Living on the Very Top Floor of My Dorm. No Air Conditioning :(. Tips?

Put wet rags in the windows and doorways. I do not know exactly how it works, but it does

1. Is it a law for NYC homeless shelters to have air conditioning above 90 degree weather?

Of course it's a law that homeless shelters should be no warmer than 78 inside during the summer. There is also a rule that homeless shelters have free use of computers with a high speed internet connection available for each resident. In the future keep your legs crossed or make your baby's daddy wear a rubber cause I do not want to pay for anymore of your kids.

2. Where is Evaporator located in window air conditioning?? is the room to be cooled act as an evaporator?

A window type air conditioner (evaporative cooler) is kind of the opposite than a conventional a/c unit. Conventional units are used in humid environments and dehumidifies the room air. The evaporative cooler is used in very dry environments and actually humidifies the air in the room so that the saturated air can absorb the heat from the room. The outside air passes through the water soaked evaporative pads. The total heat (sensible heat plus latent heat) of the entering air is unchanged. Some of the sensible heat of the entering air is converted to latent heat by the evaporation of water in the wet cooler pads. So in essence the water soaked pads are the Evaporator.

3. Do you think past generations were miserable in the Southern US without air conditioning?

I am sure they were uncomfortable but my grandmother passed away at ninety-nine about 8 years ago. I was running an air conditioning company at the time install a central AC unit in their home. She still only would run a window unit in her living room on the most hottest days it had to be 90 with at least 70% humidity or she would not run it. Every time I would go stay with her I could not stand it. I was relatively young then and now I am right at 40 I thought I was going to die but it did not seem to phase her. Mamma was a tough old bird

4. Can I put something in my air conditioning vents in my house to make the house smell good??

I spray my filter in my system with tea tree oil (or Melaleuca oil). I use Sol-U-Mel specifically. Not only does it smell great, but it also kills the germs that may be lurking. ()

5. Why does my car overheat when I turn on the air conditioning?

its makes your engine work harder

6. How do you fix poor home air conditioning circulation?

Well, hot air rises, but you should check your vent system (I am assuming central air). Try closing up (not completely!) vents downstairs and opening vents upstairs. Also, make sure that the return vents(The ones that are usually in the wall or floor) are open upstairs, and fairly closed downstairs. HVAC systems need to have fairly equal pressure to work: Air seeks the path of least resistance. If the return vents are closed upstairs, then once the air pressure in that room becomes higher than the air pressure in rooms with more restricted vents, the cold air is going to flow faster out of the partially closed vents with unrestricted returns, than wide open vents with more restricted returns. In short: For more air flow in a room, open the return vents and the cold air vents in the those rooms, and close them in the rooms you want less air flow in. You can even make a diagram of your house, showing air and return vents, and then figure out how to make air flow from one end to the other, by closing return vents and drawing the path of the air, from the blower vent to the return vent. That's how you keep your areas cool.

7. Air Conditioning Unit is making a loud Squealing/Squeaking Sound. What Should I Do?

Sounds like bad bearings in your blower motor. A handy homeowner could change the motor themselves. Turn power off first! Open blower compartment door. You will see the blower assembly, usually you will have wire harness plug and a ground wire that you will need to unhook from the blower motor. If it's wired direct to a board just remember which wires you pull off. Now some assemblies will just slide right out, some are screwed in, you will have to look. Once the blower assembly is out, look on the side of the assembly where the shaft sticks out threw the blower wheel. There will be a little square bolt that needs loosened, when loosened, the blower wheel should slip on the blower shaft, now flip the assembly over so the motor is facing you. Usually you will see three legs that hold the motor centered, and there will be a 3/8" 7/16" or 1/2" bolt in each leg. Take them out and pull the motor out. Now there will be either one 1/2" or 5/8" bolt that holds a clamp around the motor and all 3 legs, or each leg will be separate and will have two 1/4" or 5/16" screw holding the leg to the motor. Now look at the motor, take notice to the horsepower, RPMs, and voltage. Your new motor will need to match that. If you go to a parts store you can also give them model and serial of your unit and they can find the exact fit motor for your unit. A 120V 1075rpm 1/6hp motor usually goes around $200. Installation is reverse of removal. Read the instructions with a new motor, you may have to remove or insert an oil drain plug. Make sure the blower wheel is centered before you tighten the square set screw. Spin the wheel by hand after everything is hooked up to make sure it spins freely before you put it back in the unit and wire it up. If it's a rescue motor it will have orange and purple wires sticking out of it that just connects to themselves. If the blower spins backwards, shut it down, and switch those 2 wires so purple goes to orange, and orange goes to purple. A direct replacement motor however will have the correct rotation and will not have these wires. There you go. Easy as pie. However, It will only take a professional an hour or so and wo not be a very pricey bill

