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Acting deputy judge advocate of dining table

The post of Deputy Judge Advocate became vacant after the death of Ellis Bent on 10 November 1815. Governor Macquarie offered Garling the office of Deputy Judge Advocate on an acting basis from 12 December 1815. Garling held this office until the arrival of John Wylde on 5 October 1816. Garling was progressive in that he apparently allowed emancipist solicitors to practise in the courts over which he presided. Macquaire also appointed Garling a justice of the peace. This was an important appointment in the colony, as at the time, a justice of the peace was in effect a local authority governing planning, liquor trading and employment regulation. Additionally, one of the functions of the Deputy Judge Advocate as a justice of the peace was to sit as a court of petty sessions hearing less serious criminal charges.


Contemplative Outreach of dining table

Contemplative Outreach was established in 1983 to help develop a network of individuals interested in the practice of Centering Prayer as taught by Father Thomas Keating. Three monks of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts are attributed with developing the practices used by Contemplative Outreach; Fathers Thomas Keating, William Meninger, and M. Basil Pennington. Fathers Meninger and Pennington began giving retreats to priests and nuns based on the 14th-century text The Cloud of Unknowing, considered a classic in many cloistered monastic traditions. Father Keating was serving as the abbot at Spencer Monastery and encouraged this work. In 1983, Father Thomas Keating had retired to live at St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado. After giving a retreat on Centering Prayer at the Lama Foundation the seeds of Contemplative Outreach were planted


Behavioral script of dining table

In the behaviorism approach to psychology, behavioral scripts are a sequence of expected behaviors for a given situation. Scripts include default standards for the actors, props, setting, and sequence of events that are expected to occur in a particular situation. The classic script example involves an individual dining at a restaurant. This script has several components: props including tables, menus, food, and money, as well as roles including customers, servers, chefs, and a cashier. The sequence of expected events for this script begins with a hungry customer entering the restaurant, ordering, eating, paying and then ends with the customer exiting. People continually follow scripts which are acquired through habit, practice and simple routine. Following a script can be useful because it could help to save the time and mental effort of deciding on appropriate behavior each time a situation is encountered


Biography and crime of dining table

Horry was born in December 1843, in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. He married Jane in 1866 and they took over the George Hotel together in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. By September 1871, the two were estranged due to Horry's alcoholism and accusations of Jane's infidelity with customers. Jane went to live with Horry's father in Boston with their children whilst William stayed at the hotel.

William made attempts to visit his family but due to his abusive behaviour, he was barred from further visits. Unable to maintain the business on his own, he sold the hotel and moved to Nottingham. In 1872, William pleaded with his wife a final time to return to him with their children. After being unsuccessful, he travelled to Nottingham, purchased a revolver and ammunition before returning again to Boston to murder his wife.


Zuni Caf of dining table

Zuni Caf is a restaurant in San Francisco, California. It is located on Market Street in San Francisco and named after the Zuni tribe of indigenous Pueblo peoples of Arizona and New Mexico.

Zuni Caf was established in 1979 by Billy West. In 1981 he hired Vince Calcagno as the manager, who became a business partner in 1987. West and Calcagno hired Judy Rodgers (formerly of Chez Panisse) as head chef in 1987. West died on July 1, 1994; Calcagno and Rodgers went on to become co-owners.

Zuni Cafe, with Rodgers at the helm, won the James Beard Foundation Award for 'Best Chef: Pacific' in 2000, 'Outstanding Restaurant' in 2003, and 'Outstanding Chef' in 2004. In 2018, the restaurant received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Service.

Calcagno retired in 2006. Gilbert Pilgram joined Zuni Caf as a co-owner in 2006. Rodgers died on December 2, 2013.


Formal dinners of dining table

At formal dinners, plans are usually used to avoid chaos and confusion upon entrance and to follow the etiquette. In this case, it is customary to arrange the host and hostess at the opposite sides of the table, and alternate male and female guests throughout. Place cards can be used to direct guests. State dinners have their own protocol and arrangements are made so that the most distinguished guests can have the possibility to engage in conversation.

In Chinese culture, like many other cultures, the place at the table is a sign of social importance. In the United States according to Peggy Post, "tradition dictates that when everyone is seated together, the host and hostess sit at either end of the table. Honored guests (moms, dads, and in-laws) are placed to the host's and hostess's right and then left." This can also be the source of humor.


Influence of dining table

The Long Christmas Dinner inspired a famous scene in Orson Welles's 1941 film Citizen Kane the breakfast-table montage in which the nine-year deterioration of Kane's marriage is told through a conversation seen in five vignettes. Several breakfast scenes were to be filmed, but during shooting Welles had the idea of simply photographing it as a continuous scene without dissolves, with the camera whipping back and forth.

"The idea was stolen from The Long Christmas Dinner of Thornton Wilder!" Welles told filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich. "I did the breakfast scene thinking I'd invented it. It wasn't in the script originally. And when I was almost finished with it, I suddenly realized that I'd unconsciously stolen it from Thornton and I called him up and admitted to it." When Bogdanovich asked how Wilder reacted, Welles replied, "He was pleased." Welles and Wilder were good friends.


