Leak in Condenser.?

Depending where the leak is in the condenser, it may be repairable but I doubt it, Get a new one or go to the scrapyard and see if you can find one. After all its a 12 yr old car. Probably a real SOB to get at and change. I personally would only want to fix it one time.

1. How do gaming channels use condenser microphones without having their keyboard and mouse clicks in skype calls and videos?

3 things will give you the biggest advantagePersonally I've found that Dynamic vs Condenser microphones pick up far less because their sensitivity is usually lower. This is why often the "headset" mics work well in only picking up the voice and nothing else.Another factor in this particular scenario that can also make a large difference is background music. If there is music fed into the stream/video it will likely cover over many background noises provided they are not very loud

2. Would I be ok using my condenser mic to mic my amp?

There is little reason, generally, to avoid using condenser mics on guitar amps, regardless of what you've heard from "everyone." Look around Shure's how-to site for advice on miking your amp. From their "Microphone Techniques for Live Sound Reinforcement" booklet, here's a list of microphones recommended for guitar amps: Beta 56A - dynamic Beta 57A - dynamic SM57 - dynamic (and classic) KSM141 - condenser KSM137 - condenser KSM109 - condenser KSM44 - condenser KSM32 - condenser KSM27 - condenser SM94 - condenser PG57 - dynamic The KSM32/KSM44 especially are extremely versatile mics and can sound great on guitar amps. _

3. my air condtioner condenser will go on, but the fan is not blowing air?

Which fan is not coming on? Condensing unit fan or supply air fan?

4. Condenser or dynamic microphone?? I can't decide.

Hi Chasey. Im not to sure the mic's the problem. You say you cant be heard over the guitars except when you sing high notes. First off... is this from the front of house, or on stage. If its on stage.... its a lousy monitor mix, and unless they have awful cheesy monitors, have them turn it up.(unless the mics are so bad if they do turn it up it will just feed back) ) Another thing too.... if the guitars are that loud on stage, they need to be turned down. My 3 piece NEVER plays over the drummer. A quieter stage is more user friendly for everyone. Have the guitar player/players turn their volume down, same with the bass player,..... they can get more out front if they need it on the pa. If someone is saying that its out front you cant be heard over the guitars.... I see 2 problems. Lousy soundtechs that dont know how to eq, and have no concept of what a GOOD mix should soundlike. Unfortunately, when you go to venue's where the P.A. is provided along with the mics, there using cheap mics too. Ive seen shows where Samson or Nady 30 buck mics have been up there. Personally, because of health issues.. sick people breathing into them... germs, mic's that reek of God knows what.. when we get in these "festival" type venues, we ALWAYS bring our own personal mics. Also, 2 problems arise with using condensor mics in shows like these. If your stage volume is excessively high, the condensor mic is just going to pick more of it up. They are VERY sensitive mics. Another thing.... ive seen a lot of shows where they dont want to fire up the phantom power for just one channel.(unless the mic has its own battery in it.. they dont have to use the phantom on the mixer) Ive seen some very strange things happen before when this happens, causing more problems than what its worth. Ive warmed up some very major acts in my playing years.. and one thing has always suprised me. How quiet there stage volume is. A lot of times you see these big huge walls of amps. Props.. thats all they are. Backstage off to the side where no one can see it is a little 30-50 watt tube amp! Sometimes that isnt the case.. main thing is though.. quiet stages. I would recommend a Shure SM58, Audix OM-5 or 6. These are very good quality mics, industry standard stuff that wont break ya. Heres a few of the polar patterns on mic's you will come across. Unidirectional... picks up one signal..... from the front of the mic..... Omni-Directional...Picks up sound equally in a 360degree pattern. These are great for recording acoustic guitars in a good recording environment. Cardiod mics... these have a heart shaped pick-up pattern. Very good pick-up to the front of the mic, with lesser on the sides, rejecting sound from the rear of the mic. Hypercardiod mics.... these are about the best mics for live stage use. It takes the Cardiod Pattern one step further....with the difference being it REJECTS everything from 120 degress to the back of the mic. These are really great mics for reducing monitor feedback. By the way... mic's can make a HUGE difference in the overall volume. Take a mic thats not so hot..... more gain and fader has to be used on the mixers input channel, resulting in more noise. Take a mic thats very hot. The gain on the mixers input channel can stay lower.. and...theres more room to turn up without hiss and noise from the mixer if needed. Hope Ive been of some help... keep singin... and hope you have success and many years of enjoyment with music.

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