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According to OECD 2013 data, in the period 2000-2011, public expenditure on health has risen from 3.9% of the GDP in 2000 through 4.3% in 2004 to 5.0% in 2010; public social expenditure has remained relatively stable (20.5% of the GDP in 2000, 21.4% in 2004 and 20.7% in 2011), and public pension expenditure has also remained relatively stable with 11.4% of the GDP in 2005 and 11.8% in 2009.

According to a 2011 report by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in 2010 Polish government social expenditures in 2010 were 96 billion zloties, or 32.5% of the total Polish government budget. This formed 39% of the total social expenditures in Poland, which totaled 245 billion zloties. According to that report, social expenditure in Poland totaled 17.3% of GDP in 2010, of which the government covered 6,8%.


Kyaswa of table glass

Kyaswa (Burmese: , pronouncedtazw; 11981251) was king of Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1235 to 1251. Kyaswa succeeded his father Htilominlo and was even more devout. Kyaswa's reign like his father's was largely peaceful but the depletion of the royal treasury due to large tax-free religious landholdings became more pronounced. The royal treasury was so depleted that Kyaswa had trouble completing a temple. The empire founded by Anawrahta over two centuries earlier was still peaceful but already on its last legs, unprepared for the internal disorders and external forces that were to come.


ShipsSimilar ships of table glass

Spirit class - a similar class of Panamax ships operated by Carnival Cruise Lines and Costa Cruises.

MVArcadia - a similar Panamax ship operated by P&O Cruises.

MSQueen Victoria - a similar Panamax sized ship operated by Cunard Line.

Vista class - a similar class of Panamax ships operated by Holland America Line

Signature-class cruise ship - a similar class of Panamax ships operated by Holland America Line

Coral Princess and Island Princess - A similar set of Panamax ships operated by Princess Cruises

Costa Luminosa and Costa Deliziosa - A set of Panamax ships operated by Costa Cruises derived from the Spirit and Vista-class designs.


Work of table glass

About 100 works have been attributed to the Pseudo-Simons. None of the works are signed. These works are principally fruit still lifes, and some flower still lifes and pronkstillevens (i.e. sumptuous still lifes of luxurious objects).

His still lifes typically depict the same or similar objects in different combinations, such as a flower piece together with a fruit bowl and a lobster, often combined with birds or squirrels. His style and subjects show the influence of the late 17th century still life painters Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Elder and Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Younger of Antwerp.


Written records of table glass

Historical accounts of Ruwayda are scarce, with only two accounts being known. The first is a manuscript dating to the 1800s called Lam al-Shihab, which, according to Kuwaiti writer and historian Abu Hakima, refers to Ruwayda as being among the towns which were raided by the Wahhabis of Nejd in 1790. John Gordon Lorimer's 1908 encyclopedia Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia is the other source which makes mention of Ruwayda, describing it as an abandoned village located 3 miles north of Al Khuwayr. He reported that, according to local sources, it was deserted around the 1760s when its inhabitants migrated to the newly founded town of Zubarah.


Houses of table glass

The Causeway School has a house system in place. Each tutor is assigned a house, and the system is used for various competitions throughout the school year. The houses are as follows:

All of the houses are named after famous change makers. The colours are assigned so that easier distinction between the houses can be made. The house with the most points, at the end of the school year in July wins that year's house cup. The house system is most prominent and/or noticeable and at the school Sports Day, held each year in July at Eastbourne Sports Park.


Public art collections of table glass

Valamanesh's field is contemporary art. His work is included in most major public Australian art collections, including:

Alice Springs Art Centre, Alice Springs

Artbank, Australia

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Gryphon Gallery, University of Melbourne

Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, Sydney, Australia

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

National Gallery of New Zealand

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle, Australia

Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

University of South Australia, Adelaide

University of Western Australia, Perth

University of Queensland, Brisbane

Western Australian Institute of Technology, Perth


Method Translation of table glass

Faster GC methods have shorter times but Kovats indexes of the compounds may be conserved if proper method translation is applied.

Temperatures of the temperature program stay the same, but ramps and times change when using a smaller column or faster carrier gas.

