New Windows: Will They Allow Me to Run My AC Colder?

if you have been loosing a lot of air because your windows do not fit properly then by all means yes. i would start with making sure the unit is clean. the most common thing is dirty filters and dirt in fins of evaporator. for a home unit i would check inside filters monthly and clean evaporator fins every 6 months. you will be surprised at the results as units are able to keep you cooler they cycle less and use less power

1. Why do the evaporator and suction lines freeze when there is low refrigerant?

First some background. The HVAC consists of a closed refrigerant loop. At the outside of your home will be a compressor and coils. The compressor compresses the refrigerant and the process of compressing it forces the refrigerant to give off excess heat which is exhausted out the coils. Inside of your home is an evaporator unit with coils. The refrigerant passes through a narrow opening at which point it expands on the other side as a gas (think of a spray can). The process of converting to a gas absorbs heat from the coils (which have the return air passing over them on their way into the ducts). When the refrigerant levels run low, there are different ways of understanding this impact. I've seen it described that there's less refrigerant there to absorb heat from the home and the closed loop gets too cold after exhausting the little heat it does gather outside. But to me it makes more sense to imagine the effect of the pressure drop in the evaporator coils. The more the pressure drops in those coils, the more extreme the temperature difference as the refrigerant expands to a less and less dense gas. But keep in mind that you still have less refrigerant moving the heat, so while the refrigerant that remains is colder, it's also less efficient.Additionally, that lower temperature refrigerant comes with a downside. Once the coils drop below the freezing point, moisture in the return air that's passing over the coils does not just condense and run out the condensate drain (think of a cold drinking glass on a hot humid day, your coils look like that normally). Instead, that condensation freezes until it's a solid block of ice and no air can pass through. This same problem can happen if you run your HVAC when the outside temperature is too low, so much heat gets removed by the outdoor coils, that when the refrigerant runs through the evaporator is gets below the freezing point. This is why it's very important to not oversize an HVAC for your home, it will cool the air too quickly and result in freezing, and it will run for very short periods of time but not remove enough moisture due to those short run times, leaving you very humid in the summer

2. What is the labor cost to replace an A/C evaporator coil?

I would have to agree with everything you've said. Even the price. Leaks are common on evaporator coils after a freeze

3. AC Evaporator coil. Need an Allstyle 10 seer evaporator coil with the following measurements.?

Sorry, there is virtually no 10 seer equipment left in the U.S. When they raised the federal minimum to 13 seer the old 10 seer became more coveted than the latest Harry Potter book. We sold out in a month even after raising our price.

4. How Often Should You Clean Your AC Coils?

How Often Should You Clean Your AC Coils? To keep your air conditioner working efficiently and reliably, you must give it the proper care and maintenance; this includes cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, two of the unit's most critical components. Keeping these two clean and clear of dirt and debris can not only ensure your unit's efficiency but prevent it from breaking down for as long as possible. Schedule regular professional air conditioner maintenance in Acworth to make sure this critical task is done right the first time every time. The evaporator and condenser coils are two of the most crucial components of a central air conditioner for a good reason. To understand this reason, let's start with the basics. An air conditioner creates a cooling effect by cyclically converting refrigerant between liquid and gaseous states, removing heat energy from inside a building and emitting it outside. This process occurs with the use of both air conditioner coils. If air conditioner coils are left dirty for an extended period, the efficiency of the cooling and heating process is affected. It's estimated that, at the most, the energy usage of a unit can increase by 30 percent. Other than decreased efficiency, other problems, such as poor cooling performance and compressor overheating, can occur. It's recommended to regularly replace your filter at least once every month to inhibit dirt and dust from entering the unit. Not only can a dirty air filter allow easy access to your unit's fragile interior, but it can also reduce airflow. You should also keep a minimum distance of two feet around the condenser unit free of debris, such as vegetation and trash. Keeping your coils clean is relatively simple. To remove loose dirt and dust from them, hose them down with a light stream after shutting the power off. Since the fins on evaporator and condenser coils are incredibly fragile, it's recommended to leave the removal of stronger stains and buildup to professionally trained contractors. The best way to keep your coils spot-free and your unit durable is to schedule regular semiannual maintenance.

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