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How Does a Condenser in an Air Conditioning System Make the Coolant Cold? How Does It Work?
Actually, the cold comes from the expansion of the condensed liquid through a valve or orifice. The hot gas, under pressure from the compressor, is turned into a liquid in the condenser at approximately ambient temperature. Then the liquid expands through the orifice into a lower pressure zone in the cooling coil, that is when the temperature drops. It takes energy to do the expansion and it absorbs it from the interior of your vehicle. Then the now hot gas goes back to the suction of the com presser and the process repeats1. We need a new central air conditioning unit. Which are best?trane?the have a good waranty i thought2. When air conditioning your house, what do you do with the ceiling fans?I always have a fans going counter clockwise in the winter and clockwise in the summer.You might need another unit for this much space3. I haven't changed the filter on my air conditioning for 2 years?Probably they wo not charge her because she is probably not the only one who does not change filters regularly. FYI, she may not want to volunteer the information as to how long it has been unchanged for. It is important to change the filters so that you air stays cleaner.4. how can i cut down on my air conditioning unit electricity consumption?Set the temp at seventy six and use followers to flow the cool air interior the abode.remember westerly abode windows permit in too lots solar.A cave is often cooler than the coastline. So submit some sturdy curtains and save them closed.Use fluorescent bulbs in abode and save them of for the period of day to maintain cool.purely attempt holding the air shifting in abode.5. Is it possible to live comfortably (year round) in a house or apartment in Beverly Hills, CA that does not have air conditioning?You will want air conditioning. Although, some really well insulated houses you can get by without it. But, most places have air installed. Expensive houses6. How many greeners go without air conditioning, heating and hot water to stop Global Warming?Geo thermal heating and cooling . Wells & under ground lines below the frost line of the earth give us FREE 50 degree air conditioning . Heating 50 degree air is cheaper to maintain then heating colder airs . Geo cost about $15,000 more than a standard heat pump unit . .but pays for itself inside 10 yrs in savings on energy consumption . Hot water can easily be achieved thru solar paneling rising temperatures up to higher levels again making it cheaper to bring and maintain a higher temperature using less energy. Think about it , you here alot of bullshit tossed at these ideas . .. but it mainly set forth by energy companies. Its not made easy for the average joe guy to afford to " go green " , changing the world to be less reliant on major energy company would change the economic structure of things would not it. If we came up with free energy for everyone . ..somebody would want to control it. So do we have the best interest of our planet & people in mind ...or a greedy bank accounts ? Going green is pretty cool & pretty salty7. How do you keep an older house cool without air conditioning?window units and fans. my house was built 1906, and we had to put window units in , because there was no central air, which is better than central air i think.8. Can I still drive my car even though the air conditioning hose is broken?all and sundry already gave large solutions, particularly the single that sited the vet's information. i've got not had to handle it till some days in the past. We began our morning walk somewhat later than established. warm/humid days are unavoidable in my area, so i attempt to get out as quickly as i can interior the morning. The lab replaced into doing merely nice in direction of the top of the walk, so i presumed the blend replaced into ok besides, particularly thinking he has very short hair while in comparison with the lab. He would even taken a water injury a million/2 way by way of the walk. yet while we reached our highway, i spotted him beginning to stumble, and that i knew he replaced into overheating. adverse canines made it to the homestead the place I hosed him down, placed him interior, and had to pour water into my hand the place he could desire to drink. i replaced into heavily frightened, yet he replaced into nice returned in a short quantity of time.
Air Conditioning Repair Troubleshooting Tips From the Pros
Picture this: It's a sweltering sunny summer day. Too hot to go outside, so you figure you would just stay indoors to cool off. You turn on the air conditioner and-nothing happens, neither a sound nor a hiss of cool air. Your first thought might be "I should call up the best air conditioning repair near me," but then you think maybe it's just a minor problem that you could fix yourself. While it is better to leave things to the professionals, here are a few tips to help you determine the cause and perhaps the solution to your air conditioning repair dilemma.If you are having trouble turning your air conditioning on, there are a number of possible reasons for that. It could be that it has blown a fuse, in which case you would merely have to replace it. If the AC circuit breaker in your home's electrical panel had been tripped, push it back to the on position and run your air conditioner again. Other reasons why your air conditioning wo not turn on include loose or broken wiring, or glitches in the thermostat.If you are having problems with your thermostat, perhaps it is because it has not been calibrated correctly, preventing it from turning on your air conditioner. Try setting the thermostat to its lowest temperature. If it still does not work, you would have to call in an air conditioning repair service to either recalibrate or replace the faulty thermostat for you.If your air conditioning is actually warming the air rather than cooling it, this is probably caused by a dirty air filter or leaky air ducts. Aside from causing your home to warm up, leaking ducts also force your air conditioning system to work harder, thus increasing consumption of electricity. To prevent this, replace your dirty filters immediately, or better yet, send for an air condition repair technician to fix the leaks and facilitate the inspection and cleaning of clogged air ducts.A dirty outdoor unit would also cause problems for your air conditioning, such as warming up the air and raising your electric bills. If the layer of dirt on your condenser is not too thick, you can simply use a hose to gently wash it off. But if the accumulated dirt on your unit were too thick, you would really need professional auto air conditioning repair to get it cleaned.Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips have helped you root out and take care of any minor glitches in your air conditioning. But if it so happens that the glitches are not so minor after all, you would be thinking "well, I guess I really should call the best air conditioner repair near me."If you live in Frisco, Texas, then you need not look any further than the state's central air conditioning repair firm, Air Repair Pros. Allow their highly trained professional technicians to provide expert service and solutions for all your air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance needs. Call their offices at 972-625-1400 or visit them online at a 500-word blog article for a niche website on HVAC repair. The website domain is and the name of the company is Air Repair Pros. The company has a few offices, but their base is located in Frisco TX. Air Repair Pros do not repair window type or portable ACs so pls do not include those. You can find more info on the website.air-conditioned?I know that I felt horrible, while living in Southern CA, where I lived in an airconditioned home (or died of heat, if not on), shopped in air conditioned malls, and drove an airconditioned car. Now, I live just South of Oregon State, in CA, and we have normal air! Carbon monoxide comes to mind in an enclosed car, everything running. I know that children should never (or anyone else) be near the floor of the enclosed car, as carbon monoxide can escape and you can die from that. It's a hard thing, to stay in a really HOT car, in a HOT place and NOT have the airconditioning running, etc.. Still, if possible, get out of the car, and try to find some shade to sit or stand in, instead. It's really so much better!
Which Is Best for the Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Practices?
Most areas of Arizona is so dry and hot in the summer that an evaporative cooler works very well there and the operating cost is pretty low. They can blow very large volumes of air as well. If you installed one to blow into the basement and first floor of your house, it would keep your house comfortable and humidified most of the summer. You could turn on your standard units when you get home and turn those off. If that is what you are already using, just leave one or two on when you are gone and turn the rest on as needed when you are home.1. Parents: Do you have air conditioning in your home?SF Bay Area most homes and apartments do not have A/C. I've never lived in a house that had A/C ever in my life and I've lived in a number of places with hot summers2. Is this a thin window air conditioning unit?It's a vent for a portable air conditioning unit, and stop looking in my windows!The other side of it would look like this:3. How does anyone survive without air conditioning?I guess it depends on where you live. In Seattle, since the first of the year, we have had (officially) only eight hours where the temps have been higher than 79 degrees and no official readings higher than 85 degrees (according to the University of Washington meteorological center). You do not see many air conditioners in Seattle4. price to replace central air conditioning?Depends a LOT on the area of the country you are in, the system's capacity required, any extra infrastructure work needed (wiring upgrade to code, duct work balancing, potential carpentry work, and/or energy efficient windows & doors, and insulation needs) AND Which brand of unit you choose. Armstrong is a Carrier Dealer. You can count on spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $5K to $11K. You said something about the house being older....... you will need some remodeling done if the house has not been "modernized". Bear in mind that for a heat pump to work efficiently & effectively your home needs to be tight and energy efficient. If you live too far north, a heat pump is worthless. If your house is somewhere below I-70 a HP will work just fine.5. Air Conditioning problem... Please Help???an automobile AC compressor needs alot of oomph to work. your just feeling the difference when the AC is on. After seeing your additional comment, I would say the clutch on the compressor is causing this, or the compressor itself is weak. It's taking alot of torque to get it going. Maybe the replacement is for a slightly larger engine, or not the same compressor. Either way, it does not sound like a good match.6. Does a standard home owners insurance policy cover air conditioning unit if it stops working?Check your policy, but my feelings based on past experience are if you do not have a supp. for mechanicals, it wo not be covered7. In hot summer months, what is acceptable performance for central air conditioning?i could take my 2 cats, one dogs, and my poultry and pass to the closest sparkling inn till it replaced into fastened. the different dogs could proceed to be interior the decrease back backyard as she has an excellent form of coloration, water and preserve and is used to spending her days outdoors. If I had to stay in my domicile, it could be interior the tub in cool water with a fan close by. If an evaporative cooler could artwork the place I now stay as effectively because it worked in Las Vegas, that's what i could us usually apart from days whilst the humidity is basically too severe. In Las Vegas, I grew to become the AC on basically whilst the humidity replaced into above 27 which got here approximately possibly 14 days of the summer season time8. 2001 Nissan XTerra air conditioning not giving out cold air?Hi, my 2000 Nissan Xterra air conditioner is blowing medium hot air. It is not hot but it is not cold. It has the right amount of refrigerant and the AC compressor is working fine but I do not see any moisture on the lines that hook up to the compressor that run on the side of the fire wall. Please help and let me know if this is an easy fix. Thank you.
I Have No Air Conditioner! How Do I Stay Cool for Cheap?
Install a ceiling fan. They also cost much less to operate than air conditioning. If you have any doubt about your ability to wire the fan, hire a licensed electrician to do the job.1. should the use of civilian nuclear power be allowed or not?Sorry, but I disagree heartily. We are rapidly depleting our worldwide reserves of fossil fuels. We have doomsayers screaming on the street corners about the horrors of hydrocarbon pollution. (Personally I think most of what they spout is pure crap.) There is only one solution to both problems that do not involve a general reduction of the standard of living in Industrialized Societies. That solution is nuclear energy. Are there dangers inherent with the use of nuclear energy? Sure there are, but there are also inherent dangers of living downstream of a hydroelectric dam. Nuclear energy is clean. It does not produce the vast clouds of sulfurous smoke of a coal fired plant (which produces acid rain), and it does not drown thousands of acres of food producing land. Nuclear power plants do not cause acid rain, they do not pollute the atmosphere, or the waters. In the sixty odd years that nuclear electric energy has been available, I can think of only two major would isasters", i.e. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. There are more lethal accidents than those annually in the US non-nuclear power industry alone. The nuclear power industry has the best safety record of any industry you would care to name/ Look, I enjoy Mother Earth News, and the FoxFire Books as well as the next fellow. But that does not mean i want to trade my Ford pickup for a mule and wagon, or electric lights and air conditioning for kerosene lamps and sweating my A$$ off indoors and outdoors as well. That means we need to get off our a$$es and build more nuclear power plants, and encourage research to make them even safer and less polluting than they are already. Doc Hudson2. can someone please talk me out of wanting a motorcycle?I am 17, I do ride bikes, because I do not have my car licence and its fun. But, i know of so many people who have been seriously injured or killed. Pretty much every biker i know has crashed. I had a friend who was riding sensibly on the highway and he rode over a piece of moss on the ground while taking a corner at 80 kmph maybe about 50miles or so, and it threw him off his bike and threw him into a barbed wire fence and cut him into 5 pieces. Sliced through him like butter. Sure biking has its up points, awesome feeling of acceleration and cornering and freedom. But most of the time youre either way too hot and sweaty or your soo freezing and u wish you were in a car with air conditioning. and Your back gets sore after a while. It is very fun at times but yes it is dangerous. JUst in the last 6 months ive had a few near misses from dickheads on the road. and would have been fine in a car if they did follow through, but not so on a bike. I also have another friend who was dumb one time like u said u might be, went 300kmph up the highway, (190 mph) and his engine seized from him working it too hard, and it though him at a tree at 300kmph. he lived just, but hes in a wheelchair and cannot move his arms or legs and hes brain damaged. cant speak and hes now dumber than a newborn baby. So take that into consideration. Sure if youre a sensible rider like most of us bikers are then your chances of anything happening are reduced, but most accidents are cause by car drivers not seeing us and natural occurances like wet roads or gravel etc3. What country absorbs more CO2 than it gives off?Nations where the trees and other vegetation have not been removed and replaced with industrialized sorts of things (factories, houses, farmland, roads, office buildings, apartment blocks, skyscrapers, cement plants, power plants, mines) and where the people of the nation do not use fuel-powered vehicles, buildings or improvements with air conditioning or lights on any large scale
Troubleshooting to Determine Air Conditioning Repair Need
Finally summer has arrived. You are dreaming of curling up with a good book in your nice cool home. This year, however, your air conditioner is leaking water. Perhaps you are using a window unit, or maybe you have central air. Either way a puddle forming in your basement, or pooling around your window unit, is not a good thing.First let us consider how your unit works. Basically your unit is taking humidity out of the air, humidity that it is turning into water that it drains. Your unit is either draining through a drainpipe or it has a condensate pump. Sometimes, the water does not drain properly and that is what we are trying to figure out. What is causing the water to drain improperly?It is a good idea to look at your unit closely. Can you see where the water is coming from? Is it pooling under the machine? Is it dripping from somewhere inside the unit? If your unit seems like it is wet inside it would be a good idea to turn it off. You may want to call for air conditioning repair. Otherwise perhaps it is a problem with the drain. First let us check your hose. If you are running a central air system it could have a drain hose. Is something sitting on that hose? Maybe that tote of outgrown clothes that you just placed in the basement. Learn moreMy AC Repair Orlando51 E Jefferson St #1457Orlando FL 32801407-499-8942.• RELATED QUESTIONair conditioner/furnace?Unless you have something I've never seen before, your air handler fan is the same fan for the heat as well as the a/c. The evaporator coil is stacked on top of the heat exchanger and simply runs air through it passively. The rising temp even with the a/c running suggests to me an evaporator coil that needs a good cleaning and a return air filter that needs changing. A rinse with a water hose would not hurt the condenser.... HVAC systems need yearly check-ups anyway and if your refrigerant level (charge) is not correct, the unit will not cool to its capacity and will waste massive amounts of electricity.What is more efficient: swinging or static vents on an air conditioner inverter?It depends on the room you are airconditioning and the position and type of the vent.nFor most standard rooms you will ventilate the room by blowing in the air somewhere where the wind wo not feel uncomfortable. Then the fresh / cooled air will mix with the already present air well before the air hits anyone. This technique reguires some finesse, but can work beautifully and impressively - and be almost unnoticeable.nBut as a typical indoor A/C inverter is just a box thrown into the window hole or up against the wall somewhere, they are both nowhere near true ventilation, and just deliver cold air into the room by simple brute-force tech. For these things, I would say it takes some experimenting. The knack is always to use more air with a smaller thermal difference, up until the point where the ventilator gets annoyingly noisy. This will mix up the air in the room in the best possible way, making temperature more even and reducing the risk of cold feet or icy winds.nFrom that point on, it's a matter of experimenation. Go for a fair room temperature, do not make the room feel like a fridge. Then it will be fine.What is more efficient: swinging or static vents on an air conditioner inverter?Home air conditioner spotaneously heats...Any ideas?I have not heard such thing before, but I guess following thing is happening in your case. Your air conditioner seems under capacity to cool both floors. As a result it continuously runs and gets heated up. The cooling media which normally is freon / equivalent gas in pipe it self gets heated up due to constant circulation. As result instead of transferring heat and give cool air it reverses. Normally air conditioner is consider of right capacity when it runs in cycle of on/off automatically. When it is running cooling cycle the freon evaporates and passes through copper coils and after some time it swich off and only normal air runs through fan. During this time freon gets cool down for next cycle. You need to get another air conditioner along with this or get higher capacity air coditioner to cool both floors.If you have asthma, does that mean you can't breathe without air?I do not have asthma but even I can not breathe without air. So, what I am trying to say is: Everyone needs air to breathe.Asthma narrows your airways; sometimes completely closing it to movement of air. So, if you have asthma, and if you are under acute attack, it means your lungs will have difficulty moving air in and out to cause adequate oxygen exchange.You will have to take medicines to reverse the narrowing so that you can once again start breathing normallyWill there ever be a day in which we eliminate air turbulence? Or at least make it so that the passengers within the plane do not feel it?No. There wo not .The worlds largest cruise ships and aircraft carriers that are hundreds of times heavier than the largest aircraft get bounced around the ocean like a cork. What chance do aircraft have?The energy in a storm