Nudist Parents Want to Let It All Hang Out at Home

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts:

My husband and I have been nudists for 26 years, and raised our son in a nudist home. As dedicated nudists we have always gone completely naked everywhere around our home all the time, except when our son has friends over.

Our son is now 21 and has had a girlfriend for just over six months who is not aware we are nudists. Now she is staying over two-to-three nights a week and we are still having to get dressed for her visits. She is shy.

Also, with our son, we don't want to cause any issues that may result in him moving out before being able to save up enough money to afford a home.

We have talked to some nudist friends of ours who suggested a few things, since broaching the subject with her does not seem to be an option. The most common suggestion was getting accidentally caught naked by her. Be it getting up in the middle of the night to pee and going naked to the bathroom (she sometimes gets up at night to pee, too, so either of us might run into each other), or getting ready for work in the morning by going to and from the bathroom naked, making and eating breakfast naked or by us staying naked when she comes over alone while our son is at work.

When she uses her key we'll pretend not to have heard the door when we run into her. We would be very casual about it when caught naked, and then hope to be able to talk to her about it and give her the option to go naked around the house, too. Our son would probably love being greeted by his naked girlfriend at the door when he got home that first time.

Other suggestions have been to leave a nudist magazine out for her to see, and see if she says anything to us, and if not, then bring it up. Another was to have some nudist magazines in with some other things such asphotos, year books, etc. and then she can accidentally come across it when going through the albums, and then we can talk about it.

They all seem like good ideas, but most of our friends favour the accidental nudity since it is what has worked for some of them. We realize we may have let this go on too long (our mistake) but again, we didn't want our lifestyle to be an issue in their developing relationship, which is now very strong.

Could you please offer up your thoughts or any other suggestions? All the best.

- M and G, Winnipeg Dear M and G:

Moving out would be an all-round good idea for a man who is now in his 20s. Then everybody gets privacy and freedom and the son gets to grow up. The young woman wouldn't be pressured to accept a nudist lifestyle with her boyfriend's parents, if she wasn'tbig on it.

You say you don't want your 21-year-old son to move out until he can afford a home - these days, that could mean age 30. That's not healthy for your son's development. Encourage him to fly. And here's the good part for you: once he moves out, you can be nude full-time at home again.

Accidentally running into nude parents anywhere in the house is not a cool idea. The magazines on the coffee table are slightly a better move.

Why not encourage your son to be open and honest about it? He needs to be the one to tell his girlfriend in private that your family usually lives a nudist lifestyle at home, especially now she's staying over several nights a week.

I grew up in the country, but one I summer I was living in the city for theatre school, I had a city boyfriend who took me home (I was 16) when no one was there. I spotted a shadowy picture on the wall and said asked who the naked people in the picture were. He said, "My mom and dad, they're nudists." And, I concluded fairly quickly, so was he. But I wasn't into it, and he didn't push it.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts:

Far away, in a country I barely remember, live my grandparents. They don't like to travel anymore. We moved and haven't gone back there as a family for eight years, because my parents say it is expensive to fly all that way for three of us.

My mother, who is Canadian, is afraid I will go there, fall in love, and want to stay and live there, and never come back. She married a dark-eyed man from there and says they're the best-looking men in the world - dangerously handsome.

It's true my father looks like a movie star. She wants me to stay home in Winnipeg where it's safer. That makes me want to go all the more. I am saving my money to go anyway, when I'm 18. I would prefer to go with my mom's permission. How can I get it?

- Clueless on This, Manitoba Dear Clueless on This:

Save your money and start working on a family trip idea where your mom is actively encouraged by you to go (and keep her eye on you).

Tell your dad you want the three of you to go, and to help in this project financially. See if you can get a part-time job at a fast-food place where they hire teens.

Once you have enough money for your own ticket and some spending money, start putting away regular savings towards your mother's ticket, too.

Something tells me there's another reason why your mother doesn't want to go on these trips to the old country. Could it be a problem with the grandparents, stemming from luring their son away to another country? Do they not get along or speak the same language?

You need to get at the truth about any hidden issues.