If column dimensions Lengthdiameterfilm are divided by 2 and gas velocity is doubled by using H2 in place of He, the hold times must be divided by 4 and the ramps must be multiplied by 4 to keep the same index and the same retention temperature for the same compound analyzed. Method translation rules are incorporated in some chromatography data systems.


Nelles Peak of table glass

Nelles Peak is a remote 2,531-metre (8,304-foot) mountain summit located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It is situated at the northeastern periphery of the Juneau Icefield, 5.0km (3.1mi) inside the BC-Alaska boundary, on the west side of Tulsequah Lake. Its nearest higher peak is Devils Paw, 9.0km (5.6mi) to the southeast. Nelles Peak is the second-highest summit of the icefield, after Devils Paw. The mountain was named in 1924 to honor Douglas H. Nelles (18811960), a Canadian engineer who participated with the International Boundary Survey party of 1907. The mountain's name was officially adopted in 1947 when approved by the Geographical Names Board of Canada.


Admissions of table glass

Carmel College is the town's only Catholic secondary school. It has four main feeder schools at Primary level. These are St Teresa's RC Primary, St Bede's RC Primary, St Augustine's RC Primary and Holy Family RC Primary. There is also another school, Abbey Road Junior School, which feeds Carmel; although this school is not Catholic, it is local to Carmel. Carmel also has a sixth form.

Carmel College has eight forms which consist of C, A, R, M, E, L and J, P (from former Pope John Paul II) with three houses St. Aidans, St. Bedes and St. Cuthberts.


Summaries of table glass

Results table The contestant won photo of the week

The contestant was in danger of elimination

The contestant was eliminated

The contestant won the competitionPhoto shoot guideEpisode 1 photo shoot: Promotional pictures in school girl outfits (casting)

Episode 2 photo shoot: Urban picnic for Renault Twingo

Episode 3 photo shoot: Burlesque in a giant martini glass

Episode 4 photo shoot: 60's movement in B&W

Episode 5 photo shoot: Medieval editorial

Episode 6 photo shoot: Vampire couples

Episode 7 music video: "Ready for me now" - Joey Moe

Episode 8 photo shoot: English upper class

Episode 9 photo shoot: Four seasons beauty shots

Episode 10 photo shoot: Covers for COVER magazine


Football career of table glass

After playing with the Subiaco Football Club in the WAFL and leading their goalscoring in 1987 and 1988, Breman was drafted in the 1988 VFL Draft to the West Coast Eagles. Debuting with the club in 1989, he played two seasons in the VFL/AFL before being cut.

After a year out of the AFL he was selected by the Richmond Football Club in 1992 before his AFL career ended after the 1993 season.

Breman was widely regarded as one of the longest kickers of an Australian rules football to have played the game. In 1991, Kevin Sheedy described him as the best footballer outside of the AFL.


Early life and junior football of table glass

Joyce was born in Melbourne but moved to Tweed Heads on the Queensland-New South Wales border at the age of 2. He first played junior football on the Gold Coast for the Coolangatta Tweed Heads Australian Football Club before switching to the Palm Beach Currumbin Australian Football Club and making his senior debut at the age of 16. He also attended Palm Beach Currumbin High School in his teenage years and graduated with future Suns teammate Max Spencer.

He joined the Gold Coast Suns' academy at the age of 14 and was drafted to his hometown team with the 67th pick in the 2016 AFL rookie draft.


List of North West Warriors grounds of table glass

North West Warriors cricket team were established in 2013, and accorded first-class status in 2017, playing in the Irish Inter-Provincial Championship. Since then, they have played first-class, List A and Twenty20 cricket at a number of different home grounds. Their first home first-class match was against Northern Knights in 2017 at Woodvale Road in Eglinton, County Londonderry.

As of 4 September 2018, North West Warriors have played four home first-class matches, four List A matches, and five Twenty20 matches at three different home grounds. The three grounds that North West Warriors have used for home matches are listed below, with statistics complete through the end of the 2018 season.


