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Minimalism is very important to me, and not just because of the simplicity of it all. It has helped me distance myself from the world of social conformity, build better relationships, and lessen my addiction to social media. I spend more time getting my work done and less time worrying about whether or not I've got my hands on this season's mom jeans. For those of you who are not really sure what minimalism is beyond owning less things, let me explain. Minimalism goes far past "Less is more." It's a way of limiting yourself to the things that actually provide use, are needed, and improve your life. By owning only what we need, we are abandoning the consumerism our society has adopted and putting that energy toward the things that truly matter. Our family, friends, career, education, and goals become more important than the stuff we've gathered over the years. To cleanse a space is to cleanse a mind.I desire to keep my space simple and clean, yet I want it to be filled with art and nice clothing. I am not a fan of the "plain white button down as a daily outfit" look. I want some variety, but with a limitation on the amount. Here is how I do it.When I began, I easily had 200 pieces of clothing. When I say "pieces of clothing," I include shirts, pants, coats, dresses, scarves, shoes, and bags or purses. One day when I was hanging up clothes, my closet made a very unfriendly creaking sound, and as soon as I turned to investigate, the entire rack was coming off the wall. It was time to let go.As I started getting rid of things, I realized how little I actually wore any of the clothes I owned. I would rotate the same ten tops and three jeans and I only wore one pair of shoes among the eleven pairs I owned. And on top of the massive amount of clothing in my closet, I had a 6-drawer dresser each full of the clothes I never wore. I owned at least five bags, but I could not give you the actual amount because I only ever carried one and the rest meant nothing to me.I follow the general rule that if it does not provide meaning or use in my life, get rid of it. I've been able to follow this… mostly. I still have a hard time getting rid of clothing I do not even want if it still has some use left. I also feel the overwhelming urge to trash everything until I only own two shirts, one pair of pants, and a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, this is not realistic for someone who enjoys a variety and would not want to be caught dead wearing the same thing two days in a row. So, I've gone down to the absolute basics for my own personal style. The climate in my area gets both very hot and very cold, so I have to have a decent amount of clothes for each season. Many days, it starts off cold in the morning and is hot by midday, so I must have clothing that's good for layering. I decided that I had to have at least one outfit for interviews and professional occasions as well as one dress for formal family events. For the most part, deciding what I needed was easy. But the most difficult decisions lied with choosing which items to keep and which to toss out. Every once in a while I make a log of all the clothing I own, track the newest additions as well as the donations, and make sure I am limiting myself to a decent amount of clothing, not going overboard in either direction. Here's what my minimalist closet looks like:Tops: Two flannel shirts, three sweaters, one long-sleeve top, three t-shirts, one blouse, and one gray tank top. Total=11 items.Bottoms: one pair of high-rise jeans, one pair low-rise, one pair of leggings. Total=3 items. Coats: One petticoat, one denim jacket, one blazer, one raincoat, two summer jackets, one work-out jacket. Total=7 items.Shoes: One pair of work shoes, one pair oxfords, two pairs of sneakers, one pair of sandals, one pair of boots. Total=6 items.Dresses: One t-shirt dress, one formal dress, one summer dress. Total=3 items. Accessories: 3 winter scarves, one purse, one book bag. Total=5 items.Overall closet total=35 items.This closet suits me well a good 98% of the time. I find myself occasionally worried about what to wear because I do allow myself to have more options than I probably should. But like I said, I am young! I like options! I like colors! It's okay to be a minimalist and not want stark white pressed shirts only! Color is good. Color is happy. Options are okay.And that's my minimalist wardrobe! My journey began in the beginning of February 2017 and this is where I've gotten in the last year. Much of my inspiration has drawn from the one and only duo The Minimalists. If you have not seen their documentary on Netflix, give it a watch, and you might find it as life changing as I did!Marnie is an LGBTQ poet and storyteller from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Follow Marnie on tumblr for unpublished poems, prose, and short stories. Purchase Marnie's poetry book "a black and white rainbow" about love, loss, and coming out here.

whats the one item of clothing in your wardrobe you'll never throw out ?

all of my abercrombie and hollister every color=]]

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Top 4 Body Cosmetic Procedures with the Least Downtime
Top 4 Body Cosmetic Procedures with the Least Downtime
Top 4 Cosmetic Procedures With The Least DowntimeOur hectic schedules should not stop us from looking our best, and this freedom should not be limited to skincare and wardrobe either! Women on the go, however, think twice about their body enhancement dreams, thinking they wo not have weeks to spend in recovery.Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic improvements should not be ruled out by your tight timetable. Modern technology has made possible treatments that can be done during your lunch break. Who does not want perky twin peaks within the span of an hour, or a quick treatment to flawless, blemish-free skin?Here are some cosmetic procedures that do not require weeks of procedure and recovery:BotoxThis non-surgical treatment is the instant answer to apparent signs of aging. The wrinkles and creases on your face will be significantly reduced, takes only a few minutes and usually does not even require anesthesia. Your wrinkle problem areas such as your forehead, vertical frown and crow's feet will be resolved with these purified toxins. The full effect can be observed a week after the procedure, and can last up to four months.Chemical PeelChemical peels are simple procedures involving the application of a chemical solution to the skin, causing it to peel and reveal smoother and more radiant skin. The treatment itself requires an hour or more, and the recovery period depends on how deep the chemical peel is. The healing time varies:superficial peels take a day up to a weekmedium peels one to two weeksdeep peels two to three weeksCoolSculptingSay goodbye to fats (and surgery!) with CoolSculpting, a non-invasive procedure that reduces your body fat without going under the knife. Depending on the program you and your doctor design to fit your needs, one session will only require 35 to 60 minutes of your time and then voila — your frozen, crystallized fat will naturally die and be eliminated from your body. Downtime is little to zero — you can return to work after!MicroneedlingAnother anti-aging solution, microneedling smoothens your acne scars alongside your fine lines and wrinkles. Using tiny surgical steel needles, your skin will be pricked creating minute injuries that prompt the natural healing process of the body, revealing healthier, more flawless skin.You only need 30 to 60 minutes to complete a microneedling session, and it does not even hurt. Do not worry about the bleeding either, because the procedure involves numbing the microneedling area to ease possible pain or discomfort. some major closet/wardrobe organization and I need all the help I can get!?I think you have it organized well... But I have a suggestion for the 'nothing to wear' issue. I did this with my best friend, at each of our houses and it's really fun! You can do it alone, but it's fun with a friend. You put on outfits (new ones or existing ones) and take a picture of you wearing it. It's important that you are wearing it (I do not know why... But when I just had the pictures of the clothes together on the floor, it did not look as good as when it was on. Sometimes it looked better on the floor, too! haha!). So take a picture. New outfit. Take a new picture. Then PRINT the pictures (I think you can get them done pretty cheap at Wal-Mart and Costco/Price Club) and hang them on the door of your closet, or in a special photo album. That way, when you do not know what to wear, you can flip through the album and be like "oh yeah! that's a cute outfit! I have not worn it in awhile!" and you wo not feel like you have nothing to wear! Make sure you put jewlery, shoes, etc. in the picture, too! It's a fun activity, and it works!!! (: good luck!I need a new wardrobe fairly cheap...where can I look?First, check all the stores you listed for sales. Second, just because you do not know what size you are at Forever21 does not mean you can not shop there! Jeans are usually pretty cheap at Wet Seal and I've seen them for $10 a pair at Walmart. I just saw shirt dresses at Walmart in great jewel tone colors. Also check Charlotte Russe and Maurice's for those. Leggings can be found almost anywhere (Kohl's and other department stores are probably cheapest). White hoodies I usually get at Old Navy, but I would bet they have them at any of the department stores. Uggs (or fake Uggs) should be at Payless, but I got a pair at Kohl's. The tank top would be at any of the department stores or Wet Seal for sure
What Are Your Wardrobe "must Haves"?? Help Me Out Please!!?