Please send your questions and comments to or Miss Lonelyhearts c/o the Winnipeg Free Press, 1355 Mountain Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R2X 3B6

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A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
There are many very good reasons why you would want to shop for a cheap coffee table. You may be on a strict budget, or you may be the type of person who likes to change out his or her furniture often so you don't want to invest a lot of money in it. Either way, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a cheap coffee table. The good thing is, now days you don't have to settle for something that isn't stylish just because it isn't expensive. If you are a careful shopper then there is no reason that you can't have beautiful living room furniture without the hefty price tag.The more typical methods of shopping for a cheap coffee probably come to mind-thrift stores, discount stores, furniture store warehouses. These are all viable methods. The trouble is, when you shop for a cheap coffee table this way it eats up a lot of time. Going from store to store can become a quest and in the end you still may not find exactly what you are looking for. That's fine if you are in it for the thrill of the hunt. But if you just want to find a cheap coffee table without all the hassle then the place you probably should be looking is the Internet.When you use the web for your discount coffee table shopping you will quickly see that there are a wide range of prices available. From super cheap to simply inexpensive, you'll find a full range of options. The best approach is to have a price range in mind before you even start looking. Once you know how much you want to spend you can begin to narrow down your cheap coffee table options.In addition to deciding how much to spend, it is helpful to have some kind of idea about the style of table you'd like. The most economical tables are made of some type of veneer but it is possible to find a wood coffee table at a deeply discounted price. You just have to keep your eyes open for bargains. Make sure that you note any taxes, fees or shipping costs associated with the product. You want to be careful that additional fees do not increase the price to the point where you lose all the benefit of buying at a discount.Remember that no matter what price range you are shopping in, a coffee table is a very important part of your living room suite. It needs to be the right size for the space, be sturdy, and add to the overall look and feel of the living room furniture. It is possible to find all these things and not break the bank. With a little homework and some patience, you can find the perfect coffee table to fit just about any room decor. Take your time and be sure to think about how the actual table will fit in your room. In no time at all you'll be sitting back and enjoying your new purchase. Knowing that you did not spend a fortune will make it even more enjoyable.
Do You Prefer a Squared Coffee Table Or a Round Coffee Table?
I personally do not like coffee tables, every house has one. A couple of things to remember, glass will always be harder to keep clean and wood stains without coasters1. How do I build a cupcake shaped coffee table?unless you have a lot of time/tools/experience in making things, no...cause you either need a lot of wood and be able to carve it, have a lot of cardboard and be able to bend/shape it or have a plastic mold and be able to melt one into shape2. How To Build A Modern Coffee Table For Under $100Learn how to build a modern coffee table with storage for under $100. The large drawer holds blankets, games, or whatever you like. If you love hiding things in plain sight, this DIY modern coffee table with storage is perfect for you! The large storage drawer can hold blankets, games, or whatever you need! At under $100 to build, this coffee table is a great project that wo not break the bank. It's inspired by a coffee table from West Elm, which is no longer available on their website. It's made entirely of plywood and is also a quick weekend build. Be sure to download the printable plans for this project where you will find the full materials and cut list. While I did use a table saw for some of the plywood cuts, you can certainly build this with a circular saw and some sort of guide, such as the Kreg Rip-Cut or the Kreg Accu-Cut. You will also find that a trimming tool for veneer edge banding is extremely valuable for this project. Cut the plywood Cut all of your pieces to size, per the printable plans. Apply the edge banding Heat up a clothes iron to the highest setting. Apply veneer banding to all four edges of the coffee table top, bottom, and feet. Also apply veneer banding to the front and back edges of the side panels, as well as the long edges of the legs. Trim the veneer banding with a trimming tool or razor knife. Sand all of the pieces smooth with an orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper. Drill pocket holes Drill 3/4 pocket holes into the upper and lower edges of the legs and side panels. Attach legs Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws, attach the legs and side panels to the coffee table bottom. Attach the coffee table top Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws attach the coffee table top to the legs and side panels, carefully clamping it into place and ensuring the panels and legs are square. Drill 3/4" pocket holes into all four edges of the rear panel. Install flush with the edges of the side panels and clamp into place. Secure in place with 1 1/4" pocket screws. Attach the feet Measure and mark 1" in from the corners of the coffee table bottom. Apply wood glue to the feet and set in place so that they are 1" in from each corner edge. Nail in place with 1 1/4" brad nails. Build the drawer box To build the drawer, drill 1/2" pocket holes into the bottom and front edges of the drawer sides as well as the bottom and side edges of the drawer back. Also drill 1/2" pocket holes into the front edge of the drawer bottom, to help in attaching the drawer front in the next step. Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer sides to the drawer back. Apply a bead of glue to the edges of the drawer sides and back, then line up the drawer bottom. Clamp in place and attach with 1" pocket screws. Cut the notch for the drawer front Measure and mark the notch for the drawer front, per the printable plans. Cut the notch out with a jigsaw. Attach drawer front Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer front to the rest of the drawer box. Attach drawer slides Attach drawer slides so that the drawer fits flush inside the coffee table with a 1/8" gap around all sides. Fill pocket holes Use 3/8 dowels or wood filler to fill the pocket holes in the legs of the coffee table. If using dowels, cut the dowels with a flush cut hand saw, then sand smooth. Finish coffee table If needed, give the coffee table a final light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. Finish as desired with paint or stain. If using stain, it is recommended to apply at least two layers clear coat. This can be polycrylic, polyurethane, or wipe on polyurethane. What I love about this table is how clean it looks, plus the ability to put books or decor on both the top and bottom of the table. The storage drawer offers a ton of space for whatever you would like to tuck away and with the price tag coming in under $100 to build it, you can not beat the price! If you love the look of the raw edges on the plywood, you can even save a step (and a few dollars) and skip the veneer! Do not forget to download the printable plans to build this project! If you build this, I would love to see it! Feel free to email me () or tag me on social media when you share yours!3. Tablecloths for coffee table? or suggestions for protecting the top from kids and cats.?Honestly, you do not want a tablecloth with a toddler in the house - especially one on a coffeetable. You will be spending the entire day picking it up off the floor & putting it back and a thin piece of cloth is not goinng to afford much protection anyways. A couple of coats of a high quality oil-based polyurethane would be a better solution - most furniture nowadays is sprayed with a quick coat of lacquer which is crap as you found out. I would suggest sanding with 220 grit if it's a wood tone and not painted (you did not say which finish it has) or use a green scotchbrite pad or steel wool to just scuff it up a little without removing the finish - you just want to give it something to grab onto is all. I've never had coffeetables around just for the reason you described, let alone when the children fall & smack their faces on them- ouch!
What Is on Your Coffee Table Right now? List Everything.....hehe?
okay i see some cosmopolitan mags, some time mags, some old cds, blank cds,2 computer speakers, aother stack of mags, a box of makeup, a small box of junk, a big ol ashtray full of cig butts,2 candles, a remote to a dvd player that i dont even think we have anymore, some nailpolish remover, and 2 dvds(final destination3, and saving private ryan) do i get 10 pionts for naming all that stuff?????1. What's needed for the first apartment?Okay -- me and my husband are newly weds and obviously started looking for an Apartment to start living into as a Married couple. I am the type of person that gets excited for big events,. including this apartment. Luckily, his uncle owns an apartment building and saved an apartment for us. My dad used to be a landlord and I already KNEW what to look for in an apartment. Lease-3 months? 6 months? 12? or none? my hisbands uncle didnt give us a lease which is good because we can leave whenever we wont. Id advice to do the shortest lease INCASE u might not like it and u dont stay long. if u wanna stay then resign. Rent -- How much is too much? Well its just me and him so we are paying 525 a month everything included except gas/electric (we couldnt find anything so I just stuck with this one, UTILITIES INCLUDED are always a great plus because you only have to worry about your rent) Deposit? -- if you go to an apartment building they will check your credit, sometimes if u have good credit then your deposit is reduced to a lesser amount. if bad credit then your deposit is equal to the rent. So 525/525 . My husband uncle doesnt do credit checks, so deposit it automaticall equal to the rent. Once that is paid off you have to think about what you need. Well first off RENTERS INSURANCE, Godforbid anything happens (hurricane/fire) you are covered and everything is replaced. My husband mother is in insurance so that helps us out a lot. Then if you have a pet you have to see if they charge for a pet and whats their deposit and monthly rent? SOMETIMES the deposit is NON refundable so you dont get it back, so hopefully you find someplace where the fee is not so expensive, be prepared to pay 25-50 