Move to England of dining table

In 1785 he moved to London, Lord Shelburne, then a minister of state, having invited him to undertake the education of his sons. It was at the house of Lord Shelburne, now 1st marquess of Lansdowne, where he was treated as a friend or rather member of the family, that he became acquainted with many illustrious men, amongst others Fox, Sheridan, Lord Holland and Sir Samuel Romilly. With the last of these he formed a close and enduring friendship, which had an important influence on his life and pursuits.

In 1788 Dumont visited Paris with Romilly. During a stay of two months in that city he had almost daily intercourse with Mirabeau, and a certain affinity of talents and pursuits led to an intimacy between two persons diametrically opposed to each other in habits and in character.


Return to New South Wales of dining table

Bennelong arrived back in Sydney on 7 September 1795. A letter he had drafted in 1796 to Mr and Mrs Phillips, thanking Mrs Phillips for caring for him in England, and asking for stockings and a handkerchief, is the first known text written in English by an Indigenous Australian. Within a short time he took to the bush, reappearing only occasionally to dine at the servants' table in Governor King's residence. Many colonial reports complain of his refusal to rejoin 'polished society'. He frequently participated in payback battles, and officiated at ceremonies, including the last recorded initiation ceremony in Port Jackson in 1797. By the early 19th century, he was the leader of a 100-strong clan living on the north side of the river to the west of Kissing Point in Wallumedagal country.



Kasteel Wittem of dining table

Chteau Wittem is a restaurant located in Castle Wittem in Wittem, in the Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 1977 and retained that rating until 1989.

In the period 1975-1979, head chef was Jan Vossen. At least in the period 1987-1990, Theus van Schaik was the head chef. Wim Rekko took over, but could not retain the star.

In 2019, after an enormous restoration and modernisation, the doors of the hotel opened again. It was accompanied by also opening a fine dining restaurant 'The Julemont' with chef Sven Nijenhuis. Restaurant Julemont is named after knight Winand of Julemont who moved into the castle with his family around 1200. He must have spent many long evenings in the company of his entourage and guests and enjoyed the rich and generously laid table and lavish meals that were prepared in the castle.


Support for fusion of the legal profession of dining table

The colony of New South Wales did not have a split legal profession like that in England. Legal practitioners were admitted as both advocates and attorneys. After the second Supreme Court started business, barristers moved for the court to formally split the profession into barristers and into solicitors. Garling, along with other practitioners, opposed the splitting of the bar in this manner when it was first mooted in 1824 by newly arrived barristers in the colony. Chief Justice Francis Forbes upheld the fusion of the bar and the legal profession. Whilst Garling opposed the notion, Author Forbes notes that Garling knew his place. Garling was quoted in the Sydney Gazette on 16 September 1824 as observing that his instinct was to defer to gentlemen with the "higher duties of barrister".


Events of dining table

OPs (as they are known) are invited to annual sports fixtures against the School, in July and December. Other events include an AGM in February, Autumn Supper in October and Annual Dinner in December.

The London Society of OPs (LSOP) is open to any OP who lives or works in or near London. The LSOP has been in existence for over 50 years, throughout which time it has maintained a programme of monthly meetings. These are typically addressed by a speaker - either a guest or a member of the Society.

The Sydney Luncheon Table meets once a quarter, usually the second Tuesday of February, May, August and November at the Royal Automobile Club in Sydney.

The Oxford Dining Club meets once a year, in May.


Early life of dining table

Dumont was born in Geneva, where his family had been citizens of good repute from the days of Calvin. He was educated for the ministry at the Collge de Genve, and in 1781 was chosen one of the pastors of the city. Then politics suddenly turned the course of his life. He belonged to the liberals or democrats, and the triumph of the aristocratic party, through the interference of the courts of France and Sardinia, made continued residence in Geneva impossible, though he was not among the number of the proscribed. He went to join his mother and sisters in St Petersburg. In this he was probably influenced in part by the example of his townsman Pierre Lefort, the first tutor, minister, and general of the Tsar. At St Petersburg he was for eighteen months pastor of the French church


Old Portmuthian Club of dining table

The Old Portmuthian Club was founded by in 1885.

Old Portmuthians are alumni of The Portsmouth Grammar School.

The Club's principal activity is facilitating contacts between former pupils of The Portsmouth Grammar School. It does this by giving club members access to a password-protected list of other members.

The Club also:

publishes magazines and newsletters in paper and electronic format;

organises social events in Portsmouth, London, Sydney, Oxford and elsewhere;

provides financial support to current and former pupils of the School via the OP Charity.All former pupils of The Portsmouth Grammar School are encouraged to join, no matter when they left the School. Applications may be made online via the Club's web site, where contact details for the Club are also published. There is no joining fee or annual subscription.

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