rivals a nuclear blast. That is a lot of energy.The best we can do is find better ways of locating and avoiding turbulence. The problem is there is nothing to see and sensors can not be left floating in the air. Time will tellDoes less gravity means less air density?Yes. Less gravity implies less pressure because the gravity "pulls" the air to the surface of the Earth. And less pressure implies more volume. Ergo, the density of the gases on the atmosphere are less with the new atmosphere pressure.And your second question, the answer is no. It depends of chemical composition (as someone commented above). What we call air, here in the Earth is not the same that the Uranus people call air.Why donu2019t they fill party balloons with hot air instead of helium?The hot air would cool off quickly, and then the balloons would stop floating before you even got them to your car, let alone your party. Even the mylar balloons would exchange heat with the outside air pretty fast. Plus, I do not think you could put hot air into a rubber balloon at all. That would weaken the material and the balloon could pop.Hot air would work in a small balloon, but only for a short time. The air would quickly cool down to match the outside air. Hot air works better in giant balloons because it takes a lot longer for the air in the middle to cool down, and they have that flame thrower there to keep it hot.Why donu2019t they fill party balloons with hot air instead of helium?How does air generate energy, how is it used for leisure activities, and how does it lift things in the air?(1) Wind turbine electrical generators like we've all see, and some very interesting vertical rotors that many people have not seen and probably would not believe work (2) Flying kites, playing with pinwheels, paper airplanes, model airplanes, and depending on how you are defining “air' in this case, even woodwind and brass musical instruments could be considered air-delivered leisure activities (3) Kites through air resistance, airplanes and anything else with a similar wing through the Bernolli effect, para-sailing using a ram-air sail (looks like a huge maneuverable parachute), sky-diving both lifts the plain and brings you to terminal velocity ad slows your parachute. I would *not* consider hot air balloons. That really relies on heat and changing densities to maneuver (as much as a hot air balloon can maneuver).What are some funny air hostess stories?A few that I will list downA passenger tries to convince me that our aircraft (cruising altitude) is being chased by another aircraft...that happened to just flying at the same altitude parallel with us (but because it's at night, you can see their wing tips light).Another argued with me that the lights from another aircraft flying parallel with us is the lights from the stars (we are talking about being 30,000 ft only, you do not get to see stars here). Passenger asking if I could call the captain and ask him to reduce the noise of the engine (he was seated at emergency exit row next to the wing). An elderly lady trying to open the window because she wants fresh air and feel suffocated in the cabin while at cruising altitude.I have more but I can not recall now. I will edit if I can remember any additional story to add in. What are some funny air hostess stories?.how to clean vents for central air?Look in the yellow pages and locate a pro cleaner whose only profession is cleaning air ducts. They have the best and most powerful equipment and know what they are doing. To get an estimate, count all your air ducts and cold air returns.can air enter a water pump?Here's is several reasons why it is bad idea to pump air with water-pump. There are differences in design of an air-pump and a water-pump due to a simple fact that air is compressible, and water is not. Water pumps are very poor at pumping air, so if the intake tube is not filled with water the pump wo not be able to suck hard enough to bring it in. You can very easily damage your water pump, if you run it dry (meaning just pumping air), because without the resistance of the water, the motor turns too fast and also many pump designs rely on the water for its own cooling or lubrication. Pumps can temporarily work with some small air bubbles in them, as long as water is still flowing. This happens when running new-installed pump for the first time and it is normal unless it lasts for more than a minute or two. But even this small bubbles cause micro-strokes on shaft and bearings, shown through excess vibrations and audible gurgling or growling. In a long-terms, this causes so-called material fatigue and shortens the lifetime of a water-pump.Question about an electric air compressor?It could be a number of things however it is not the pressure switch or on off switch because you say it is running. I assume you want the pressure to build to around 100 PSI? 1) Could be an air leak in system. 2) Clogged air inlet 3) Stuck valve in air compressor head 4) Bad Rings 5)Bad gauge not reading over 25 PSI Start simple does it have oil in it? Is it low? Is the belt good not slipping? NO leaks in system including the intercool lines if it is a two stage. I would guess its something simple. How did it quit working right? All of a sudden or gradually?What exactly happens to air pressure in airplane cabins while they are in the air?Assuming the cabin is pressurized most are then the cabin is airtight and pressurized to about 1 atm the barometric pressure at sea level. Otherwise as the place ascended the pressure in the cabin would be in equilibrium with the atmospheric pressure which would continually decrease as you got higher and higher. This would spell disaster for the passengers as they found it more and more difficult to breath, in less dense atmosphere.what are the chemicals released in air Conditioners ?Normally, there are no chemicals released from air conditioners. Air conditioners are simply heat pumps which blow air from inside the house thru a heat exchanger and then transfer that heat to the outside air. The working fluid inside the heat exchanger used to be a type CFC, chlorinated fluoro-carbon. After scientists identified CFC's as a serious problem in the upper atmosphere that influences the heat balance of earth, CFCs have been outlawed for use in air conditioners. They have been replaced by CFC-free materials. I do not know if what the science has concluded about the CFC-free chemicals (they do not do the same bad things CFC's do in the upper atmosphere but I do not know what else they might do.