extra a month for your pet NOT including food/medicine/vet fees. My husbands great grandmother who passed away recently gave us 2 brand new ivory couches so we dont need that much furniture. Living Room- 2 couches, coffee table, 2 lamps (if you want), wall decor. If you have a floor and want a carpet then thats your choice. My living room has carpeting. Bedroom- we already have a queen bed. So dressor. night table. mirror(if you want) curtains(if you have windows, I know I do LOL I have 7 windows and a fireplace in my bedroom). Carpet if you want if you have a floor and my bedroom has carpeting. Kitchen-Cookware, pots/pans, forks, spoons, knives, food storage bowels, towel rags, rarea rugs(u dont have to but I did because my kitchen floor obviously has no carpet so I got a welcome home mat, and 2 rugs one for in front of sink and in front of fridge) food pantry shelf if you dont have a lot of shelves. FOOD obviously at least 100-200 for groceries. Thank goodness my husband isnt picky so we will need to go get food FOR NOW. Dish rack if you want one. Coffee maker. Microwave. Magents for fridge IF U WANT ANY, those you dont need but I love having them. dishwashing liquid.bleach. mop. broom. dustpan. pinesol. any wall decor that u might WANT. paper napkin. Bathroom-I obought a WHOLE set for 40 bucks except the carpets. shower curtan. carpets/rug. shower vinyl and shower curtain. conditioner. shampoo. bodywash. a little shelf for the tub to put your cond, shamp etc. but only if u want. bathtub mat so you dont slip. Soap to wash hands. toilet paper. toilet paper holder. waste basket. There could be so much more that I may have not mentioned. But this is ALL that I have gotton in the passed 2 WEEKS for my apartment. Our first apartment. And I move in tomorrow. Roomate are tolerable if u live with the right person, becareful because since u might live with one then they could get on ur nerves really quick, and sometimes cosginers are OKAY!! but they are responsible for u paying the rent and if u dont pay they get into trouble and sometimes it depends on their credit. Good luck and I hope I helped!!2. Do people still buy "coffee table" books?They do but they are expensive to publish so you will want to get a proposal approved before going through a lot of effort. In your case, it could very well be something with a good deal of local interest. Start by looking for a publisher of local histories, I do not know where you are located so I can only recommend going to a local bookstore, even a big Barnes and Noble, and looking at what is in the local history section. There will most likely be some books in the format you have in mind and you can get the publishers' names from there. I wish I had more specific advice but this will at least acquaint you with some local resources3. 10 Best Travel Coffee Table Books for Inspiring Wanderlust —I do not know about you, but I find nothing more blissful than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea while leafing through large glossy travel books crammed full of magical photographs and exciting travel possibilities. Armchair travel at its best. I guess the fact you are reading this means you have a travel itch to scratch or know someone who does. So, here are some of my personal favourites (plus a couple on my Christmas wish list) to tickle your wanderlust. I hope you find these recommendations as inspiring and fascinating as we have. They have helped shape our travels over the last two and a half years, and continue to do so as we plan 2018. Please note we are an Amazon affiliate partner, so we earn a tiny amount if you buy anything through the links below, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the ever-increasing cost of running our site!
Studio Apartments - Making the Most of Small Open Spaces
Living in a studio apartment means that space is a precious commodity. Many people opt to live in these smaller apartments in order to afford a more upscale neighborhood. They also make popular first apartments thanks to their lower prices and need for less furniture. Part of the fun of moving to a new place is decorating but when space is so limited, this endeavor can be more frustrating than exciting. A good strategy is essential for covering all the bases yet not feeling crowded in when decorating a studio apartment. Here are some tips to make the job easier.The bed is often a sticking point in a studio because it takes up so much floor space. Sofa beds seem like an easy solution but can actually make life even more difficult. First, you have to rearrange the furniture every night to fold out the bed. For example, you might need to move a coffee table out of the way to pull it open and then put it back in the morning. Then you have to get out the blankets and pillows and put them away every time. This can get old fast. A bed that folds out from the wall can pose similar problems. A day bed is a good option for people who don't want to move furniture twice a day every day. It can be adorned with pillows to match your decor and looks more like a sofa. It adds more seating to the room and is easy to hop into when it's time for bed without moving a single piece of furniture.When choosing furniture for a studio apartment, a good strategy is very important. You need to always buy the smallest item that will get the job done somewhat comfortably. Many people adopt a minimalist theme when decorating studios. This is very fashionable even in large homes and has the added