Well first off congratulations on losing that much weight!!:) things to get: Skinny jeans shorts jeggings leggings cardigans just look for things that you have always wanted to wear and now you get too!!!:)1. Can anyone help me with my holiday wardrobe? It looks kinda dull :[?Okay what you have so far is great! You've got lots of basic pieces that you will be able to wear dozens of times. You've got to find more unique pieces that you wo not be able to wear all the time like a corduroy jacket or a bright solid cardigan. Try to ham up some casual outfits with accessories. Even if you do not want to be too dressy, try layering lots of cute bracelets to make something really stand out. (If you've never layered bracelets, google image "layered bracelets to get a feel of the trend at hand.) Good luck and have fun! :D2. Is it cheaper to buy new clothing/wardrobe in the US or in Japan?I here that everything good is made in Japan o.o im not really sure, but, I think you should buy it in Japan, personally, I also heard that America buys items from Japan because its cheaper, aint you always seen "made in japan" half the time? =p hope this helps =D3. Do I have enough clothes in my wardrobe?hang on is this a joke? lol, last time i checked i had: 2 pairs of flip-flops 1 slip on pair of shoes 1 pair of uggs 1 pair of converse 19 tee-shirts and like... 10 pants total lol, trust me yoou have lots, and then some! Thanks god every day that you have all these things :D4. can you be a make up and wardrobe stylist at the same time?Yea, definitely, have you looked into to it at all I know someone who did all that at the runways too5. Which celebrity's wardrobe would you want to have?!?i like kate middleton and nicole richies style6. Is there a site were I can read The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe online?It is still under copyright, so "free" downloads = illegal downloads. All you will need is a valid credit card to purchase them. Another options is to get them second hand from Amazon, B&N or any other book seller.7. what do i need to buy for my back 2 skool wardrobe?Just copy Avril Lavigne. Everyone else seems to be doing that. x_x I just do not see how one can be "rockstar" and "girly"; on account that "Rockstar" is usually associated with people like Tommy Lee, Kurt Cobain etc.8. I'm going to update my whole wardrobe (help, I'm 14...)?I am your age, and i LOVE shopping at places like Old Navy! I love the original stuff. Like button ups, plaid, cotton etc. I also do a lot of faded boot cut jeans. I am very original. You could say my style is similar to Bella in Twilight. P.S. It's a cheap way to go too!9. What are some things a teen girl should have in her wardrobe?tops-15 jeans-17 skirts-15 shorts-5 sneakers-7 flip flops-1510. Are most of the items in your wardrobe dry clean only or machine wash?I try and look for machine washable clothing/fabrics.. .Depending on what it is I will occassionally put it in the washing machine on gentle cycle cold water cold rinse with delicate detergent.. Hang or lay flat to dry.. I take only my husbands suits/shirts to the dry cleaner but, he only wears them for special occassions... Good luck11. What is the most expensive thing in your wardrobe and how much was it?My wallet with $95 dollars in it? >.>12. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in public?It really sucks when you have your fly down and also lack underwear13. How to make my style/wardrobe more bohemian?Why would you want to do that? Are you trying to attract guys who do not have jobs?14. How much would it cost for an entire wardrobe change?-Long Pants - $250 Lucky brand -Leggings- $75 Brandy Melville -Shoes- $300 UGGs & Macy -Shorts- $90 Brandy Melville -jacket hoodies-$80 Macys -cardigans- $100 Forever 21 -sweaters/pullies- $48 Forever 21 -tops/blouses/shirts- $200 Brandy, bloomies, forever21, macys, literally anywhere -Dresses- $200 Macys -Undergarments- $200 Victorias Secret TOTAL= $1243
Wardrobe Cabinets - Articles Factory
Your closet is full and you need something for your clothes. Do you use a wardrobe cabinet, an armoire, or a dresser? The primary difference is that a wardrobe cabinet includes hanging, the other two options don't. Let's look at the pros and cons of each. Armoire This is usually a tall cabinet with doors. Behind the doors are a combination of shelves and drawers. The more of these, the better you will be able to organize your "foldable" clothing items. In addition, you might find that is has enough open area within that you can have a space for a TV. In my mind, the big advantage of an armoire is the design and look of the piece itself. Options include antiques, design theme (like western, modern, country, or classical), decorative hardware, and a variety of wood veneers. You will be able to find something unique and interesting. Dresser Generally speaking, dressers will offer more compartments than armoires (so no space for a TV). They will either be low and long, or high and narrow. The added compartments make it easier to separate the clothing in a way that you prefer. Dressers usually come as part of a bedroom set. Therefore, (my opinion only) they tend to look a bit more commercial than armoires. On the other hand, they are able to hold more than either of the other 2 options (again, generally speaking), allowing you more flexibility. Wardrobe Cabinet Typically, these are tall and slender - smaller than the other two. Therefore they won't hold as much. They are plainer - more modern looking. On the other hand, they provide hanging for long clothing like dresses or coats. Individually, a wardrobe cabinet will be cheaper than either a dresser or an armoire. They also can be combined with other pieces, or more of the same piece, creating an assembly that potentially acts like a full wall of closets. This can be made up of several tall cabinets, or a more interesting combination of tall and short cabinets. Here's a TIP about moving cabinets or furniture. It's better to remove the doors and drawers first (and the contents of course). But if you elect to tape the doors and drawers so that they don't shift during the move, DON'T put the tape directly onto the wood. The adhesive will leave a residue that will damage the finish and be hard to remove. You will be better off wrapping the cabinet in a packing blanket first , and then wrapping the tape around that. Shrink wrap and bubble wrap are also good options.