MGM Springfield of table glass

MGM Springfield is a hotel and casino complex situated in the heart of Metro Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. Opening on August 24, 2018 in a block of buildings that are historically or culturally influential to Springfield, it became the first resort casino in the Commonwealth. It is owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. MGM Springfield opened its doors to the public on August 24, 2018. It was then temporarily closed on March 14, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It reopened to the public on July 13, 2020, after nearly 4 months of being closed, with safety precautions and reduced capacity in place. Chris Kelly is the current President an COO of MGM Springfield


Paradise (E-Type & Nana Hedin song) of table glass

"Paradise" is a song written by E-Type and Mud and performed by E-Type with Nana Hedin during Melodifestivalen 2004. Participating in the second semifinal in Gothenburg, it made it to the finals inside the Stockholm Globe Arena, where it ended up 5th.

Released as a single, it also appeared on the album Loud Pipes Save Lives. It peaked at 2nd position at the Swedish singles chart.

It also charted at Svensktoppen, for three weeks between 11 April 2004 and 25 April 2004, peaking at 5th position before leaving the chart.

During Melodifestivalen, Motrhead's drummer Mikkey Dee appeared with E-Type. He also appears in the song video.


Logie Awards of 2006 of table glass

The 48th Annual TV Week Logie Awards was held on Sunday 7 May 2006 at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne, and broadcast on the Nine Network. The ceremony was hosted by Bert Newton, Ray Martin, Daryl Somers, Lisa McCune and Georgie Parker. The nominations were announced at the 50 Years of Television Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney on 3 April 2006. In an historic first, the public then voted for their choice of the eight nominees (instead of five) for the Gold Logie via SMS or a 1900 number, right up until the awards night. Special guests included Chris Noth, George Eads and Joan Rivers.


Urban and metropolitan area of table glass

The Liverpool Urban Area encompasses the city of Liverpool alongside Sefton, Knowsley, Haydock and St. Helens had a population of 816,216 in 2001, which ranks seventh out of all UK conurbations. Merseyside had an estimated population of 1,347,900 in 2008 (the county of Merseyside includes the Liverpool Urban Area and the Birkenhead Urban Area, which lie to the east and west of the River Mersey respectively). The Greater Manchester Urban Area, which straddles a border with the Liverpool Urban Area, had a population of 2,240,230 in 2001, making the more or less continuous corridor of settlements between Liverpool and Manchester one of Europe's largest urban areas.


Cast of table glass

Marilyn Maxwell as Marion Parmalee

Paulette Goddard as Betty Barnes

Eva Gabor as Gogo Montaine

Barbara Lawrence as Marta Jensen

Cecil Kellaway as Patrick J. 'P.J.' Sullivan

Robert Hutton as Charlie Johnson

Leif Erickson as Edgar Blevins

Tom Conway as Maharajah of Kim-Kepore

Michael Romanoff as Prince Romanoff (as Prince Michael Romanoff)