benefit of not needing so much stuff. Stick to the essentials and always go for the lowest pieces of furniture that you can find, especially for items that will be placed in the middle of the room such as coffee tables. Furniture that sits lower to the ground like coffee tables and chairs with shorter legs can make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. Save taller items like vases and plants for placing up against the wall to balance out the height of the room without making it feel closed in.While the open space of a studio is a great draw and certainly makes the apartment feel much bigger, there are moments when you'd prefer to have separate spaces. For example, if you have a guest who needs some privacy, you might want to close off a sleeping area. Perhaps you share the apartment with someone who has a different sleeping schedule than yours. One easy way to accomplish this is to put up a divider to set apart some space. That way, you can still go about your daily life while the other person is resting while keeping distractions to a minimum.
Coffee Tables Sets - Helping You Avoid the Mismatched Look in Your Living Room
There is nothing worse than walking into someone's living room and seeing a bunch of mismatched furniture paired together. There is one style of couch, another type of end table, and then a completely different coffee table that does not go with anything. Well, there is an easy way to make sure your end and coffee ones match and that is with coffee table sets. One would be a great purchase.Coffee table sets do all the matching work for you since they come with coffee tables and end tables that all have the same style. So, then you do not have to worry about whether this goes with that and so on. There are actually a slew of stylish choices to pick from, which is nice for you since it allows you to easily find exactly what you are looking for. One of the style options that are available are those that have a modern design with clean lines and a very symmetrical appearance. Or, if you like things that are more on the extravagant side, then you can go with something that is more of an antique appearance with delicate scrolls and accents. The style choices do not end there either as there are many more to pick from as well including those that have a traditional appearance, others that are more cottage like, some that are very artsy, and there are even transitional options that combined two, even three different style elements. These transitional ones are very nice if you have a space that does not have one clear cut style to it.Now, not only are coffee table sets a great idea because they are pleasing to the eye, but they also bring a lot of functionality into the place they are put as well. Remember, they are tables and are the perfect place to set different things down. For example, if you want a convenient place to put snacks for that super bowl get-together, just turn to the coffee table. Or, if you are in need of some extra lighting in your living space, the end table would be a nice place to put a lamp. You can use both for setting down a wide variety of other things as well including family photos, the remote controllers for the TV and cable box, magazines, and you could even use the surface of the coffee one for playing board games with the family.Feeling like coffee table sets are something that you are interested in? If so, a nice way to look into the different options is by turning on your computer and browsing the different online stores on the Internet. In no time at all can you see everything that is available and what is really nice is that it is easy to find what you want at the best prices possible.So, if you want to avoid being that person who has mismatched furnishing, then coffee table sets are something you need to invest in. There are a lot of fantastic options that will be sure to please.
Leather Trousers for 995, a Habitat Glass Coffee Table and a 42 Luxury Scented Candle: Photograph Of
When she took over as Prime Minister, Theresa May vowed to shake up the world of politics,dismantling the powerful clique left behind by her predecessor.But it appears the PM has gone further than that - not only overhauling David Cameron's cabinet, but the decorative legacy he left inside Number 11.Mrs May has been resident in Downing Street for just a few months, but has already put her stamp on the property,ditching Mr Cameron's more clinical style for a property filled with hydrangeas and scented candles.The 60-year-old has also bought herself a bold three-seater red couch, an on-trend chrome lamp and a glass-topped coffee table on which to place her £25 Elemis Revitalise Me scent diffuser.The insight into Mrs May's new home came in ahighly personal interview with the Sunday Times, in which she posed up for photographs in the Downing Street apartment.Mrs May and her husband followed in the footsteps of Mr Cameron and Tony Blair and decided to move into the larger Number 11 flat - rather than Number 10 - for her time in office.Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, occupies Number 10, like predecessor George Osborne.Although there are piles of pictures still waiting to be put up on the mostly bare walls, Mrs May has already decked out the property with her preferred furniture.Her colourful sofa is covered with brown patterned throw cushions, while the coffee table - which sits in front of the marble fireplace - has been brought in from Habitat for £195.On her side table is a £100 Zachery chrome table lamp from John Lewis, which sits next to an extravagent £42 rose-scented Diptyque candle.And it's not just the interiors to which she is paying attention.In the photograph, Mrs May stays true to her quirky but high-end style, wearing a £495 coffee-coloured cashmere jumper by Amanda Wakeley - one of Kate Middleton's favourite designers.She also chooses the same designer for her £995 khaki leather trousers, which she pairs with £295 Burberry trainers.During the interview, the Prime Minister talked about her fashion sense and revealed that she often takes spouse Philip along when clothes shopping.Mrs May said that rather than paying a stylist she takes her patient partner along to provide a 'yes' or 'no' to outfits she tries on.She said that he has a good eye for accessories adding: '(He's) particularly good at choosing handbags and bracelets for presents and good at flowers'.May added that although her focus is on the job at hand she does take her appearance seriously.She said: 'At night I'll think through my outfit for the next day and I go into certain shops where they know me'.She also said that he has beenrevelling in his new-found celebrity.'He's been surprised by how much interest he's had. Philip says he gets 90% of the fun for only 10% of the effort,' she said.'It's taken a bit of adjusting for him to see people writing about what he wears and taking selfies of him, but he's getting used to it!'
One Room Four Ways: Small Changes That Have Big Impact
One room, two sofas, one coffee table, four different looks.Source:SuppliedDARREN Palmer is known for his expert eye as one of the judges on The Block but he admits he hasn't always been so confident."Way back at the beginning of my career I was given the opportunity to compete on a reality TV show that pitted designers with a few years' experience against each other in a renovation competition.I had a few years' experience and was a designer, but really didn't have much of a clue when it came to decorating - like really not much of a clue at all.I thought decorating was superfluous, and that real design was structural and based in problem solving, increasing amenity and creating greater use. But this was a renovation show, and decorating was important - I had no confidence that I could do it.I made a call to my mentor and friend, Dayne, and asked him if he could give me a crash course. He opened his home to me and gave me a simple exercise to flex my decor muscles and give me some confidence that I had what it takes to be a designer and decorator.Even today, I find the exercise really interesting. Dayne pulled every decorative element out of his lounge room and left only the two sofas and the coffee table. There was no art, cushions, flowers etc - just a furnished but blank space.He then gave me a brief, describing the person who lived there and directing me to choose decor and soft furnishings that reflected each pretend person to fulfil their pretend brief. I loved the process so much I thought I'd share it with you - so here are four different takes on one simple room answering four separate briefs.MasculineDon't over-decorate.Source:SuppliedThis look is all about simplicity and layers, but keeping things comfortable and low fuss. When I think of a space built for a man to live in, I automatically think of materials such as leather, wood and metal, and raw, somewhat basic finishes.Soft furnishings are kept to a comfortable minimum, colours being used sparingly to add interest but not huge amounts of drama. Contrast comes in the form of the shapes and textures used in the rug and the pattern of the sidetables, with large scale, concrete-look lamps being good anchors for the strong, masculine look.As far as the palette goes, there's grey, tan leather, blue, charcoal and warm gold. The timber of the coffee table and sidetables is similar in colour to the mirror, which also reflects the colour of the tan leather. This, then, really only counts as one colour - tan or aged gold -but it is seen in three different textures and materials. The colour palette is pure and simple, which works well with the low-fuss style of a masculine decor style.The rug is a huge impact piece but, again, it's been dialled back so it fits into the subtle colour scheme.It has plenty of pattern and visual texture, and the aged blue makes the perfect base from which to build the room, but it's not an overwhelming statement.The back cushions on the couch have been given a little contrast by introducing a lighter grey and a navy and gold cushion. These are all the same size so as to keep consistency but add visual interest.Tips for making a masculine room work are:● Use a simple colour and materials palette● Play with materials such as timber, leather,stone and metal● Don't overdecorate● Add living elements that are strong but simplein appearance, such as cactus, succulents and ferns, or flowers with more architectural forms● As usual, accessorise with candles, books and objects d'art, but choose ones that would be appropriate for the man using the space.FeminineSame room, completely different look. ame room, completely different look.Source:SuppliedThis feminine look may be playing to gender stereotypes and, of course, there are any number of women who would like this or hate its uber-pink prettiness. The exercise is to demonstrate how diametrically different you can make a room look with the change of artwork, soft furnishings, decor, flowers