Knowledge About Wardrobe - Esporte Clube Internacional (SC) of Wardrobe
Esporte Clube Internacional (SC) of wardrobeEsporte Clube Internacional, commonly known as Internacional de Lages or Inter de Lages, is a Brazilian football team based in Lages, Santa Catarina state. In 2019, it plays Campeonato Catarinense Srie B, the state of Santa Catarina's second league.------Death and legacy of wardrobeBreton died on or before 12 May 1275, when the custodian of the bishopric was given orders to seize Breton's estate because of debts owed to the king. These debts dated back over 20 years, to his time as sheriff. A Thomas le Breton, presumably a relative, was a canon at Hereford Cathedral from 1273, and probably owed his office to John.A number of chronicles that mention Breton's death also note that he was the author of a legal treatise entitled le Bretoun, but this cannot be the surviving work called Britton, at least not in the current form, as that work discusses laws composed 15 years after Breton's death. It is unclear why he was credited with the work, and whether this attribution is just a confusion of Breton with the real author or if he did in fact author the work, which was later revised. The fact that the Britton is written in French, not Latin, and that it contains little information about the theory of law, being mostly concerned with the practical application of laws, points rather strongly to an author who was a royal justice, which Breton was.------History of wardrobeThe club was founded on June 13, 1949. It won the Campeonato Catarinense in 1965, the Campeonato Catarinense Second Level in 1990, 2000 and 2014 and the Campeonato Catarinense Third Level in 2013. Inter de Lages played the Taa Brasil in 1966, when it was eliminated in the first stage by Ferrovirio-PR. The club returned to the national competitions in 2015, when it played the Campeonato Brasileiro Srie D, the fourth tier of the Brazilian football..------Life of wardrobeBreton was the son of William le Breton, a royal justice. The elder Breton, who is sometimes styled William Brito in records, came from a family who often served as justices and other legal officials. Occasionally the younger Breton appears in the records as John Bretun or John Brito. He served as Sheriff of Herefordshire from 1254 to 1257, and then as constable and bailiff of Abergavenny around 1257. In October 1259 he was sent abroad on matters pertaining to King Henry III of England, and Henry's son, the future Edward I. He then served Edward as keeper of the prince's wardrobe and then after November 1261 as the prince's steward.In late 1261 Breton is noted as owing 120 in the royal records. A notation next to the debt implies that he was a canon of Hereford Cathedral at this point, but the Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 10661300 does not identify him as such. Breton does not appear in the records from this point until after the Battle of Evesham in 1265, when he is noted as holding a grant of royal safeguarding.Breton served as a royal justice from 1266, first in the Court of Common Pleas, and then at the King's Bench from 1268. He was elected to the see of Hereford around 6 January 1269. He was consecrated on 2 June 1269 at Waverley by Nicholas of Ely who was Bishop of Winchester. After his election and consecration, he no longer served as a royal justice.Breton was given leave to go to the continent to meet Edward when he returned from Crusade, in 1273, but the bishop did not attend Edward's coronation.------Hugh Conway (Lord Treasurer) of wardrobeSir Hugh Conway was created Lord Treasurer of Ireland in 1494 by King Henry VII of England. He replaced Sir James Ormonde as Lord Treasurer of Ireland. In 1504 he was appointed Treasurer of Calais by Henry VII ( Cal. Pat. Rolls Henry VIII, vol. ii, 365). Hugh Conway was an early supporter of Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond (later Henry VII), was sent by Margaret Beaufort, Henry's mother to Henry, in exile in France, in 1483 with a large sum of money and encouragement to invade England through Wales and seize the crown from Richard III. Henry did so in 1485 and Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, where Hugh was present. Hugh was appointed Keeper of the Great Wardrobe by King Henry VII on 21 September 1485, was knighted in January 1486 at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth of York, daughter of King Edward IV. Sir Hugh Conway was appointed Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire by Henry VII in 1500. Sir Hugh was a son of John Aer Conwy Hen of Bodrhyddan Hall and Constable of Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales, by his first marriage, and descended from the ancient line of Conway (Conwy Wales) and de Crevecouer (The Journal of the Flintshire Historical Society (Appendix D: Conwy Pedigree (British Museum Harleian MS 1971))). Sir Hugh's younger half-brother was Edward Conway who married the heiress of Arrow and Alcester, Warwickshire, and was great-grandfather to Edward Conway, 1st Viscount Conway of Ragley Hall, ancestor of the present family of Seymour Conways, Marquis of Hertford.Sir Hugh married twice. (1)Joyce (d.1489), daughter of Sir Simon Montfort Knt., of Coleshill, Warwickshire, by his spouse Anne, daughter of Sir Richard Verney, Knt., of Compton Verney, Warwickshire. He was her second husband and they had no issue. (2) in 1490, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon.------Stadium of wardrobeEsporte Clube Internacional plays its home games at Estdio Vidal Ramos Jnior. The stadium used to have a maximum capacity of 11,800 people, but, following new security patterns, its capacity was lowered to 9,600 people.
