are using oil paint, and bristle and normal roller for latex paint. If you do use latex, either make it a washable latex finish or also plan on applying a sealer (latex also, available in finishes from mat all the way up to high gloss). But keep in mind that if you are not careful - especially in nooks and crannies - you will still get leaks and drips. Just in case you are curious, I will opt for spray painting about 80% of the time... Have you thought of the color you want to paint? What is your daughter's room like now, or are you planning on changing the whole scheme and or theme of the room? What kind of a feel do you want the furniture to have: zen, princess, tomboy, laura ashley, etc.) If you are interested, please feel free to email me and I will give you a few more ideas and tips. Whatever you decide, remember that paint is THE QUICKEST, FASTEST, MOST COST-EFFICIENT WAY to revamp anything... or almost... And keep in mind, if you do make a mistake, you can fix it again!
Leather Crush | 5 Living Room Designs with Leather Sofas
In most homes, living rooms set the tone for the theme and décor of the entire house. They are central in more ways than one, especially because parties, social gatherings and conversations are best had in the comfort of this space. A classy way to vamp your living space is to decorate it with leather sofas. Leather sofas are timeless pieces of furniture that instantly add elegance to any setting. Investing in leather sofas is advantageous in many ways: they are sturdy, comfortable and reliable. Maintaining them is an easy task and a good quality leather sofa will last you for years. But, with so many options available in the market, it can be hard to choose the perfect sofa that accentuates the aesthetic ambiance of your living room. Here are some super stylish ways to decorate your living room with leather sofas: A guaranteed way to decorate your living room with leather sofas is to go the old- fashioned way. Choose a Chesterfield in brown or beige hues and it is sure to add sophistication to the space. Even a divan can do the job. This usually works with large rooms that have the capacity to hold chandeliers and / or fireplaces to add to the old- school charm. A chest as the coffee table or even a big chest of drawers in dark colors set against the wall can amp up the décor. · White leather sofas are a major trend in contemporary décor and lend a fancy air to living rooms. They should be paired with furniture in soft colors that do not overshadow the style quotient of a white sofa, loveseat or even a recliner. They look great in airy rooms that see ample sunlight. A great way to decorate the living room with a white sofa is to put a large mirror behind it to make it look majestic and chic at the same time. Throw in a couple of plush cushions and you are good to go. Black leather sofas are trendsetters in modern aesthetics. They look undeniably hip and provide that sartorial edge to the ambience. Along with basic sofas, a black sectional sofa or a La-z Boy can enhance the appeal. Again, they look their best in large rooms with soft lighting and interiors in metallic shades that provide good contrast. There's nothing quite like a red leather sofa if you want to make a room vibrant and exciting. To up the glam factor, set the recliner or sofa against a wall painted in solid colors . You can use decor accents like contemporary paintings or wall art to create the look that you want. If you like deep, dark and solid hues, leather sofas that are deep blue in color can work for you. Since the colors are dark, it's good idea to ensure that some portion of the living room has pale hues, like the floor in the look above. A bookshelf or a chest of drawers in the same shade can marvelously compliment these sofas. But make sure that there is enough contrast in the overall shades to avoid a dingy look. Now you are all set to bedazzle your guests with a voguish living room setting!Why do my cats scratch the carpet, sofa etc, even though they have no claws?Emily pet we all think we know everything at 13 years old but believe you me, we do not man. You are shouting in capitals that it DOESN'T HURT, are you trying to convince yourself maybe ? It does not matter if you have one cat or a dozen cats, indoor or outdoor cats, they need their claws to walk, groom, exercise and for self defence.Indoor cats sometimes escape and are killed by healthy animals which have not been mutilated by having their toe ends removed. There are many different sorts of animal abuse man and declawing is a planned abuse, planned by the very people the cat trusts !!! Their owner ! You should learn all this before you make a fool of yourself any more insisting its common sense to declaw cats.Its common sense to find out exactly what you are talking about and then to tell others. Common sense says kittens are born with the claws they need, common sense says you should not get a cat as a pet if you do not want it as it comes. Common sense says learn from those who know !!! Do not take notice of those who think its funny that a cat is frantically trying to exercise to stay healthy but can not , thats not in the least bit funny even though one person 'ha ha ha' thinks it is. For the record I do not believe in hunting and I am vegan, I do not eat or wear animals nor use goods tested on them. Do you ?