and occasional furniture.Firstly, the scale of the occasional furniture has been changed; the sidetables and lamps are about 80 per cent smaller than in the masculine look. This makes the sofa and coffee table look larger and the room cosier.The artwork also has a feminine look, with the pinks and purples working in with the pastel colour scheme. The two artworks fill the wall just as well as the mirror in the masculine look; the idea is that, if placed above a sofa, whatever is on the walls should be contained within the width of the sofa with approximately 100mm on either side from the edge of the frame to the edge of the sofa arm. This pair of artworks are the right size for the space and for the sofa. One of these pictures, as lovely as they are, would not be enough for this particular wall.The rug is again the base from which to build the room - here, it's bright and ambient in pattern. Various coloured or neutral rugs could have worked, but this bold statement is a great way of showing how different a room can be by changing a few key inclusions.The cushions are all linen to match the linen sofa, and in two sizes and colours - a lumbar size darker pink and a square, 50 by 50cm light pink. They skate the line between colour co-ordination and matchy-matchy. I think it's on the right side of that line, but it's a close call.Pinks are also found in the metallics used for interest in this scheme; where gold was used in the masculine scheme, here we have copper.A copper bowl adds height and interest to the coffee table, and ties in with both the round, mirrored tray sitting under the floral arrangement and the mirrored sidetables. The mirrored tray also reflects the colour of the flowers and gives a pool-like sense of depth to the coffee table.Keep an eye on the details.Source:SuppliedBright red natives light up the room and tie in with the artworks. Again, there's a fine line between matching every element in the room and being informed by elements to create a scheme, but I think it works. In terms of showing off a different look using the same basic inclusions, I think we've nailed the brief.Tips for creating a feminine space:● Use colours that feel feminine to you● Flowers and colours can be bolder and brighter● Mirror, copper and marble all fit this look● Décor can be a little more layered and soft● Use more delicately scaled occasional furnitureBeachyDon't be put off by the light colours - this scheme could work in a family home.Source:SuppliedThis look is all about visual relief, nothing too gregarious and everything blending gently for a relaxed feeling.The palette is a simple blend of white linen, bleached wood and simple textures such as wood grain or basket weaves. There's stone for textural contrast but it's in the same colour as the sofa, which reduces the stone's visual impact.Texturally, the palette is basic, with woven elements in the form of the baskets, the tray and the silver and white cushions. Timber log textured lamps are in the same warm silver colour as the bleached oak sidetables; wool and coral flesh out the simple scheme which has been designed for minimal contrast but with enough interest to make the room work.It's the pattern on the rug that adds interest; the grey and white are very close in depth and colour, therefore dialling back the contrast level in this space.Even though it contains quite a lot of white, this would make a suitable family scheme. The grey linen couch covers are removable, as are the white linen cushion covers, so the occasional mishap can be easily rectified. Storage baskets sit inside the sidetables, allowing for toys or books to be easily swept out of sight when the occasion requires, and the white, hinge-topped box gives a permanent place for toys to live. This box also works equally well to store blankets or any other everyday items you need but don't want to see, and also makes good overflow guest seating.The low maintenance and easily kept dried baby's-breath floral arrangement works in well with the no-fuss idea of the coastal living brief - it never needs to be replaced or renewed. This kind of dried flower is useful if you're styling your home to sell and don't want to constantly update flowers, though be careful as some dried flowers do look lifeless.Tips to re-create a beach look:● Grey, white and bleached wood work as a base● Dial back colour to a bare minimum● Use nautical elements such as oars, coral and driftwood, although starfish and dolphin motifs might take you in a less stylish direction● Textures of timber, linen, wool and open basket weaves work well● The smallest amount of black will prevent an otherwise monochromatic scheme from lookingtoo bland● For a low fuss and low maintenance approach to decoration, use removable covers and washable fabrics on furniture, and integrate storage into the occasional furnitureOpulentThe sofas and coffee table are the big ticket expenses of your space, so choose wisely.Source:SuppliedHigh contrast and understated glamour is the brief of this look, with gold and blue adding a big pop of colour to the grey and white room. There's a feminine bent to it, but elements would appeal to both men and women, making it also suitable for a couple.There's contrast and colour in every inclusion - the blue dip-dyed drapes, for instance, work perfectly to lift the room. Blues occur in floral form, in the cushions as well as the huge hydrangea arrangement, and visual interest occurs in both the ombré effect of the baskets