This Danish Accessories Designers 9-to-5 Wardrobe Has Plenty of Sole
Danish accessories designer Yvonne Koné moves about her workday with a real sense of ease. It's not to suggest that the 44-year-old is not meeting the demands of her growing shoe business. With a flagship store in Copenhagen to run, a newly launched U.S. online shop to manage, and plans to open a store in New York, the mother of three has plenty on her hands. But her chic, understated footwear classic suede kitten heels to her sleek leather sneakers, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts graduate has devised chic, understated footwear that lends support for everyday life. Blending her minimalistic Danish design roots with the colorful sensibility derived from her Ivory Coast lineage, Koné's collection offers a balance of practicality and playfulness. It's a mix that finds itself in Koné's own wardrobe, in which she leans on staples like Levi's 501 jeans, cozy knits, and her vibrant footwear for work. "Designing allows me to communicate in a very discrete way," she tells "I can express and interpret the world that surrounds me. Creating beautiful, long-lasting items makes me a happier person." Those items may include handbags and perhaps clothing in coming seasons, but for now, Koné talks about how she got her start and how she puts her best foot forward at work.Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of A Vintage Fanatic Since BirthI was born in Copenhagen in the '70s, when immigration to Denmark was still a rarity. My mother met my father in Paris, when he just immigrated from the Ivory Coast. She got pregnant, but decided to raise me alone back in Denmark. My mother, being a single mom my entire upbringing, always had a tight budget, so we had to think of alternative ways of doing things. Some of my favorite childhood clothes were made by my mother and at a time where vintage was not cool in any way-I am not even sure the term existed. I quickly learned to scan a thrift shop, find the best pieces and mix them with something new. Today I still have a deep love for vintage clothes. It makes it more precious to me to know that probably I will be the only person who wears that exact piece in the way I do. Coming Into Her Own AestheticIt was not until I was 16 that I started to think that my aesthetic interest could turn into a job. I started looking into fashion programs, but realized that The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts only accepts very few students every year. I did not dare speak about my interest until one year after high school. I started taking drawing lessons, applied, and was accepted after the first entrance examination. During my maternity leaves in school, I still had to do something creative, so I started to knit scarves in the winter. After people started to ask where they could get the scarves, I decided to sell them. I remember that winter all I did was breastfeed and knit. I ended up knitting close to a 1,000 scarves, and discovered that it was fun to do my own thing and sell it. After graduation, I realized that I did not want to work with clothes and fashion in the traditional way. I was more drawn to the idea of making wardrobe classics in a high-end quality.The Dream BagI decided to focus on bags as a start. I felt that high-quality, simple-looking bags were missing in the market. From the beginning I wanted to add shoes to my brand, but it was not until I found my amazing producers in Italy four years ago that the dream started to take off. It has been an extremely challenging endeavor, but now I feel I am on the other side in many ways. It feels like all the sleepless nights of worrying were worth everything. Comfort-And Presentation-Are EverythingAs I often meet our clients in my shop in Copenhagen, I am always wearing comfortable but presentable clothes. I also love to dress up, but when I am at the factory in Italy, I feel just as great wearing a boiler suit during winter and not worrying about the looks. The days I have meetings I tend to dress up a little more, but always in a relaxed way. I get up at 6:00 a.m. every day and I do not have much time to plan my outfits. I often grab something in my closet, and spend 30 seconds to feel if I want to wear a skirt, jeans, or a jumpsuit. My beloved Levi's 501 jeans have followed me since I was 13 years old and will never leave my wardrobe no matter the trends. I love them combined with soft wool sweaters for winter, or silk shirts in the warmer months. I also love wearing colors during winter. They are often combined with gray tones, but my favorite thing is to wear colorful shoes. They just make me happier and I feel they brighten up the long, gray Danish winters. I often wear the Yvonne Koné sneaker, but also our pumps really are the most comfortable I have ever tried. I love the feeling of being a real grown-up when I am wearing them. I feel upgraded to a real boss lady.Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of Great DanesI do not have one favorite designer, as my biggest love was always vintage. But I do love the Danish designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan. He makes the most elegant clothes that always me feel very in my right element. Everything he does is very much his own, and I love that. I also think COS is good at basic knitwear, T-shirts, et cetera. So if I wear a pair of vintage pants with prints, I always feel like combining them with a simple top. Style and CultureI am sure that the very clean design tradition we have in Denmark inspired me on an unconscious level. However, it is always the African colors, structures, and the simple, often instinctive approach to design that inspires me the most. It does not show in an obvious way in my collections-it is something more subtle. I remember during my time in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts I would try to visualize my constant inspiration from Africa, but my teacher told me that just because I was from Africa, I did not have to use Africa as an inspiration. That's when I realized that this was exactly what I had to do. I have only been to visit my family in Africa one time, 24 years ago, but to this date it is still in my mind.Details, DetailsMy friend Jo Riis-Hansen is a goldsmith and made me my gold bracelet and mussel ring. I love these two pieces because they are so simple and you do not notice them very much. I also love that they were made for me. My husband recently gave me this big spiral-shaped earring from Beaufille which is very visible. I love it for certain days where I feel like being less discreet. I often bring an oversize bum bag. I designed it 10 years ago and it is still one of our best-selling bags. It is so great and practical, because you can wear it on your bike. It can hold my essentials such as my wallet, my sketchbook, and my phone. A Family AffairOn weekends all I do is spend time with my family. The people who are close to me know that I always wear my children's clothes at home. We are talking shorts that are much too small, in combination with a tank top that suits my 10-year-old son. Might sound a bit bizarre, but I just love this cozy feeling. Besides, I love my robe from the Danish beauty brand Karmameju. Under the Tuscan SunI recently traveled to Tuscany in Italy, where all our products are produced. I love staying and working there. It's actually the place I weirdly enough feel most at home in the whole wide world. I think it's because I am allowed to dig deep into work mode with few interruptions or worries about budgets, administrations, and other everyday concerns. I always search for vintage markets when I am there, but last time I did not find any. However, I did find a very good pair of Levi's vintage mom jeans.Using a PS3 solely as a Blueray and DVD player?There is a menu, but it requires very little navigation. I wrote down a set of directions for my mother, and she is now able to use my console to play her movies. There is also a remote control you can purchase to avoid hassling with the game controller. Most importantly, you can sign her up for Netflix (less than $10 a month), where hundreds of movies will be at her fingertips. Accessing Netflix over the PS3 is extremely simple.