Florence Bates as Mrs. Nora Sullivan

El Brendel as Papa Jensen

Laurette Luez as Lisa Jones

Robert Bice as Jack Parmalee

Aram Katcher as Louis-Jean Vacheron

Gloria Christian as Cora Blevins

Byron Foulger as Ernest Boggs

Bibs Borman as Berta Courtallez

Paris Models as Himself

Articoli raccomandati
Knowledge Related to Robert Urquhart (actor)
Robert Urquhart (16 October 1922 21 March 1995) was a Scottish character actor who mainly worked in British television during his career.He was born in Ullapool, Scotland and educated at George Heriot's School in Edinburgh. Having initially entered the Merchant Navy, he won an ex-Serviceman's scholarship to train at RADA. Urquhart made his stage debut in 1947, while his first film role was in You're Only Young Twice (1952).He appeared in many television shows of the detective/special-agent genre, such as Department S, Callan, The Professionals, Man in a Suitcase, The Avengers, and opposite Patrick McGoohan in the episodes of Danger Man entitled "English Lady Takes Lodgers" and "It's Up To The Lady" (1965) and as the title character in "The Man with the Foot" (1966). He also played the lead role and served as script editor in Jango, a short lived 1961 production by Associated Rediffusion. Urquhart also starred as Wing Commander MacPhearson in the 1970s series Pathfinders.He was married twice, first to the actress Zena Walker, and then to the Scottish hotelier and politician Jean Urquhart. He died in Edinburgh on 21 March 1995.• Other Related Knowledge of table glassIndustry of table glassIndustrial buildings were found on the outskirts of the town, including facilities for breeding doves, olive presses, fabric dying, and glass making. Over 60 cisterns for water storage have been found throughout the excavation site as well.Pottery found at Khirbet Qana from nearby Shikhin and Kefar Hananya show that trade at Khirbet Kana would have been largely local or regional. Fields for cultivation on the west side of Khirbet Qana, along with tax records detailing taxes on crops from the 16th century serve as evidence that Khirbet Qana relied in part on agriculture.------Collections of table glassThe work of Ilana Salama Ortar is included in the public collection ofthe Israel Museum in Jerusalem,the Haifa Museum of Modern Art,Tel Aviv Museum of Art,the Yad Vashem Museum,the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City,the Brooklyn Museum of Art,the Philadelphia Museum of Art,the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston,the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam,the FNAC (Fonds National dArt Contemporain) in Paris,the FRAC (Fonds Rgional d'Art Contemporain) Poitou-Charentes,, and * the FRAC PACA (Provence-Alpes-Cte-dAzur).------Items used as currency of table glassIt is generally prohibited for inmates to trade items purchased on commissary. However, certain items tend to be used as currency. Cigarettes were a classic medium of exchange, but in the wake of prison tobacco bans, postage stamps have become a more common currency item, along with any inexpensive, popular item that has a round number price such as 25 or 50 cents. Ramen is also increasingly popular due to its rarity in prisons as food or trading value.------Death of table glassIn 1167, Sithu fell ill. Narathu, who could not wait to be king, moved the king from the palace to the nearby Shwegugyi Temple. When he regained consciousness, Sithu was furious that he had been set aside. Narathu came in and smothered the king with bedclothes.Sithu is posthumously remembered in Burmese history as Alaungsithu (lit. Sithu the Maitreya Buddha) for his numerous pious deeds. The devout Buddhist king was also inducted into the pantheon of Burmese animist nats as Min Sithu. (All but one of the nat sprits in the pantheon were murdered.)------Team information of table glassAs in the previous season, 14 teams played in the 201920 season.After the 201819 season, Budars Handball and Eszterhzy KESC were relegated to the 201920 Nemzeti Bajnoksg I/B. They were replaced by two clubs from the 201819 Nemzeti Bajnoksg I/B; Szent Istvn SE and Szombathelyi KKA.Personnel and kitsFollowing is the list of clubs competing in 201920 Nemzeti Bajnoksg I, with their president, head coach, kit manufacturer and shirt sponsor.Managerial changes------Selected works of table glassThe table below provides the following information:(title of the table) including the period during which the photographs were takenYear the year the photograph was taken (this column is sortable)Subject the person(s) photographed (this column is sortable)Location the place where the photograph was taken (this column is sortable)Date the date when the photograph was taken (this column is not sortable)Page the page number where the photograph appears in the book (this column is not sortable).