(PDF) Design and Fabrication of a CNC Router Machine for Wood Engraving

Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI. Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creati ve Commons Attribution 3.0 licence . Any further distribution Design and fabrication of a router machine for wood Abstract. The purpose of this research was to designing and fabrication a Co mputer Numerical Control (CNC) b ased router m achine for wood engraving m achine. The i dea behind this research was to help t he t raditional woods craft men in Bali to make a craft more product ive and more efficient. The router machine that is made is driven by the driver in the form of a stepper motor, with a 3 axis motion so that the results of woo d engraving obta ined are precision a nd homogeneous. G -code pro gram used on CAM processing uses MACH 3 software. The workspace of the m achine was 800 m m x 500 m m. The stepper m otor driven with TB 6600 driver and combined with ball screw on linear bearing to make the motion more precisely. The test result s howed that the machine accuracy i s about 99.5 p ercent for X and Y axis and 96 The wood c raft industry is one of the industri es t hat develop in Ba li. Nowadays, th e processes of producing wood crafts in Bali still use t he machine with manual o peration. This manually produ ction requires more time and energy, t hereby reducing the productivity and profitability of wood craftsmen. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the automation of machine tools that are operate d by a c omputer controlled programs to perform a desired product shape. Design and fabrication of milling machine using CNC has been done with ATMEGA 328 micro controllers in an Arduino. The test result showed that the milling machine c an be used in acrylic, wood, alumin ium with accuracy 0.02mm . Des ign of A CNC prototype machine was designed, with three Cartes ian axes, with 600 mm of length both X and Y axes and 100 mm of length Z axis. T he software u se Lab VIEW IDE . Study on Co mputer Numerical Control (CNC) machines for fabrication of rollers also done, various processes like facin g, turning, parting, drilling, borin g and knurling to improve produc tion in order to dec rease the production time and also to in crease the efficiency in conventional lathe and CNC ma chines by writing the progr am on STC-25 CNC lathe . A mechanical prototype of a CNC Router which is able to draw a PCB la yout and wood engraving has b een build . The other research of the design, implementation and performance test of CNC has also been done by many researchers using different software. Research about accuracy of CNC feed has been done . Low cost CNC machine for Industrial application and also for engraving machine has been design and b uild , . The designed system is user -friendly one which gi ve accurate results and also flexible to users. Implementation 3- Axis CNC Router for Small Scale Industry and CAM courses has been done , . Bo th of them uses stepper motor and the results showed a good accuracy especially for the depth accuracy which is almost 100%.

1. I need to keep unscrewing and screwing a screw into a piece of wood, how to keep it from slipping?

The way you fix a stripped hole in wood to make it work with a screw is to put little strips of wood (toothpicks work for this, or just wood strips shaved off with a knife) inside the stripped hole. Now there's enough compression for the threads to bite and hold. Another stronger method is to drill out the screw hole to, say, 1/4 inch to a depth of however long the screws are. Then go to any hardware or craft store and get a 1/4 inch wooden dowel. Cut this to a length equal to the depth of the hole, and cover it with a thin coat of woodworking or white glue. Shove this in the hole, tapping it all the way in with a hammer if necessary. Let this dry for an hour or two, and then drive in the screw.

2. what are some make-shift caves I can use in my fishbowl?

You could try those pieces of hollowed out wood or a collection of large and small rocks stacked together in a cave-like manner. My fish love to swim in between and under the rocks in their tank! Plus you can have fun with it! you could also create something great with the wood and rocks together!

3. What is a better choice for inside plantation shutters Wood or the composite material shutter?

Yes I agree with you. I would go with the wood. In time the composite would probably break down and fade. I have had wood in the kitchen window for 8 years and it still looks good. No problems at all

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