Know About Wardrobe: an Overview of Wardrobe
An overview of wardrobeThe historian Nicholas Vincent agrees with the Duchess of Cleveland in deriving the de Criol family from Criel-sur-Mer, Seine-Maritime, though Planch favoured Creil, Oise, and Dunlop offered Creully, Calvados. In Battle Abbey Roll lists the Duchesne recension has the name as "Escriols", the Anglicized "Kyriel" appearing in the earlier Auchinleck manuscript. Criel-sur-Mer is likely, because Robert, younger son of Robert, Count of Eu (d. c 1092), obtained it from his father, whose possession of Criel is shown from a charter to the Abbey of St-Michel du Trport; in the Domesday Survey, Robert de Cruell held Esseborne (Ashburnham), Sussex, from his kinsman the Count of Eu, governor of the Rape of Hastings, and from these the de Criols and the ancient Ashburnham family are both supposed to descend. "Bartholomew" de Criol witnessed the confirmation charter of Henry, Count of Eu to Battle Abbey before 1140.Bertram, or Bertrand, de Criol was the eldest son of John de Criol and his wife Margery. John is known principally for a grant of the advowson of Sarre, in Thanet (to Leeds Priory, Kent) in 1194, title to which he had (perhaps by marriage) inherited from Elias de Crevecoeur, (son of that priory's founder), who had previously made a similar grant in 1138, confirmed by his Crevecoeur descendants. He may be the same John de Crioile alias Crihuil who granted to Henry de Cornhill his land and tenement at Wyvermerse (Essex) in c. 117982 in the presence of Prince John, Ranulf de Glanville, Hubert Walter, Roger fitzReinfrid and others, a residual claim to which was released to Hugh de Neville after 1216.Whether the identification of Cecilia, wife of Simon d'Avranches (Lord of Folkestone, died c. 1203) as a de Criol is correct, or whether she was the daughter of Simon son of Simon de Brixworth and Beatrice de Fraxineto, is undecided. Bertram de Crioll appears in the scutage for Poitiers in 1214. He has half a knight's fee in Sarre, from the Archbishop, in 12101212. Bertram's connection with '"his manor of Sarre" is indicated by a market granted by the king in 1219 and regranted in 1226, for which Bertram de Crioil was to pay a palfrey. "The Salt Water swellith yet up at a Creeke a Myle and more towards a Place called Sarre," says John Leland, "which was the comune Fery when Thanet was full iled."War with France, 1242 of wardrobeIn March 1242, in view of the king's French expedition, de Criol was re-appointed Sheriff of Kent and Constable of the castles of Dover and Rochester, and in April was ordered to hold Dover and to surrender it to no-one but the king himself, or (if the king should die) then to Eleanor the queen, or to one of her Savoy uncles not in the fealty of the King of France. The extent of de Criol's tenures of knight's fees in Kent at this date, and their fee-lords, can be read in the Testa de Nevill.In April de Criol was to test all the crossbows or ballistas at Dover and in the Tower for reliability. The Cinque Port barons were made intendant to de Criol as Constable at Dover. Custody of the archbishopric was granted to him jointly with Jeremiah de Caxton, de Criol himself freely taking responsibility before king and council for rendering accounts. He and Chancellor Ralph Neville surveyed the coast and arranged with the barons (including New Romney) for the defence of their ports.He was to build four swift barges for the king, and to receive two galleys at Winchelsea sent from Bristol. The Lord Mayor of London was to send him 120 crossbowmen, and liveries were sent. Ships, crews and all the crossbowmen they had were summoned to him at Dover, five each from the bailiffs of Dunwich and Great Yarmouth, and four from Ipswich, Orford and Blakeney. Richard fitzReginald and Fulco fitzWarin were to follow his orders on land and sea, and to be ready at Winchester on 22 August. De Criol was not to impede the merchants of Brabant or of the Count of Flanders, but to take whatever provisions he could from the assets of the French king and of Henry Puchepap of Rye. Ten Winchelsea ships and a galley were to be sent to the king at Portsmouth, and then twenty from the Cinque Ports for the soldiers. In August he took securities from the Viscount de Beaumont, going into Scotland, against the possibility of betrayal. He delivered 100 to the barons of Winchelsea for their maintenance in the war.De Criol and his clerk Henry de Wengham took in the king's share of booty brought from France to the Cinque Ports, Nicholas de Hadlo assisting, with authority over the port barons. He had to rectify many claims from Flanders and elsewhere for the return of wool and wine wrongly seized. He was to hear the complaints against men of Winchelsea at Shipwey, "the place that was of auncient time honested with the Plees and assemblies of the Five Portes." He brought Henry Puchepap to trial for receiving goods plundered from Flemish merchants. Security in his ports, and transport to and from France, emissary or mercantile, was strictly under his view by royal warrant. In the following February the barons of Winchelsea and the Cinque Ports were, with de Criol's counsel, "to furnish all the galleys they can to grieve the king's enemies by sea and land so long as the war lasts with France."Croxton Kerrial, 1242In May 1242 the King granted to de Criol and to his heirs the manor of Croxton (Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire, named from this family) in part exchange for Kettleburgh (near Framlingham Castle), the formerly sequestrated manor. To this were added lands in the manor of Lechton, Sussex (probably Laughton), held by the king in bail from the Queen's uncle Peter II, Count of Savoy, to be held in interim by Bertram for the service of a pair of white gloves. Croxton manor had formerly been a possession of Hubert de Burgh's: the nearby Premonstratensian abbey of Croxton received repeated gifts from Henry, because the heart of his father King John was buried in the church of St John the Evangelist there. By 1246 Croxton manor had passed to Bertram's kinsman Nicholas de Crioll, who was granted a market and fair. But the heirs of Hamo de Valoignes, whom de Criol had in charge, he delivered to William de Cantilupe, to whom their marriages were granted.Castle politics of wardrobeIn 1221 Bertram de Criol, together with Thomas de Blundeville, Osbert Giffard and others, witnessed a charter of Hubert de Burgh, Chief Justiciar of England granting the church of Portslade, West Sussex, to St. Radegund's Abbey at Bradsole near Dover. In that year Hubert married Margaret of Scotland, and (at King Henry's coming of age) in April 1228 he was granted the castles of Dover, Canterbury, Rochester and Montgomery for life.De Criol, a member of Hubert's household, became acting constable for him at Dover, where he carried out works in 1229, he and Robert de Auberville, castellan of Hastings and Warden of the ports from Portsmouth to Sandwich, being favoured by a writ de intendendo addressed to the barons of the Cinque Ports. In 1228 the king appointed him, with Alan Puignant, keepers of the vacant archbishopric of Canterbury, to manage revenues, payments and estates. With Stephen de Segrave and Ralph and William Briton, and many of the bishops, he witnessed the grant and confirmation of Hubert's gift of Tunstall, Kent, to the archbishop in 1229.Shortly before the king's departure on a military expedition to Poitou in the spring of 1230, in which de Burgh accompanied him, an order was issued that Margaret was to be admitted to any of his castles without hindrance, and to have freedom of residence, and access to the wine cellars, at her pleasure. However, in October de Criol, who had been ordered not to let anyone in, stoutly refused to admit her to Dover Castle. As a result, he was dismissed, and in November he was deprived of his wardships by the king's orders, including an estate at Kettleburgh in Suffolk, held in bail for Guy de la Val, and the manor of Moulsford, Berkshire, held during an heir's minority, which was disputed with John Marshall.De Criol and the king were reconciled in February 1231, and he was rehabilitated under the stricture that he could not plead his cause against de Burgh before the king's court. In ordering the return of Moulsford, the king owned that the disseisin had been "at the king's will", a seeming trespass upon those rights in Magna Carta upon which de Burgh himself had insisted. De Criol was appointed Sheriff of Kent in June 1232: Hubert's fall from grace followed weeks later.In September de Criol had custody of Dover Castle under new auspices. He was at once entrusted with wardship of the lands and heirs of Simon de Chelefeld, a Kentish justiciar, pending their settlement upon Eleanor, Countess of Pembroke in December. Similarly he held Tonbridge Castle for the king until the wardship of Richard de Clare in his minority was settled upon Richard de la Lade in June 1234. His presence is recorded among the principals at Canterbury on 2 April 1234 at the consecration of Edmund Rich as Archbishop.De Criol was appointed to the custody of the Cinque Ports in May 1236, the year of the King's marriage. Ordered to deliver Rochester Castle to John de Cobham he had to yield the November issues to Cobham for accounting, and, being appointed Sheriff of Kent, he was to find county funds for repair works there. During 1237 his London agent Robert Hurlizun mediated delivery of 20,000 quarrels to him at Dover, and later that year he had two of the king's galleys refitted and housed at Winchelsea. Works continued at Dover in 1238. During the summer his men had custody of a Saracen at Canterbury Castle.