------Basilica Museum of table glassThe Basilica Museum is open seasonally, and is located in the Episcopal Library attached to the Archbishop's Palace. Exhibits include religious art, historic and religious artifacts of the Basilica, pictures of bishops and archbishops of St. John's, and furniture and decorations of several period rooms in the Palace. Both the Episcopal Library and Archbishop's Palace are in their own rights National Historic Sites of Canada, designated as such as buildings within the Ecclesiastical Precinct of St. John's, a National Historic District of Canada------Debuts of table glass1 January Cathy and Elliott Lewis on Stage debuts on CBS.7 January The Crime Files of Flamond debuts on Mutual.15 January Time for Love debuted on CBS.8 February Hallmark Hall of Fame debuts on CBS.8 June Family Skeleton debuts on CBS.5 July Confession debuted on NBC.21 July The Baron and the Bee debuts on NBC.20 September The Six Shooter debuts on NBC.23 October House of Glass returns after an 18-year hiatus, this time on NBC.3 November To Be Perfectly Frank debuts on NBC.------Admissions of table glassCarmel College is the town's only Catholic secondary school. It has four main feeder schools at Primary level. These are St Teresa's RC Primary, St Bede's RC Primary, St Augustine's RC Primary and Holy Family RC Primary. There is also another school, Abbey Road Junior School, which feeds Carmel; although this school is not Catholic, it is local to Carmel. Carmel also has a sixth form.Carmel College has eight forms which consist of C, A, R, M, E, L and J, P (from former Pope John Paul II) with three houses St. Aidans, St. Bedes and St. Cuthberts.------Alpine skiingChessCross-country skiingCurlingIce hockey of table glassIn July 2019, the American men's deaf ice hockey team announced a squad consisting of 23 players for the event. The men's team will be captained by Peter Gintoli while his younger brother Garrett Gintoli will serve as his deputy. The women's team was not eligible to compete at the event as the women's ice hockey event was discontinued by the organizers and by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf due to the low number of participants. The men's team defeated Canada 7-3 in the final to secure its first gold medal ever in Winter Deaflympics.------Inhabitants of table glassThe excavations of both a Jewish Synagogue and a Christian place of pilgrimage and worship reveal that Khirbet Qana was an important location for both religious groups, with a population of primarily Jewish inhabitants in earlier periods, such as the Roman and Hellenistic periods. Coins found at the site serve as evidence that the Khirbet Qana was under Maccabean influence by the 1st century BC, though at this time no Maccabean buildings have been found at the site. During the period of the Crusades, Christian pilgrims visited Khirbet Qana, though it is unclear if they ever lived there.------Post AFL of table glassMedhurst returned to Claremont in the WAFL for the 2012 season.On the 23 September 2012, Medhurst played in Claremont's premiership victory over East Fremantle in the 2012 WAFL Grand Final. Medhurst kicked 6 goals and was awarded the Simpson Medal for his best-on-ground display. He played an instrumental role in allowing Claremont to win 18.16 (124) to 15.8 (98), earning Claremont their first back-to-back premierships since their 19381940 hat-trick. Medhurst finished the match with 13 possessions, 7 marks, 3 inside-50s and 6 goals.Medhurst became a father for the first time when his son, Elias was born in June 2013.------Bells of table glassThe original bells are a ring of three by Robert Crowch, each bearing his mark and the three leopard badge of the Plantagenets. They are reported to date from 1439, in the reign of Henry VI, but the tenor was recast in 1607 by Henry Oldfield of Birmingham, and Crouch's marks have been lost.Inscriptions in English Black letter are as follows:Treble: "Sancte Xstophere ora pro nobis" St. Christopher pray for us2nd: "Nomen Magdalene gerit campana melodie" In the name of Magdalene make a joyous ring.------Selected filmography of table glassAndersson, Pettersson och Lundstrm (1923)Mlarpirater (1923)Norrtullsligan (1923)Grevarna p Svansta (1924)dets man (1924)Farbror Frans (1926)Svarte Rudolf (1928)For Her Sake (1930)Lngtan till havet (1930)Hlsingar (1933)Hon eller ingen (1934)Sngen om den eldrda blomman (1934)Intermezzo (1936)Janssons frestelse (1938)Flames in the Dark (1942)Det brinner en eld (1943)Den osynliga muren (1944)Kungajakt (1944)Galgmannen (1945)Frnskild (aka Divorced) (1951)Kvinnohuset (1953)Gabrielle (1954)Enhrningen (aka The Unicorn) (1955)Foreign Intrigue, TV series (1956)Prlemor (1961)Atelj Mia (1965)Glasmenageriet (The Glass Menagerie), TV theatre (1967)Drottningens juvelsmycke, mini series (1967)Pistolen (1973)Gangsterfilmen (1974)------Demographics of table glassThe Ukrainian community in the Baltimore metropolitan area numbered 10,806 as of 2000, making up 0.4% of the area's population. In the same year, Baltimore city's Ukrainian population was 1,567, which is 0.2% of the city's population.In 1920, 151 foreign-born White people in Baltimore spoke the Ukrainian language, then referred to as the Ruthenian language.In 1940, 14,670 immigrants from the Soviet Union lived in Baltimore, many of whom were of Ukrainian descent. These immigrants comprised 24.1% of the city's foreign-born white population.In 2013, an estimated 808 Ukrainian-Americans resided in Baltimore city, 0.1% of the population.As of September 2014, immigrants from Ukraine were the twentieth largest foreign-born population in Baltimore.