Choosing the Best Sofas to Liven Up Your Living Room
Decorating the living room is something that sits high on the priority list of most homeowners out there. After all, the living room is where the family spend most of their time together and it is also the place where we entertain our guests. Therefore, it would not be an overstatement to say that the living room is one of the most 'important' rooms of the house. Therefore, it is quite natural that we would want to make our living room attractive. Now, when it comes to making the interiors of the room attractive, the furniture of the room is perhaps the first thing to look at. Sofas are perhaps the most common part of living room furniture and that is probably the reason a lot of homeowners put in a lot of effort to choose the Best Sofas for their Living Room. In the following post, we are going to look how you should choose the right sofa and at the same time we are also going to take a look at some of the most sofa ideas that would liven up your living room. So, let's begin shall we?Stick to a Particular Theme for Your Living Room InteriorsThere are a few people out there who try to mix and match different things when it comes to their home interiors. That does bring a good deal of variety but in most cases, it is incredibly tough to get it right. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to a particular theme. Once you have a particular theme in mind, choosing the ideal sofa for your living room becomes much easier.Going the Traditional WayTraditional furniture surely adds a touch of elegance to your interiors. They enhance the living room's attraction. Now, when it comes to traditional English sofas, Chesterfield sofas are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. You are trying to bring home the majesty of the bygone era, a Fabric Chesterfield Sofa is just the thing you need. There are a few furniture makers in UK who make traditional handcrafted furniture which includes a large variety of sofas as well. If you have a small living room, then you can go for a 2 seater Chesterfield Sofa as it would have the same kind of impact without taking up too much space.Combining Comfort with StyleFor some people, the right sofa is not all about style. They want to blend in comfort with style. If you are one of them, then the best option would be French Style Chaise Lounge Sofa. These sofas are immensely comfortable and they also showcase the inimitable French style. A few of the leading manufacturers in UK offer a range of chaise lounges that come in different shapes, styles and colors. So, you would get to pick the one those appeals to you.Hope you got some idea and inspiration for choosing your sofa by reading this post. Choose the right sofa for living room and liven it up like it needs to be donegiving ceiling a wipe-down in living room - best way to do it?I would not even try to wash most ceilings. Most ceilings are painted with flat paint that does not wash well at all, and my neck and shoulders start hurting when I even think about washing a ceiling. I might vacuum it if there's visible dust, but usually it's very hard to wash a ceiling evenly and washing therefore does not improve the appearance much. Painting the ceiling would take very little more time than washing it properly, maybe even less, and would really make it look much better. If you insist on washing, consider using a flat microfibre floor mop, but even that might be hard work since neither the mop or a cloth will move easily across flat paint. Use a non-sudsy cleaner like TSP or ammonia, and use it sparingly.what color paint do you recommend for a living room and kitchen of a very small apartment?You can do red and icy blues with some neutrals to soft them downSeven (7!) windows in my living room! Need economical window dressing ideas!?Have you thought about frosting them. I have 3 windows on each side of my door. I bought this frosted spray paint at the hardware store, sprayed them and put a valence made from bamboo place mats. It looks awesome. I still get light, but I have privacy. If you are creative, you could even put stencils on the window and create a design with it. They also had a glass etching kit that might interest you. Another idea is to create stained glass windows ck craft stores for lead and paints. Also, you could make roman blinds (check out HGTV website for how to make info and some other great decorating ideas). Some fabric stores have a discount fabric section. I have found some great fabrics for curtains. You could probably find some fabric for your roman shades there as well. If you do not sew, there are some iron-on tapes for hemming. Hope that i helped. Good Luck!
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