In Need of a Wardrobe/style Change?
it is not appropriate if another lady attire that way. gown the way you prefer to. Who cares if that lady you hate attire that way? no you may end you from donning what you experience like. basically positioned on what you like, do no longer challenge plenty approximately what "sort" it truly is.1. Help developing a college capsule wardrobe?for fall/winter - cardigans, skinnies,and cute boots and a peacoat spring- a short spring dress (bright colors :D) summer- deffinitely shorts,tanks,skirts,dresses,sandals hope i helped(:2. What are some major wardrobe staples for the fashionable?Cardigans, jeans, shorts, plain shirts. Make sure the colors all go together. Forever 21 is cheap to me3. wardrobe help?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!? ill choose bestt answer!!?you should have less hoodies, but everything else looks good. You could have a little less of everything else though! Hope I Helped4. do girls like my wardrobe?well girls have different opinions of other peoples clothes just wear what is your style5. Need Wardrobe Tips for Middle Aged Man?A good polo shirt and classic fit jeans (no baggy or skin tight nonsense) can not really go wrong for any man 20-60. Pick a color that works with gray running shoes; do not wear white athletic socks6. Help? Wardrobe problems?Okay i will be glad to help. Maybe for the 1st day of school outfit buy a pair of capris with a cute brown belt, then buy a cheap loose fitting baggyish white t-shirt then wear a cute pair of buckle sandals with a hott purse(: And i am going to high school too and that is an ideal outfit for me(: and check out places like forever 21 because they have cheap tee-shirts for around $12!!7. How to de-clutter my wardrobe?In addition to the already good answers given: when You hang the clothes in the closet, turn ALL the hanger backwards. When You've done laundry, hang the clothes on the hanger the correct way. Every 30 days, look at the clothes that are still hanging on the hanger backwards. Unless they are not in season yet, give away the ones You have not worn. Great way to realize what You Really wear and what You do not !8. How many clothes should be in kids wardrobe?Well i am not a child (18), but i will tell you what i have roughly. shirts - approx 15 pants (jeans) - approx 5 pairs dresses/skirts - approx 5 shoes - approx 10 pairs seasonal wear - around 5 items (bathing suit x2, coats x3) Uniform (when i had school) - 5 white shirts, 2 pairs of black pants, 3 black jumpers, 1 pair of school type shoes. Hope that helped :)9. Girls I need a wardrobe makeover, help!?The color white would NOT look good on fair skin and dark hair, so stay away from that... as far as stores go, you sound like an "hourglass" shape from your description. I would go with these stores: (American Eagle Outfitters) (Express) (Abercrombie and Fitch) (Lucky Brand Jeans) As far as makeup goes, play up your fair skin! Get a good foundation and really play up your eyelashes to add some drama. Go to a Sephora store in your local mall and get consulted on different products-when you get consulted you often get free samples too.. bonus!10. Boring Wardrobe, I need help!?bright exciting neon colors, plaid quarter or long sleeve shirts, lots of diff color and kind scarfs, u can use them in alotta diff ways. Cool earrings, necklaces, and bags. Name brand stuff.:)11. what is an essential mens wardrobe?1). Black, White, and a Blue Dress Shirt for formal occasions, or job interviews. These type of dress shirts are versatile. 2). Ties to dress up an outfit whether it be funky casual or dressy and formal. 3). Black Leather Shoes: Go with anything. 4). Black Belt: Important to match your shoes. 5). Black Socks: Go with anything, and essential in formal wear. 6). At least one tailored suit. Classic Cut always in style. Do either Black or Grey single breasted. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Casual 1). Blue Jeans: The darker the better because light blue jeans look tacky. Dark Blue Jeans can be either worn casual or dressed up. And this includes Khakis. 2). Sneakers, Sandals, Flip Flops, or Loafers to accessorize your jeans. 3). White, and Black basic T-shirts 4). One trendy sweater __________________________________________________________________________________ Accessories 1). Leather wallet 2). A totally awesome Silver Wrist Watch 3). Guys look great in Fedora Hats tipped off to the side to catch the eyes of any female. 4). Newsie Boy Hat. These were in style back in the 20's and have become a classic that can casualize or dress up any outfit. __________________________________________________________________________________ And everything in between to mix and match your styles and keep you lookin awesome everyday!
Tips/ Questions for the Perfect French Style/wardrobe?
