Is It True That a 220V Air Conditioner Uses Less Electricity Than 100V?

Energy use will be determined by the size and efficiency of the unit. It will also be determined by settings and use. Running it colder uses more energy for any air conditioner. Get a unit for the space you want to cool. Do not get one that is too big or too small. Either one will use more energy. One wo not cool your space. The other just wastes energy.

1. Energy conversion efficiency of the steam engine.

The first thing to realize is that W_AB is a negative work, so putting it in the numerator correctly reduces the efficiency, but putting in the denominator would incorrectly increase the efficiency. Maybe you want to think of it as a positive number and put it in the denominator, but that's just not how efficiency is defined, it is defined as the net work obtained (so the sum of the positive and negative W in your example), divided by the heat extracted, Q

2. why arent the letters on the standard keyboard (of a computer) in alphabetical order?

The computer keyboard is derived from a typewriter keyboard. (In the olden days, there were things called "typewriters".) The first typewriters were manual with no electricity, the fingers supplied all the striking power, and were always jamming. So the keys were mixed up deliberately and standardized as the "qwerty" keyboard (after the first six letters of the row above the home row). Even with qwerty it was real easy to jam keys on a manual typewriter. Which I image few people on this board have ever seen or used. (The IBM Selectric used a ball shaped element that was impossible to jam.) If you type a sentence, notice how common words are split between the two hands. In fact, qwerty is about the worst possible arrangement for typing efficiency. Other the years, other keyboards were developed, with the Dvorak being the most efficient and popular. However, even a lousy standard is a heck of a lot better than no standard at all, hence computers adopted qwerty, and here we are today.

3. which does a better job: top loader or front loader washing machine?

Performance wise Front loader does a better job than the top loading counterpart. Efficiency wise also its better.

4. Should an analysis be technology-agnostic? [closed]

Different technologies can have very different cost and efficiency structures for solving a given problem. These costs can include things such as hiring costs in the local area, energy and cooling costs for specific systems, existing code and existing equipment reuse possibilities, etc., etc. So, yes, perhaps one can ignore these contraints and details of specific technologies if one is working on a project where cost and efficiency are not anywhere near as important as other considerations (such as in aviation safety, nuclear plant control, medical implants, etc. ). But for most business situations, management might care about the cost structure of the potential solutions versus the benefits of the system implementation

5. Can different kinds of escapements be connected to the same clock?

An escapement controls the release of energy into the moving mechanism from the spring or weight energy source. You could have all kinds escapements attached to the spring/weight source by some tricky method, but that would do nothing to tell you about efficiency because the entire rest of the clock is much more complicated and must be matched to each escapement

6. which supercharger is better for my mustang gt to get better performance and durability and hou much hp i get?

Big power on a stock GT,not gonna happen.The internals on a stock GT cant take a whole lot but you can get descent gains with a supercharger and it will be a safe increase in power.I like Kenne Bell,more power,efficiency and dependability come with it.Vortech and other brands are good I just prefer Kenne Bell. If you do decide to get a supercharger you should get better exhaust.Headers, x pipe,high flow cats if you have to have catalytic converters where you live if not I would get rid of them and good mufflers.You could get around 400 horse at the wheels with a good setup. Depending on the supercharger I wouldnt go over 9 psi on a otherwise stock GT

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