My Bedroom Is Is so Hot in the Summer, What Can I Do to Cool It Off Easily?

"Ventilation" is the answer. You say it's because the sun shines in, so that's the Greenhouse Effect, energy from the sun coming in as light (particularly infra-red light, which is not visible to the eye, but feels very warm), and then heating up the stuff and air in the room which basically traps the energy in your room. As more energy builds up, you get a hot room, hotter than the air outside, hotter than the air in the rest of the house. Part of the solution can be to block the sunlight from entering, but this is rarely enough because if the walls and (especially) roof heat up it does not matter about the drapes. Your solution must include getting the hot air out of your room, and replacing it with cooler air. If you put a fan in your room, it will just blow the hot air around. This is better than nothing, because the wind over your skin dries the moisture from perspiration and it will make you a little cooler. But, if you put a fan in the window or door of your room, so it blows air either in or out, it will quickly clear the hot air and you wo not need as much wind blowing to get a better cooling effect. Do you have air conditioning and still have a heat problem? Is your room part of the air conditioned space? Or are we talking un-airconditioned? The answer is similar in any case, but the techniques will be completely different. Central air conditioner is already trying to move the air around. You need to figure out why it is not moving enough through your room. Close down vents in rooms that are getting too much, and open up yours and open your door. But I will assume that this is not what you are facing. If opening your window and putting a fan in the open spot is not an option, then you need to open the door to your room and put a fan in that spot. You do not need a fan if there is a natural breeze, but then you will need to make sure the air can flow in the natural direction, in or out your window, and then in or out your door to another open window in another part of the house. How you best do this depends on whether you have more than one window, screens on the windows (are there bugs where you live), can you leave a window open elsewhere in the house, keep your door open, etc. It's really quite simple, but you need to think: Wind (from a fan or natural wind) needs to be able to move the hot air out of your room, and more cooler air needs to enter. Natural wind will not do a U turn, so you will need to have two openings on different sides of the room for natural wind. Fan-wind will do a U-turn because you force it, so you could just open 1 window at the top and bottom and fan one of the openings... Lots of possiblilities, just picture the air flowing and figure out where it needs to go. Once you get airflow, you will be amazed at how much cooler it is, and how quickly it happens. If there are two hot rooms in the house, air blowing out of one (via a window), and allowing to flow in the other (via a window) will cool them both.

1. Why does the central air conditioner coil and fins in my furnace leak water to the floor?

Could be the condesate drain pan is cracked, or if it's an older unit, the metal drain pan is rusted through. The dissimilar metals react & rust out the pan. I've seen this many times. Sometimes you can get a replacement pan, but usually you are forced to replace the entire evaporator coil which has the pan integrated onto it. The upside is that the new style pans are plastic, so they will never rust. Access the coil & pour water in the pan & observe where it goes. If you see it running down through the pan & not the drain, time to call a licensed pro, as the refrigerant must be removed from the system to replace the coil, definately not a DIY project! Hope this was helpful, good luck!!

2. My central Air Conditioner Unit is making a WEIRD sound!?

Sounds like you have a heat pump out their. Well the only things I can think about is that your compressor is running a bit loud. It could be replaced. Maybe your fans and motor needs to be greased. I would stick with the compressor seizing up

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