I know in Japan for instance, they love the LV logo would bag, but when you are in Paris, the only ones shopping at LV are tourists1. How do I paint my nails "french style"?Get the light pink nail polish and paint your nail and then get some white nail polish and paint the tips of your nails2. How do I get Libertine Libertine in math mode historical ligatures french-style?Here's an attempt; lowercase and uppercase Greek letters are upright, as uppercase Latin letters in math. Everywhere the Libertine font is used, which might give poor results in some cases, as its sidebearings are not really good for math3. Where do I find frozen french style green beans in US ?warehouse or wholesale bldgs. and they are cheaper by the case anyway4. elegant french style teen room?I've seen a lot of stuff like that at target. I've found that you find more stuff if you look on the internet instead of just the store. You can also just google what you are looking for. I do that a lot when I am trying to find unique clothes and other stuff, and a lot of times the websites to cute little boutique or specialty shops show up that you never would've known about otherwise. Good luck and I hope I helped you out:)5. Help for a French style dinner?All I know is they've got fries, toast, and those little mini pankcakes. Whatever you make, it will probably be skinny and smoke cigarettes.6. a classic 'french' style chic outfit for juniors, that i can buy online.. links?well, i do not really know your style or price range, so i can not link you anything directly... but i do know that french people tend to wear a lot of black or neutral colours (especially parisians) along with a splash of colour in an accessory like a scarf. lots of scarves. even in summer. when i went to blois this summer on an exchange trip nearly every young person wore some type of a dark jacket along with jeans. they also dress up a bit more than we do for school over here, one of the girls i talked to who spoke very good english wore a pale pink dress of some sort with a vintage-looking necklace and a grey cardigan. lots of girls wore skirts and nylons along with heels as well7. Where can I find a French-style butter dish/keeper in the UK?French Butter Keeper8. Why don't we have a French-style system of nuclear reactors providing America with cheap electricity?Coal is much cheaper short-term9. My husband and I want to buy a decent coffee maker-he prefers a percolator whilst I veer towards the French style cafetieres. Which if either is best?Like the other suggestions, you can always get both. A French press is inexpensive and can serve you well for a few cups at a time. It's all a matter of your personal taste, but many coffee experts consider coffee made through a percolating method to be over extracted and thus bitter. One of my favorite coffee makers is the Bonvita BV1800. It's one of a handful of coffee makers recomended by the specialty coffee association of America. It's also fairly reasonable at around $160. It brews at the ideal temperature of around 198-200 degrees with a brew time of 4 minutes and has a simple one button operation and easy clean up. Specialty Coffee Association of AmericaMy husband and I want to buy a decent coffee maker-he prefers a percolator whilst I veer towards the French style cafetieres. Which if either is best?10. Any ideas of decorating a French Style bedroom?to get the look of french boudoir mix colors and finishes. Great example black bombe chest (link below). Definitely invest in quality stand out dressing table and over sized mirror. Candlesticks, chandelier, if space allows love seat, armoire11. What kind of condiments could be added to French style green beans?2pt butter 1pt lemon juice 1pt sherry wine12. Can I use French Style Cut green beans in green bean casserole?Yes any green beans will work...from canned to fresh even frozen
Brown Or Black Wardrobe?
Black definitely it's cute1. What Are Some Wardrobe Staples That Every Girl Must Have?white blouse. skinny jeans [dark and lightwash] a few tank tops in various colours. a decent jacket. a black pencil skirt. denim mini skirt. a few graphic tees. various necklaces, long and short. a pair of stud earrings. a pair of heels in black. heels in brown. a pair of dressy flats. a few pairs of leggings. flipflops.2. White females: why do you all want to look the same?Your question is not really a question, it's your opinion and your statement, And quite a dumb one I must say. Tell me what eye colour most black people have? Hair colour,skincolour...Yeh right! White people could have grey, green, blue and brown eyes and every colour close to that. Hair: black, brown, ginger,blond and every colour close to that. They could have suntans in every shade of brown. facial and bodily features you might not notice because you're so stuck in your way but the obvious I've written above, you must be blind not to have notice them!3. How can i lighten black dyed hair?Well black hair dye is hard o get it out. I would suggest bleaching it and dying it back to brown. or you could try each week keep dying it a brown color. either way your hair will proabbly get damaged.4. How to bleach brown hair ?Manic Panic bleach is probably the best option for what you want to do because it's got a really high lift. You are gonna have to bleach it more than once though5. Light brown hair or dark brown hair?Just make sure the carpet matches the drapes your welcome6. i will make outfits!! i don't know how many tho...fav stores: wetseal, old navy, delias, aero, ae, hollister, buckle, anchor blue, macys and dillards least fav stores: forever 21 urban outfitters fav colors: pink, red, blue, white, yellow, black, purple (i look really good in maroon and brown) least fav colors: none really style: casual, cute, preppy, sporty, and a little hippie occasion: first day of school skin tone: pale hair color: dirty blonde with blonde hilites anything else: i like peace signs and tye-dye if you wanna add anything like that i do not really care. and i am really short and i love beign short so no heels or wedges. i live in texas so it is really really hot. and i HATE anything punk/scene/emo/goth. and i have a school dress code, so no tanks or short shorts or skirts budget: ummm kinda cheap like cheaper bottoms and a more expensive top i guess?? but not too expensive7. do brown flats look good with a brown dress?I think that would be OK, but a bright color would look better! Hope this helped!!!! =)8. Has anyone had a baby with brown hair that kept brown hair?my daughter was born with dark hair and its still dark brown. i have brown hair and blue eyes, her donor had dark hair and brown eyes9. How to lighten brown hair?for me it depends upon the girl. Like I might observe a girl with black hair as well as think she is totally hot but see a girl with blond curly hair that is meh and vice versa10. black eyebrows with brown hair?i think the blonde was alright with the black eyebrows, because when you apply brow powder or pencil, the shade must be two shades lighter than your hair if you have dark hair, and two shades darker than your hair if you have light hair. i think that the blonde would have suited the brows more because if your eyebrows are darker than your hair it doesnt really match. but this is just my opinion and i hope this helps :).11. I want to look really pretty for school next year!?some of these might not pertain to you, but i didnt know exactly what you meant by "beauty" so im giving you the topics that i think fit under that category (: ACNE: summer is the best time to try out new acne cleansers/meds, so try out other cleansers if your acne is still a problem for you. but remember, NO TOUCHING YOUR FACE: IT SPREADS BACTERIA ONTO IT CAUSING MORE ZITS, and dont put makeup on ALLTHETIME because it can irritate your face and increases your chance of having another breakout. also, cut up a few tomatos and mash them to a pulp, take the pulp and put it on your face and let it sit for 15 min on your face, then wash it off. do this at night because it makes your face