check to make sure the unit is draining the condensate properly1. Is my landlord in breach of contract if he (she) fails to maintain a central air conditioning unit?Maybe. Your lease will give you more answers - look for a section called breach of contract. If the lease says that they are to provide colling for your unit and they are not, then they would be in breach of that portion of the contract. It probably is not enough for you to breach your end of the contract and not pay your rent or move out before lease end without their written permission. In all likelyhood, the answer is no. Unless what they are doing or not doing is causing a dangerous situation or making your leased unit unlivable, they are likely not in breach of contract. Sorry, not having air conditioning is not generally considered a life threatening situation.2. What can I do if my landlord won't fix my air conditioning in Oklahoma?You can not do much since Oklahoma law does NOT require the landlord to provide a/c unless it specified in your lease3. My Cars air conditioning only works for a few minutes after you start the car, any advise?could be a leak or a loose belt. check all the plugs make sure nothing is loose. whoever fills it ;if it needs it can check for leaks with there machine they will let ya know if it has a leak for sure. If it does they should be able to let ya know what it is too. Most of the time its the evaporator. You can turn on your air and see if the com presser is clicking on and off too. that's easy also open your hood turn it on and it should click on and off as the motor is running4. Can I put a window air conditioning unit into a garage with no windows somehow?Yeah, a lot of people do it. Cut a hole, stick it in, plug it in, turn it on. Make sure you prop it up in the back so it wo not fall out, though5. Poll: Do you own air-conditioning?Sure I do6. f150 air conditioning will not work please help?r134a leak7. Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?This Site Might Help You. RE: Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?8. re: air conditioning system - replacement?That quote sounds allright, most companies quote higher for a replacement using the same electric and ductwork. $4500 and up But by all means get 3 or 4 more quotes and do not get caught up in the 15 seer rage they are way overpriced9. Window air conditioning unit question?It will work fine that way, but I would put a couple screws in the wood frame to make sure it does not fall out. You will have to remove the screen.10. Is it safe to store my FZ6R in a hot garage that an air conditioning unit emits exhaust into?Relax: Nothing will happen to the motorcycle,they are designed to withstand a lot more than you are mentioning here.That said, I dont think you will run the A/C 24*7 for 365 days right? so you dont even have to bother about it, in the winter you will probably switch off the A/C so your issue is only for like the summer and some parts of other season. I live in a tropical country where temperatures are usually near 100 to 115 degrees. I have had 3 motorcycles and not one time the issue was because of sitting in a hot place. The only issue I noticed once on a friend's motorcycle was that some paint came off but that I think is because of bad quality paint.Also, my motorcycles sometimes stand in direct sunlight for hours together with no consequences at all apart from a very hot saddle.11. What can one use instead of air conditioning? ? ?Adobe, they build them with clay so that the inside stays cool during the hot part of the day12. Air conditioning ductwork making noise?It is probably the surficial aquifer. I would definately go with the deeper well
2021 Air Conditioning Installation Cost | New AC Unit Cost
Central air conditioners are not sold by the BTU but by the ton. A ton is the amount of cooling power produced by a ton of ice. Central air conditioning units are sold by the ton, starting at 1.5 tons, which is required to cool homes between 600 and 1,000 sq.ft. The cost per ton increases because the units size must also increase.The pressure in the Marianas trench is 8 tons/inNo. When a living creature is underwater, especially when it lives there, the pressure inside its body equalizes with the outside pressure, so the net force due to the water column, acting upon it is zero. When you act with a force of 8 tons upon it (anywhere) you will crush it (there will be no "equalizing" pressure or force)Children eating tons of food.?that really doesnt sound too bad, for a binge. i had: breakfast: homemade oatmeal with maple syrup and skim milk lunch: apple and a granola bar dinner: pineapple ring, 1/2 red pepper, 3 button mushrooms, small piece of eggplant, small piece of zucchini, small piece of salmon, less than a 1/4 cup rice with tomatoes in it. desert: 7 pieces of cookie dough with 1/2 cup milk dinner sounds big when i write it down. .. but i guess it was pretty much all fruit and vegetables so it's ok. i probably should've eaten a bigger lunch, but i was not hungry and was really busy so i did not get around to it. 2 hrs of exercise with thisTHE TONS OF ANSWER QUESTION!!!!!!?Fave song: Pocket Full of Sunshine Fave Store: Dollarama Fave Friend: dunno Fave shirt: Yellow, Old Navy's t-shirt....(My fave becuase it's slimming, and sunny, and cute!) Fave Team: School Team-Jaguars Fave Brand: Old Navy's Fave Jewlery: Cute BraceletsTons and tons of relay logs on a masterExecute the RESET SLAVE command. It will clean the relays logs and regenerates a new one. But, It will not use the new one. You can check by running later the FLUSH LOGS command, the server will not create a second relay logI have been having a TON of symptoms lately? can anyone help?wow sounds bad, go to your dr and if you have to get a second opinion, third or fourthWhich one is correct: u201cThere is 1.5 tons of wasteu201d or u201cThere are 1.5 tons of wasteu201d or u201cThere is 1.5 ton of wasteu201d?Tons is the plural. Tons are.Do not be misled by the word "waste" which is an uncountable noun in this situationbridesmaid has TONS of tattoos?I think you just need to tell your mother in law that you do not mind the tattoos and you are not willing to change your bridesmaids on the dress just so tatoos do not show up in the pictures. You've got it all right. Stick to your guns.What formula does anyone recommend for colicky babies that spit up a ton?Best Formula For ColicWill a 97 3/4 ton rear end fit a 2000 half ton SilveradoIt might but you will have 8 lug wheels in the back and 6 lug wheels in the front.Vegetarian. Tons of problems and questions.?it sounds to me that you are trying to convince yourself that you want to be a vegetarian. vegetarians do not need to watch disturbing videos when they think about meat. it is not a rebellion. it is not a trend. it is a lifestyleTendulkar's double ton made on a "dead and sluggish pitch", I believe not?I do not think that people saying it was a flat pitch is a criticism. However, the Gwalior pitch was better. For two reasons: 1. The boundaries were quite short. 2. The outfield was much faster. Regardless, it was a special innings from Sachin, and nobody else could have scored a 200 on the same pitch. For once, there are very few people who have not praised this knock. Not just on Y! answers but worldwide.New kitten in the home... tons of worries.?perhaps attempt putting - A Bowl, some nutrition, A Kitty muddle section (If he's bathroom knowledgeable, If no longer Then he will Be stinky once you get lower back), some Toys and probably A mattress Or some thing ... yet placed all of it In An Enclosed section, perhaps A Grid Or some thing to encompass The Kitten In ... And that would desire to be super For A Weekend (only make helpful there's no authentic way FOR HIM TO GET OUT).
Is There an Air Conditioning Unit That Does Not Require a Window?