------North Coast of table glassFlowing into the Atlantic Ocean between Dunnet Head and Cape WrathThurso catchmentRiver ThursoLittle River, HighlandSleach Water (L) (flows into Loch MoreSimple coastal catchmentsForss Water (known by several other names upstream of Loch Shurrery)Achvarasdal BurnSandside BurnHalladale RiverRiver Dyke (L)River StrathyArmadale BurnRiver NaverRiver BorgieKinloch RiverHope catchmentRiver Hope (known as Strathmore River above Loch Hope)Glen Golly River (Ls)Abhainn Srath Coir' an Easaidh (Rs)Simple coastal catchmentsAmhainn an t-Sratha BhigRiver DionardDaill RiverKearvaig River------Distribution and relationship to other units of table glassThe Southesk Formation is discontinuously present in the Canadian Rockies from Jasper National Park to the Flathead area of southeastern British Columbia. It is also present in the subsurface beneath the adjacent plains to the east. It conformably overlies the Cairn Formation or, in the Crows Nest Pass area, the Borsato Formation. At its margins it may interfinger with the Perdrix and Mount Hawk Formations. In the mountains it is unconformably overlain by the Sassenach, the Alexo or, rarely, the Palliser Formation. It is overlain by the Crowfoot Formation in the plains..------Poetry of table glassJennings Carmichael "A Woman's Mood"Victor J. Daley "A Vision of Youth"Edward Dyson "The Rescue"George Essex Evans "McCarthy's Brew: A Gulf Country Yarn"Charles Augustus Flower "A Thousand Miles Away"Henry Lawson"Australian Bards and Bush Reviewers""The Fire at Ross's Farm""In the Days When the World Was Wide"Breaker Morant "Beyond His Jurisdiction"John Shaw Neilson "Before the Looking Glass"Will H. Ogilvie "The Riding of the Rebel"A. B. Paterson"How Gilbert Died""How the Favourite Beat Us""Saltbush Bill""The Travelling Post Office""A Voice from the Town"------Cast of table glassMarilyn Maxwell as Marion ParmaleePaulette Goddard as Betty BarnesEva Gabor as Gogo MontaineBarbara Lawrence as Marta JensenCecil Kellaway as Patrick J. 'P.J.' SullivanRobert Hutton as Charlie JohnsonLeif Erickson as Edgar BlevinsTom Conway as Maharajah of Kim-KeporeMichael Romanoff as Prince Romanoff (as Prince Michael Romanoff)Florence Bates as Mrs. Nora SullivanEl Brendel as Papa JensenLaurette Luez as Lisa JonesRobert Bice as Jack ParmaleeAram Katcher as Louis-Jean VacheronGloria Christian as Cora BlevinsByron Foulger as Ernest BoggsBibs Borman as Berta CourtallezParis Models as Himself------Work of table glassSummer Flowers in a VaseStill life with peonies and rosesDaisies, Poppies And Wild RosesSummer blooms in a glass vaseSpaniels hunting duckStill lifeSetters flushing out ducksChrysanthemums in a brass urn, and a silver tray and jug on a draped tableThe ChaseSetters flushing out duckBlossom branches and peonies in a vaseOn the pointOn the point 2Pointers on the scentPointers by the edge of a lakeA pointer and a setter on the scentThe Garden GateTwo Pointers Hunting by a PathLe chemin aux arbres et fleurs------Graveyard of table glassPart of the graveyard was built over in the 1960s for a hall and meeting rooms; most of the rest has been paved over. There remain (2010) about ten gravestones.The Irish actor and poet John Cunningham is buried in the graveyard. In the quiet churchyard, not far from the east window lies, on the ground, a stone slab, part of a table monument, its four supporting pillars lying half buried in the soil beneath it. This is one of the most interesting monuments in the city. The inscription upon it, though partly obliterated, can be read as follows:------First Division of table glassThe First Division featured three new clubs in a league of 20, reduced from 21 the previous season after Wellington and Sherborne Town were promoted to the Premier Division, Backwell United resigned and Weston St Johns were relegated. Both the latter two clubs joined the Somerset County League.Odd Down, relegated from the Premier Division.Gillingham Town, promoted as runners-up in the Dorset Premier Football League.Wells City, promoted as runners-up in the Somerset County League.Portishead F.C. changed their name to Portishead Town F.C.Final table
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Understand Table Glass
Understanding Table Glass
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