a bit reddish, but it really helps your skin. but DRINK LOOOOOOOTS OF WATER, I SWEAR it will DEFINITELY HELP! water helps get the toxins out, so drink like 6-8 glasses a day and you are on your way to perfectly clear skin (: BODY: im sure your body is just fine, but remember : TOO SKINNY IS JUST AS UNATTRACTIVE AS BEING TOO CHUBBY. seriously, what i do is run around the neighborhood with my ipod for hours. in my opinion, if you have music, it distracts you from the exercise, and you are less likely to want to stop if you like music (: so runrunrunrun! but a healthy diet is always helpful! in fact its just as important as exercise, because without a healthy diet, your exercise is a lot less effective. now DONT stop eating or do something stupid like bulimia or something, because thats DISGUSTING and if your TOO SKINNY, then youve just lost your great shape -nice going. and seriously EAT A BOWL OF CEREAL EVERY MORNING, NOT eating your breakfast supposedly makes you fatter o_O but im actually not sure about that lol, but if you really want to change your body, you have to eat right. salad is great, eat meat, and dont CUT OFF all your sweets, just limit the amount of sweets you eat everyday. HAIR: idk how long your hair is, so i cant really help you with hairstyles, but if you want to change up your hair, i know just how to :D this is great, especially if your on a tight budget. if you want to lighten your hair, or give yourself faded highlights that are like a little lighter than your natural shade, use LEMONJUICE :) just apply it where you want it, or you can like dump it all over your head lol, but make sure you are CAREFUL to do exactly where you want it, unevenness doesnt always turn out great. then leave it on and go out in to the sun (use sunblock please, sunburn and skin cancer arent going to get your boyfriend back xP) and just sit there and let the sun do its magic, your going to have to repeat this, and it might not work depending on how long you are out there. if all else fails, just go to a salon. but be NATURAL, because you dont want him to know your trying so hard. MAKEUP: natural is best, really. use tans, golds, faded blues, and faded browns for eyeshadow. they look really beautiful with blue eyes, but USE THEM ONLY A LITTLE. the less makeup you put on, the more beautiful you will look. TO MAKE YOUR EYES BIGGER: take a white eyeliner pencil and line your bottom lid like you would with eyeliner, then put your regular eyeliner on, a little lower. it gives off a great effect that your eyes look bigger :) the regular eyeliner part is optional, it sometimes looks better without it. TO MAKE YOUR NOSE LOOK SMALLER: idk if you have this problem, but heres what you do: you take a concealer stick and run it down the center of your nose, starting from a little below where your eyebrows are. then rub in, and press a little powder, it will give the effect that your nose is more slender. LIPS: soft pinks are REALLY cute with blondes! use lipgloss, lipstick wont look as great. BLUSH: its best to just dab A LITTLE on the apples of your cheeks (if you smile, theyre those little round things on your cheeks). then rub them so it looks more natural. EYELINER: id suggest using brown, and use a little more near the edges, it looks wayyy prettier (: CONFIDENCEEEE: seriously, thats whats going to help you (: i cant guarantee you that your boyfriend is going to take you back, but seriously, if he doesnt, some other guy is going to want to. you shouldnt change yourself for someone who doesnt care what you do. even if he does take you back, what does that say about you and him?he only likes you for your looks, and your way too desperate to change for him. so walk and act like you dont care about him, because you shouldnt. hopeihelped! :)
I Need to Update My Wardrobe and I Only Have $500....? is great1. If evolutionist wrote the bible, would you need to update your copy more then your Sunday paper?What kind of moron who is trying to persuade us that evolution never happened, quotes a link to an internet site which talks all about the reality of evolution?2. Any Song Suggestions?? Need To Update MP3?modest mouse's new album just came out and its incredible.. download the whole album "we were dead before the ship sank" 1.dashboard it up kaiser chiefs new album is the best ive heard this year and it hasnt been released yet in the U.S. download the whole album "yours truly angry mob" 1.thank you very much 2.ruby 3.angry mob the shins last album has some great stuff. 1.Turn on Me 2.Phantom Limb 3.Australia Arcade Fire- one of the best indie rock bands out there. received high ratings on their recent release "Neon Bible" 1.intervention 2.keep the car running body is a cage ever hear of "Fujiya and Miyagi"?? you wouldnt believe how cool these guys sound. download the whole album "transparent things" 1.collarbone 2.ankle injuries The Good, The Bad, and the Queen- lead singer of Gorillaz other band. his best work yet. not one bad song on the self titled album 1.history song 2.nothern whale 3.herculean Of Montreal- one of the most popular bands on college radio. download the whole album "hissing fauna are the destroyer?" 1.wraith pinned to the mist and other games 2.requiem for O.M.M Magic Numbers- dont think you will find a voice like this. very infectious happy sound. 1.take a chance 2.mornings eleven Wolf Parade- all of their songs will fill you with energy. my personal favorite. download all songs from "apologies to the queen mary" 1.shine a light 2.grounds for divorce 3.sons and daughters of hungry ghosts Deerhoof- want to hear something completely off the wall? 1. Believe E.S.P 2. 81 The Editors- a band that sounds like Depeche Mode but 10x better 1. Bullets 2. Munich Cold War Kids- rock with a bluesy edge. 1.hang me up to dry beds The Decemberists- masters of story telling. uses challenging words in their lyrics. 1.mariners revenge song 2.o valencia 3.crane wife 3 Spoon- every song is perfect. i never get tire of them. download all songs from "gimme fiction" if you havent already. 1. i summon you 2. i turn my camera on 3. sister jack New Pornographers- one of the best new bands in 2005. 1.twin cinema 2.use it peter bjorn and john- received very high ratings from music critics. sounds beatlesque. 1.young folks the go team- uses sounds from the 70s and 80s to make some very original work 1.huddle formation 2.junior kickstarts stereophonics- the best band that no one has heard of 1.dakota 2.superman 3.rewind Bloc Party- one of the most popular bands in Britain.. download any songs from their 2005 release "Silent Alarm" and some from their 2007 release "weekend in the city" 1.banquet "2005" 2.two more years "2005" 3.i still remember "2007" 4.the prayer "2007"3. I need to update my iPhone ?Sorry to say if it's a iPhone 3G or 2G than it can not be updated a 3GS CAN though. All u do first is sync it and back it up after that update it than sync it with all your old stuff. Hope this helps4. I need to update my playlist any suggestions for rock songs?If you like hard rock, check out Gentleman's Pistols (UK), a contemporary band with a classic hard rock/70s sound.Here's a link to their second album:And the first single off the new album:5. Do I need to update my drivers?When comes to drivers, If the devices on you computer are working fine, you do not need update them. If you are sure that there are some driver issues on your computer, you should choose a good driver update tool. DriverTuner is far from good, it claims outdated drivers even all of your drivers are updated, For now I am using DriverToolkit to manage my pc drivers up-to-date, google it if you are interested.6. Why does Ubuntu need to update its kernel so often?All code has bugs. So does linux kernel code. Kernel updates fix kernel bugs early, before there is a zero-day exploit.If you update, you are a moving target for an attacker. If you update on time, you move faster than any anyone can point. This makes you more or less safe from viruses and trojans
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