You could get an air purifier. They cool the air and filter it without the need of windows1. Any alternatives to air conditioning?yes , canada . ehh2. My air conditioning is not working, what could be the problem?Ok first, your car air conditioner does not have a motor. It is just the compressor that is driven by a belt off your engine, with a magnetic clutch to engage and disengage the belt drive. So the water dripping on the compressor clutch could have shorted out the wiring in it. They do not usually replace just the clutch, the change the entire compressor. Have it checked by a qualified mechanic3. I need a new Central air conditioning (A/C) unit for a 2400 sq ft home. What size?Assuming the one you had for 20 years worked fine stay with a 3 ton unit or have a pro calculate your needs .$ 40004. Hyundai Lantra Air Conditioning not working?Just take it to the dealership or another form of repair shop. They will know what is wrong.5. What's a cheap way to have air conditioning?If you can, buy two ceiling fans for seperate locations in your home. This way there will be cool air rotating around different areas of your house. Hot air rises, so the fans will transform the hot air, into much cooler air. The fans then push down the cooler air, and your house is cooler6. Air conditioning problem?You did not say what type of A/C (window, central) , anyways the fan blows but not cool so the compressor must not be running.Central A/C has a separate outside unit and that should be running. If not it could be a fuse or breaker,the outdoor units are powered separate from the inside blower. If the fuse or breaker is tripping you need to have a professional check it out because its tripping for a reason. Edit: If your sure thats your unit then it sounds like the fan is running but probably not the compressor inside.7. why do Air Conditioning Units hang outside of windows?The window airconditioner absorbs heat in the inside coil and moves it to the outside coil to be rejected outside. You could have a ductless mini split unit installed8. Air Conditioning not turning on?I am not an HVAC expert, but I was married to a contractor for 17 years. All AC units need air to circulate, both inside and out. Is it the fan only inside the house turning on? If so, you may have frozen up your motor as it tried to suck air into the condenser. It could have a fuse/breaker type switch, depending on the age and brand of the unit. Many newer units automatically turn off the condenser if there is a problem with the airflow9. Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air ConditioningHaving your car's air conditioner lose its cool on a hot day can make for an uncomfortable ride. A breakdown in thermal control in space is far more than a matter of comfort; on the Moon, for example, the temperatures can reach a scorching 260 F during the day. In planning for future space missions, NASA aimed to improve the thermal control systems that keep astronauts comfortable and cool while inside a spacecraft. In the late 1990s, Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to Mainstream En - gineering Corp. of Rockledge, FL, to develop a heat pump as part of the spacecraft's thermal control system. (A heat pump provides cooling by moving heat out of one area and into another.) While working on the project, Mainstream Engineering came up with a unique liquid additive called QwikBoost to enhance the performance of the advanced heat pump design. QwikBoost circulates through a system like a lubricant, working to boost the available cooling capacity. This increases the performance of the system and results in faster heat transfer and the consumption of less energy. Licensing agreements eventually led to IDQ Inc., of Garland, TX incorporating the NASA spinoff technology into the company's line of Arctic Freeze products. According to IDQ, by using Arctic Freeze to replace lost refrigerant and oil in an automotive air conditioning system, the QwikBoost chemistry provides colder air up to 50% faster than conventional refrigerant products. "Working with NASA technology bolsters our confidence that the chemistry has been thoroughly tested and proven to deliver the benefits and results promised," said Vincent Carrubba, director of research and development at IDQ. IDQ provides its line of Arctic Freeze products for the do-it-yourself (DIY) consumer and professional service technician. Sold at leading automotive and mass-retail stores, and through wholesale distributors in the aftermarket industry in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Arctic Freeze restores cooling in a vehicle's air conditioning system once the system is no longer cooling effectively. The addition of QwikBoost also reduces wear and tear on the system by lowering compressor temperatures and extending the useful life of the lubricant. Arctic Freeze also incorporates a leak sealer that conditions rubber o-rings, seals, and hoses, which are the primary source of minor system leaks. In addition to delivering low vent temperatures, Arctic Freeze also delivers low costs. Recharging an automotive air conditioning system can cost approximately $15-$30, compared to $100 or more at an automotive repair shop. Each Arctic Freeze product provides DIY customers with everything needed to recharge a vehicle's air conditioning unit. Carrubba believes his company's NASA spinoff has made a world of difference by providing a demonstrable and affordable solution to improve the efficiency and economy of operating air conditioning and refrigeration systems here on Earth. "The all-in-one solutions of Arctic Freeze make it possible for nearly anyone to safely, effectively, and affordably recharge their own vehicle's air conditioning unit," he said. This article was written by Lisa Rademakers for Spinoff.
Condensate Pump Guide: Air Conditioning Condensate Condensate Pumps, and Their Proper Installation
But a more common problem we find is that the plastic drain tube has been kicked aside and we see condensate running across the floor. In some buildings we've found that this wet condition has caused damage to building flooring, paneling, or drywall, leading to a mold contamination problem. • Airtight drain connections Best practice will not connect an air conditioner condensate pump directly by an airtight piped connection to a sewer line without an air-gap. We do not want a possible sewage backup to send wastewater backwards down into the condensate pump and out of the pump's overflow opening onto the building floors.I have an extra 1000€ per month, what should I do with it?Lots of good advice on investing already. You may also want to think about two things:A Bausparvertrag. You can set this up for different monthly saving rates. You will get a modest interest payment, and once you have saved up enough (the contract is zuteilungsreif), you will be eligible for a loan at a low rate. However, you can only use the loan for building, buying or renovating real estate.With interest rates as low as they are right now, this is not overly attractive. However, depending on your salary, you may qualify for subsidies, and these could indeed be rather attractive. This may be helpful (in German). A Riester-Rente. This is a subsidized saving scheme - you save something every year and again get subsidies at the end of the year. I think the salary thresholds where you qualify