Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Characters?

Aslan is just a really big lion, tumnus would have goats feet and legs, mr beaver would be a beaver, not sure about maugrim the white witch would be very tall (easily 6foot), with very pale skin, and long black hair.

1. what should be in a college girl's wardrobe?

Well if you want to be outgoing get some bright colors. Some of your colors do not match but you know bright colors there are many pretty combonations. Like a teal dress with yellow jewerly and golden shoes. Try bright bold jewerly and dresses and skinnyjeans. Litlle jackets look great. H igh geels always complete an offit. You should also have something dull like a hot dress or skinny jeans with a hot top to go to a club or special event but try to be bright and do different combonations. Layers areawesome. You may of not heard of this show because it is for little jkids but google image it...... Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo fashion or offits. She has a doll but ignore the doll pics. PS. IF U LIKE THIS CHOOSE IT AS BEST ANSWER

2. have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

my jeans ripped once on my bum when getting in a car.... luckily i was heading home

3. How do i make my wardrobe awesome?

Invest in basics and accessories! A different colored cami can completely change an outfit. Also, accessories can change the style of an outfit by adding a necklace or bangle bracelets!

4. Parents what does your wardrobe consist of?

Jeans, T-Shirts, Flow(y) Tops (like empire waist, etc), Spring/Summer Dresses, Flats, Shoes, Boots.. not a sneaker lady anymore

5. What are some summer essentials for my wardrobe?

HOLLISTER!! they hav the cutest summer clothes! yes they may be a tad bit expensive but WHO CARES! lol get some shorts, skirts, tanks, camis, t-shirts, bikinis, dresses, flipflops!!

6. Is this an okay wardrobe for a 13 year old girl?

yeah that's a fine wardrobe since you have a uniform. I used to wear a uniform too and i basically dressed the same as you

7. Have you ever suffered a wardrobe malfunction?

forgetting to zipup after going pee

8. I need a new wardrobe?

If you are only going to shop at Forever21... I guess about $200. If you are going to buy a lot. I think blouses there costs about $20 ... unless you are going to be hanging out at the sales area

9. Teen girls: Getting a new wardrobe!?

forever 21 is good as long as you stay out of the flowery section, OH and cotton on has some good things too and the price is pretty good if i remember correctly (check it out :D) and urban outfitters (the price is a bit high but they have a sales section (normally on second floor) that has somethings for like three $, and thrift stores (mind sound strange but if you go in with an open mind youll find great stuff :D) GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN SHOPPING >:D

10. country boy wanting to upgrade his wardrobe?

for a country-ish vibe, try a checked or plaid shirt and roll the sleeves up to your elbows, and DONT button it up all the way, lol ;) get a pair or dark wash, straight legged jeans, with maybe a few shreds. :) white converse would complete the look :)

11. How much is ok to spend on your college wardrobe?

Umm. Most college kids do not have a lot of money so I doubt many of them get a 'wardrobe' each semester. It really does not matter how much you spend it depends on what you are comfortable with. Personally I recommend that you just get shop smart and look for good deals on all the styles you like, that way you get pieces for your wardrobe and save money for more important things that come up during the semester.

12. is this a good wardrobe to have?

$800? Damn. That's a lot of money for clothing. I think you may be a little optimistic on this one, because you have a lot of clothes listed for $800, but it seems like you have a good list going.

13. Getting a whole new wardrobe..!?

Jeans - Aeropostale and Hollister Get jeggings and leggings too - Aeropostale, Hollister, Forever 21 and Brandy Melvilles Sweaters - Forever 21 Hoodies and Sweatshirts - Aeropostale, Hollister Graphic Tees, Tee-shirts - Hollister, Forever 21, Garage, Joycle Leslies, Charlotte Rouse, Shorts - Almost any store lol. stores to shop at for cute clothes xx -forever 21 -garage -delia's -charlotte rousse -victoria's secret (PINK) -hollister -aeropostale -joyce leslies those are the typical shops xx shoes, sneakers sneakers - NIKE or Footlocker flats - forever 21 footlocker shoe palace uggs - order online boots - anywhere lol you can also shop at cheap brand stores like MACYS or JCPennys and get some cute simple clothes for really cheap xx try old navys too! hope this helped and also good luck for your new school hope you have a fun and exciting year bye xx :)

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