under the coffee table and the geometric pattern in the oversized sidetables. Elegance and glamour are seen in the lustre of the gold lamps, while the mustard in the cushions works in nicely with the mirror above.Interestingly, the rug is one of the more sedate elements in the space - anywhere else it would seem quite bold with its blue and gold ambient look, but in this instance it's simply a gentle, colourful base.Gold decor items, succulents and scented candles and diffusers finish off this sweet looking and fragrant space.Tips for an opulent space:● Choose a high contrast colour scheme● Play with your patterns - in this instance florals,but geometrics or any number of graphic looks may do the trick● Look for high contrast in occasional furniture, such as the geometric shapes in these sidetables● Decor can have a little more blingIt may be the case that some of these rooms work better than others, but this just shows that you can create any number of looks with little more than a new rug, a change of occasional furniture, new lamps, soft furnishings and decor.The sofas and coffee table are the big ticket expenses of your space, so by choosing those wisely and working with a simple, neutral palette to start with, you can create rooms that change with the seasons, with the introduction of a new beau (or the exit of an old one),the addition of new family members or just the desire to give your home a new lease of life.All it takes is a brief, an idea of the style you want to create, and some good shopping which, after all, is surely one of the best parts of decorating."This is an extract from Homepace by Darren Palmer, reproduced with permission from Murdoch Books. Images from Homespace by Darren Palmer (Murdoch Books) photographer Felix Forest.Source:Supplied
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Dying for a Parsons Table
By MITCHELL OWENSJUNE 8, 2006Q. Can you help me find an unfinished Parsons table before I lose the will to live?A. Now considered the Gap pocket T of American interior design, the Parsons table used to be a deluxe decorating item, available only to decorators and architects who had it custom-made by cabinetmakers. Even so it seems to have somewhat egalitarian roots.In the most likely version of the story the French decorator Jean-Michel Frank, the undisputed master of luxurious minimalism, was lecturing at the Paris branch of the Parsons School of Design in the 1930's. According to an oral history in the Parsons archives, Frank challenged students to design a table so basic that it would retain its integrity whether sheathed in gold leaf, mica, parchment, split straw or painted burlap, or even left robustly unvarnished.What grew out of Frank's sketches and the students' participation was initially called the T-square table, rigorously plain but with stylistic distinction: whatever its length or width, its square legs were always the same thickness as its top.Stanley Barrows, a Parsons student who became one of the school's most celebrated professors, recalled that the student creation was brought to 3-D life in New York by a handyman janitor at Parsons. Exhibited at a student show, the table, whose designer remains unknown, quickly became a favorite of tastemakers on both sides of the Atlantic.AdvertisementIn America the first Parsons tables were mass-produced in 1963 by two leading furniture companies, Mount Airy and Directional. And since then the design has been knocked off at every conceivable price in every possible material, including plastic. Ikea makes the tables, as does West Elm, whose 36-inch-square coffee table, above, is veneered fiberboard; $199 at or (888) 922-4119.Unfinished versions, however, are more difficult to find. Gothic Cabinet Craft, a New Jersey company with locations in New York City and elsewhere, recently added an authentic Parsons-style coffee table to its range of unfinished furniture. Measuring 48 inches long, 24 wide and 18 high, it has a 3-inch-thick top and square legs that fulfill the classic Parsons formula. It costs $169 in unfinished birch veneer. Add $63 if you want it finished in one of nine optional stains, including Ipswich pine and walnut; or (888) 801-3100.AdvertisementDistressing a LoftQ. How do I make a new loft apartment look a little old?A. Why fight it? No matter how many moldings you put up it's still going to be a loft, merely one with some camouflage. Try adding a patina of age through the decoration instead.Buy a dramatic but old-fashioned damask-pattern wallpaper - but apply it to one wall only, leaving the others painted white. Get a traditionally styled sofa, but make sure it's oversize - for comfort as well as to hold its own against the room's lofty proportions.Hang a glittery chandelier in the entrance hall or beside the front door, or an 18th-century-style mirror like Ethan Allen's Chinese Chippendale example ($799, over a modern console table.What's good-looking right now is that sense of tension between the old and the new, the industrial and the handmade.Questions about furnishings and décor may be sent by e-mail to . Unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. A version of this article appears in print on , on Page F2 of the New York edition with the headline: Can you help me find an unfinished Parsons table before I lose the will to live?. Order Reprints| Today's Paper|SubscribeWe're interested in your feedback on this page. Tell us what you think.
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