for a subsidy are a bit higher for the Riester-Rente than for a Bausparvertrag, and even if you do not qualify for a subsidy, your contributions will be deducted from your taxable income.I would not invest all my leftover money in these, considering that you commit yourself for the medium to long term, but they might well be attractive options for at least part of your money, say 20-25% of what you aim at saving every month. Finally, as others have written: banks and insurance companies exist to make money, and they live off their provisions. Get an independent financial advisor you pay by the hour, who does not get provisions, and have him help youBuilding a computer. Will this build work?Good parts you picked! should be able to play most games at fairly high resolution and is also very powerful. May want to consider an aftermarket cpu cooler just because the stock ones are known to kill the cpu if it gets overclocked or used way to much (Eg. Rendering)Atheists: Do buildings build themselves?No because the very physical and chemical nature of what they are composed of is inorganic, non-living material. By necessity they require a builder (or many builders)Computer Build Help (1st time building)? is a great website for finding cheap computer parts. I also use, and tigerdirect.comI need to build a pit in a new building.?yay recycling! your plan seems good! plenty of space for block.How Did The Mayans Build Their Buildings?with blood, sweat and tears!!Building a computer help?Here you go : Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 BX80623I52500K - $230 GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard - $113 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL - $47 Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive - $85 HIS H687FN1GD Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - $155 ($145 after rebate) OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandybridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom - $75 ($50 after rebate) COOLER MASTER HAF 912 RC-912-KKN1 Black SECC/ ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - $60 ($50 after rebate) Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 920-002950 Black 8 Function Keys USB RF Wireless Standard Keyboard and Mouse - $25 Acer G215HVAbd Black 21.5" 5ms Full HD WideScreen LCD Monitor 200 cd/m2 20,000:1 Max (ACM) - $120 (1080p) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - OEM - $100 TOTAL : $1010 ($965 after rebate), this is a perfect build for that price, this build could practically play all games on high-max settings on 1080p =P NOTE : newegg parts and prices
How Do I Fix Air Conditioning in 1985 Crown Victoria?
Low on refrigerant or bad compressor. Ca not find R12 any longer. You have to get a R134a conversion kit1. How to locate air conditioning ducts in drywall ceiling?I will assume that you cannot get the workers back out (or that you do not want them to return). You should be able to see them in your attic2. Battery Powered, Portable Air Conditioning?Glad to hear you are returning. I can not help solve your problem, but if you come up with a workable solution, you could probably sell it to other 'Roonies. You might try checking with major camping suppliers, and maybe even companies that supply animal transportation. A nice cool trailer would make for a happy horse. Best of luck, and see you at the Walmart.3. Wallingford Best HVAC Air Conditioning Repair Companies In Wallingford CTWe offer financing through a third party for new equipment installation work. Rates and terms vary, so please call or click here to email. We charge "Overtime" for all time before or after our normal business hours which is Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Yes, we charge "portal-to-portal" using GPS tracking devices installed in all of our vehicles. In the case of Diagnostic Fee travel is includes for Residential. Our office is open weekdays from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Our Services are open 24/7 365 Days a Year with a Live Operator and Technician waiting for your call. Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer. The less difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. Read More Always change your furnace filters regularly. Dirty filters cause the unit to work harder to push the warm air through the filter, causing your unit to run less than efficiently and possibly break down. Read More The purchase price unit cost is but one aspect of the overall cost consideration. Operating costs, and, if needed, service costs, are important factors. Proper air conditioning maintenance can help your unit last decades. Read More Maintaining a heating and cooling system that is effective and efficient is only possible when you work with one of the Wallingford best HVAC companies. Your heating and cooling system needs regular service in order for it to operate optimally. Do not ignore the needs of your system and wait for something to go wrong. Instead, team up with the staff at Climatech and provide expert service for your heating and cooling system. Hire one of the best HVAC companies in Wallingford CT Climatech has been open for business since 1994. Over this time in business, we have worked tirelessly for our long list of residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Connecticut. Not only do we specialize in a wide range of heating and cooling services (i.e. maintenance, repairs, new system installations, etc.), but we are also equipped to handle your refrigeration and ventilation needs. Whether you rely on our team for our 24/7 air conditioning repair in Wallingford CT, or you are ready to install a new furnace or air conditioner, you are going to get quality work and personal service from a team that boasts highly trained, skilled and licensed HVAC technicians. These are seasoned professionals that take the time to do the job right and are willing to field your questions and concerns if you have any. There is a reason - several, actually - that a long list of residential and commercial clients rely on Climatech for Wallingford air conditioning repair, maintenance, replacement and other services. For starters, we are responsive to your needs. We provide the quickest response times in emergency situations, allowing our team to quickly and efficiently administer air conditioning repair in Wallingford CT. Comprehensive services. Only the Wallingford best HVAC companies can handle both the needs of a small home and a large, sprawling industrial facility. Our expansive knowledge lets us be effective for all the clients that we work with. Our locally-owned and operated team takes pride in providing unparalleled service. This means on-time arrivals and help scheduling appointments to providing transparent, fair pricing so that you are never faced with excessive hidden fees. A well-functioning HVAC system means a lot of things: Comfortable climate inside your home or building, superior air quality, safety from hazards, lower monthly energy bills and more. Maximize the life and efficiency of your heating and cooling system by calling in one of the Wallingford best HVAC companies. The staff at Climatech is standing by to talk to you!
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