My House's Air Conditioning Is Broken and Wildfire Smoke Is a Threat to My Town by Winds. What Do I

You have to make sure the wildfire is not a threat to your house. If it is, you need to get out of there as soon as possible (you may need to have to ask someone else for help). Otherwise, if it's just smoke, close the windows and do not do any strenuous exercise.

1. My air conditioning comes one when i turn on my defrost and it's set for the coldest temp...?

That is what should be happening. The cold evaporator coils remove the moisture from the air and as a result defrost the windshield and remove the moisture from the inside of the car

2. I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP air conditioning not getting cold; the compressor is workingWhat problem?

May not have enuff freon... also check the fuses

3. Is Australia really hot, as in unbearably hot? Or is it dry, windy, still bearable all year round without air-conditioning and not humid or sticky like other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia?

Australia is a continent and has a wide variety of climates. Might as well ask if Europe all has the same weather. Have a look at some of the distances at the bottom of the map.

4. Why is the air conditioning in my friend's car now only working on the top speed?

Alot of vehicles use a different power for the highest setting. The Highest setting uses a full 12v power while the lower speeds are created by running the power through a resistor block. If the Thermal Limiter on that burned up, then yo-u would lose all lower speeds, but still have high.

5. How do I replace my furnace / air conditioning filter(s)?

Didnt you receive an owners manual for the appliances? Possibly look online for the specific brand & model numbers of your units. Chris

6. What do you do in really hot weather to stay cool when your apartment doesn't have air conditioning?

open all windows, dress very light and by a fan

7. Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?

Baseboard Cooling

8. Cats staying home for 4th, No Air Conditioning, 90 degrees outside, Will they be ok?

cats will be fine. Just make sure they get allot of water to drink

9. How can I get rid of that "dirty rag" odor coming from the car air-conditioning vents when I turn on the A/C?

newer cars have a cabin air filter. also check the charcoal canister

10. I have a central air-conditioning but it does not cool the upper level of the house?

I am having the same problem in this relentless heat. Even the ceiling fans do not make enough difference, so I will probably get a small window ac unit for the bedroom. They are not terribly expensive and are energy efficient.

11. What is the top right pulley on a 1997 Chevy Blazer, with air conditioning called?

I believe its a tension pulley

12. Central air conditioning unit will not run below 73 degrees without coils freezing up and loud humming noise?

It has a off cycle defrost which skill the unit has to coach off long adequate to soften the coils. Your settings are to low deliver them as much as approximately seventy 5 levels and while that's solid you are able to decrease to 70 levels yet no decrease. circulate away the fan basically and thaw the coils thoroughly off.

13. I need a new Central air conditioning (A/C) unit for a 2400 sq ft home. What size?

I have around 2000sq ft and a 4 ton heat pump. Works great for me. The prices of around $5,$6000 seem pretty close

14. How to remove cigarette smoke smell coming from air conditioning vent?

More than likely the cigarette smell is embedded in the evaporator coil and the insulation. I would have an a/c tech verify that, and if need be, take the coil out and give it a professional cleaning. The blower wheel should also be checked for buildup. This buildup can retain odors. There is a product called Coil and duct spray by a company called Hydrobalance which can by misted into the air stream. It does a great job of removing odors.

15. Is it true that air-conditioning dries out skin & may cause wrinkles?

AC is bad for skin, that much i know. The real reason not sure

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